The 8 Best Bunkhouse RV Floor Plans We Could Find

When choosing an RV, one of the most critical elements to pay attention to is the economy of space. Since your living quarters are going…

When choosing an RV, one of the most critical elements to pay attention to is the economy of space.

Since your living quarters are going to be compact, you want to make sure that every inch is utilized so that you can still have the creature comforts of home. 

One type of RV that comes with maximum living space is the best bunkhouse camper.

This term refers to any RV that utilizes a bunk bed style, meaning that these rigs can often sleep more individuals than other similar-sized RVs. So, if you’re interested in getting an RV with bunk beds, you’re in luck.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best bunkhouse campers in this class, so you don’t have to.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve broken down our list by category. Bunkhouse RVs can be Class A, Class C, travel trailers, and fifth wheels.

Below, we’ve showcased the top two models for each category. Keep reading to see what we discovered! 

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Winnebago Forza 38W – Class A Bunkhouse Camper

Winnebago Forza bunkhouse camper exterior
Photo credit: Winnebago

Length: 39′ 10″
Height: 12′
Accommodations: Slide Out, Overhead Bunk Bed, Master Bedroom, Fireplace, Exterior TVs, Massive Storage Space

When it comes to bunkhouse floor plans, Winnebago is like the Cadillac of the industry.

The Forza 38W is one of the biggest and classiest bunkhouse RV models we’ve seen, thanks to its luxury accommodations and chic styling.

There’s a reason why this bunkhouse RV costs as much as a house – because it’s practically a house on wheels. 

Winnebago Forza bunkhouse bunks inside a bunkhouse camper
Photo credit: Winnebago

As far as bunks go in this RV with bunk beds, there is an optional model that sits above the cabin. Best of all, there are adjacent plugins so that whoever sleeps up there can still charge their phone or use a nightlight if necessary.

The only thing we would recommend is placing a thin air mattress or cushion to make it more comfortable. 

Other highlights of this bunkhouse camper include ample undercarriage storage space, convertible sofa beds, a massive entertainment center (complete with fireplace), and a master bedroom that rivals most homes.

No matter where you plan to go, the Forza 38W will get you there in style. 

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS – Class A

Thor Challenger Bunkhouse camper exterior
Photo credit: Thor

Length: 38′ 11″
Height: 12′ 11″
Accommodations: Tilting King Bed, Drop-Down Overhead Bunk, Dual Bunk Beds, Two Showers, Optional Theater Seating

With a name like Thor, you know that this bunkhouse camper is going to be big.

At almost 39 feet long and 13 feet tall, this is a monster rig that will impress anyone who sees it.

If you’re not used to driving Class A RVs, be aware that there is a learning curve to master. However, once you get used to being on the road (and making turns), you’ll appreciate the amount of space you get with this RV with bunk beds.

When talking about bunks, this bunkhouse camper comes with three. There are two bunk beds along the side, complete with mattresses and a closing door.

There is also an overhead bunk above the cabin in this bunkhouse RV, which also comes with a mattress and ladder. Best of all, the overhead bunk is powered, so all you have to do is press a button and watch it unfold. 

Thor Challenger bunkhouse bunks inside a bunkhouse RV
Photo credit: Thor

As far as other features go, this bunkhouse camper doesn’t quite have as many accouterments as the Forza, but it feels spacious and looks modernly stylish.

You don’t get a fireplace, but you get everything else you need, and with so many options for sleeping, this bunkhouse RV is perfect for family trips. The master bed even lifts so that you can find the right position to watch TV or sleep. 

Gulf Stream Conquest 63111 – Class C Bunkhouse Camper

Gulf Stream Conquest bunkhouse exterior
Photo credit: Gulf Stream

Length: 32′
Height: 11′ 3″
Accommodations: Overhead Bunk, Dual Bunk Beds, Jack Knife Sofa, Half Circle Dinette, Hardwood Styling

If you like the idea of driving your bunkhouse RV but don’t want a supersized rig, Class C models like this one from Gulf Stream are the perfect option if you’re in the market for a bunkhouse camper.

As a rule, Class C RVs come with an overhead bunk that sits above the cab.

However, if you want extra sleeping space, you can get a bunkhouse RV model like the 63111, which comes with two additional bunk beds.

Gulfstream conquest bunks inside an RV with bunk beds
Photo credit: Gulf Stream

Although this rig is smaller than something like the Forza, it can still sleep at least six passengers or more, depending on how comfortable everyone is with each other. 

Overall, this bunkhouse camper comes with all of the standard refinements, including a kitchenette, sofa, dinette, queen-sized bed, and a full-size refrigerator.

This bunkhouse RV is ideal for groups of four, assuming that you plan on spending most of your time inside. However, if your travels will keep you out of the RV for most of the day, feel free to bring a couple of extra people along. 

Coachmen Freelander 31MB – Class C

Coachmen Freelander bunkhouse camper exterior
Photo credit: Coachmen

Length: 32′ 11″
Height: 10′ 11″
Accommodations: U-Shaped Dinette, Overhead Bunk, Lift TV, Faux-Marble Countertops, Master Bedroom, Sofa or Recliners, Built-In Awning

Sometimes, you just need to have options. Fortunately, the Freelander series from Coachmen is perfect for those with discerning tastes.

Although we’re featuring the 31MB model, this bunkhouse RV series has 20 different floorplans, all of which are considered bunkhouse camper models thanks to the overhead bunk above the cab.

So, feel free to scope out all of the unique combinations until you find the one that works best for your needs. 

Beyond the overhead bunk, the Freelander is a relatively efficient and straightforward RV with bunk beds. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it comes with all of the creature comforts of home.

Coachmen Freelander bunk
Photo credit: Coachmen

One element that we like about the 31MB is that you can choose to get a sofa or two recliners.

If your travel plans only involve you and a partner, the recliners give each of you maximum relaxation, including a plush middle armrest with individual cup holders. 

Another element we appreciate in this bunkhouse camper is that the master bedroom can be closed off, so you can get some privacy if sharing the RV with others. After all, if you’re going to get a bunkhouse camper, why not utilize it?

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Keystone Passport GT 2820BHWE – Travel Trailer Bunkhouse Camper

Keystone Passport Exterior
Photo credit: Keystone

Length: 26′ 3″
Height: 11′
Accommodations: Dual Bunks, Pass-Through Storage, Flip-Up Bunk, Outside Kitchen and Refrigerator, U-Shaped Dinette, Rear Cargo Door

For those who prefer to tow their RV with bunk beds instead of driving it, having a bunkhouse travel trailer can be an excellent option.

One of the primary benefits of a travel trailer is that they are relatively light while still offering plenty of interior space and accommodations.

In this case, we have the Passport GT series, which has several bunkhouse camper models. However, for our money, we recommend the 2820BHWE, thanks to its double bunk beds and sleek layout. 

This bunkhouse travel trailer is also a slide-out model, meaning that you can extend the side of the rig to give you more space inside.

The section that slides out is the dinette, which can come with optional theater seating if you prefer. 

Keystone Passport bunks and interior
Photo credit: Keystone

One feature that we like about the Passport bunk house trailer is that it has pass-through storage.

This means that you don’t have to come in through the front door to bring items inside the RV. Instead, you can open a doorway and place everything into the bedroom. This feature is also handy for taking things out of this bunkhouse camper. 

Finally, this Passport model comes with an exterior kitchen, complete with a refrigerator.

This setup is useful for when you’re camping on a hot day. Now you can enjoy the sunshine while preparing some tasty dishes. 

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Jayco Jay Feather 27BHB – Travel Trailer

Jayco Jay Feather exterior
Photo credit: Jayco

Length: 32′ 11″
Width: 8′
Accommodations: Dual Bunk Beds, Jackknife Sofa, U-Shaped Dinette, Exterior Kitchen, Pass-Through Storage, Built-In 21-Inch Awning

Because there are so many bunkhouse camper models on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right one for your needs.

However, to make it easier on yourself, you could look for bunkhouse travel trailers that come with high marks.

The Jay Feather 27BHB is a new model from Jayco, and it has already received the Top RV Debut Award in 2020. When looking at the features and interior, it’s easy to see why. 

This bunkhouse trailer has dual bunk beds in the back that can support up to 600 pounds each. Below the bottom bunk is additional storage, and each bunk has its own curtain to provide some privacy.

Jayco Jay Feather interior with kitchen, dinette, couch and bunks
Photo credit: Jayco

The Jay Feather is another slide-out model, with the sofa and dinette section extending to give you more room to move around.

That being said, they don’t encroach on the space too much when the slide-out is pushed in, so you can still walk through the RV with no problems. 

Other highlights of this RV with bunk beds include an exterior kitchen, pass-through storage, and a built-in awning. 

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB – Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse Camper

Coachmen Chaparral bunkhouse exterior
Photo credit: Coachmen

Length: 42′ 6″
Width: 96″
Accommodations: Dual Bunk Bed, Flip Down Bunk Bed, Theater Seating, Master Bedroom, Slide Out Dinette and Kitchen, Two Bathrooms, Tri-Fold Sofa, Exterior Kitchen

When it comes to RV trailers, fifth wheels are the Class A version.

Models like the Chaparral are the ultimate in space and luxury, rivaling the top-tier Class A motorhomes.

At 42 feet long, this is a massive bunkhouse RV, which can make it hard to tow. However, once you get where you’re going, you can set up the Chaparral and live in style. 

Inside, you’ll notice that there is more than enough room for a family of four or five to stay comfortably.

Even if you spend most of your time inside this bunkhouse RV, you won’t really be on top of each other too much.

Coachmen Chaparral bunks
Photo credit: Coachmen

Not only does this bunkhouse camper come with both a sofa and theater recliners, but it has two bunk beds and a flip-down bunk on top of the master bedroom with a queen-sized mattress.

You can easily sleep six or eight people inside this RV with bunk beds since the sofa folds out into a bed as well. 

Another reason we love the Chaparral is that it comes with two bathrooms. Never again will you have a line in the morning. Truly the lap of luxury. 

Keystone Avalanche 395BH – Fifth Wheel

Keystone Avalanche bunkhouse exterior
Photo credit: Keystone

Length: 41′ 7″
Height: 13′ 4″
Accommodations: Loft Bunkhouse, Fireplace, Theater Seating, Two Fold-Out Sofas, Two Bathrooms, Kitchen Island, Two Entertainment Centers, Master Bedroom

For our final bunkhouse camper, we have the creme de la creme of fifth wheels.

Although this rig is not as long as the Chaparral, it maximizes its space in the best ways possible.

First of all, there are two of everything – bathrooms, sofas, recliners, kitchens, and bunks.

The bunk beds are loft-style, meaning that they sit above the second entertainment center.

However, you can sleep eight people comfortably in this bunkhouse RV because both sofas also convert into beds. So, if you’re planning a camping trip with your extended family, the Avalanche has you covered.

Keystone Avalanche interior with lofted bunks
Photo credit: Keystone

Other highlights of this bunkhouse RV include a fireplace, a kitchen island (complete with sink), hardwood accents, space for a washer and dryer in the master bedroom, and an outside kitchen/prep area.

There is almost nothing you can’t do with this bunkhouse camper. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this tour of the best bunkhouse campers. Having bunk beds makes it easy to travel in groups, and these rigs are sure to make your next trip a delight. See you on the road!

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