4 Cool Sprinter Van Bunk Beds And Where To Buy Them

Bunk beds are one of the most efficient sleeping solution for Sprinter vans. If you’re taking your kids on the road with you, opting for…

Interior van view showing sprinter van bunk beds, counter with sink and dinette in the background

Bunk beds are one of the most efficient sleeping solution for Sprinter vans. If you’re taking your kids on the road with you, opting for Sprinter van bunk beds allows you to save precious space for other essential gear, such as a kitchenette or dinette.

Plus, there’s always room for some storage underneath campervan bunk beds.

There are various types of campervan bunk beds – from minimalistic fold-down platforms to the classic single sleepers.

Depending on their budget, some van lifers build their own campervan bunk beds, while others buy a kit. A few opt for a full conversion featuring bunk beds in the floor plan.

In this article, we look at four Sprinter van bunk beds that will give you the inspiration you need to design your own Van interior.

Then, we’ll show you where you can buy Sprinter van bunk beds on any budget!

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Sara & Alex James’ ‘Hidden’ Double Sprinter Van Bunk Beds

Sara and Alex James have lived the van life for two years, touring much of the US.

Now, with a baby on the way, they have settled down and convert vans for a living. Check out their impressive Sprinter van conversion, which they built for a family of four.

To create Sprinter van bunk beds to sleep four, Sara and Alex created a platform double bed and a floating double bunk bed.

They are super versatile.

During the day, they are out of the way, leaving room for a decent size dinette. At night, the table drops down and, together with the couches, creates a double bed.

The second campervan bunk bed lowers from the roof, down to the middle of the van. So during the day, the top bunk only steals a few inches of headroom at the dinette. It’s ingenious.

The space saved by the Sprinter van bunk beds leaves room for a dinette, a wet bath, a decent kitchen, and a generous wardrobe.

It’s hard to believe Sara and Alex managed to fit all of this into a Sprinter.

Everest’s Triple Campervan Bunk Beds

Everest is a Ford Transit campervan converted by its owners for a family of five.

So, yes: this van sleeps up to five adults. It’s the perfect RV to take on a big adventure with friends.

At the front of the vehicle, near the driver and passenger seats, there are two double seats with integrated seatbelts, facing each other.

During the day, these are used, together with a dining table, as a dinette. At night, they all fold down to create a double bed.

Towards the rear of the vehicle, there are three, 6ft-long camper van bunk beds. While they don’t offer much headroom, they can all sleep an adult. There are reading lights and a storage pouch inside each campervan bunk bed. And to get some privacy, there’s some curtains on the outer side.

The interior looks modern and practical, perfect for a big family.

The use of space on this build is truly impressive. On top of featuring beds for five people, there’s a toilet and kitchen.

Ramble And Revive’s Classic Campervan Bunk Beds

Kyla and Mike bought a converted Sprinter van to hit the road with their two boys. The interior looks super bright, thanks to the white surfaces. But it also has a rustic feel, with the gorgeous wooden surfaces.

Interior van view showing sprinter van bunk beds, counter with sink and dinette in the background

The van features a dinette that turns into a double bed, where the parents sleep, and two Sprinter van bunk beds.

The campervan bunk beds are located on the left hand side, in the middle of the vehicle, right in front of the kitchen.

These Sprinter van bunk beds are fixed in place and look super comfy, with a single high foam mattress on each. They are 5ft long and have storage underneath.

There is a wooden ladder leading up to the top bunk. Simple and lovely.

Here’s the full tour of the van:

Our Van Quest’s Solo Top Bunk Bed

Jake, Gianna and Luna have lived on a converted Sprinter van for years.

They decided to pair a platform bed for the adults with a single elevated Sprinter van bunk bed. Next to the campervan bunk bed, there’s a shelf that serves as a nightstand to Luna.

Thanks to this clever “floating” solution for Luna’s Sprinter van bunk bed, the floor plan resembles that of most vans with a platform bed only. There’s space for a wet bath, a decent size kitchen, and a passenger seat for Luna.

The family has now moved on to a skoolie, due to the arrival of little Capri – their second child.

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Where Can You Buy Sprinter Van Bunk Beds?

Outside van conversion showing two sets of campervan bunk beds
Photo credit: Outside Van

You may not have the skills or confidence to build you own Sprinter van bunk beds. After all, they need to be solid and safe, or you’ll fall on the floor in the middle of the night.

The good news is that you can buy pre-made Sprinter van bunk beds, so you can focus on building the rest of the gear for your DIY van conversion.

Alternatively, you can hire a company to carry out the full conversion for you.

Check out the post DIY Van Build: Tips from van life experts if you are planning to DIY your van build!

RB Components’ Individual Panels For Bunk Beds

Flat single bed panels can be turned into sprinter van bunk beds
Photo: RB Components

RB Components make single bed frames that you can install in your Sprinter above each other, to create bunk beds.

They slide, so you can extend them, based on the height of the person sleeping in them. This is a great solution if you occasionally take kids and adult friends with you.

These Sprinter van bunk beds are made of aluminium and stainless steel, topped by a board in either bamboo or hex. The frame features holes throughout the panel, in order to allow the mattress to give a little. This means your mattress will feel softer and you’ll get a better night sleep.

Find out more on the RB Components’ website.

Adventure Wagon’s MONK Bunk

Adventure Wagon Monk bed can be used to create Sprinter van bunk beds
Photo: Adventure Wagon

The MONK Bunk, by Adventure Wagon, is a lightweight and thin, but solid, solo Sprinter van bunk bed.

It’s designed to take up as little space as possible during the day, so you can have a full on bike-hauling van for your adventures.

At night, it flips down, ready for a restful sleep.

The MONK Bunk is made of aluminium and features a 5” shelf. The plywood panels are upholstered with marine grade fabric, and you can even choose the colour.

The best feature? You can store your bedding inside it, so when you flip it down, the bed is already made. That’s priceless after a full day of mountain biking or surfing.

You can install this Sprinter van bunk bed DIY, or have a Certified Adventure Wagon Installer do it.

When ordering it, you’ll also need to purchase the installation kit, unless you already have the Adventure Wagon’s RUV Interior Kit.

Have a look at the full specs of the MONK Bunk here.

Sportsmobile’s Custom Conversions

If you are thinking of hiring a specialist company to carry out your conversion, Sportsmobile offers a variety of Sprinter van bunk bed solutions.

Each build is highly customized to suit the needs of the client, so you can choose among many options for the rest of the floor plan.

On a Sprinter van, the company can install two or three fold-down campervan bunk beds with integrated mesh pockets for storage.

The platform and mechanism are made in metal. Each bunk has a thin single-foam mattress. They look minimalistic but comfortable.

Find out more on the Sportsmobile website.

Creative Mobile Interiors’ Double Campervan Bunk Beds

Another company that converts Sprinters is Creative Mobile Interiors. They make a luxury conversion that features four single campervan bunk beds at the rear of the RV.

The two bottom campervan bunk beds have storage underneath. Each bed has a privacy curtain, a light and plug.

The conversion also features three captain’s chairs on swivel bases and a small kitchenette with a refrigerator. The coolest feature? Two flip-down 22″ TVs.

Learn more about Creative Mobile Interior’s conversions on their website.

Elementum Adventure Vehicles’ Queen-size Sprinter Van Bunk Bed

Looking for a queen-size bunk bed that folds away? Then look no further than the Elementum Adventure Vehicles’ conversion.

This build has a fold-down bigger Sprinter van bunk bed with a decent double-panel mattress. It folds into two when not in use.

This leaves plenty of space for a motorbike, two more Sprinter van bunk beds (or a flip-down couch), and kitchenette.

You’ll need to hire Elementum Adventure Vehicles to carry out the full conversion.

Check out their Loam Ranger Sprinter van conversion here.

Buy DIY Sprinter Van Bunk Beds Plans

If you’re on a budget and can weld, you could opt for buying DIY Plans’ Sprinter van bunk bed instructions and make your own.

You will need to source the materials and tools to build them locally, but the plans come at $16.95 only.

The Sprinter van bunk bed plans are designed by a retired engineer, called Ben Stone, who is based in Canada.

The great thing is that Ben can help you with the build via email – he’s happy to answer any questions. If you have a little time and patience, this could be a very satisfying option.

Have a look at the plans here.

Go Totally DIY

If you are handy and plan to build two classic campervan bunk beds with storage underneath the bottom one and a small ladder, you could do it yourself. You can buy the materials and tools from any DIY store.

There’s plenty of tutorials online, including this one:

With a little time and patience, you can save a lot of cash this way.

Conclusion On Sprinter Van Bunk Beds

Planning on installing bunk beds in your Sprinter van? They’re a great solution for van lifers who want to bring friends or family on their road trips.

Whatever your budget, there’s an option that will allow you to use campervan bunk beds in your Sprinter interior.

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