The Best Class A Motorhome for Full-Time Living: 5 Top Picks

Selecting the best class A motorhome for full-time living requires a bit of a different process than you’d use to select an RV for occasional…

Best Class A Brand For Full-Time Living Featured Image PC Leon Bublitz via Unsplash

Selecting the best class A motorhome for full-time living requires a bit of a different process than you’d use to select an RV for occasional or short-term use.

Whether you’re selling your home and downsizing or you’re trying to broach the subject of explaining to your parents that you want to live in an RV, you better know what you’re looking at with different RV brands. 

Fortunately, this guide is going to help you narrow down your choices and find the best class A motorhome to meet all your needs.

And we’ll also cover some important criteria to help you pick a functional and comfortable best class A RV. 

So let’s dive right in! 

Keep reading to see our list of the Best Class A Brand For Full-Time Living!

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Best Class A Motorhome for Full-Time Living

These best class A motorhomes are great choices for full-time RVers because they often offer more living space than other RV classes.

But a lot can separate a decent class A motorhome from a great one.

Without further adieu, here are our picks for the best class A motorhome for full-time living: 

Best Class A Diesel Motorhomes: Entegra Coach Aspire 38M

Entegra Aspire Best Class a motorhome for full time living
Photo Credit: Entegra Motorcoach

MSRP: $463,230
Length: 40’11”
Exterior Height: 12’11” 
GVWR: 41,000 pounds

This best class A motorhome is the epitome of luxury living. Built on a Spartan K2 raised-rail chassis and equipped with a Cummins® L9 turbocharged 450 HP engine, you won’t have any problem getting around in this lengthy rig. 

When you’re relaxing outside of this Class A RV, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of shade under the dual roof-mounted patio awnings.

And once the sun goes down, just flip on the LED lights along the outer edges of those awnings so everyone can see to move about safely. 

Oh, and to help you compare with some of the other models, this rig is outfitted with a 100-gallon freshwater tank, a 62-gallon grey water tank, and a 41-gallon black water tank. 

Interior Features

Entegra Coach Aspire Class A RV interior with couches lining all walls and hardwood cabinets
Photo Credit: Entegra Motorcoach

Inside, handcrafted hardwood cabinetry, premium Ultraleather® furniture, and hand-laid porcelain floor tiles will almost make you forget you’re living in the best class A motorhome.

And you’ll be able to relax and entertain your favorite shows on a 50” 4K Smart TV in the living room or a 32” LED 1080P Smart TV in the front overhead compartment. 

In terms of everyday convenience, you’ll be able to get your laundry done in the Whirlpool® stacked washer and dryer inside this unit.

A total of three 15,000 BTU A/C units will help you keep the temperature comfortable inside during the hottest months and an Aqua-Hot® 400D hydronic water and heating system provides in-floor heat throughout the rig. 

Finally, the hitch at the back of this best class A motorhome for full-time living is rated to tow up to 15,000 pounds. So you’ll have plenty of ability to tow another vehicle behind to make it easier to get around once your RV is parked.

Best Class A Diesel Motorhomes: Forest River Berkshire 34B

Forest River Berkshire best class A motorhome
Photo Credit: Forest River

MSRP: $322,366
Length: 35’5”
Exterior Height: 12’8” 
GVWR: 32,400 pounds

If you’ve ever driven a class A RV, you know that the line down the center of the windshield can be a bit disconcerting and distracting in certain conditions.

But the Forest River Berkshire 34B best class A motorhome for full-time living removes that distraction by designing a one-piece windshield in the cockpit of their rig. 

Also accessible from the captain’s chair is the 10” dash radio with color backup and side view cameras that make it much easier to navigate into your campsite without sending your travel companion outside to scream at you. 

The Berkshire is built on a Freightliner® XCR Raised-Rail Chassis and boasts a 360-HP Cummins® ISB turbo diesel engine.

Underneath this best class A motorhome, a four-point, fully-automatic hydraulic leveling system makes it a breeze to set your rig up when you roll into a new campground.

And, for comparison’s sake, this rig is set up with a 103-gallon fresh water tank, a 66-gallon grey water tank, and a 42-gallon black water tank. 

Interior Features

Best class a motorhome for full time living interior with fireplace, kitchen, dining booth and sectioned couch
Photo Credit: Forest River

For climate control in this best Class A RV for full time living, two A/C units (one in the front and the other in the rear) help you keep things cool while a 35,000 BTU furnace and an electric fireplace will help you stay warm in the cooler months. 

Speaking of that passenger, he or she will be able to enjoy the benefit of having a full workstation at his or her disposal while driving.

And multiple entry assist handles on both sides of the cockpit make it super easy to maneuver in and out of the cockpit chairs when you’ve forgotten to secure something in the rear of the RV. 

Back in the kitchen area, a two-door residential refrigerator provides more storage space for your perishables than the standard RV refrigerator.

This best class A motorhome for full-time living is also equipped with an electric induction glass cooktop, which is much easier to wipe clean than your traditional gas RV range. 

Best Class A Gas Motorhome: Tiffin Open Road Allegro 36UA

Open Road Allegro Best Class A RV
Photo Credit: Tiffin Motorhomes

MSRP: $173,462
Length: 38’
Exterior Height: 12’10” 
GVWR: 26,000 pounds

The Tiffin Open Road Allegro 36UA is the most affordable best class A motorhome for full-time living on our list.

It also happens to be the only gas-powered RV we’ve chosen.

This best Class A RV is built on a Ford 26K chassis and equipped with a 350 HP 7.3-liter V8 engine that gives this class A brand RV a maximum towing capacity of 4,000 pounds. 

Let’s get the tank capacities out of the way here on this one. With the Allegro 36UA, you’ll be working with a 70-gallon fresh water tank, a 66-gallon grey water tank, and a 50-gallon black water tank. 

If you’re interested in lounging outside the RV once you’re at your campground, the power patio awning provides shade or protection from light rains.

There’s also a patio-side exterior TV so you can watch sports or other shows while you’re grilling on your portable RV grill

Interior Features

Best Class A RV: Tiffin Open Road Allegro interior with fireplace, TV, couch and dark wood cabinets
Photo Credit: Tiffin Motorhomes

Inside the walls of this best Class A motorhome for full-time living, 5.5 inches of formed insulation help to prevent heat loss. Combined with two 13,500 BTU roof-mounted A/C units and a ducted furnace system, you should be able to enjoy four-season comfort with this class A motorhome. 

When you’re driving, dual dash fans will help to keep you cool in the summer and a USB dash receptacle will allow you to easily recharge your phone or other electronics.

You’ll also have the option of outfitting the cockpit of this best Class A RV with an overhead, drop-down bunk in case you need extra sleeping space for kids or visitors. 

The kitchen in this Tiffin best Class A RV features a three-burner gas cooktop and a convection microwave with exterior venting.

It comes with a two-door gas/electric refrigerator with pantry, but you’ll have the option of upgrading to a residential-sized refrigerator with an ice maker if you know you’ll need more space for perishable food storage.

If you love the idea of bunks, check out these Class A Motorhomes With Bunks: Your Guide To The Best Models

Best Class A Diesel Motorhomes: Newmar Dutch Star 4369

Nueman Dutchstar Class A RV
Photo Credit: Newmar

MSRP: $394,095
Length: 43’9”
Exterior Height: 13’1”
GVWR: 52,000 pounds

The Newmar Dutch Star best Class A motorhome for full-time living is available with a Freightliner® XCR or Spartan® K@ Chassis with a tag axle for a better turning radius.

Keep in mind, however, that the tag axle on this class A RV is only available with the 40 and 43-foot floor plans, which is why we chose one of the latter for this review. 

The 4369 also boasts an 8.9-liter 450 HP Cummins® L diesel engine and offers a maximum towing capacity of up to 15,000 pounds.

Some of the other driving features of this luxury best class A diesel motorhome include an anti-lock braking system, automatic traction control, and electronic stability control. 

When it comes to tank capacities, you’ll enjoy a 105-gallon fresh water tank, a 75-gallon grey water tank, and a 55-gallon black water tank.

While we’re on different capacities, this rig boasts a 50,000 BTU central furnace, a 22-gallon propane tank, and a total of six house batteries for up to 600 amp-hours of DC power. 

Interior Features

Newmar Dutch Star best Class A RV interior kitchen view showcasing dark wood cabinets, microwave and large side mirror
Photo Credit: Newmar

In the back half of this best Class A RV, a king-sized bed with a plush, pillow-top mattress provides a great place to lay your head at the end of a long day of adventure.

In the shower, a fold-down seat also makes it easier to clean off muddy and dirty feet on anyone that forgets to use the exterior shower outside of the RV. 

When you’re driving in the colder months, heated cockpit seats will help you stay warm and comfortable.

And a wireless phone charger pad on the driver’s side means you don’t have to purchase a second charger cable or worry about moving your single cable from the bedroom to the cab every day. 

When you’ve found your campground and it’s time to relax, you’ll be able to enjoy entertainment on the 50” LED 4K TV in the living or bedroom area.

And you can get your favorite channels using the Winegard Rayzar Automatic Digital TV Antenna, but you can also use the satellite dish prep on the roof to install your own custom setup if you choose.  

Best Class A Diesel Motorhomes: Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 40RT

Thor Motor Coach best Class A motorhome
Photo Credit: Thor Motor Coach

MSRP: $468,600
Length: 41’1”
Exterior Height: 12’9”
GVWR: 38,600 pounds

The Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 40RT is the final selection on our list, but this best class A motorhome for full-time living is no slouch.

If you’re stoked about spending time outdoors when you’re parked at a new campground, you can still enjoy protection from sun and rain under the dual, roof-mounted power patio awnings with integrated LED lighting.

And speaking of parking at new spots, automatic leveling jacks with touchpad controls allow you to easily adjust the level of your rig before you even leave the captain’s chair. 

And if you’re really intrigued by this whole holding tank capacity comparison we’ve got going throughout this guide, you’ll want to know that this best Class A RV boasts a 91-gallon fresh water tank, a 70-gallon grey water tank, and a 51-gallon black water tank. 

Interior Features

Thor Motor Coach best Class A RV interior with pale leather couches and dark wood cabinets
Photo Credit: Thor Motor Coach

The Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 40RT is one of the few best class A RVs for full-time living that actually comes with a dishwasher.

The drawer-style, residential-sized unit is standard with both Tuscany floor plans. 

But if being able to load dirty plates and bowls into a dishwasher instead of hand washing doesn’t excite you, you might be more interested in the stainless steel residential refrigerator with french door and in-door ice and water dispenser.

If you hook up an inline water purifier, that means enjoying crisp, great-tasting no matter the source you’re pulling from. 

And if you’re not even excited about “high-quality H2O,” you might find it nice to enjoy your favorite sports on the 55” retractable LED Smart TV in the living area.

When it’s time to head to bed and enjoy one last episode before dozing off, there’s also a 32” LED TV in the bedroom. 

For superior climate control throughout the year, the Tuscany is also equipped with a 65,000 BTU central furnace and three 15,000 BTU roof-mounted air conditioning units.

There’s also heated flooring throughout and the holding tanks are even enclosed and heated to keep things from freezing during the winter months. 

Tips For Picking The Best Class A Motorhome For Full-Time Living

Making the jump into full-time RV living shouldn’t be taken lightly. Living in an RV for all four seasons comes with certain challenges that you simply don’t have to deal with if you own or rent a more traditional residence. 

For those of you that are new to RVing in general, here are a few tips that will help you choose a class A motorhome for a permanent residence: 

Best Class A RV Tips: Weatherproofing And Insulation

Weatherproofing and Insulation PC Winnebago
Photo Credit: Winnebago

Even if you drive your best Class A motorhome to a warmer location every winter, you’re still likely to experience all four seasons when you live in an RV full-time. And there’s a reason why many RVers winterize their rigs for the winter months. 

Most RVs simply don’t offer the kind of weatherproofing and insulation you need to to live in them comfortably during the coldest months of the year.

But some do! And choosing an RV with enough insulation to offer four-season comfort is definitely a must for full-time RV living

Best Class A RV Tips: Storage Space

Storage Space PC Winnebago
Photo Credit: Winnebago

The good news is that most best class A RVs do offer quite a bit of storage space. But if you’re transitioning from a more traditional residence into an RV, the odds are pretty good that you’ll need to downsize a bit. 

When you’re choosing an RV for full-time living, you’ll need a good deal of storage space both inside and underneath.

Depending on whether you own more outdoor recreation gear or more interior home decor and appliances, you’ll either need to prioritize a rig with more underneath or more inside storage space. 

Best Class A RV Tips: Tank Capacities

Water Tank PC Kens RV via YouTube
Photo Credit: Kens RV via YouTube

One of the biggest things to get used to when you move into an RV is that you don’t have an unlimited water supply unless you’re hooked up to city water at a campground.

On the same coin, you’ll also have a limited capacity for storing grey water (water that goes down the drains in your sinks and shower) and black water (water and waste that goes down your toilet). 

For full-time living, having a freshwater tank that holds 100 gallons versus 50 gallons can make a huge difference in terms of how often you’ll need to refill.

And the same is true for your black water and grey water tank capacities. For all three of these tank capacities, more is better when you’re a full-time RVer. 

Positives And Negatives Of The Best Class A RVs

Why would you choose a class A motorhome for full-time living over any other type of RV?

The answer to this question often depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. But here are some of the important pros and cons of having a best class A motorhome as your permanent residence:


  • Most storage space of all RV types
  • Abundant living space
  • Many have multiple beds for families or to host visitors 
  • Large holding tank capacities
  • Outfit with most of your standard household appliances and amenities
  • Give you the ability to tow a vehicle behind
  • Panoramic view of the road and countryside while you’re driving


  • Engine and home are one. This can be a hassle when/if you need any engine maintenance done
  • Driving them takes some time to get used to if you’ve never done it before
  • Large rigs can limit your campground selections
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Expensive to fill up with gas
  • Can be inefficient to heat and/or cool
  • Maintenance can be more costly than for other RV types

FAQs About The Best Class A RV For Full-Time Living

Best Class A Brand For Full-Time Living Featured Image PC Leon Bublitz via Unsplash
Photo Credit: Leon Bublitz

In case you’re still unclear on anything, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about class A RVs: 

What’s Better? A Diesel Best Class A Motorhome Or A Class A Gas Motorhome?

The main benefit of choosing a diesel RV over one with a gas-powered engine is fuel economy.

Some class A brand diesel RVs can offer up to 10 percent better fuel efficiency than the most efficient class A gas RV.

However, you’ll have to keep in mind that diesel fuel is often more expensive than gas when it is time to fill up. 

Perhaps the greatest advantage that diesel RVs have over their gas counterparts is value.

In general, diesel RVs tend to hold their value much longer than gas RVs. This means that you should be able to get a higher return on your investment after you’ve owned the RV for 10 years if you choose a diesel model. 

Finally, we know that price will often be the final determining factor when it comes to buying an RV. And that’s where gas motorhomes have the advantage.

Perhaps it’s partly due to those advantages we mentioned above, but diesel RVs tend to come with higher up-front price tags than gas RVs. 

Can You Legally Live In A Class A Brand Motorhome?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! As long as your RV offers sleeping, dining, and toilet accommodations, you can live in it full-time. That being said, you’ll still need to obey the local parking and/or camping laws that are unique to your location(s). 

How Many Miles Will A Class A RV Last?

This is obviously going to depend on the exact make and model of the RV in question.

It’s also going to be dependent on how safely you drive and how diligent you are about caring for and maintaining your rig.

That being said, the average class A RV will last for about 200,000 miles! 

Conclusion On The Best Class A RV For Full-Time Living

With the prices of homes and even empty lots going up in so many places, choosing the best class A motorhome for full-time living can be an economical choice for many young professionals.

Conversely, many retired folks seem to already know that moving into an RV full-time can allow them to rent their regular residence and enjoy a larger budget for retirement travel and fun. 

As always, we hope that you’ve found a best class A brand for full-time living that you’re interested in today.

We firmly believe in the benefits of nomadic living and we wish you the best of luck on all your upcoming adventures!

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