The Best Class B RV for Full-Time Living and Traveling

Class B RVs are built on a van chassis, usually the Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge Promaster or Ford Transit, and include bathrooms, kitchens, sleeping and living areas.

Esplori customized small Class B motorhome drives into the sunset

There’s nothing more exciting than packing up and hitting the road; the stress of modern life left behind and adventure ahead. But all that excitement might come with some trepidation, especially if you don’t have one of the best class B RV or camper van models at your disposal.

Deciding to live or travel in a class B RV can feel like a big pivot, and there are seemingly infinite decisions between you and your inaugural RV trip. Luckily, plenty of travelers and full-time campers have come before you.

Whether you’re ready to invest in one of the best Class B RVs or you’re still just dreaming about van life, you’re at a good starting place. Before making any decisions, it’s important to learn everything you can about small RVs.

We’ve laid out just about everything you need to know about the best Class B RVs available and provided a few tips to help you narrow down your choices.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, feel free to check out some of our other awesome resources about Class C motorhomes and Class A RVs.

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What is a Class B RV?

Let’s start with the basics. A Class B RV, also known as a camper van, is either a converted passenger van or a van chassis that’s designed to function as a small motorhome.

While the small size of some of the best Class B RV models might scare off some potential buyers, their interiors are often both surprisingly spacious and luxurious. And you’ll get other benefits that you won’t enjoy in larger motorhomes or travel trailers.

You definitely won’t get all the amenities those larger RVs include, but most of the best Class B RV floorplans pack in decently-sized sleeping areas, kitchenettes, wet baths, and more.

Need a bit more space than a regular Class B RV? Check out this post all about Class B+ RVs!

The Best Class B RVs For Sale

Choosing the best class B RV for your lifestyle is largely a matter of personal preference. But if you’re into a small camper that’s easy to drive and can park almost anywhere, let’s look at some of the best class B RV floor plans.

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel and Best Diesel RV Under 30 Feet
Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted.

RV Specs

  • Length: 19’7″
  • Exterior Height: 10′
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 21 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 21 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

There’s a reason Winnebago almost always seems to top our lists, these guys know their stuff. As one of the oldest RV manufacturers, they’ve had decades to perfect their designs and offer consistently innovative and thoughtfully built motorhomes.

The Class B RV “Revel” is no exception. It’s loaded with features like a hydronic heating system that delivers quiet heat and continuous hot water, a lithium battery bank with a 320-amp hour capacity, and redesigned dinette seating.

The full-sized power lift bed offers a comfortable and dedicated sleeping space that lifts away to transform into a garage with plenty of storage space for your mountain bikes, hiking gear, and camping equipment.

The wet bath all but confirms that this small Class B RV is designed with adventurers in mind. And it’s suitable for up to three sleepers, making it the perfect option for couples or small families.

Learn more about this Winnebago class B RV.

Storyteller Overland Classic MODE 4×4

Storyteller Overland Class B RV parked in the dirt
Photo: Storyteller Overland

RV Specs

  • Length: 20′
  • Exterior Height: 10′
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 21 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 24 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

Storyteller Overland is a newer company on the market and is already creating some of the best Class B RVs for overlanding out there. The Classic MODE is an all-wheel-drive camper van with upgraded bug screens and new window shades in the 2023 models.

Built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, this camper van features heated seats, a touchscreen display, a parking package with 360-degree cameras, and wireless charging for your smartphones — and that’s just in the cockpit.

The camper van’s Volta energy system features a 3,200-watt inverter, an intelligent power distribution module, and a 90-watt solar panel — but it can be upgraded to boast up to 600 watts of solar capture ability.

When it’s time to climb inside, you’ll love the convertible “Groove Lounge” sofa bed, the Dreamweaver bed that converts to a workstation, the Halo interior shower system, and the stainless steel sink in the galley. You’ll find a hidden portable toilet as well.

Learn more about this Storyteller Overland camper van.

Storyteller Overland Stealth MODE AWD Class B RV

Stealth Mode Camper Van PC Storyteller Overland
Stealth Mode Camper Van PC Storyteller Overland

RV Specs

  • Length: 20′
  • Exterior Height: 10′
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 21 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 24 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

“Built to fly under the radar,” Storyteller Overland’s Stealth camper van is a great choice for campers that love to hide in plain sight. Also built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, the Stealth model boasts a selenite grey metallic finish coupled with matte black Storyteller wheels that come with all-terrain tires as a standard feature.

The other standard features of the Stealth camper can include JBL Premium co-axial door speakers, a dog-friendly rear entry step, a hood spoiler, a rear door storage solution, custom emblems, and Storyteller’s Stealth graphics package.

Those features set it apart from the other Storyteller Overland camper vans, but it boasts the same interior and exterior amenities, including an outdoor fold-down table, a portable induction cooktop, a gas/diesel-fired water heating system, and a garage cargo area that’s ideal for organizing all your outdoor gear between adventures.

Check out the full list of features for this Stealth camper van.

Storyteller Overland Beast MODE AWD Class B RV

Beast Mode Camper Van PC Storyteller Overland
Beast Mode Camper Van PC Storyteller Overland

RV Specs

  • Length: 21′
  • Exterior Height: 10’3″
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 21 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 24 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

The Storyteller Overland Beast MODE is the most rugged camper van they make for 4×4 driving, with suspension, lighting, and tire upgrades. It’s one of the best class B RV models for getting away from the crowds and exploring boondocking destinations.

For starters, it boasts 9.5 inches of ground clearance from the ground to the differentials. Beast MODE camper vans are also denoted by their 360-degree lighting package, Tenzing Trailhead brush guard, and Owl Vans Expedition tire carrier with a full-size spare tire.

This camper van is also equipped with an onboard air compressor with front and rear air chucks, a Sherpa cargo carrier (also made by Owl Vans), fender flares, and an Agile Off-Road ride improvement package.

Most of those features are designed to get you further off-the-beaten-path safety. But what about once you get there? That’s when this camper van’s M Power off-grid power system comes in handy, not to mention its Boost MODE power extender system.

Discover the ‘Beast Mode’ camper van.

Hymer Free S Class B Camper Van

Hymer Free S Camper Van PC Hymer
Hymer Free S Class B RV PC Hymer

RV Specs

  • Length: 19’5″
  • Exterior Height: 9’1.5″
  • Interior Height: 6’6″
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-4

The Hymer Free S boasts a modern design with luxurious furnishings. It’s one of their more sporty camper vans, but the front-wheel-drive system is best suited to paved roads over less-maintained thoroughfares.

Unlike many camper vans with a gravity-driven design, this model boasts an electric drainage system for the waste water tank. Getting in and out of bed is easy with the convenient pull-out bed step and you’ll love the silver accents and trendy laminates used in the interior finish construction.

The Hymer has everything you need for life on the road, including a full galley, a wet bath, and a comfortable bed. It also has an exceptionally good turning radius and is wider than other camper vans, making it possible to sleep across the width of the camper van.

Learn more about Hymer’s contribution to our list of the best Class B RV models.

Winnebago Travato Class B Motorhome

This small Winnebago Class B RV sits in the woods with doors wide open.
Photo credit: Winnebago

RV Specs

  • Length: 21′
  • Exterior Height: 9’4″
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 18 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 24-25 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2

Another great option from Winnebago, the Travato small class B RV offers four unique floor plans. Each offers a varied use of space maximized to sleep two travelers and streamlined for comfort when the weather outside isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Two of their layouts utilize twin beds with an overhead flex bed system, making the absolute most out of a small space and opening up the rest of the van to be much more usable. This Class B RV is the top-selling camper van in North America for several reasons.

For one, it offers an extremely flexible seating area with a table that can pivot 360 degrees because it’s mounted on a swinging arm. That table can also be relocated to a second mounting position as well.

Added insulation in the roof and sidewalls extends your camping season and an abundance of storage space under the rear bed accommodates all your camping equipment. Speaking of the bed, this camper van has a high-density hygienic foam mattress with a European suspension system.

The van’s Eco-Hot water system provides reliable hot water for the wet bath and helps to reduce water waste. When it come to power, the best class B RV wouldn’t be complete without an advanced energy system that provides up to 9,000 useable watt-hours of power.

Learn more about the Winnebago Travato camper van here.

Airstream Interstate 19

The Airstream interstate is a very popular small Class B motorhome.
Photo credit: Airstream

RV Specs

  • Length: 19’5″
  • Exterior Height: 9’7″
  • Interior Height: 6’2″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 18 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 25 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 2

Airstream has been going crazy in popularity, mostly due to its unique style and thoughtful designs. While they’ve traditionally been known for their travel trailers, the Interstate 19 most certainly belongs on any list of the best class B RV models.

The larger, classic Airstream Interstate is the bestselling Class B diesel motorhome on the market, so you can imagine that its little brother, the Interstate 19, is pretty amazing. You’d be right.

This Class B RV is designed for solo or couple travelers and only sleeps 2, so if you’ve got a family this is definitely not an option for you. But if you don’t need the space, this luxurious layout might just be perfect.

The major benefit of a small camper van like this is maneuverability. It’s incredibly nimble to get in and out of parking lots or tight campsites, making it really accessible if you’ve never driven larger class C RVs or motorhomes before.

Built on the Mercedes Benz chassis, the Interstate 19 camper van comes with all the amenities and safety features you’ll get from a quality Mercedes, such as side-view and rear-view cameras and a parking assist system.

Inside, Interstate 19 camper vans pack in the largest bed in their class, unlimited hot water provided by the Truma furnace and water heater, electronic controls for the power awningand blinds, and a power sliding door.

It also boasts a European style wet bath with a sink, shower, and RV toilet. You’ll also enjoy built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash containers, as well as a clotheslinesfor wet towels or soiled clothing.

There are any other excellent features to get excited about on this fuel efficient camper, but some of our favorites include Garmin navigation and lane guidance, Load-Adaptive electronic stability control, a widescreen Samsun LED Smart TV, and the ability to transform the cockpit into a comfortable bed to expand the sleeping space for up to three people.

Read more about the Airstream Interstate.

Roadtrek Zion Class B RV

RoadTrek Zion Class B Motorhome from the Passenger side

RV Specs

  • Length: 20’9″
  • Exterior Height: 9’5″
  • Interior Height: 6’2″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 37 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 22.5 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3 (with the optional folding mattress)

The Roadtrek Zion is a sleek Class B motorhome built on the sturdy and wide Dodge Promaster chassis. With its larger water tank capacity than most of the best class B RV models, it’s a great choice for boondocking adventures.

This luxury class B RV boasts a 600-amp lithium battery system, a 16,000 BTU propane furnace, a 3,000-watt sine wave inverter, and a generator under the hood to take care of all your power needs when you’re not plugged in.

This luxurious class B RV features an open floor plan so you can pack your outdoor gear (bikes, kayaks, etc), down the center aisle. The floor plan is highly adaptable for daytime use and features a roomy bed when it’s time to rest.

The open concept gives you ample storage space for anything you like to bring on extended, or even just weekend camping trips. Plus, an optional layout features two twin beds instead of the full king if you’re traveling with friends.

This small Class B RV has a permanent bathroom, a spacious galley, a large refrigerator, and an 11,000 BTU roof-mount air conditioner. Easily accessible hookups make this class B van easy to plug in when you’re not boondocking and a retractable power awning provides shade on hot days.

We’d say the Roadtrek Zion is perfect for couples looking for outdoor adventure. Most class B RV manufacturers don’t necessarily include couple-friendly standard features like magnetic bug screens on the rear and passenger doors, power steps, an outdoor shower, and 300 watts of solar panels.

Read more about the Roadtrek Zion here.

Pleasure Way Tofino Class B RV

Red Pleasure Way Tofino Class B Camper Van with top popped and mountains behind
This Pleasure Way is for rent on Outdoorsy. See it now.

RV Specs

  • Length: 17’9″
  • Exterior Height: 8’2″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 16 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 8 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 4

The Pleasure Way is one of the most affordable models on our list of the best Class B RVs, but its smart design makes it feel anything but cheap. It’s also very compact, making it easy to drive and minimizing height concerns in tunnels and underpasses.

When you are parked, the pop-top roof opens to create more interior headroom. A pop top is a nice feature for van life because it’s easy to set up and it provides extra sleeping space for up to four people. The kids can utilize the 49″ x 72″ bunk in the pop top while Mom and Dad enjoy the comfortable 54″ x 72″ sofa bed.

With this floor plan, the entire rear cargo area is perfect for your camping gear. It offers 70 cubic feet of storage space for grills, golf clubs, or bikes of you don’t want to bother installing an exterior bike rack.

The safety features of these pop-top camper vans include a hill start assist and a tire repair kit with an air compressor. And don’t forget the optional upgrades like a roof rack, Go Power solar packages, a side door roll-up screen, and an off-road package that includes Black Rhino wheels and Toyo Open Country all-terrain tires.

The biggest drawback to this Class B RV is that it doesn’t include a wet bath. While this may be a drawback to some, it’s actually a benefit to others.

Many van dwellers are adamant that a campervan with a bathroom, or van life shower and toilet, wastes precious storage space that could be better utilized elsewhere. This is a personal preference.

If you see yourself traveling near campsites or other facilities that you might enjoy showering in more than a campervan wet bath, you might find yourself drawn towards a layout without one.

Read more about the Pleasure Way Tofino.

Leisure Travel Van Unity Luxury Class B RV

With a few extra feet this small Class B motorhome feels anything but!
Photo credit: Leisure Travel Vans

RV Specs

  • Length: 25’1″
  • Exterior Height: 10’6″
  • Interior Height: 6’5″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 25.6 or 36.5 gallons (model dependent)
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 65.6 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-4

This Class B motorhome hardly feels like a van. While it may only be a few feet longer than some of our other recommendations, just looking at the floor plans quickly shows how far those few extra feet can take you.

Most floor plans divide the space into two, offering either a spacious dedicated bedroom area or a lounging/entertaining space. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on the road, having comfortable living spaces can make a world of difference.

There are a total of five floor plan options to help you find the best class B RV for your RV lifestyle. Three feature a manual murphy bed as the primary sleeping space, but one features a corner bed (CB) and the other features a convertible twin bed/king bed (TB).

The extended length of these class B motorhomes makes them perfect for a small family. You’ll enjoy more interior living space with amenities like the Leisure Lounge, a residential-style dry bath, and indoor/outdoor entertainment centers (although the outdoor TV is an optional upgrade).

True to its name, it’s built for comfort and relaxation. The patented Leisure Lounge system features two reclining chairs, a dinette with an updated table system, and a panoramic window to enjoy the iews when you’re not watching TV.

At night, the lounge converts to the 65″ x 74″ bed with adjustable headrests to help you enjoy quality sleep wherever you camp. And with the 15,000 BTU ducted air conditioning system, climate control is as easy as it gets in the best class B RV.

Learn more about the Unity here.

Coachmen Galleria

The Coachmen Galleria is another Class B motorhome that can be rented!
Rent this RV here

RV Specs

  • Length: 24’3″
  • Exterior Height: 9’6″
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 27 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 34-48 gallons (model dependent)
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 3

This Coachmen RV might only sleep 2, but its comfortable and spacious interior can fit much more for day travel. It’s built on an extended Mercedes Sprinter chassis with a BlueTech turbo-diesel engine.

You’ll find luxury in this Class B RV, which has a Truma Combi furnace/water heater system, a built-in Onan generator, soft-close doors and drawers, and maple cabinetry handcrafted by a local Amish cabinet maker.

This Class B RV also features a sleek central kitchen and ample seating area, making it perfect for large groups not necessarily looking to camp out every night. Most of the models include a removable pedestal table that’s perfect for meals or charcuterie spreads.

Counter space isn’t hard to come by in this camper van and it has towing capacity if you need to bring a small trailer along. Van life is easy when you have standard features like remote access for coach climate control, 330 watts of solar, upgraded R-15 insulation, and motion sensor lighting in the overhead cabinets.

And for those looking to expand their off-grid capabilities, you can choose from options like a 4 x 4 chassis, a polar package with tank heating pads, upgraded rims, and a 630 amp-hour Lithium battery system with a 3,000-watt inverter and remote Bluetooth management capability.

Read more about the Coachmen class B RV.

Thor Motor Coach Sequence Class B RV

Thor Motor Coach Sequence Class B Camper PC Thor
Thor Motor Coach Sequence Class B RV PC Thor

RV Specs

  • Length: 21’1″
  • Exterior Height: 9’5″
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 27 gallons
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 24.5 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 2

Our list of the best class B RV models wouldn’t be complete without the Thor Motor Coach Sequence. In many ways, we’ve saved one of the best class B RV floor plans for last.

Built on the RAM ProMaster chassis, the Thor Motor Coach Sequence is a front-wheel-drive camper van built with quality materials. A 36-foot turning diameter makes it easy to maneuver and the holding tanks, electrical system, and propane components are all hidden inside the van’s body.

That design provides more interior living areas and storage space for all your outdoor gear. Speaking of, the Thor Motor Coach Sequence is a Thule-equipped van, meaning it comes with a bike rack, patio awning, roof rack, and roof ladder with a magnetic support system for added safety climbing up and down.

The Thor Motor Coach Sequence collection of camper vans comes with the Winegard Connect 2.0 as a standard feature, which is a 4G hot spot, WiFi, and TV antenna all-in-one. It also boasts plenty of interior living space and a power awning.

It’s a fuel-efficient class B RV with pet-friendly fabrics that are resistant to dander and claw marks. Plus, residential vinyl flooring makes it easy to clean up and less susceptible to general wear and tear than carpet.

Discover the Thor Motor Coach Sequence class B RV.

Custom Class B RVs For Sale

Plenty of campervan conversion companies out there are creating custom Class B RVs that you can help design.

Keep in mind that for you to register your van as an RV, it must have a kitchen and bathroom. It will be much harder to get an RV title for your van if it doesn’t have these things.

A portable toilet can count as a bathroom inside these vans.

Outside Van

The inside of an Outside Van custom Class B Camper

Outside Van prides themselves as being the trailblazers of van conversions, and they have a track record to back it up. Taking a look through their gallery is evidence enough of their craftsmanship and ability to transform spaces to match their clients dreams.

If you’ve got a good eye and a big imagination, this team will work tirelessly to help bring the campervan in your head into reality.


Sportsmobile small Class B motorhomes are easily customized for each client!
Photo credit: Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile has over 50 years of experience turning vans into beautiful and functional 4×4 camper vans. That much experience is enough to give anyone peace of mind when building with these guys.

Taking a look at some of their previous builds gives you a good idea of their capabilities, which are seemingly endless. They’ve built camper vans for mobile disabled clients, search and rescue teams, ambulances, emergency vehicles, dog vans, and more.

If you have extremely particular needs or limitations for your Class B RV, these are the people to talk to.

Titan Vans

This customized Class B Van is worth the trip to Colorado!
Photo credit: Titan Vans

These Colorado-based campervan custom builders stand by their van conversions, offering an impressive 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty on all builds.

When it comes to your home away from home, the peace of mind that comes with a warranty like that can be priceless.

During the design process, their team of engineers provides full 3D renderings of each build, eliminating miscommunication and ensuring every client is getting exactly the van they want.

They also offer a more affordable Classic conversion option if you’re not desperate for specific features.

Esplori Vans

Esplori customizes their Class B RVs with the environment in mind.
Photo credit: Esplori

Esplori builds rugged and environmentally conscious Mercedes custom van conversions, perfect for those that want to love the land and be kind to it, too.

Their custom build process starts with a conversation about your wants and needs, after which they’ll offer suggestions and solutions based on their expertise.

This is great if you don’t have a great visual imagination or just aren’t particularly familiar with the various features and space-saving layouts available to you.

Once you and the team have finalized your design, these campervan conversions can be ready in as little as 30 days.

Small Class B motorhomes are quickly growing in popularity, with custom conversions becoming even more popular.

That means more and more custom camper van companies are popping up to meet the demand. If you still don’t think you’ve found the Class B RV, just search around to find the perfect custom van conversion.

Pros and Cons of the Best Class B RVs

Small Class B motorhomes are not ideal for every type of traveler. They’re made for going light and fast, and accessing places you’d never imagine getting to in a larger class A or class C motorhome.

Large families or those that enjoy ample space and amenities might not be thrilled with traveling in such a tight space, but they can be a dream for solo or couple travelers looking to explore.

Here are some pros and cons to think about before investing in a Class B RV.

Pros of the Best Class B RV Models

class b camper with string lights
Photo by Manuel Meurisse via Unsplash
  • Accessibility. Small Class B RVs are extremely maneuverable, providing the most accessibility of any type of motorhome. Since they’re either made with a van or truck chassis, these RVs can go anywhere a truck or van could go, offering unlimited potential for people wanting to explore.
  • Versatility. Class B RV manufacturers know how to pack a lot into a small space. You’ll rarely find a fixed bed in a camper van because the benefits of lft beds or a murphy bed mean your space doubles as a living or storage area when you’re not sleeping.
  • Driveability. If driving a giant rig gives you major anxiety, a class B motorhome might be the perfect solution. Especially if you get a newer model, they drive extremely smoothly and easily, giving you a much more comfortable driving experience.
  • Storage/Parking. Since these don’t take up much more room than any other large vehicle, you can park or store your Class B RV almost anywhere. Being able to tuck your RV into a garage or parking spot can be a huge time and stress saver on the road or off.
  • Mileage. Class B RVs are the most fuel-efficient of the bunch, and a lower MPG can help you save money at the gas pump in the long run.
  • Toys. While the smaller space of a Class B RV might seem limiting when it comes to toys, it’s anything but. Whether you’re looking to throw some kayaks on the roof or tow another camper unit, Class B RVs can do it all.
  • Modern. Class B RVs are the fastest-growing RV class, which means manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with demand. That means these things are packed with all types of nifty features and modern tech elements, from solar panels to sound systems, Class B RVs are a techie’s dream.

Cons of the Best Class B RV Floor Plans

cons of a small class b camper
Photo by Balkan Campers via Unsplash
  • Space. You guessed it. Class B RVs are small, and their limited size can limit your experience, too. If you spend a lot of time inside or have a large group/family, you might end up feeling cramped inside a Class B.
  • Price. While a Class B motorhome might be more affordable than a massive Class A, or even some larger Class Cs, small Class B RVs are pretty pricey compared to any type of towed trailer or camper. You get what you pay for with these, and their builds are typically impeccable with great design and engineering.
  • On-site exploration. A Class B RV is going to take you a whole lot more places than a Class A or Class C, but unless you’re towing another vehicle, once you get to your destination you’re limited to where you’re van can drive in terms of exploring.
  • Small tanks. While minimal storage and interior space might not be a huge drawback for some travelers, a small tank almost always is. Without large water and waste tanks, Small Class B RVs might limit some travelers’ off-grid adventures. For that, you may want to consider a 4×4 off-grid van.
  • Dedicated beds. The best class B RVs are experts at multi-functioning space, often including dual, or even triple-purpose appliances and spaces. This is great for maximizing space, but if you’re the type of person that craves a dedicated bed or bedroom, you might struggle to find a floor plan that works for you.

FAQs about Class B RVs

class b motorhome boondocking
Photo by Mitchell Orr via Unsplash

The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to choose the best Class B RV for your needs. So let’s address some of the most common questions about camper vans.

What is a Class B+ motorhome?

A Class B+ RV is still in the B class but is built on a larger van chassis than a standard Class B. Some are even built onto a bus chassis, making it much longer and more spacious than a Class B.

Can a Class B motorhome tow a car?

This answer will vary from van to van, but usually, yes! Most Class B RVs can tow 5,000 lbs or more, so you might not be able to bring the largest vehicle, but towing a car is a definite possibility. Some of the models with a diesel engine will have a higher towing capacity than their gas-powered counterparts.

Do I need a special license to drive a Class B RV?

Nope. You don’t need a special license to drive a class B RV. But van life does take some getting used to if you’re new to it. Plan some trips to RV resorts with full hookups before you head straight out for an off road adventure.

Is a Class B RV challenging to drive?

Class B RVs are no more difficult to drive than a van, and they are the easiest RV class to drive, handling much more like a luxury van than a larger Class A or Class C RV — and they’re certainly easier than towing travel trailers.

Conclusion on the Best Class B RVs

Class B RVs are an amazing way to get out and explore, bringing along only what you need and leaving everything else in the dust.

While #VanLife isn’t for everyone, it’s exploding in popularity, and RV manufacturers are responding with a huge range of expertly crafted and designed vans suited for just about anyone’s needs.

If you’re still on the fence, or just have some more questions before making the leap, ask away! Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help get you the answers you need. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best fuel-efficient Class B Motorhomes!

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    if i don’t see you in this world, i ‘ll see you in the next one, but don’t be late.

  13. Looking for a new or pre owned Ford Transit Connector Campervan in Ca. can you help?

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