11 Mind-Blowing Motorcycle Campers for Luxurious Road Trip

If you want to ditch the tent on your motorcycle adventures, you’ll love these comfortable motorcycle campers for a road trip!

Mountains and highway with this Mini Mate motorcycle camper

Looking to upgrade your motorcycle camping setup? If you love exploring off-grid in your motorcycle but are tired of sleeping on the ground, there’s one simple solution: a motorcycle camper

Imagine being able to step off your hog after a long day riding, getting achy arms and an achy butt, and getting into a tent trailer with a real mattress inside.

Here are some amazing motorcycle campers that will have you ditching the tent forever.

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1. Roll-A-Home Standard Motorcycle Pop-Up Camper

Photo Credit: Roll-A-Home

Motorcycle camping can become glamping with this compact but spacious pop-up best motorcycle camper. When closed, it looks just like any fiberglass trailer. As you open it up, it turns into a little tent cabin.

The top of the trailer swings around and becomes a hard floor for the dressing room. This offers enough headroom to get changed while standing. The wide-bed models feature a pull-out extension to make the bed bigger.

2. Double Duty Utility Camper

Photo Credit: The USA Trailer Store

This camper looks slightly different; it’s more similar to a car camper as it folds out on both sides. This means it has a trailer bed plus two bed platforms; these accommodate a queen-sized air mattress each. It can sleep up to six people in total. This means that if you want to go on a trip with some buddies, one can tow the trailer while the others carry gear and clothes.

The ceiling reaches 7″ headroom, which is very impressive. On the sides of the tent, built-in wall pockets help keep the camper organized and tidy.

The frame is made of steel. Due to the heavy weight of this rig, it’s only suitable for large-capacity motorcycles.

3. Kwik Kamp II Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Photo Credit: www.pbmotorcycletrailer.com

We absolutely love the idea of having a king-size bed on a motorcycle camper trailer. How rad is that? Most car trailers don’t have one. The Kwik Kamp II features enough space to carry a good amount of gear with you on your motorcycling adventures. The tent has a traditional dome shape, which helps the rain and snow fall off it. On the far side of the tent, you can set up an awning under which to relax and shelter from the sun.

The hitch height is 12″, allowing you to tow it by car, truck, and SUV. No need to buy a second trailer for those rainy holidays and weekends away. This makes the Kiwi Kamp II one of the best motorcycle camper trailers available out there; or at least it’s the most versatile.

4. Polydrops P17 Essential

Photo Credit: Polydrops

The Polydrops P17 Essential is a heavy trailer for large-capacity motorcycles. If the thought of setting up camp every night makes you want to head to a hotel, this is the camper for you. It has a modern shape, which keeps it aerodynamic, and it doesn’t pop up. The shell is well-insulated and houses a double bed with handy USB sockets.

There is a big storage space in front of the bed. At the rear, there is a mobile kitchen that can accommodate a two-burner stove and cooler. It comes with cabinets, drawers, and storage bins. You can add a solar panel and an inverter on the roof.

5. Excel Lees-ure Lite Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Photo Credit: Leesure Lite Trailers

The Excel Lees-ure Lite Motorcycle Camper Trailer is very light at 255 lbs, so it’s suitable for most full-size motorcycles and is more gas-efficient.

When stowing the tent away, the bed can be left done up with pillows and covers. This is great if you often change camping spots or are into extended road trips.

The bed is propped on solid fiberglass, and the top of the motorcycle camper is raised over the ground by four and a half inches.

6. Time Out Deluxe Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Photo Credit: Time Out Trailers

If your motorbike can tow a heavier pull-behind motorcycle camper, check out the Time Out Deluxe with its large bed and foldable table where you can stand up fully.

The bigger trailer size means you get more cargo space, which is great if you’re not a minimalist.

One person can set up the Time Out Deluxe in three minutes. Each trailer comes with an inflatable mattress included in the price, but you can upgrade to a foam mattress if you prefer.

Among the extras, they offer a large screen room to store your motorbike out of the elements for those rainy days. Pretty cool, huh?

7. Aspen Classic Motorcycle Camper

Photo Credit: Aspen Quality Trailers

The Aspen Classic is one of the biggest motorcycle campers on the market, but they managed to keep it lightweight. It comes with a double bed frame and foam mattress.

The best feature, in our opinion, is the fact that the storage space is accessible while traveling rather than just when the tent is set up. This means you can store your waterproofs, lunch or tour guides in the motorcycle camper and grab them anytime you need them, keeping your motorcycle lighter. 

The roof is made of a seamless single piece of canvas, which is great for keeping the tent fabric nice and dry as it’s less prone to leaks. The windows come with awnings, so you can keep them open while it rains to provide ventilation. 

8. Sprinter Sports Motorcycle Camper Trailer 

Photo Credit: Elite Products Campers

Got a large-capacity motorcycle and live in Australia? Then you could treat yourself to a Sprinter Sports Motorcycle Camper Trailer. The tents of the motorcycle trailers are as big as most tiny homes! 

Granted, these motorcycle pull-behind campers are heavy, but they come with a super comfortable tent. Next to the bed, which comes with a mattress, there is an area where you can stand up to get changed. From there, a huge annex starts, which you can leave as an awning or make into a big room. 

9. Mini Mate Camper

Photo Credit: Kompact Kamp Trailers

If you want to keep your motorcycle camping adventures minimalist, check out this smaller motorcycle camper. The Mini Mate will allow you to ride light, but it has many clever features.

It comes with LED lights, a luggage rack, and carpet flooring so that you can go barefoot even in the winter.

The tent is quite generous in size and features a double bed and standing headroom. Even though it doesn’t pop up, it only takes two minutes to set up. This is an excellent budget option.

10. MyPod Motorcycle Camper

Photo Credit: MyPod

Are you a fan of teardrop trailers? We certainly are. Coming out in 2023, the MyPod motorcycle teardrop camper is a super cute mini camping trailer that can be towed by large capacity motorcycles.

It features an all-fiberglass cabin with a door and windows. Inside, there’s a full size bed, an entertainment system and a couple of mini cupboards. It’s even equipped with AC.

If you prefer to sleep in a solid motorcycle teardrop camper that doesn’t need setting up every time you stop, then the MyPod is perfect. The one downside is the lack of storage for your gear.

11. The Tuco Motorcycle Teardrop Camper

Photo Credit: Vintage Overland Trailers

Another excellent motorcycle teardrop camper option to tow behind your large-capacity motorcycle is The Tuco by Vintage Overland. This is a little pricey, but it’s possibly the coolest mini motorcycle teardrop trailer out there.

It features a bigger door than the MyPod and a more luxurious interior with Baltic Birch walls. 

This motorcycle trailer is equipped for getting off-grid thanks to its solar panel and LED interior lighting. There is also good ventilation with a fan and roof vent. The Tuco comes with a soft, comfortable memory foam mattress already installed.

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