11 Adorable Small Campers a Car Can Pull

Small campers a car can pull are a great way to up your camping game without needing a huge rig or tow vehicle. They’re also…

Happy Campers Small Camping Travel Trailer

Small campers a car can pull are a great way to up your camping game without needing a huge rig or tow vehicle. They’re also great if you’re tired of setting up and breaking down a tent each time you want to camp.

These small travel trailers have many of the comforts of home – a bed, kitchenette (indoor or outdoor), sitting area, and sometimes even a bathroom. But they’re also light enough to tow with a small or medium-sized vehicle.

That means better gas mileage and easier storage than most RV owners will enjoy. Some of these even fit right in a normal garage! Plus, who can possibly resist the cuteness of a small camper?

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1) Happier Campers Small Campers

Happier Campers Small Camping Travel Trailer
These small campers by Happier Campers are just too cute to pass up. We love their modular interiors. Photo: Happier Campers

These small campers by Happier Campers are just too cute to pass up. We love their modular interiors that are sure to make you a happier camper! (see what we did there?!)

  • Dry Weight: ~1,100 to ~2,100 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $34,950

These retro-inspired small campers are built in Los Angeles and have a 100% customizable interior. You can easily configure the modular interior to suit your needs in a matter of minutes – to camping, to hauling, to a guest room, to a pop-up office.

You can even take the components outside this tiny camper trailer if you want to set up a little outdoor experience. 

Happier Camper Small Campers are made out of fiberglass, and you can choose from a range of add-ons, from a portable toilet, to an inverter, to a fridge or a stovetop.

Each add-on increases the weight and cost of your camping trailer, but luckily, you can pick and choose what exactly you’ll need.

These best small campers can be towed by most vehicles and can fit in most parking spaces and garages.

Learn more about Happier Campers here.

Or check out the below video to see this small camper in action:

2) Winnebago HIKE 100

Winnebago Hike 100 small camper
  • Dry Weight: 2,828 to 3,310 pounds (final weight depends on optional upgrades)
  • Cost: Starting at $46,135

Winnebago’s HIKE 100 is designed to be towed by a mid-size SUV and capable of light off-road outdoor adventures. The rear double doors open up to the trailer’s garage area for easy access to all your camping gear.

But when the doors are closed, that area also converts to your lounge and/or sleeping space. Full ceilings throughout provide enough interior height for most campers to stand up and walk around inside, which is a luxury that not too many small travel trailers can boast.

The HIKE 100 also features a thinner 7-foot exterior width, which provides increased visibility when towing with a smaller car. But that narrow design doesn’t mean fewer creature comforts, as one peek inside will have you noticing the drop-down double bed, air conditioning, and wet bath.

It is also equipped with a solar system for recharging the onboard battery, which includes a 200-watt solar panel and a solar prep for hooking up an additional portable panel. Most of the floorplans include a front galley and an outdoor kitchen to accommodate all your camp cooking needs.

Learn more about the Winnebago HIKE 100.

3) The Hatchling Small Camper

The Hatchling small travel trailer with wood paneling and a single axle
  • Dry Weight: 840 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $6,250

This adorable small camper trailer by Casual Turtle Campers is way too cute to pass up. Lightweight and durable, The Hatchling looks like a cozy cabin on wheels.

When empty, this small travel trailer can accommodate a full-size bed with plenty of room to spare. Or it can be built-out with a custom interior according to your living and sleeping preferences.

These small campers can be towed by a variety of vehicles, and are lovingly handmade out of red cedar in Fort Collins, Colorado. They are available at one of the most affordable price points you’ll find in the teardrop and small camper market.

The shell version is just begging for you to exercise your creativity with a custom build. But it is built on a 3,500-pound axle with 2,000-pound leaf springs and 13-inch trailer-rated tires. Other standard features of the Hatchling include a PVC membrane underside, a fully-adhered TPO roofing membrane, and an insulated floor finished with maple-faced plywood.

Learn more about Castle Turtle Campers here.

4) The MeerKat Small Travel Trailer

The MeerKat is a cute small camper that can be towed with a variety of cars
Photo: Little Guy Trailers
  • Dry Weight: 900 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $17,820

The Meerkat is a small camping trailer that can be towed by just about any car, thanks to its lightweight build. Inside the trailer, you’ll find stand-up headroom, a porta-potty, sink and an icebox.

Plus, the bed turns into a table and bench seats when not in use, so you can read, hang out, or get some work done while on the road. It’s a basic tiny camper trailer but can fit into a standard garage to make off-season storage much easier.

Other standard features of the Meerkat include a single-burner camp stove, a Fan-tastic roof vent fan, a sink with a manual water pump, and a rollout bed system. Optional upgrades include a refrigerator, awnings, side room tent, spare tire and rack, and more.

Learn more about The Meerkat here.

5) The Cricket Small Camper, by Taxa Outdoors

The Cricket by Taxa Outdoors
Photo courtesy Taxa Outdoors
  • Dry Weight: 1,753 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at roughly $22,000 (estimate depends on dealer price)

Taxa Outdoors is known for creating adventure campers, and The Cricket is no exception. This small camper trailer with a pop-up tent roof is lightweight and rugged, and can be towed by a 4-cylinder car. Want an off-road camper? No problem!

The Cricket has integrated plumbing and electrical systems, meaning you can go boondocking for days. The pop-up roof provides extra ventilation on a hot camping trip and also increases the interior height to 6’10” when open (from 4’2″ when closed).

The Cricket small camper can fit two adults and two children, and comes with a marine-grade wood kitchen and storage, vent fan, USB ports, and a Dometic stove and sink combo. It also boasts a convertible dinette, a front galley with a two burner stove, and a hitch weight of just 245 pounds.

Learn more about The Cricket here.

6) Classic Teardrop Tiny Trailer, by Timberleaf Trailers

The Timberleaf small camping trailer is a classic teardrop
  • Dry Weight: 1,500 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $23,900

This customizable tiny teardrop travel trailer is built with fine wood and enamel-baked aluminum siding. You can choose your own color and style when you order one of these small campers, which feature a fully-insulated cabin to keep out wind, heat, and cold.

The rear hatch of this tiny trailer pops up to expose the rear galley, complete with a sink, faucet, LED lighting, and onboard water storage options (11 or 17.5 gallons). You can also add an optional two-burner stove, a pull-out locking tray for a camping cooler, and a cooler or 12-volt refrigerator.

The classic package for this teardrop trailer comes equipped with a Maxxair vent fan, storage cabinets, a queen size bed, a 100 amp hour deep cycle battery, and power outlets.

And this small trailer is designed for rugged off-road use. The Timberleaf trailer’s weight is standardly supported by a torsion axle, but the optional Offroad package features Timbren axleless suspension with a four-inch lift, 33-inch BFG all-terrain tires, electric brakes, rock armor, and a Max Coupler articulating hitch.

Learn more about the Classic Teardrop Trailer here.

7) Basecamp Small Travel Trailer, by Airstream

Basecamp Small Travel Trailer, by Airstream
Photo: Airstream
  • Weight: 2,650 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $46,000

The rugged and small camper fits two people and is made for the adventurer. These small camping trailers are built out of the same riveted aluminum structure as Airstream’s traditional travel trailers, but they feature an even more aerodynamic body and roof.

When you’re inside, a panoramic window gives you a view of all that beautiful nature around you. The Basecamp comes with a kitchen, a bathroom with a porcelain toilet and shower, and a sitting area that converts into a bedroom.

This camper boasts a 6’3.5″ interior height that makes it easy to stand comfortably for most campers. It also features a narrower 7′ exterior width to make it easier to tow with a small car or SUV without losing too much rear visibility.

This small trailer has a hitch weight of just 410 pounds with the propane tanks full and batteries onboard. It also boasts a complete bed that’s not quite as long, but much wider than a standard queen bed.

Learn more about the Basecamp Travel Trailer here.

8) Highcamp Teardrop Trailer

High Camp Teardrop Trailers
Photo: High Camp Trailers
  • Dry Weight: 1,620 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $24,850

Highcamp’s small campers are a classic teardrop design with a pop-up rear galley. These small travel trailers are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, and feature a beautiful wooden cabin design.

The galley is complete with a pull-out propane burner and Dometic cooler, with plenty of counter space for cooking in the great outdoors. It’s equipped with dual 20-pound LP tanks, a 170-amp hour deep cycle batter, and a 15-amp shore power plug.

Inside, this camper features a 5-inch queen mattress, dual entrance doors, swiveling his-and-hers LED reading lights, and dual DC outlets for charging phones, laptops, and other small electronic devices.

The exterior width of this camper measures seven feet across and it’s 12 feet long from hitch coupler to rear license plate. It’s also 5.5-feet tall, excluding add-on amenities like a roof-mounted awning or roof racks.

Highcamp prides itself on taking the time and effort necessary to completely finish its travel trailers with high-quality materials so that your next camping trip is full of comfort and relaxation.

Learn more about the Highcamp Teardrop Trailer here.

9) Wide Path Bicycle Camper – A Tiny Camper!

A small camper trailer parked near a lake with a bicycle nearby
  • Dry Weight: 202 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $4,338

A list of small campers wouldn’t be complete without including a tiny bicycle camper! This itsy bitsy camper includes a sitting table, a bed for two, a storage room, and doesn’t even require a car to get to your favorite campsite, so long as you can bike there.

It’s made out of light wooden furniture with gray cushions and gray walls. This camping trailer is perfect for a long bike trip and provides shelter and warmth from the elements when you’re on the road.

These lightweight campers are durable, collapsible, and can be set up in as little as three minutes. So, grab your bike and go!

Learn more about the Wide Path Bicycle Camper here.

10) Little Guy Trailers Mini Max

Little Guy Trailers Mini Max
  • Dry Weight: 2,320 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $43, 995

The Little Guy Mini Max is a beautiful small travel trailer that’s made to be towed by well-equipped crossover or small to mid-size SUVs. It can be equipped with a single queen size bed or dual twin beds for family camping.

The 6′ interior height is enough for most to stand up comfortably and the front galley offers overhead storage for spices and other cooking supplies. A residential-style wet bath makes it easy to clean up after a long day of adventures.

This camper is loaded with additional features, including a furnace, air conditioning unit, and a large refrigerator with five cubic feet of storage space. Outside, an exterior entertainment center makes it easy to enjoy your trip under the auspice of soothing LED porch lighting.

Check out the full lineup of Little Guy teardrop trailers.

11) NuCamp Trailers TAB 320 S Teardrop Camper

Nucamp teardrop trailer with breathtaking sunset behind.
  • Dry Weight: 1,946 pounds
  • Cost: Starting at $36,191

At first glance, what stands out to many about this camper is the added storage platform on the tongue. The central box holds the LP tank and battery that provide fuel and power for the critical systems inside the camper.

But the platform to either side can be used to secure other camping gear. They also make it easy to access the top of the camper for washing or to troubleshoot the solar panel that trickle charges the battery onboard this camper.

Inside the TAB 320 S camper, you’ll have the option of a full bed or dual twin beds. It offers a 5’9″ interior height and a 6’8″ exterior width. But in spite of this narrow design, you can still enjoy a wet bath, 12-volt refrigerator, LED lights, and other comfortable amenities inside.

Find the right NuCamp travel trailer for your tow vehicle.

Are Small Lightweight Pull Campers Right For You?

Before we dive into the specs and features of these adorable small camper trailers, take some time to ponder this question: is this the right style of RV or travel trailer for you?

Advantages of Small Camper Trailers

  • Easy towing. They can be towed by just about any car and provide better visibility of what’s happening on the road behind you.
  • Comfortable sleeping space. Sleep on a real bed (or at least a tri-fold mattress) instead of on an air mattress or sleeping pad.
  • Off-road capability. Not true of all small camping trailers, but many feature larger off-road tires, increased ground clearance, and upgraded suspension that can handle your off-road adventures.
  • A rainy day sanctuary. Your interior space will be a more comfortable escape from the elements than the thin veneer of safety provided by a camping tent.

Disadvantages of Small Travel Trailers

  • Minimal storage space. Small camper trailers don’t have pass-through or underneath storage like you’d find on larger motorhomes and towables.
  • Small bathroom facilities (if at all). Many teardrop trailers and other small campers don’t have restrooms at all. Those that do have to squeeze them into a very small space compared to larger RVs.
  • Cooking still happens outside. While many offer a covered cooking area, you’ll still be exposed to the elements when preparing meals in one of these small family campers.
  • Minimal room for guests. Some small travel trailers offer a second fold-down bed or a rooftop tent. But generally, your guests will need to set up their own sleeping/living space next to you.

How Much Weight Can Your Vehicle Tow?

Your vehicle’s towing capacity plays a large role in which lightweight travel trailer you choose. Most of these small camping trailers advertise their unloaded weight, but you’re interested in the total amount of weight your vehicle can safely tow – your gross vehicle weight rating.

This is the maximum loaded weight a vehicle can handle while still towing safely. In most cases, this includes the unloaded weight of your small trailer, cargo weight, passenger weight, and the weight of any liquids held in your trailer’s holding tanks.

Finding the unloaded weight of your travel trailer is the easy part of this calculation. But dialing in cargo, passenger, and liquid weights can get a little more nuanced. It’s okay to make an educated guess on these weights, but you always want to err on the side of caution.

Camping World’s towing guide is a great resource to help you calculate how much just about any car can tow.

Want to see extra small campers? Check out these 8 best motorcycle campers we could find


Small camper trailers are super popular and they’re a great upgrade over tent camping. Plus, you don’t need a heavy-duty truck to tow them or a power tongue jack to level them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the collection of lightweight campers above and we invite you to check out some of our other resources to help minimalist campers enjoy the outdoors.

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