12 Ultra-Cute Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

805 shares A small camping trailer can transform your outdoor game and open up a world of camping possibilities. Traveling in the comfort and ease…

A small camping trailer can transform your outdoor game and open up a world of camping possibilities. Traveling in the comfort and ease of a micro camper makes it easier to extend your trips, push your limits, and visit more challenging terrain or climates than you would when tent camping. 

But what can really change your game are small camping trailers with bathrooms. 

Sure, sleeping in a real bed or cooking in an actual kitchen instead of over a campfire are major conveniences. But those conveniences pale in comparison to having a nice, hot shower at the end of the day, or a clean, private bathroom in a camper to do your business.

If you think all that sounds as good as it is, keep reading. We’ve collected all the expert advice and information about small camping trailers with bathrooms to make your next epic road trip a whole lot more comfortable. 

Top Picks for the Best Small Campers with Bathrooms For Sale

There is an overwhelming number of small camping trailers with bathrooms for sale. We’ve sought the best of the best to make your decision a bit easier.

Fortunately, we’ve sought out the best of the best to hopefully help make your decision a bit easier.

Interested in a different type of small trailer? Check out our top picks for the best small 5th wheel trailers.

Coleman Lantern LT 17R Small Trailer with a Bathroom

Coleman Lantern LT 17R
Photo by Camping World

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 21’5”
  • Dry Weight: 2,970 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

The Coleman Lantern LT 17R is a great small trailer with a bathroom. It’s ideal for couples or small families and it’s light enough to be towed safely by smaller trucks and some SUVs. It’s also a perfect small camper for first-time RVers. 

There aren’t many unnecessary frills in this small trailer. That means a shorter learning curve and less potential for major maintenance within the first two years. That said, you’ll still have everything you need to enjoy a major upgrade over your tent camping experiences. 

There’s a full-size bed and the dinette converts into a secondary sleeping space. The electric fireplace is your primary heat source, meaning you’ll need full hookup campgrounds or a portable generator when camping on colder nights. 

The wall-mounted air conditioning unit cools the space nicely and the kitchen is functional for easy camp cooking. In addition to the toilet and shower, the bathroom boasts a large wardrobe closet for clothing and other soft goods storage. 

The 17R is equipped with a single propane container mounted on the tongue. There’s also plenty of clearance in the wheel wells, which is something I look for on smaller campers because many only provide a few inches of clearance, increasing the risk of your tires rubbing and causing damage. 

Check out Camping World’s inventory of Coleman 17R travel trailers.

Coleman Rubicon 1608RB Small Trailer with a Bathroom

Coleman Rubicon 1608RB
Photo by Camping World

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 20’7”
  • Dry Weight: 3,846 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

Coleman’s Rubicon 1608RB is a slight upgrade on the Lantern LT 17R. It’s made for more rugged outdoor adventures and offers a larger suite of interior and exterior amenities. Still, it’s a relatively affordable small camping trailer with a bathroom.

On the exterior, you’ll get a 12-foot awning on the camp side and you’ll have access to the front pass-through compartment from either side. It’s equipped with a 46-gallon fresh water holding tank and the black and gray holding tanks each hold up to 28 gallons. 

Inside, the queen-sized bed is located at the front of the floor plan with storage space overhead. The kitchen boasts a farm-style sink, a two-burner cooktop with a glass cover, a microwave, and plenty of storage for your kitchen essentials. 

Opposite the kitchen, you’ll find the trailer’s single slide-out, which includes a fold-out sofa. The last feature of the living room is the removable table that provides dining space but can be removed if you want more floor space. 

The bathroom boasts an RV toilet, a single-basin sink with a mirrored vanity above, and a walk-in shower with a raised skylight. The corner design of the shower is a great feature because it provides a little more elbow room than other RV showers. The interior also features a 10 cubic-foot refrigerator for perishable food storage. 

Shop Rubicon 1608RB small campers with bathrooms at Camping World.

Sunlite Classic 18RD Small Trailer with a Bathroom

Sunlite Classic 18RD
Photo by Sunset Park RV

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 19’
  • Dry Weight: 2,920 pounds 
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to four people

I had to include this one on the list because it’s my personal trailer! I’ve had y 2021 Sunset Park RV Sunlite Classic 18RD for two years and I couldn’t be happier. I finally added a small sticky mirror to the bathroom to check for eye boogies in the morning, but the small bathroom in my trailer has otherwise been excellent. 

The shower has a raised skylight above to accommodate taller campers and the bathroom door makes it easy to install hooks for your bath towels. The toilet is actually a little high, but the raised platform below almost makes this feel like a Squatty-Potty. 

Beyond the bathroom, this is a rear entry travel trailer with a full refrigerator, a kitchen with a three-burner cooktop and double-basin sink, and a convertible dinette. The queen-sized bed has storage underneath and two wardrobe closets on either side. 

Above the bed, there’s a third sleeping space that can hold up to 150 pounds. Since I mainly travel solo or with my partner, I primarily use this sleeping space for extra clothing or linen storage. 

There’s also storage underneath both dinette seats and overhead cabinets above the dinette. Additionally, there’s a pass-through compartment at the front of the trailer that I use to store all my outdoor camping gear. 

Lastly, don’t pass up the dual-awning versatility of the Sunlite Classic 18RD. The smaller awning extends over the rear door and the larger extends on the trailer’s camp side to provide a shady place to relax and listen to whatever tunes you’re playing on this trailer’s outdoor speakers.

Learn more about the Sunlite 18RD.

Forest River R-Pod Small Camper with a Bathroom

Blue Jeep towing an R-pod camping trailer with a bathroom
This R Pod camping trailer with a bathroom is for rent in Texas. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 15’ up to 20’4”
  • Dry Weight: 1,789 to 2,964 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-4

With elegant design and simple, sturdy construction, Forest River is a particularly trusted brand of camper trailer-makers, and their small campers with bathrooms are no exception.

With the R-Pod micro camper, it’s easy to see why. Their design is simple but classic, with clean color palettes and clutter-free layouts. And with their several unique floor plans, you’ll quickly find they’ve created a layout for just about any kind of traveler’s needs. 

What’s more, Forest River is always adding new layouts and floor plans in their small camping trailers with bathrooms. When a company is consistently evaluating its consumer’s needs and tailoring its new designs specifically for them, you can get some really great end products. 

Learn more about the Forest River R-Pod’s camping trailers with bathrooms here.

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Happier Camper HC1 Studio Small Camping Trailer with a Bathroom

Small car towing a Happier Camper camping trailer with a bathroom on the beach
Photo: Happier Camper

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 13’5”
  • Dry Weight: ~1,800 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 2

Happier Camper is quickly rising amongst the massive landscape of small camping trailers with bathrooms. This is because of their thoughtful design and popular aesthetics. Their Adaptiv® modular system makes the Happier Camper one of the most customizable campers on the market today. 

As you can see by their long list of add-ons curated by careful attention paid to customer wishes, they thrive at making custom rigs bespoke for each of their customer’s unique needs. Even the standard floorplan allows you to customize the interior from trip to trip, allowing you to accommodate all your camping needs. 

They even offer an alluring lifted suspension package that transforms your camper into an off-road-ready camper trailer complete with off-road tires on a torsion axle. It also boasts solar prep so you can research your solar needs for extended boondocking vacations. 

Remember our earlier warning about add-ons, though. It can be easy to pile up your list of “wants” but particularly with trendy brands like Happier Camper, every added upgrade will be a major hit to your budget, so choose wisely what details you’ll benefit from most. 

Learn more about the Happier Camper HC1 Small Camping Trailer with Bathroom Add-on here.

Lance Camper Ultra Light Small Campers with a Bathroom

This Lance camper trailer with a bathroom is for rent on Outdoorsy.

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 14’10” to 24’11”
  • Dry Weight: 3,225 to 6,830 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-8

Lance’s range of small camping trailers with bathrooms boasts an innovative design in an ultra-light package, which is impressive considering that some of their models can hardly be considered micro campers. 

Most of their floor plans include full, dry bathrooms, pop-outs, large beds, and standard kitchens. This is incredibly rare for small camper trailers and really shows off that innovative design.

To have that range of amenities packed into an ultra-light package is pretty impressive. And their huge range of sizes and floor plans offer an option for virtually every type of shopper.

Learn more about the Lance Camping Trailer with a bathroom here.

Airstream Basecamp Small Camper with a Bathroom

Airstrea Basecamp small camper with a bathroom
Photo: Airstream

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 16’ to 20’
  • Dry Weight: 2,650 to 3,400 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-4

The retro design of Airstream trailers is in peak demand as trends are leaning towards smooth lines, industrial materials, and retro elements. Airstream combines these elements flawlessly.

Their famous curved metal structures are not only eye-catching but incredibly well crafted. The Airstream Basecamp is no exception. Both floor plans take advantage of a tiny 16′ of room with spacious interiors and smart layouts. 

Both floor plans also include a small wet bath addition, turning this small trailer into a full travel trailer with a bathroom. There’s even an outdoor shower for rinsing off after a surf session or cleaning your furry travel friend’s feet before they head inside. 

If you’re looking for a sleek design and smart features, the Airstream Basecamp will not disappoint. Some of our favorite head-turning amenities include the three-inch lift kit for better off-grid driving clearance and solar front window protection to keep the interior cooler on hot, sunny days.

Learn more about the Airstream Basecamp with a Wet Bath here.

Winnebago Micro Minnie

Winnebago Micro Minnie small camper trailer with bathroom
Photo courtesy Winnebago, Inc.

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 19’5” to 25’5”
  • Dry Weight: 3,324 to 4,651 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-5

Winnebago is probably the most reliable, trustworthy brand for almost all types of RVs. They’ve been making these things for the better part of a century, that much experience will make anyone an expert. 

You’ll likely find the market saturated with second-hand minnies, that’s not a sign that they’re unwanted but rather proof of just how many of these Winnebago has sold over the years.

It’s an extremely popular line of small travel trailers with bathrooms and browsing through the 11 different floor plans and thoughtful layouts on their site makes it easy to see why. This classic option is a solid choice.

Regardless of the floorplan you choose, each Micro Minnie from Winnebago is constructed with a spacious kitchen, flexible storage solutions, and large windows for optimal cross ventilation. They also feature premium outdoor speakers and a powered awning with LED lighting for relaxing outdoor entertainment. 

Learn more about the Winnebago Micro Minnie here.

Jayco Hummingbird Micro Camper

This Jayco Hummingbird is available for rent on Outdoorsy

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 19’9” to 19’10”
  • Dry Weight: 2,780 to 3,015 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-4

This line of Hummingbird small camping trailers with bathrooms by Jayco is filled with all types of flashy conveniences, offering luxury amenities in a tiny and lightweight package. Even some of their smallest models include drool-worthy features like a full outdoor kitchen fitted with everything from a grill to a flat-screen TV. 

The Hummingbird might just be one of the most durable small campers you’ll find. The rounded profile features black diamond plating on the front and rear to minimize damage to the caps that can be caused by rocks and other flying debris on the road. 

It’s also designed with impact-resistant, powder-coated aluminum fenders, tinted safety-glass windows, and a single-piece fiberglass roof. Your exterior amenities include marine-grade speakers, an LP quick connect, and a TV bracket with cable and satellite hookups. 

Inside, the varying floorplans offer either a wet or dry bath. The models with a wet bath utilize the extra space created by employing a more condensed bathroom to offer more sleeping or living space.

Learn more about the Jayco Hummingbird here.

TAB 400 Micro Camper with a Bathroom

TAB400 small travel trailer with a bathroom
Photo: NuCamp

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 18’3”
  • Dry Weight: 2,831 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-4

The aerodynamic teardrop shape of the TAB 400 small camper with a bathroom has adventure written all over it. Though the outside of this micro camper may appear deceivingly small, the inside of this small camper with a bathroom is anything but.

Loaded with two sleeping areas (one doubling as a dining area), a kitchen, and a wet bath with a uniquely efficient fold-down sink, this micro camper fits much more than may appear.

For the more aesthetically minded, this model allows for ample design customization, including the base and trim color of the exterior and interior fabrics, the exterior graphics package, and optional upgrades for easier boondocking. 

Those boondocking add-ons include a heavy-duty pitched axle, an aluminum utility platform, and a heavy-duty entry step. Combined with the aggressive off-road tires and this small trailer travels as good as it looks. 

Learn more about the TAB 400 Camper here.

Scamp Trailers with Bathrooms

The scamp travel trailer is an adorable micro camper with a bathroom
Photo: Scamp Travel Trailers

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 13’ to 16’
  • Dry Weight: 1,500 to 1,900 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-4

These Scamp small camping trailers with bathrooms might seem too small to fit much of anything, but you’d be pleasantly surprised. Inside, these small campers with bathrooms are remarkably space-efficient and can fit a bathroom, kitchen, closets, and a convertible dinette/bed.

They only have two base layouts (standard and deluxe), which might limit your options a bit. But with how innovative and well-thought the floorplans are, there likely won’t be much you’d want to change anyway.

Each model boasts standard features like a two-burner stove, a 12-volt water pump, room-darkening blinds, a 24-series battery pack, mounted rear stabilizing jacks, and LED exterior lights. 

Scamp also offers a wide variety of trailer upgrades too. Some of my favorites include a roof-mounted air conditioning unit, a glass stove top, dual propane tanks, a solar panel kit, and a generator.

Learn more about the Scamp Trailer with a Bathroom here.

KZ RV Escape Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

KZ RV Escape Small Camping Trailer with a Bathroom
Photo by KZ RV

Trailer Specs

  • Length: 22’ to 27’3”
  • Dry Weight: 3,320 to 4,170 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-8

The Escape line of ultra-lightweight travel trailers from KZ RV are excellent choices for those looking for a compact camper with a functional bathroom. All 10 floorplans boast a full dry bath, but the exact layout varies dramatically. 

Each Escape small camper boasts tinted windows, self-adjusting electric brakes, radial tires, and a 20-pound propane container. Inside, they’re equipped with a 6-gallon water heater tank, linoleum flooring, LED lighting, and a full kitchen with a two-burner cooktop, a microwave, and an eight cubic-foot 12-volt refrigerator. 

All models also come with a low-profile 13,500-BTU air conditioning unit and a 20,000-BTU furnace for easy interior climate control. You’ll also enjoy seamless countertops, a stainless steel kitchen sink, and a leash latch with a bonus beverage opener.

Some of our favorite optional upgrades are all wrapped into their off-road/off-grid package. That package includes a 100-watt roof-mounted solar panel, a 1,000-watt inverter with dedicated 110-volt outlets, a solar charge controller, a tongue-mounted bike rack, aluminum wheels with mud tires, and much more. 

Explore the floorplans and full features list of the KZ RV Escape campers.

Wet versus Dry Bathrooms in Small Camping Trailers

RV dry bathroom with separate shower, toilet and sink
This is an example of an RV dry bathroom, where the shower is separated from the toilet and sink.

Small camping trailers with bathrooms come with two types: a wet and a dry bathroom.

A dry bathroom is a more typical bathroom, like the type you’re used to seeing in permanent structures. They usually have a toilet, a sink, and a separate shower or tub.

A wet bathroom combines these elements into one, multi-purpose space. Essentially, the shower makes up the entire bathroom and the toilet and sink are placed inside of it.

These are called “wet” bathrooms because everything inside it is designed to get wet.

Many have locking lids for the toilet paper holder and other nifty tricks to keeping things conveniently dry when you’re in shower mode. 

A wet bathroom in a small camping trailer can save you some serious space, but there are tradeoffs.

Some people dislike the cramped quarters of wet bathrooms and using the bathroom after someone’s taken a shower can be a less-than-wonderful experience.

But, if it comes down to having a wet bathroom or no bathroom at all, the wet bathroom is an easy win.

Yes, there are some downsides, but if it means being able to bring a shower and toilet on your adventures, you might find yourself forgetting about those flaws. 

Conclusion on the Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

No matter where your travels take you, bringing with a refreshing dose of comfort and convenience can make any trip more enjoyable. 

With small camping trailers with bathrooms, you can not only extend your trip, but you might find yourself traveling further and further from the beaten path.

When you have everything you need along with you, there’s no need to stay in campgrounds or near anything really.

And that type of freedom is well worth the investment.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you consider if a small camper trailer with a bathroom is right for you and what features you might benefit from most.

Comment to let us know how your first trip goes, we can’t wait to hear!

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