8 Sleek Motorcycle Campers for a Comfie Road Trip

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Looking to upgrade your motorcycle camping setup? If you love exploring off-grid in your motorcycle but you’re tired of sleeping on the ground, there’s one simple solution: a motorcycle camper

Imagine being able to step off your hog and get into a tent trailer with a real mattress inside.

After a long day riding, getting achy arms and an achy butt, there’s nothing better than sleeping in a soft bed, wrapped in a nice duvet to keep you warm. No twinges in your spine, no stinky sleeping bag, no inflatable pillow.

Sounds good? Then keep reading! In this article, we’ll look at motorcycle camper trailers and the types of trailer you can go for – from pop-up tents to solid mini teardrop trailers.

And if you’re just curious about how comfortable camping on a motorcycle can get, then you’re in the right place, because we’ve selected the best motorcycle campers on the market to get you inspired.

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What are motorcycle campers and how do they work?

A motorcycle camper trailer is essentially a trailer, towable by a motorbike. Simple, right?

Motorcycle pull behind campers are light enough to be towed by motorbikes. Their width is compatible with standard size handlebars, so you can still use your rear mirrors. They are compact and low, so they don’t create too much windage.

You can pick between a wide variety of motorcycle camper trailers – pop-up, non pop-up and hard shell, depending on how much weight your motorcycle can tow.

A motorcycle camper trailer is ideal for those folks who want to enjoy some comforts while riding around wild spaces, without having to drive to hotels or B&Bs. After all, what’s an epic road trip without a campfire? 

Aspen Classic motorcycle camper parked in the forest
Motorcycle pop up camper parked in the forest. Photo by Aspen Quality Trailers

The pros and cons of a motorcycle camper trailer

If you’re seriously considering buying a motorcycle camper trailer, you should consider both pros and cons. What you gain in comforts, you lose in efficiency and maneuverability; there’s always a compromise.


  • Comfortable bed. You’ll be able to get some solid sleep at night. No doubt this is the number one advantage of this set-up. Whether you choose a luxurious memory foam mattress or thinner foam homemade cushions, it’ll certainly be more comfortable than a sleeping mat or inflatable mattress.
  • Gear transport. Towing a motorcycle camper will allow you to take more gear with you, such as more clothes or a camping stove. This is a big upgrade from the standard panniers bikers usually carry.
  • Lightweight. Most motorcycle camper trailers can be easily moved around by hand, so you can position them anywhere you like for camping. No need to park perfectly either, so you don’t need to be a towing pro.
  • Headroom. The tents that go with motorcycle pull behind campers feature standing headroom in front of the bed, so you can get changed standing up. This is a huge advantage, especially if you suffer from backaches.


  • Slower riding. Towing a motorcycle camper trailer means riding slower and more carefully (especially when braking), so you won’t be able to speed up on the highway as much. 
  • Maneuverability. You’ll lose maneuverability with the motorcycle camper in tow. Approaching bends, tight turns and irregular terrain will require a whole new level of focus.
  • No more easy parking. You won’t be able to use motorcycle parking or leave your bike in small, out-of-the-way spaces anymore. Each time you park, you’ll need a van-sized space. This can be a disadvantage if you plan to go into towns occasionally.
  • Fuel consumption. Your gas consumption will naturally go up a bit when towing, as the motorcycle pull behind camper adds weight to your bike.
  • No more off-road adventures. If you want to set off onto a track leading to some wonderful wilderness, you will need to leave the motorcycle camper trailer at base camp – you won’t be able to take it with you on long off-road stretches.

The top motorcycle campers for sale

Ready to look at motorcycle camper options? We’ve put together a list of the best motorcycle pull behind campers for sale we could find.

Queen Size Roadman Motorcycle camper for sale – From $4,900

Queen Size Roadman motorcycle pop up Camper set up in the forest with a motorcycle nearby
Motorcycle campers provide a lot of extra space on the road. Photo from Roadman Campers

Weight: 275lbs
Features: Carpeted floor, luggage rack, storage space under the bed and awning.

The Queen Size Roadman Motorcycle Camper features a bed platform with storage underneath for your gear and clothes, a small section with standing headroom in front of the bed and a lovely awning under which you can sit.

There are four big windows to peer out from and a few pockets on the walls where you can store small personal items.

This is not a pop-up camper – you need up to 10 minutes to assemble it. Why? To keep the motorcycle camper trailer light and make the most of the space inside it – pop-up mechanisms take up weight and room.

Find out more about Roadman Campers

Original Lees-ure Lite Motorcycle Camper Trailer – From $5,195

Lees-Ure Lite Trailers motorcycle camper on the beach
Photo by Lees-ure Lite Trailers

Weight: 235lbs
Features: Opens up in less than seven seconds, storage space under the bed, standing headroom by the bed and fiberglass floor.

The Original Lees-ure Lite Motorcycle Camper Trailer is extra light at 235lbs, so it is suitable for most full size motorcycles and is more gas-efficient.

The bed can be left done up, with pillows and covers when stowing the tent away. This is great if you like to change camping spots often or you’re into extended road trips.

The bed is propped on solid fiberglass and the top of the motorcycle camper trailer converts into a floor, which is raised over the ground by four and a half inches.

Your gear, including your bedding, is always safe and dry inside the trailer’s storage space, so you can set up camp even in the rain.

You can buy the Original complete with a mattress. Among the options, there’s an awning, en extra room, storage pod, an air-con bracket kit and more.

The Lees-ure Lite comes in a variety of colors, even camo! That’s great for anyone who is into wildlife photography: imagine shooting directly from your bed.

If you like the look of the Original, but feel like you need a bigger motorcycle camper, Lees-ure Lite also make a slightly bigger model called Excel, which weighs 265lbs.

Read up more about Lees-ure Lite Trailers.

Time Out Deluxe Motorcycle Camper Trailer – From $4,595

Bright Blue Time Deluxe motorcycle camper parked on grass

Weight: 385lbs
Features: Indoor folding table, storage space under the bed and standing headroom.

If your motorbike can tow a heavier pull behind motorcycle camper, check out the Time Out Deluxe with its large bed and foldable table where you can stand up fully.

The bigger size of the trailer means you get more cargo space, which is great if you’re not exactly a minimalist.

The Time Out Deluxe can be set up by one person in three minutes. Each trailer comes with an inflatable mattress included in the price, but you can upgrade to a foam mattress if you prefer.

Among the extras, they offer a large screen room where you can store your motorbike out of the elements for those rainy days. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re looking for a budget option, Time Out Trailers also offer the Easy Camper model, which has a starting price of $3,495 and weighs 320lbs.

Find out more about Time Out Trailers.

Aspen Classic Motorcycle Camper – From $5,695

Motorcycle camper, Aspen classic set up next to a lake
Photo from Aspen Quality Trailers

Weight: 350lbs
Features: Foam mattress, rear window awning, standing headroom and a storage compartment that is accessible while traveling.

The Aspen Classic is one of the biggest motorcycle campers on the market, but they managed to keep it lightweight. It comes with a double bed frame and foam mattress, which means you won’t have to go shopping for a mattress that fits and cut it out.

The best feature, in our opinion, is the fact that the storage space is accessible while traveling, rather than just when the tent is set up. This means you can store your waterproofs, lunch or tour guides in the motorcycle camper trailer and grab them anytime you need them, keeping your motorcycle lighter. 

The roof is made of a seamless single piece of canvas, which is great for keeping the tent nice and dry as it’s less prone to leaks. The windows come with awnings, so you can keep them open while it rains to provide ventilation. It’s also nice to be able to look outside on a rainy day, rather than stare at the canvas, while playing your favorite board games.

The Aspen motorcycle camper offers lots of cool and useful options, such as electric brakes, a kayak rack and a party deck. Bear in mind shape and weight additions before going all out on the options, though. Maybe the kayak rack is better used on car camping trips.

Oh, and if you’re planning on going motorcycle camping solo, Aspen makes the Base Camp – a trailer for solo bikers. It’s a little smaller than the Classic, but maintains most of the features.

Read more about Aspen Quality Trailers.

Sprinter Sports Motorcycle Camper Trailer  – From $7,500 AUS

Ocean stops made with this motorcycle pull behind camper trailer
Photo from Elite Products Campers

Weight: 661lbs
Features: Aluminium body, hydraulic override disc brakes, foam mattress included and annex roof and walls create a big room. 

Got a large capacity motorbike? Then you could treat yourself to a Sprinter Sports Motorcycle Camper Trailer. The tents of the trailers are as big as most tiny homes! 

Granted, these motorcycle pull behind campers are heavy, but they come with a super comfortable tent. Next to the double bed, which comes with a mattress, there is an area where you can stand up to get changed. From there, a huge annex starts, which you can leave as an awning or make into a big room. 

If you want to get extra luxurious, you can add a storage pod to the front of the trailer, where you can store a portable refrigerator. 

Find our more about Elite Products campers.

Mini Mate Camper – From $3,195

Motorcycle pull behind camper Mini Mate Campsite
Photo from Kompact Kamp Trailers

Weight: 265lbs
Features: LED lights, independent rubber torsion suspension, luggage rack, storage space under the bed and carpet flooring.

If you want to keep your motorcycling camping adventures minimalist, then check out this smaller motorcycle camper trailer. The Mini Mate will allow you to ride light, but it’s packed with clever little features.

It comes with LED lights, a luggage rack and carpet flooring, so you can go barefoot even in the winter.

The size of the tent is quite generous and features a double bed and standing headroom. It only takes two minutes to set up, even though it doesn’t pop up. This is an excellent budget option.

Read more about Kompact Kamp Trailers.

MyPod Motorcycle Teardrop Motorcycle Camper for Sale – Price available on request

The MyPod motorcycle teardrop camper with a kayak on top parked in a forest
Photo from MyPod

Weight: 630lbs
Features: Solid cabin, entertainment center, AC and Fantastic fan.

Are you a fan of teardrop trailers? We certainly are. Coming out in 2020, the MyPod motorcycle teardrop camper is a super cute mini trailer that can be towed by large capacity motorcycles.

It features an all-fiberglass cabin with a door and windows. Inside, there’s a double bed, an entertainment system and a couple of mini cupboards. It’s even equipped with AC.

If you prefer to sleep in a solid motorcycle teardrop camper that doesn’t need setting up every time you stop, then the MyPod is perfect. You just park it and slide inside for a nice, comfortable sleep. The one downside is the lack of storage for your gear. You may need to carry some on your bike.

Find out more about MyPod.

The Tuco Motorcycle Teardrop Camper – From $12,500

 Family enjoying their motorcycle teardrop camper by a lake with a lit awning
Photo by Vintage Overland Trailers

Weight: 600lbs
Features: Solid cabin, solar panel, hardwood interior, fan, interior LED lights and memory foam mattress. 

Another excellent motorcycle teardrop camper option to tow behind your large-capacity motorcycle is The Tuco, by Vintage Overland. This is a little pricey, but it’s possibly the coolest mini motorcycle teardrop trailer out there.

It features a bigger door than the MyPod and a more luxurious interior, with Baltic Birch walls. 

This motorcycle camper trailer is equipped for getting off-grid thanks to its solar panel and LED interior lighting. There is also good ventilation with a fan and roof vent. The Tuco comes with a soft, comfortable memory foam mattress already installed.

Read more about Vintage Overland trailers.

Ready to up your motorcycle camper game?

If you’re looking to make your off-grid motorcycling camping adventures more comfortable, a motorcycle camper trailer can get you ready to hit the road with a solid, elevated bed in tow in no time. It’ll mean riding a little slower and paying a bit more on gas, but the added comfort will make it worth it.

Want to leave the motorcycle at home and take the car instead? Check out these awesome small camping trailers with bathrooms. 

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