12 Gorgeous Mercedes Metris Camper Conversions for Van Life Inspiration

1007 shares A Mercedes Metris camper conversion is a great choice if you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time van lifer. What you’ll sacrifice in…

woman sitting inside a Metris camper conversion

A Mercedes Metris camper conversion is a great choice if you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time van lifer. What you’ll sacrifice in interior space you’ll gain in gas mileage and drivability.

If you’re worried about lack of standing room, there are several custom Metris conversion companies that add a pop top to your minivan.

A Mercedes Metris is relatively affordable, compact, and effortless to drive, all making it a popular option for van conversions.

These little vans are available in two lengths, standard or extended, and both options can easily be converted into a camper van.

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A few quick stats on the Mercedes Metris

The Mercedes Metris was introduced to North American in 2015, making it a fairly new van. With the cargo version of the Metris, you can pick from a standard or long wheelbase.

This small camper van for sale has a turbocharged 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine with a 7-speed transmission. The Mercedes Metris can carry more than the other vans with a maximum payload of 2,502 pounds.

Mercedes Metris camper traveling on a highway with mountains in the background.
Photo courtesy Keystone Coachworks.

Choose between a 270-degree swing-open rear door or a hatchback-style tailgate.

Mercedes Metris vans have a larger cargo area than the competition, which means more room for campervan builds. These are all reasons Metris camper conversions are growing in popularity.

Where to get a custom Mercedes Metris camper conversion

Due to the growing popularity of the Mercedes Metris, more and more companies are doing custom van conversions. Check out our favorites here.

The Mercedes Getaway Custom Van Conversion

Select Mercedes dealerships have partnered with Peace Vans to bring you the Getaway camper that you can order straight from the dealership.

Couple standing by a Mercedes Metris camper in the woods
Photo courtesy Mercedes

The Getaway adds a pop-top to the Mercedes Metris with room to sleep two above and two on the fold-down bench seat below.

We also love the front swivel seats, the secondary battery and towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds in case you want to bring an extra camper trailer.

Optional add-ons feature items like solar panels, roof racks, an 8′ campervan awning, mosquito screens and pull-out rear kitchen.

Ordering a Getaway Metris camper conversion from a dealership also makes financing much easier than dealing with a custom conversion company.

Learn more about the Mercedes Metris Getaway Camper

Contravans Metris Conversion

Contravans builds either custom or turnkey Mercedes Metris camper conversions. You can add, modify or delete any options you like, making the Metris camper conversion truly yours.

The interior of a Mercedes Metris campervan conversion with bed, table and storage
Photo: Contravans

Some items included in a typical Metris conversion van include:

  • Bed with Memory Foam Mattress
  • Wall panels & Ceiling Panels
  • 10-Speed Vent Fan w/ Remote and Rain Sensor
  • Auxiliary Electrical System with 100Ah AGM Battery, Inverter, & USB charging stations
  • LED Interior Lighting on Dimmer Switch
  • Loads of Storage

There are tons of options and add-ons as well, such as roof racks and awnings, insulation and sound deadening, window curtains and solar.

You’ll start out with three main camper conversion options: a bench seat, a full bed or a single bed. These camper conversions start at $11,000, so you can get a decent Mercedes conversion van without breaking the bank.

One of the most-loved design features is the slide-out bench seats and drawer system, which creates usable space seemingly out of thin air.

These Mercedes Metris camper builds are a bit simpler than some of the more extravagant options, but are still packed with useful amenities in a modern, minimalist design.

Learn more about Contravans Metris Campers.

Peace Vans Mercedes Metris Conversion

Peace Vans offers gorgeous Mercedes Metris camper conversions in three different styles, depending on how you’re planning on using Metris van.

Mercedes Metris camper with side door open and two children looking out.
Photo: Peace Vans

The Full Camper (starting at $52,000): This option is a custom conversion using the Metris passenger van. These are truly small complete campers, with custom made interior cabinetry, a complete kitchen, a pop-top, shore power and solar outlets and factory second battery.

You can choose a bunch of add-ons, like an awning, WeBasto diesel heater, porta potty, bug screens and roof rack.

The Weekender (starting at $28,000): The Weekender Mercedes Metris van offers more cargo space on the inside and a slightly wider rear bench seat. You’ll get the pop top and the back bench seat folds down to sleep two. This van does not come with the full kitchen like the Full Camper.

However, you can do add ons like the awning, a lift kit, upgraded auxiliary battery sytem and rear pull-out kitchen.

Just a pop top ($11,000): If you want to keep your Mercedes Metris as a daily drive but still sleep it it on occasion, you may want to consider just adding a pop top. You’ll get a pop top with a 2″ mattress and spring form bed, plus 4 USB outlets for charging and lights.

For this option, you can add color-matching to your pop top, plus a headliner trip and suspension lift.

We love all the options Peace Vans offers with their Metris camper conversions!

Learn more about Peace Vans campers.

GTRV Mercedes Metris Camper Conversions

GTRV, based north of San Francisco, converts both new and used vans into pop top campers.

Like Peace Vans, you can choose between several different levels of Mercedes Metris campers depending on how you’re using the van.

Interior of a Metris camper conversion with bench seat and table
Photo: GTRV

The Weekender package gets you a pop top, bench/bed system, and screened windows.

With the Westy package, you’ll get everything in the Weekender plus a kitchen area and cabinet storage. This option sleeps four people, so its great as a family campervan.

Or, you can order a complete custom van with all the bells and whistles you want

Getting your Mercedes Metris to GTRV for conversion is pretty easy. You can pick it up at the factory or have it shipped. Then, when the build is complete you can pick up your van or GTRV will ship it right to your doorstep.

Learn more about GTRV Metris camper conversions.

Keystone Coachworks Metris camper

Keystone Coachworks, based in Eugene, Oregon, offers three build options for the Mercedes Metris camper vans.

Blue Mercedes Metris campervan with pop top

The Basic starts at $10,000 and is just a pop-top – great for weekend warriors. You’ll get an upper bed platform and soft-touch springs and mattress.

The Active starts at $26,000 and offers the pop top, curtains for all windows, bench seat, table with swiveling mounts, shore power, LED lighting and 12-volt switches.

If you’re looking for even more Metris camper parks, you might want to go with the de Leon, which starts at $38,000. This Mercedes Metris campervan comes with everything that’s in The Active with the addition of cabinets and counters, fresh water tank, on-demand pump, sink and stovetop.

There’s all types of options you can include with your Metris conversion van, including swivel sweats, diesel heater, roof racks and side vented windows.

Learn more about Keystone Coachworks.

Oregon Motor Coach Center Metris camper conversions

Oregon Motor Coach is another van conversion company located in Eugene, Oregon. They do all sorts of van conversions, including the Mercedez Benz Metris.

Photo courtesy Oregon Motor Coach

These sleek custom builds are gorgeous, and include sound deadening, insulation, an interior kit, custom cabinetry and furniture and a variety of seating options.

You can choose exactly what you want in your Metris camper van conversion.

Learn more about Oregon Motor Coach Mercedes Metris campers.

VanPackers Metris Camper Kit

This compact cargo van conversion is made by VanPackers out of Canada. It’s designed to accommodate one or two people and to be removed easily for storage.

Photo courtesy of VanPackers

The platform bed lifts up via brackets to reveal the ample storage underneath. The rear storage features two big slide-out tables, which fit respectively a sink and stove. Their package includes a mattress, a 20L water tank, a retractable sink, a 2-burner gas stove, a 15″ table leg, and a table support to use outside.

The kit starts at $4,395 CAD.

Find out more on the VanPackers website.

DIY Mercedes Metris conversion

If you’re looking to go the DIY route on your Metris conversion, we have a couple cool Instagram accounts to show you for inspiration.

Clare and Rob’s Mercedes Metris Camper

Clare and Rob are based in New York City, but they’re passionate about rock climbing, hiking, and traveling. They decided to convert a Metris into a camper, so they can escape to nature anytime they like.

It took them a whole year to complete their DIY build, but now they can take a part of home with them on their adventures. The mini RV comes in very handy, as they now have a baby to cater for, too.

YouTube video

Clare and Rob installed windows to change the cave look of the cargo version of the Metris. They then lined the floor and walls for extra coziness. Inside, there’s a slide-out couch that turns into a double bed. 

There’s also a permanent kitchen with a sink, a refrigerator, and a worktop. At the rear of the van, the kitchen and bed’s huge storage compartments are easily accessible. The guys bring a camping table with them, so they can cook and eat outdoors. When it’s wet or cold, they can set up a dining area inside, thanks to the swivel passenger seat. 

They also installed a roof vent fan to keep moisture at bay. This build is simple, yet functional. It gives you the perfect coziness feel after a long day of rock climbing or hiking.

Dan’s DIY Metris Camper Conversion

After owning and traveling on a number of campervans over the years, Dan converted a 2016 Mercedes Metris cargo van into an RV. He did it for just $500. Outside, the Metris looks like any cargo van, making it ideal for stealth camping. 

YouTube video

Inside, Dan left the plastic cargo protection around the body, which means he didn’t have to line the walls. On the floor, Dan installed some dark carpet, while the roof is covered in adhesive insulation. This keeps the van warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There’s a 6ft-long bed made out of plywood, which folds into a couch. During the day, he just folds it up and sits on the couch with his wife to eat and relax. There’s lots of storage underneath the bed, which is accessible from the back of the van. 

Behind the front seats, there’s a sink with a cabinet, which stores the water jugs. There’s also a TV mounted on the passenger seat, so they can watch movies while on the couch or in bed. 

After this basic build, Dan decided to invest an extra $1,000 into solar panels and a leisure battery. They allow him to stay off-grid for longer. If you’re on a tight budget, you can put this off until you can afford it or you feel.

Marty And Colette’s Metris Self-Build Conversion

Marty and Colette turned their Metris into a camper DIY. Their build is basic but modern, with lots of plywood in sight inside. 

YouTube video

The passenger seat swivels, so they can have a guest on board. Behind the front seats, there’s a long couch that turns into a bed. It’s a pull-out slat bed with a DIY-upholstered foam mattress There’s also plenty of storage underneath it. 

At the rear of the vehicle, on the right, there’s a kitchenette with a sink, cupboards, and shelves. On the left, there’s a refrigerator. Marty fit some closets and pop-up tables on the rear doors, which allow him to cook outdoors and use the extra storage. He also mounted a shower, which they can use outdoors.

On the roof, there are a fan and three solar panels. These are low profile. Thanks to the lack of windows and a Mercedes sticker on the outside, this van is incredibly stealth. Marty says he slept in cities in 14 different states and nobody ever knocked on the van.

This build is super functional and offers plenty of comforts. Marty, Colette, and their dog lived in the Metris for a while. They have now converted a Promaster van into a camper and live on it full-time.

Tetris the Metris

Two years ago, these beach bums bought their Mercedes Metris camper with the dream of living beachside full-time. After almost a year of building out the inside from scratch, that dream became a reality.

Photo @TetristheMetris

We love the double bench seats and table that fold down into a bed at night. The Metris camper also has plenty of storage, a large cooler and double propane camp stove.

The couple extend their living space outside the Mercedes Metris with a large awning, camp chairs and a folding table.

They now spend their days meandering across the many beaches along the west coast with their adorable golden retriever in a decked-out van fit to take them just about anywhere they want to explore.

Metris Van Life

Photo @metrisvanlife

This duo wanted a van that could explore not just the public lands and parks they love so much, but also urban areas and city centers. That desire led them to purchase their Mercedes Metris, with a small, unencumbered profile and enough interior space to get their imaginations running.

After hiring TouRig to build out the interior and add a pop-top, they hit the road in this spacious and homey van.

Pros and Cons of a Mercedes Metris camper

Every van is going to have some downsides, even the Mercedes Metris camper.

But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so take all these points with a grain of salt.

What might be a negative aspect to some might be a positive to you, so before you really start to choose a van, consider your specific needs and wants.

White Metris camper with pop top raised and a solar panel
You can rent this Mercedes Metris on Outdoorsy

Where will you be traveling? Will you be spending more time off the grid or connected?

Perhaps a good solar system and large holding tanks are more important than extra sleeping capacity.

Or maybe a large interior space outweighs having a bathroom. When it comes to camper vans, there is no right answer, just your answer. So figure out what works for you and run with it.

The good parts about a Mercedes Metris Camper

Here are the main things we love about the Metris camper.

Cargo capacity. The Mercedes Metris has a slightly larger cargo space than many of its competitors, giving you valuable extra interior space to work with during your conversion.

Driveability. Mercedes knows how to build a van. The engine of a Metris camper conversion is extremely reliable and drives like a breeze. You might find it’s even easier to drive than some cars, as it truly operates like a luxury vehicle.

Parking & Storage. The Mercedes Metris camper comes in a standard length or with an extended wheelbase. While the extended may be a bit too long to fit in a standard garage, you’ll be surprised just how compact it still feels. That means your Metris camper van can fit in most parking spaces and even standard campsites, opening up a ton of possibilities for where you can take and store these camper vans. 

Power. The Mercedes Metris boasts an impressive 258 lb-ft of torque at 1,400 rpm and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Stealth mode. As with most camper van conversions, a Metris camper looks just like a work van from the outside. That opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of where you can keep it and stay in it, a huge plus for van dwellers stealth camping in cities.

Payload. Compared to other camper van chassis bodies, a Metris camper conversion can carry a pretty impressive payload, topping out at over 2,500 pounds.

Far Out Ride's Van Build Diagrams & Guides

If you need help planning out the interior of your DIY campervan, you'll want to take a look at Far Out Ride's van build guides. The Builder's Package includes wiring, water, propane and floor plan diagrams & tutorials. You can also buy just what you need, with the wiring diagram and tutorial, water diagram and tutorial, propane diagram and floor plan and layout.

What we don’t like about a Metris camper conversion

Mercedes Metris camper with side door opened and campfire and camp chairs.

Price. If you’re comparing the Metris price to a premade Class B RV, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but compared to the other popular van options, a Mercedes Metris camper conversion is a bit pricey.

Premium Fuel. Beyond the high sticker price, not being able to fill up with regular gas can add even more to the total cost of this vehicle than you might imagine.

Visibility. The Mercedes Metris lacks the large viewing windows of other van builds. This does add some extra privacy while traveling, but also means poor visibility when driving or just wanting to enjoy the scenic area you’re parked.

No bath. Most Metris camper vans won’t have room for a wet bath. This aspect is really dependent on you, some van dwellers insist that building a bathroom in your van is only wasting precious space, while others include it as an absolute top priority.

Think about where you’ll be taking your van and the amenities that will be available to you. If you have access to a public bathroom or shower, you might find that more favorable than squeezing into a wet bath anyways. But if you’re spending a lot of time off the grid, a wet bath can extend your trip length considerably.

Conclusion on Mercedes Metris camper conversions

It’s easy to see why the Mercedes Metris camper has quickly become one of the most popular options for a van conversion, due to its large interior space, drivability, and comfort.

When you choose to build a custom van conversion, the possibilities are truly endless, giving you the ability to create a vehicle crafted specifically for your wants, needs, tastes, and preferences.

If you still haven’t found the perfect option for you, check out some custom van conversions. You’ll find you’re able to make just about any #VanLife dream a reality.

Still feeling lost? Ask us your questions in the comments, we can’t wait to help you find the perfect camper van.

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