9 Best Sprinter Van Conversion Kits for a DIY Van

Sprinter van conversion kits are a happy medium between complete DIY and a custom build. Choose parts and pieces from various companies to complete your Sprinter build!

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Are you ready to live the van life in a rad Sprinter van camper? Sprinter van conversions are the adventure vehicle of choice for many van lifers, and for good reason. They’re easy to drive, reliable, and they feature good headroom and living space.

Converting a Sprinter van into a home on wheels DIY can be a daunting prospect, though, especially if you aren’t confident in your practical skills.

Sprinter van conversion kits are a happy medium between a total DIY van build and a custom Sprinter van conversion, which can cost upwards of $100,000.

Some components are sophisticated, such as kitchenettes with an in-built water system, others are more basic, like platform beds. Sprinter van conversion kits are usually modular, lightweight and compact.

If you go for a Sprinter conversion kit, you decide what parts you feel confident installing and what items you’d rather buy pre-made (the kits).

The best Sprinter van conversion kits we could find

Lots of companies now offer DIY Sprinter conversion kits, due to the increase in demand from digital nomads who want to hit the road in a solid rig without breaking the bank.

These are the nine best Sprinter conversion kits we could find on the market.

1) Titan vans’ Sprinter van conversion kits

Sprinter van kit components include this kitchen with countertop, sink, fridge and cupboards.
This kitchen is part of DIY Sprinter Van Kits you can buy from Titan Vans

Titan Vans is a van conversion company based in Boulder, Colorado.

They convert Mercedes Sprinters (144, 170 and 170 Extended), Ram Promasters (136, 159 and 159 Extended), Ford Transits (RWB, LWB and LWB EL) and Nissan NV (1500, 2500 and 3500).

You can either get a custom build from Titan, which costs anywhere between $35,000-$75,000, or you can buy individual components and install them yourself.

Titans also offers various one-off services, including installing a roof vent, WeBasto heater, rack installation and running board installation.

Here are some of the DIY Sprinter van conversion kit products you can buy from Titan vans:

Keep your eye on Titan for DIY Sprinter van components as they’re working on adding even more to their store.

Find out more on the Titan Vans website.

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2) Wandervans’ conversion kits

Wandervans' double tier Sprinter conversion kit with large, cozy beds.
The Sprinter conversion kits from Wandervans come with single or double tier platform beds

Wandervans is a company that produces affordable Sprinter van conversion kits. They’re based in Boise, Idaho, and they also rent vans.

They convert the passenger versions of the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit. Their conversions are based on a modular design that allows you to slide them into a van in about eight hours.

They offer two choices: the single tier ($4,000) and the double tier ($7,500).

The single tier features a platform bed with storage underneath, plenty of storage areas and hooks.

The double tier includes two platform beds with storage underneath and all the features included in the single tier. You can also add a few extras, like a shower system, a space heater and an external kayak/SUP rack.

Read up more about the kits on Wandervans’ website.

3) Adventure Wagon’s Sprinter van kits

Adventure Wagon's Sprinter van conversion kit viewed from the back of the van.
This Sprinter looks so ready for adventure!

Adventure Wagon is based in Portland, Oregon, and sells modular interior campervan kits for Mercedes Sprinter and very soon Ford Transit vans. Their Sprinter van conversion kits start at $11,500.

Adventure Wagon produces a complete conversion kit with many customizable material choices and accessory options – you choose.

Everything you need for your van conversion is provided including wiring, insulation, fans, pre-cut and upholstered wall panels, and dozens of feet of cargo track to attach additional components.  

The modular design is highly configurable and can be set up as a gear hauler, a family sleeper, or switched around to accommodate both in many different floorplans.  You can even just get started with one of their adjustable-height, queen-sized MOAB beds or the single Monk bunk kit.

The complete campervan interior system can be installed yourself following the steps outlined in their installation video, or hire an installer for a professional installation and additional customizations.

To read more about their kits, head to the Adventure Wagon website.

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4) RB Components’ Sprinter van accessories

Components for a DIY Sprinter van conversion from RB Components.
These are just some of the many items RB Components offers for your DIY conversion.

Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, RB Components offer equipment that will turn your Sprinter van into a camper.

These Sprinter van conversion kits are completely DIY. In fact, you could build out your van entirely with items from RB Components.

Here’s some of what you can get:

  • Windows
  • Platform beds
  • Bucket seats
  • Insulation
  • Flooring
  • Ventilation
  • Water Systems

Interested? Check out their Sprinter van accessories here.

5) Zenvanz’s Sprinter Van Conversion Kits

Beautiful wood detailing with this Sprinter van conversion kit.
We love the beautiful wood detailing on this Zenvanz Sprinter conversion kit.

Zenvanz is an Oregon-based company that makes minimalist DIY Sprinter van conversion kits. So you can opt for a full-on custom conversion or more affordable modular components.

Their DIY kits start from $18,000 for a standard length van. They include a galley, plentiful cabinets, a three-panel bed system and a fold-out gear drying rack.

You can even add custom-made Sprinter van components to fit your van and requirements. If you’re a wood lover, you can opt for full bamboo ceiling and walls.

The owners of this Sprinter van conversion kit company have over 25 years of experience in the design and contracting industries.

They have lived the van life full-time since 2012, so they test all components and gear first hand. They can advise you on the best interior layout for your rig, based on your lifestyle.

Find out more on the Zenvanz website; they have a handy list of gear they recommend for living the best van life.

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6) Happier Camper’s Adaptiv System

The bed is included in this modular Sprinter van conversion kit.
Photo courtesy Happier Camper

L.A-based Happier Camper have developed the Adaptiv System for Sprinter vans – a modular, lightweight Sprinter conversion kit that can be installed easily and changed around.

Each item is stackable and slots into the grooves of the 1.5″ thick honeycomb fiberglass floor. You can move around the floor panels to create the perfect interior for your home on wheels.

Some of the Adaptiv components include a table, a bunk bed that turns into a couch, a kitchenette, a toilet, and more.

You can easily mix and match this Sprinter van conversion kit based on your needs – maybe you’d prefer having two beds than lots of storage, or perhaps you need two coolers for even longer adventures in the wilderness.

The only disadvantage is that if you don’t like the pure white fiberglass floor, you’ll have to find a way to safely mount the Happier Camper components onto your own floor.

Check out the Happier Camper website for more information.

7) TouRig’s Sprinter Van Accessories

TouRig Sprinter van conversion kit shown from back of van.
This is just one of many TouRig Sprinter van conversion kit configurations.

TouRig converts Sprinter and Transit vans, offering a huge selection of interior designs. From basic floor plans that offer lots of space, to extra comfy interiors that allow you to live in a van like you would at home.

The company’s headquarters are in Golden, Colorado. Here, they build sophisticated custom conversions for their clients.

They also sell single Sprinter van components, such as window coverings, vents, screens, storage bags and a bunker basin portable shower.

TouRig have experience of converting both 2×2 and 4×4 Sprinters and have an on-going relationship with Mercedes-Benz, so they can procure a new Sprinter for you, if you like.

You can find out more about what Tourig offer on their website.

8) Van Works’ Sprinter van conversion kits

Bright green and black details stand on this Van Works Sprinter conversion with bed, couch, sink and storage pictured.

Van Works, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializes in Sprinter and Promaster conversions.

They know how popular DIY conversions have become, so they offer three packages: the Bear Bones, the Base Camp, and the Trail Ridge.

The Bear Bones is ideal for anyone who wants to take control of their van conversion build. Van Works put the essentials in place, then you add your preferred bits of gear yourself. The Base Camp and Trail Ridge packages are full conversions with different specs.

The company also offers single components (they call them “accessories”), such as a kitchenette, various bed systems and roof vents.

For more information, have a look at the Van Works website.

9) Trail Kitchens’ Van Conversion Kits

Trail Kitchens conversion kit set up both in and outside a van.

Trail Kitchens offer modular DIY Sprinter van conversion kits as well as kits for the Transit, Promaster, Sportsmobile, and Express models. They’re based in Truckee, California.

Trail Kitchens’ Sprinter van conversion kits include wheel well cabinets with an optional platform bed, kitchenettes, sinks and showers.

Their components are minimalist and functional, designed to take up as little space as possible. They are also made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel.

For example, if you purchase the entire TK van kitchen kit, you’ll get both indoor and outdoor cooking spaces with a marine grade water system, portable sink-stove unit, and a sprayer/faucet with an optional hot water heater.

Find out more on the Trail Kitchens website.

Is a DIY Sprinter van conversion kit install still seeming a little daunting to you? Check out these rad Sprinter conversion companies for a full custom professional installation.

Sprinter van DIY conversion accessories

Once you’ve chosen the different kits that suit your needs and budget, you’ll want to think of what gear to install on your Sprinter.

There’s so much to consider: the length of your camping trips, the comforts you want to have on board, the amount of power you’ll need, and more.

Here’s a list of accessories you may want to purchase to complete your conversion:

Need help figuring out what sort of bed to install? Check out these bed ideas for campervans, including what mattress to purchase, based on your chosen set-up.

Conclusion on the best Sprinter van conversion kits

Planning a DIY Sprinter conversion can be daunting, but there are lots of companies that offer quality components to make the job a little easier.

Just pick and mix your favorite kits and accessories, and install them on your van to create the perfect adventure rig for your needs.

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