9 Rad Sprinter Van Conversion Companies with Gorgeous Builds

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So, you’ve decided to hop on the #VanLife bandwagon. Congrats! You’ll soon be joining thousands of others who have found freedom and adventure living in campervans.

If you don’t feel handy, or don’t have the time to build a DIY Sprinter van camper, you may want to consider a custom build.

Sprinter van conversion companies are a great place to start piecing together your perfect van. You’ll be able to discuss and choose your layout with the help of true professionals.

Besides, many Mercedes Sprinter van conversion companies help you secure the van and get financing.

The main downside of a custom Sprinter van is the cost. You’ll definitely save money doing a DIY project with the help of a book like the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook.

If you are truly interested in a custom build, here are some amazing Sprinter van conversion companies to check out.

Remember: you can order these custom Sprinter vans from anywhere in the country, so don’t be disheartened if you live many states away.

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Sportsmobile – one of the oldest Sprinter van conversion companies

A Sportsmobile custom Sprinter van conversion parked in the desert
Sportsmobile is one of the oldest Sprinter van conversion companies out there.

Conversion Price: Starts at $50,000

Sportsmobile’s been converting vans since 1961, so has many decades of experience in creating custom builds.

If you do go with Sportsmobile, you can choose from a variety of standard plans for regular long and extended Sprinter vans, or you can design your own.

Each Sportsmobile conversion comes with a pack of standard options, including a full kitchen, a 12-volt and 110-volt electrical system, insulation, curtains, shades and a table.

Then, you decide whether you want a toilet, furnishings and solar for an off-grid adventure van.

One cool thing about this Sprinter van conversion company is they work right with dealers, and can add awesome options onto your van. They get prices below MSRP, which is extra money you can add to your conversion.

If you’d like, Sportsmobile can make your conversion RV-certified, which makes it easier to title and insure.

Outside Van Sprinter Van Conversions

A gray Sprinter Van conversion by Outside Van Sprinter Van Conversion company
Photo: Outside Van

Conversion Price: $50,000-$130,000, depending on what you want

Outside Van, based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in truly custom 4×4 Sprinter van conversions. Whatever campervan layout you’re dreaming of, this company makes it happen.

You can sort through tons of customization options on Outside Van’s website, like flooring, insulation, water, power, lighting, bed designs and kitchens. Start by filling out your “wish list” and someone from Outside Van will work with you to figure out the exact components and style of van you want.

The price of this Sprinter van camper totally depends on which options you choose.

Once your design plans are in the works, expect to spend 3-4 months waiting for your finished Sprinter van.

Overwhelmed by customization? Outside Van also offers vans you can buy right now, which are one-off custom-built vans. However, you’ll have to get on the mailing list or keep your eye on the website to grab one of these vans.

Looking for financing? This Sprinter van conversion company doesn’t finance, but can recommend third-party options.

See even more Sprinter van conversion options with these 9 best Sprinter van conversion kits.

Want to build your own DIY Sprinter?

Check out the Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook, the only book you’ll ever need to build a DIY campervan from scratch.

Here’s some of what’s included in the Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook, which will save you thousands on a campervan conversion:

  • An RV plumbing chapter on pipes, fittings, tanks, pumps, water heaters, toilets, you name it
  • The five criteria to think about when insulating your camper van
  • Advice on choosing solar panels
  • How to install blackwater, greywater and freshwater tanks 
  • Fifty pages of information on designing an electrical system and wiring your campervan conversion
  • An 18-step checklist to building cabinets in your van
  • Specifics on the 34 models or RV inverters
  • Six things you may not have realized about 3-way refrigerators and why you might want a 12-volt refrigerator
  • And soooo much more!

Here’s a quick peak inside:

Van Life Customs

Conversion Price: $50,000-$60,000

This Denver-based Sprinter van conversion company will not only build out a van for you, but will help you on your own DIY build. They offer consulting and planning services to get you started, and have a shop where you can buy parts and pieces for your van build.

If you don’t want to do any work, Van Life Customs will take on your Sprinter, Promaster or Ford Transit and turn it into a dreamy tiny home.

A typical full build takes 6 months, while partial and component installs take just 2-4 weeks.

The employees at Van Life Customs want to help you build the van that fits your lifestyle, whether you’re into mountain biking, climbing or hiking. They can also design vans that work perfectly for the digital nomad.

The cost of your build will depend on which materials and components you choose, which is typical of most Sprinter van conversion companies.

Freedom Vans

Freedom custom Sprinter van camper with back doors open to show table and counter
Freedom vans features beautiful interior designs. Photo courtesy Freedom Vans

Conversion Price: $45,000-$125,000

Freedom Vans, based in Bellingham, Washington, creates stunning Mercedes Sprinter campers that are a collaboration between owners and builders. The entire experience is tailored and customized.

A van build with Freedom Vans starts out with a meet and greet, where you’ll chat on the phone or tour the facility to see if this van conversion company is for you. Then, you’ll pay a deposit and reserve a spot.

Then, it’s the design phase, where you’ll work with outfitters to create a layout and decide on which specific components you want in your campervan.

It takes 3-5 months for you to have your brand new Mercedes Sprinter van conversion ready for adventures.

Freedom Vans doesn’t supply the van, but has a lot of ordering recommendations for Sprinter vans.

Titan Vans

Sprinter van conversion parked with its side door open showing the interior, done by a Colorado-based sprinter van conversion company

Conversion Price: $50,000-$75,000

These Colorado-based custom Sprinter van camper builders stand by their van conversions, offering an impressive 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty on all builds. 

With Titan vans, you can choose between a Classic Build, with a pre-engineered design, or a complete Custom Build, where you choose the layout and components. The Classic Build is about $25,000 more affordable.

During the design process, their team of engineers provides full 3D renderings of each build, eliminating miscommunication and ensuring every client is getting exactly the van they want.

If you’re not ready for a full-on build from one of these Sprinter van conversion companies, Titan Vans also offers individual van components in their online store.

Beartooth VanWorks

Interior of a custom Sprinter van camper with view from the front, including wood paneled ceiling and platform bed
Photo courtesy Beartooth VanWorks

Conversion price: $40,000 to $150,000

You can build your dream off-grid adventure van with Beartooth VanWorks, based up in rugged Bozeman, Montana.

This dedicated team of van build enthusiasts creates complete custom builds, so each and every van is bespoke and speaks to the owner’s lifestyle.

You can start with your build by taking a detailed online survey, then you’ll work with Beartooth VanWorks on a design. You can choose between simple and complex electrical systems to keep you out boondocking for days.

These custom van builds also include hot water and forced air systems, plus sleeping configurations that can fit an entire family.

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Exterior of Esplori custom campervan
Esplori is one of many Oregon-based Sprinter van conversion companies

Conversion Price: Starting at $35,000-$40,000, going up depending on add-ons

Getting out and exploring the great outdoors is Esplori’s motto, a company founded by two friends in Bend, Oregon back in 2016. This is one Sprinter van conversion company that is especially concerned about the environment and does its best to reduce your van’s environmental impact.

Esplori’s team works directly with you to create your dream Sprinter van camper. You’ll be able to choose from custom aluminum wall and ceiling panels, LEED-certified flooring options, cabinetry, energy-efficient appliances and Smart Beds. Insulation comes from recycled plastic.

Esplori’s Sprinter van conversion process starts with a conversation about your wants and needs, after which they’ll offer suggestions and solutions.

This is great if you don’t have a great visual imagination or just aren’t particularly familiar with the various features and space-saving campervan interiors available.

Rossmonster Vans

black mercedes sprinter custom conversion with kitchen inside
The sleek Rossmonster Sprinter van camper with everyone you need to go off-grid. Photo courtesy Rossmonster vans.

Conversion Price: Unknown

The team at Rossmonster vans started out as carpenters, engineers and custom woodworkers with a passion for the outdoors. Owner Ross Williamson started the custom Sprinter van company in 2010 and comes from a background of custom woodworking.

This experience is reflected in the design of their custom Sprinter vans, which feature beautiful, well-thought-out interiors built with quality materials.

We couldn’t get a sense of prices from their website, but we loved browsing the gallery of custom Sprinter van builds.

If you’re interested, you’ll schedule a call or a meeting with one of Rossmonster’s designers. The team will take that info and then build a detailed design and estimate.

Then, your van is ready in just TWO WEEKS, according to the website. Pretty amazing if it really is done that fast.

Sync Vans

Interior of a Sprinter camper van custom conversion
Interior of a custom Sync Sprinter van. Photo courtesy Sync vans.

Conversion Cost: Unknown

Sync Vans, based in Idaho, was founded in 2015 by two long-time business partners. Josh Shetler and Jay Sfingi wanted to create functional, user-friendly and well-crafted custom Sprinter van campers.

You can personalize a Sprinter van conversion with one of their suggested layouts, or create a design that’s entirely your own.

The team works with every client 1-1 to make sure the design is exactly what you need for your lifestyle.

One design, called The Atlas, features a 2 or 3-panel removable bed located in the back part of the Sprinter van. It also comes with all of the essential items such as, sound dampening, insulation, flooring, storage, fold-down sink and faucet, heat and hot water systems and a lighting package, to name a few.

You can visit the warehouse in Bellevue, Idaho if you call and make an appointment first.

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