Custom Sprinter Van: 18 Sprinter Van Conversion Companies to Check Out

2233 shares Sprinter vans have become increasingly popular as a platform for converting into campervans, and for a good reason. These large, versatile, and durable…

Sportsmobile Sprinter van custom conversion parked in the desert

Sprinter vans have become increasingly popular as a platform for converting into campervans, and for a good reason. These large, versatile, and durable vans make them an excellent choice for those looking to create a mobile home on wheels.

The high roof and wide body of these vans provide ample room for customization, allowing for the installation of everything from a bed to a kitchen and bathroom.

Built to withstand heavy use and known for their reliability, these vans are an excellent choice for those who plan to travel long distances or use their campervan frequently.

With their versatility and reliability, it’s no wonder that these vans have become a popular choice for those seeking the ultimate mobile office or home on wheels.

Pros and Cons of a Custom Sprinter Van

Custom Sprinter van campervan conversions offer many benefits, but they also have some drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of a custom Mercedes Sprinter van campervan conversion:


  1. Personalization: A custom campervan conversion allows you to design the interior layout and features to fit your specific needs, style, and preferences. Options are limitless, from a cabin-esque wood interior to a custom paint job.
  2. Quality: By working with a professional conversion company, you can ensure the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used in the conversion.
  3. Comfort: With a custom conversion, you can create a comfortable space tailored to your needs, from a comfortable bed to a kitchen, bathroom, or custom workspace.
  4. Resale value: A well-done custom conversion adds value to your Sprinter van and makes it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell it.


  1. Cost: It’s no secret that custom Sprinter van conversions are expensive. The Sprinter van itself is a huge expense, and a custom Sprinter van conversion company will ensure the quality of the interior build matches the vehicles.
  2. Time-consuming: A custom conversion can take significant time to complete, from planning and design to the actual build-out.
  3. Maintenance: A custom conversion requires maintenance and upkeep, which can be time-consuming and expensive. You also often have to find a mechanic specializing in Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans, as they have specific computer systems requiring special readers and expertise to work on.
  4. Weight and fuel efficiency: A custom conversion can add significant weight to your Sprinter van, decreasing fuel efficiency and performance.

Overall, a custom Sprinter van campervan conversion can be an excellent choice if you invest the time and money into creating a personalized and comfortable living space on wheels. However, weighing the pros and cons and considering your budget and lifestyle is important before deciding if a custom Sprinter van conversion is right for you.

If you’ve decided that a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is right for you, check out some of these great custom Sprinter van conversion companies!

Sportsmobile – one of the oldest Sprinter van conversion companies

A Sportsmobile custom Sprinter van conversion parked in the desert
Sportsmobile is one of the oldest Sprinter van conversion companies out there.

Conversion Price: Starts at $76,000

Sportsmobile’s been converting vans since 1961, so has many decades of experience in creating custom builds.

If you do go with Sportsmobile, you can choose from a variety of standard plans for regular long and extended Sprinter vans, or you can design your own.

Each Sportsmobile conversion comes with a pack of standard options, including a full kitchen, a 12-volt and 110-volt electrical system, insulation, curtains, shades, and a table.

Then, you decide whether you want a toilet, furnishings, and solar for an off-grid adventure van.

One cool thing about this Sprinter van conversion company is they work right with dealers and can add awesome options to your van. They get prices below MSRP, which is extra money you can add to your conversion.

Sportsmobile can make your conversion RV-certified if you’d like, making it easier to title and insure.

Outside Van Sprinter Van Conversions

A gray Sprinter Van conversion by Outside Van Sprinter Van Conversion company
Photo: Outside Van

Conversion Price: Up to $275,000, depending on what you want

Outside Van, based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in truly custom 4×4 Sprinter van conversions. Whatever campervan layout you’re dreaming of, this company makes it happen.

You can sort through tons of customization options on Outside Van’s website, like flooring, insulation, water, power, lighting, bed designs and kitchens. Start by filling out your “wish list” and someone from Outside Van will work with you to figure out the exact components and style of van you want.

The price of this Sprinter van camper totally depends on which options you choose.

Once your design plans are in the works, expect to spend 3-4 months waiting for your finished Sprinter van.

Overwhelmed by customization? Outside Van also offers vans you can buy right now, which are one-off custom-built vans. However, you’ll have to get on the mailing list or keep your eye on the website to grab one of these vans.

Looking for financing? This Sprinter van conversion company doesn’t finance, but can recommend third-party financing options.

See even more Sprinter van conversion options with these 9 best Sprinter van conversion kits.

Van Life Customs

Conversion Price: $90k – $180k, depending on build

This Denver-based Sprinter van conversion company will not only build out a van for you, but will help you on your own DIY build. They offer consulting and planning services to get you started, and have a shop where you can buy parts and pieces for your van build.

If you don’t want to do any work, Van Life Customs will take on your Sprinter, Promaster or Ford Transit and turn it into a dreamy tiny home.

A typical full build takes 6 months, while partial and component installs take just 2-4 weeks.

The employees at Van Life Customs want to help you build the van that fits your lifestyle, whether you’re into mountain biking, climbing or hiking. They can also design vans that work perfectly for the digital nomad.

The cost of your build will depend on which materials and components you choose, which is typical of most Sprinter van conversion companies.

Freedom Vans

The back doors opening into the rear of a Sprinter van camper
Freedom vans features beautiful interior designs. Photo courtesy Freedom Vans

Conversion Price: starting at $80,000.

Freedom Vans, based in Bellingham, Washington, creates stunning Mercedes Sprinter campers that are a collaboration between owners and builders. The entire experience is tailored and customized.

A van build with Freedom Vans starts out with a meet and greet, where you’ll chat on the phone or tour the facility to see if this van conversion company is for you. Then, you’ll pay a deposit and reserve a spot.

Then, it’s the design phase, where you’ll work with outfitters to create a layout and decide on which specific components you want in your campervan.

It takes 3-5 months for you to have your brand new Mercedes Sprinter van conversion ready for adventures.

Freedom Vans doesn’t supply the van, but has a lot of ordering recommendations for Sprinter vans.

Titan Vans

Sprinter van conversion parked with its side door open showing the interior, done by a Colorado-based sprinter van conversion company
Titan Vans

Conversion Price: starting at $44,995

These Colorado-based custom Sprinter van camper builders stand by their van conversions, offering an impressive 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty on all builds. 

With Titan vans, you can choose between a Classic Build, with a pre-engineered design, or a complete Custom Build, where you choose the layout and components. The Classic Build is about $25,000 more affordable.

During the design process, their team of engineers provides full 3D renderings of each build, eliminating miscommunication and ensuring every client is getting exactly the van they want.

If you’re not ready for a full-on build from one of these Sprinter van conversion companies, Titan Vans also offers individual van components in their online store.

Beartooth VanWorks

Interior of a custom Sprinter van camper with view from the front, including wood paneled ceiling and platform bed
Photo courtesy Beartooth VanWorks

Conversion price: Complete contact form for quote.

You can build your dream off-grid adventure van with Beartooth VanWorks, based up in rugged Bozeman, Montana.

This dedicated team of van build enthusiasts creates complete custom builds, so each and every van is bespoke and speaks to the owner’s lifestyle.

You can start with your build by taking a detailed online survey, then you’ll work with Beartooth VanWorks on a design. You can choose between simple and complex electrical systems to keep you out boondocking for days.

These custom van builds also include hot water and forced air systems, plus sleeping configurations that can fit an entire family.


Esplori custom campervan parked outdoors
Esplori is one of many Oregon-based Sprinter van conversion companies

Conversion Price: Complete their Q&A to get a quote based on your van size and amenities.

Getting out and exploring the great outdoors is Esplori’s motto, a company founded by two friends in Bend, Oregon back in 2016. This is one Sprinter van conversion company that is especially concerned about the environment and does its best to reduce your van’s environmental impact.

Esplori’s team works directly with you to create your dream Sprinter van camper. You’ll be able to choose from custom aluminum wall and ceiling panels, LEED-certified flooring options, cabinetry, energy-efficient appliances and Smart Beds. Insulation comes from recycled plastic.

Esplori’s Sprinter van conversion process starts with a conversation about your wants and needs, after which they’ll offer suggestions and solutions.

This is great if you don’t have a great visual imagination or just aren’t particularly familiar with the various features and space-saving campervan interiors available.

Esplori also just came out with an amazing, lightweight DIY interior kit made out of aluminum.

Rossmonster Vans

black mercedes sprinter custom conversion with kitchen inside
The sleek Rossmonster Sprinter van camper with everyone you need to go off-grid. Photo courtesy Rossmonster vans.

Conversion Price: Unknown

The team at Rossmonster vans started out as carpenters, engineers and custom woodworkers with a passion for the outdoors. Owner Ross Williamson started the custom Sprinter van company in 2010 and comes from a background of custom woodworking.

This experience is reflected in the design of their custom Sprinter vans, which feature beautiful, well-thought-out interiors built with quality materials.

We couldn’t get a sense of prices from their website, but we loved browsing the gallery of custom Sprinter van builds.

If you’re interested, you’ll schedule a call or a meeting with one of Rossmonster’s designers. The team will take that info and then build a detailed design and estimate.

Then, your van is ready in just TWO WEEKS, according to the website. Pretty amazing if it really is done that fast.

Sync Vans

Interior of a Sprinter camper van custom conversion
Interior of a custom Sync Sprinter van. Photo courtesy Sync vans.

Conversion Cost: Reach out to their sales team for a quote.

Sync Vans, based in Idaho, was founded in 2015 by two long-time business partners. Josh Shetler and Jay Sfingi wanted to create functional, user-friendly and well-crafted custom Sprinter van campers.

You can personalize a Sprinter van conversion with one of their suggested layouts, or create a design that’s entirely your own.

The team works with every client 1-1 to make sure the design is exactly what you need for your lifestyle.

One design, called The Atlas, features a 2 or 3-panel removable bed located in the back part of the Sprinter van. It also comes with all of the essential items such as, sound dampening, insulation, flooring, storage, fold-down sink and faucet, heat and hot water systems and a lighting package, to name a few.

You can visit the warehouse in Bellevue, Idaho if you call and make an appointment first.

Brooklyn Campervans

custom sprinter van by Brooklyn Campervans showing the interior
Tough on the outside, chic on the inside. This is their “It’s-Got-Everything” 4×4 Sprinter. Photo Courtesy: @brooklyncampervans

Conversion cost: starting at $92,000

Brooklyn Campervans pushes the boundary of innovation by implementing and creating the latest technology for those who want to adventure in modern luxury.

These beautifully designed smart homes can comfortably maneuver both the city and the mountains, while offering all the creature comforts: AC, satellite internet, hot showers, kitchen and a home theater.

No need to be plugged in – the world is now your backyard!

Their signature BKC Swing Out Panels and innovative sky light makes you feel like you’re truly connected with nature.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, this team has converted over 30 vans. You can design a custom van or check out their vans for sale.

Converted Van Co 

Four sleek Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans ready to be converted!
Photo Courtesy: Converted Van Co.

Four sleek Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans ready to be converted!

Conversion cost: Starting at $22,995

Converted Van Co. is in Orem, UT, and was founded by a long-term van lifer who knows what makes sense in a converted van.

Their website features an online tool that allows users to customize their ideal van by selecting upgrade packages from a carefully curated à-la-carte menu. Additionally, the tool provides a real-time cost calculation for users to keep track of their budget.

They also support the DIYer by offering basic installation services for things like heaters and fans.

Converted Van Co. has experience converting all makes and models of vans. Still, their main focus and bread and butter is converting the Mercedes Sprinter into an off-grid, off-road capable bespoke adventure vehicle.

Coastal Conversions  

coastal conversions custom sprinter van showing its interior
A recent van conversion for the modern adventure. Photo Courtesy: @coastal_conversions

Conversion cost: Starting at $70k

Coastal Conversions is based in Hampstead, Maryland, and was founded by friends who had a passion for adventure and 20 years of combined skills to convert campervans for every need.

They can make your perfect weekend adventure rig or a permanent home on wheels to whatever specifications work best for your needs.

Warranties are included with their van builds because they pride themselves in their work and want you to enjoy your rig for many years.

They start off with one of two basic floorplans and then work with you individually to customize one of those plans to meet your needs.

Look at Coastal Conversions’ website and portfolio to see what amazing campervans they have already converted!

Exploration Vans 

custom wood interior of a Sprinter 4x4 camper conversion
Custom wood interior of a Sprinter 4×4 camper conversion. Photo Courtesy: @exploration.vans

Conversion cost: Unknown

Exploration Vans build 4×4 custom Sprinter van conversions in New Hampshire.

Their process starts with a 30-45 minute consultation to discuss your layout ideas and create a rough pricing and timeline estimate for your van conversion.

Once you’ve paid a security deposit, a designer works with you to finalize your design. Then production starts, and you’ll be kept up to date on the status of your campervan conversion.

All vans are built to meet or exceed strict Marine Standards, and the owner is Marine Electrical Certified.

Exploration Vans has been in business since 2018 and offers a 3-year warranty on all installed parts against manufacturing defects.


Interior of a custom Sprinter van conversion with added components from companies like Adventure Van and Owl Engineering
Interior of a custom Sprinter van conversion with added components from companies like Adventure Van and Owl Engineering. Photo Courtesy: @freedomvango

Conversion cost: Starting at $42,588

FreedomVanGo is your one-stop shop for all things van life. They convert Sprinter vans into custom campervans, support DIY builders, and have an extensive van parts warehouse.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, FreedomVanGo was founded in 2019 when two long-term friends decided to merge their businesses into one.

With 19 employees and a shop that fits five vans inside at once, you can guarantee that your custom van build will be everything you dreamed of and built to last.

FreedomVanGo field tests every item they use in their builds and sell in their shop personally. If they don’t like it, they don’t use it. You can visit their brick-and-mortar shop in Florida to see their products and maybe even a custom conversion they are working on!

Master Overland offers Luxury Van Conversions 

Luxury and adventure in one with this custom Sprinter van conversion.
Luxury and adventure in one with this custom Sprinter van conversion. Photo Courtesy: @masteroverland

Conversion cost: starting at $70,000

Master Overland specializes in converting Sprinter Vans into luxurious “apartments on wheels” for those who want adventure and luxury.

All custom builds come with a full wet bath, functional kitchen, lots of storage space, and a robust electrical system to keep you powered up through your travels.

Built with top-of-the-line materials, the interior is comprised of baltic birch plywood, and the countertops are made with Corian. All drawers have Blum fully adjustable slides with a soft-close mechanism.

Based in Tampa, Florida, this team has converted vans since 2014.

Off The Grid Van Works

Custom cabinets and galley designed for a Sprinter Van conversion
Custom cabinets and galley designed for a Sprinter Van conversion. Photo Courtesy: @offthegridvanworks

Conversion cost: Submit contact form for a quote.

True to their name, Off The Grid Van Works designs vans to get you out on your off-grid adventures.

They understand there is no “one size fits all” van conversion and offer semi-custom and fully custom van conversion options.

Based in Murrieta, CA, they have an extensive portfolio of previous builds you can look at for inspiration.

If you like to explore off-the-beaten-path in places without cell service,

ADF Sprinters

ADF Sprinters showing interior of the custom van conversion
The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is built to last! Photo Courtesy: @adfsprinters

Conversion cost: Submit contact form for a quote.

Based in Simi Valley, CA, ADF Sprinters has been perfecting the art of Sprinter van conversions since 2005.

With over ten years of experience building vans, ADF Sprinters can curate your dream custom van conversion, a mobile office space, or even a luxury business executive travel van.

With ADF Sprinters, you can customize every aspect of your build without any limitations. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including woodwork, aluminum fabrication, upholstery, electrical installations, and seat fabrication – all done in-house!

Carefree Camper

Converted camper interior with an outdoor shower
Converted camper interior with an outdoor shower. Photo Courtesy:

Conversion cost: Submit a contact form for a quote.

Carefree Campers was founded in Wickenburg, AZ, in 2020. They don’t offer any preset models and solely build custom & affordable campers straight from your dreams to make your camping experience carefree!

Carefree Campers offers various services beyond custom Sprinter van conversions, like overland vehicle up fitting and RV restoration.

With over 100 vans converted since 2020, the Carefree Campers team knows what it takes to get your custom van built and adventure-ready.

They even started their own coffee business to help fuel your adventures! A percent of all coffee sales goes towards supporting our National Parks.

Check out this Huge Campervan Conversion Company Directory!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our list, have no fear! You can check out this huge campervan builder directory on Explore VanX’s website.

Explore VanX is the largest and most comprehensive van life directory. Instead of wasting countless hours searching the internet, you can come to Explore VanX to customize your search and get only the results you’re looking for.

Their extensive build and rental directory lets you search by region, state, and van make and model, making searching for your perfect campervan easy as pie.

10 Things to Look for in a Sprinter Van Conversion Company

sprinter van

When looking into a custom Sprinter van conversion company, here are some important things to consider:

  1. Experience: Look for a conversion company with extensive experience in converting Sprinter vans, as this can ensure quality workmanship and attention to detail.
  2. Reviews: Read reviews from previous customers to get an idea of the company’s reputation and customer service.
  3. Portfolio: Look at the company’s portfolio to see examples of their previous work and get an idea of their design style.
  4. Services offered: Consider what services the company offers, from design and planning to the actual build-out of the van.
  5. Materials used: Ask about the materials the company uses in conversions, as high-quality materials can ensure durability and longevity.
  6. Cost: Understand the costs involved in the conversion, including any additional fees or charges.
  7. Timeline: Ask about the timeline for the conversion, as this can vary depending on the company’s workload and the project’s complexity.
  8. Warranty: Inquire about the company’s warranty policy and what it covers.
  9. Communication: Look for a responsive and communicative company throughout the conversion process, as this can ensure that your needs and preferences are being met.
  10. Customer support: Consider what kind of ongoing support the company offers after the conversion, such as maintenance and repair services.

What Does a Custom Sprinter Van Cost?

sprinter van interior showing cabinets

The number one question people ask is, “How much do custom Sprinters cost?” The answer will vary greatly depending on the type of conversion you are looking for and what amenities you include.

Most conversion companies don’t supply the Sprinter Van themselves, so keep that in mind when looking at quotes.

Simple, modular builds can be as low as $20,000, while a more robust, off-grid capable conversion can cost over $100k, not including the van itself.

When dealing with custom Sprinters, the time involved in the build is another variable when quoting prices for your custom build. Electrical and plumbing components can also add to your overall cost quickly.

9 Tips on How to Determine the Layout of Your Custom Sprinter Van

sprinter van showing its interior

Designing the layout of your custom Sprinter van conversion can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Here are some tips to consider when determining the layout of your conversion:

  1. Identify your needs: Consider how you plan to use your campervan and what features are essential for your lifestyle, such as kitchen components, bathroom type, or sleeping area.
  2. Create a list of priorities: Make a list of must-have features and prioritize them based on their importance.
  3. Think about the flow: Consider how you move through your daily routine and how you want the space to feel. Design the layout with a flow that works for you.
  4. Consider storage: Think about the items you need to store, where you want to keep them, and how accessible you need them to be. Maximizing storage space can make your van feel more spacious and organized.
  5. Use space efficiently: Sprinter vans have limited space, so it’s important to use it efficiently. Think creatively about how to make the most of every inch of space.
  6. Keep it simple: While adding all the bells and whistles can be tempting, a more minimalist design can be easier to maintain and provide more open space.
  7. Seek inspiration: Look for inspiration from other van conversions, design blogs, and Instagram accounts to get ideas for layouts, colors, and finishes.
  8. Test it out: Before committing to a layout, consider creating a cardboard or foam board mock-up to better understand how the space will feel.
  9. Consult with a professional: Most van conversion companies will gladly consult with you before finalizing a van build layout. Ask them if your expectations are realistic and what they suggest based on their prior builds and client feedback.

Remember, your custom Sprinter van conversion layout is a personal choice, and what works for someone else may not work for you. You can create a space tailored to your lifestyle and preferences by considering your needs and priorities.

Which Custom Sprinter Van Conversion Company will you Choose?

Will you go with a bespoke off-road, off-grid capable camper van, or are you looking for a luxury build for weekend excursions? Maybe you’re looking for a mobile office customized for a full-time traveler.

Whatever you desire, we can’t wait to hear about the custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter you choose for your travel needs! Do you have any tips for choosing customization options or a specific style of campervan conversion? Let us know in the comments!

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