14 Top Spots to Find a Sprinter Camper Van For Sale

Sprinter vans are reliable and agile. On top of that, they offer decent headroom and highly customizable living space, so it’s no surprise they’re such popular…

sportsmobile sprinter van for sale parked in the desert at sunset

Sprinter vans are reliable and agile. On top of that, they offer decent headroom and highly customizable living space, so it’s no surprise they’re such popular vehicles among van lifers.

Finding the right Mercedes Sprinter camper van for sale can be hard work, but it’s totally worth it once you hit the road.

When things get difficult, just imagine yourself boondocking in your Sprinter camper van, snuggled up in the platform bed, gazing at an amazing forest or canyon view. Knowing you have a good, reliable van to live or holiday in will make the wait worthwhile.

In this article, we’ll look at new vs. used Sprinter camper vans for sale, where to find them, and we’ll give you some tips on what to look for when buying your camper van.

4x4 Sprinter Camper Van parked near the road
Photo: Outside Van

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Why Sprinter Camper Vans for Sale (especially 4x4s) Can be Hard to Find

Sprinter vans are a niche market. 4×4 Sprinter van campers and conversions are even harder to find. The reason is simple: there just isn’t enough demand to justify a bigger production, and businesses buy most vans that come out of the factory for commercial use.

In addition to that, they’re reliable and durable vehicles, which means that those who buy this type of van don’t need to sell them for many years after their purchase.

For these reasons, there aren’t many Sprinter camper vans for sale. When they come for sale, they are snapped up quickly by aspiring van lifers or small businesses.

However, in the last few years, sales for new Sprinter vans have gone up a little. This, combined with their growing popularity among campers, hopefully means that more vans will be available on the market in the future.

New vs. Used Sprinter Camper Vans for Sale

The first question is obvious: should you buy new or used?

If you want to buy a 4×4 Sprinter camper van, you will likely need to buy new, as there aren’t many out there.

You can go for either a used sprinter camper van for sale that has already been converted or a new Sprinter van that has been converted to the specifications you want.

There are advantages to buying new and used, so you must weigh all factors before deciding.

New Sprinter camper vans for sale:


  • You have the option of a DIY van build if you buy just the vehicle or a partial build that someone decided not to finish
  • You can customize the van exactly how you like if you’re doing a DIY van build
  • You’ll benefit from a warranty for a few years
  • If the conversion is done by professionals, it will most likely be built with good-quality materials
  • It will have that “new vehicle” feel, with everything looking perfect, which is always nice
  • You can be sure the van has never had an accident or dodgy repairs


  • You’ll have to wait at least a few months, sometimes up to a year, before you can drive away in your Sprinter van
  • It will lose value as soon as you start driving it
  • Newer vans are much more expensive than a used van

After you find the van, if you decide on a DIY build, you’ll want to check out our list of the best conversion kits for a DIY van.

woman using her phone inside a sprinter camper van
Photo: Vanlab conversion kit

Used Sprinter camper vans for sale:


  • It’s less expensive than a brand-new Sprinter camper van for sale
  • Sometimes you can get an almost new van that still has a warranty in place for a much lower price than if you bought it directly from the manufacturer
  • You can get the van very quickly, no need to wait on production
  • If you’re not 100% sure that the van life is for you, buying used is a good way to test it out
  • It retains value for longer than a new van if you don’t put too many miles on it


  • You may spend months looking for the right one
  • It will have a shorter life span than a new one
  • You’ll likely find some surprises on the road, some of which may be expensive to fix
  • If the van is very old, you’ll probably need to invest in some sort of rebuild
  • You won’t know how well it’s been looked after unless the previous owner kept meticulous records

Check out our best tips on finding a used campervan by owner.

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7 Tips on Choosing a Used Sprinter Camper Van for Sale

2008 Dodge Sprinter camper van parked in the forest
This 2008 Dodge Sprinter Camper Van is Available for Rent on Outdoorsy.

Like any used vehicle, there are common problems and things to be aware of when looking for a used Sprinter camper van for sale. Here are our top tips on what to check before you buy:

  1. Service and maintenance history – check these thoroughly to ensure servicing has been done regularly and to find out what has been replaced or broken through the years.
  2. Paintwork – The paint easily chips off Sprinters, so it’s worth studying the bodywork carefully and repairing any chips and deep scratches to prevent corrosion.
  3. Injectors – The seals around the high-pressure diesel injectors can leak. Listen out for any puffing sounds coming from the engine, which are telltale signs of a leak.
  4. Suspension – Wandering or knocking from the suspension points or uneven tire wear usually means worn bushes and wrong suspension alignment.
  5. Drive shaft – The drive shaft can fail at around 100,000 miles, so have it checked by a professional if the van is old.
  6. Doors – The doors can warp with age, so make sure they close well, without any gaps.
  7. Rust – Check the whole vehicle for rust, and if it’s excessive or untreated, run away.

Each model has slightly different weaknesses, so make sure to research the specific model you’re looking at to find out specific flaws. Even the year of production can make a difference.

14 Top Places to Find a Sprinter Camper Van for Sale

While there aren’t many Sprinter camper vans on the market, there are a lot of places to look for one, so don’t get discouraged.

We’ve selected the top places where to find a Sprinter camper van for sale – whether you’re looking for a new or used sprinter van for sale.

  1. Vanlife Trader

Probably the most diverse and extensive network of Sprinter camper vans for sale is Vanlife Trader. They charge a fee for owners or businesses to list their camper vans, but they have a huge following on social media, and they promote all listings, so the chance of selling their conversion van is much higher.

Vanlife Trader lists new and used converted camper vans of all styles. They also have many resources on their website to help people learn about insuring their camper vans, photographing them, and even tips on how to price your van if you are selling it.

  1. Craigslist (new and used Sprinter camper vans for sale)

Another common place to search is Craigslist, in either the “RVs + camp” or “trucks + cars” sections. On the top left corner of the page, select “dealer” or “owner” based on what you’re looking for.

Be prepared to travel around your state to reach potential sellers – a viewing is usually worth the road trip, as you can learn some things by inspecting the van. It’s easier to find Sprinter camper vans for sale in areas with plenty of camping options, so bear that in mind.

Some places to look online for a Sprinter van for sale are San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Seattle, which are all very outdoorsy locations. For a broader search, you can target California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Tennessee, and on the East Coast, Pennsylvania can be a good place to look.

  1. Facebook Marketplace (used Sprinter camper vans for sale only)

If you use Facebook, the Marketplace tab is a good place to look for a Sprinter camper van for sale. All you need to do is insert the city you live in and click the category “vehicles.” You can then narrow the search down using the filters on the left.

Ads on Facebook Marketplace aren’t as detailed as those on other platforms, so make sure to ask for more information on the van before you make the trip to see it.

  1. Autotrader (new and used Sprinter vans for sale)

On Autotrader, there are van and RV sections, which make it easy to look for a Sprinter. 

This resource is better for buying a van that has not yet been converted. Many dealers sell on the website, and each has been reviewed, so you can check if they’re trustworthy before engaging in any communication.

For most vehicles sold by dealers, the website offers a basic history check, which includes a check on the van ever being reported as stolen, as a write-off or scrapped, and as imported or exported.

You can even opt for financing the van, where available if you need to.

  1. eBay (new and used Sprinter camper vans for sale)

There’s a decent amount of Sprinters and conversions for sale on eBay, too.

You can buy from both private sellers and dealerships. All users have ratings based on their selling and purchasing history. Type your keyword into the search bar and narrow the search down using the filters on the left sidebar.

You can sometimes apply for a loan directly on eBay if buying from a dealer. EBay is a safe platform that offers free Vehicle Purchase Protection up to $100,000 for non-delivery, missing title, or major undisclosed defects.

  1. Sprinter van Facebook groups (used only)

There are many active Sprinter groups boasting thousands of members on Facebook.

Some of these, such as Sprinter Vans UnlimitedSprinter Camper Van Community, and Sprinter Van Owners, allow ad posting.

This is the ideal place to look for a Sprinter van conversion for sale, especially for a DIY one.

You can also find brand new 4×4 Sprinter camper vans for sale in these groups oftentimes, dealers are members of the groups and post new vans up for grabs.

Being part of the groups is also a great way to connect with other owners and ask for tips and information. For example, you could post questions about a specific model and its common issues, or meet up with someone near you, so you can see a conversion in real life.

  1. Campervan for sale Facebook groups (used conversions only)

Alternatively, you can check out campervan for sale Facebook groups, such as Class B Camper Vans For Sale or Class B Camper Vans Buy/Sale/Trade.

These allow ad posting for sprinter van conversions for sale only, so if you want to buy a ready-to-go van, it’s worth having a peek.

These groups are mainly for trading, so you won’t find much advice or information. Joining will allow you to keep an eye on the ads and follow threads in case there are any price drops.

  1. Sprinter van conversion companies (new Sprinter vans for sale only)

If you want a brand-new van and a professional conversion, why not go directly with a Sprinter van conversion company?

It will save you time and hassle, as you’ll only have to deal with one company. You will also have a chance to forge a relationship with and get to know the conversion professionals in advance so that you can discuss your conversion at length.

SportsmobileOutside VanTouRigVan Specialties, and Adventure Wagon are just a few great companies operating in the States.

Sportsmobile Sprinter camper van conversion parked in the mountain area
Photo: Sportsmobile Sprinter camper van conversion

Of course, you can also buy a good-condition used van from a dealer and get it converted by one of these companies.

  1. Warner Vans of Utah (new, used, and rentals)

Looking for a 4×4 Sprinter? Then, if you can make the trip, check out Warner Vans of Utah, who get new 4x4s in stock every week. They claim to be the first Sprinter-van-only dealership in the USA.

They sell both new and used vans, and they can also install upfits, such as stove tops, water filtration systems, solar panels, and more, making your van fully equipped.

Since Sprinters are their specialty, you can count on their knowledge being on point, so they’ll be able to answer most questions you ask.

  1. Adventure Wagon van purchase program

Based out of Portland, OR, Adventure Wagon has a van purchase program where you put down a 50% deposit to guarantee your new Sprinter camper van.

The vans are purchased new from the dealership, and Adventure Wagon builds them to a preplanned specification with some great features. They supply a spec sheet that includes a cost breakdown of every item in the van so you can see the difference between MSRP and the conversion cost. They even show an estimated conversion completion date, so you will know when you can pick up your new Sprinter camper van!

The downside is that “what you read is what you get,” and they don’t do any custom work. But if you want a solid, new Mercedes Sprinter camper van converted by a professional with a warranty, Adventure Wagon is a great option.

  1. The Sportsmobile forum (used conversions only)

Want a van that’s been converted by Sportsmobile, but you can’t afford it? Look for a used one.

On the Sportsmobile forum, you’ll be able to find ads for used Sportsmobile Sprinter van conversions for sale. Most are in great condition, as they’ve been refurbished in the last few years. You’ll also find other van conversions on the forum, both DIY and professional.

  1. RV Trader (Mercedes Benz Sprinter RVs)

They have more of a focus on class A and C motorhomes, but RV Trader does have Mercedes Benz Sprinter RVs for sale as well. You can search by keyword or drill down your search criteria even more with make and location or just a generic class B filter.

woman on the rooftop of a sprinter camper van
Photo: @RVTrader
  1. MercedesSprinterCamper.com (used only)

This website is a collection of ads for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters for sale. There’s a good navigation menu on the left sidebar, so you can easily find the model you’re looking for.

  1. Sprinter van online forums (used only)

Forums are also a good place to check. The major one is Sprinter Source, which allows classified ads on a specific forum.

Sprinters don’t come up for sale on forums very often, but you could set up an alert to get a notification via email when a new for-sale thread is opened.

7 Tips on Buying a Sprinter Camper Van for Sale Online

A Sprinter is a hefty purchase, so be careful when buying one online rather than from a well-known dealer. Here are our top tips on buying a used Sprinter van online.

  1. Always go to see the van in person before sending any money to the seller
  2. Request more pictures or information to check that the seller is responsive
  3. Don’t give the seller any of your details other than a way to get in touch with you
  4. Check that the vehicle is in the same condition as advertised
  5. Verify that the seller is the owner of the vehicle before making an offer
  6. Clarify if the deposit is refundable in case you change your mind
  7. Avoid paying via an instant transfer method – choose a standard bank transfer where possible

Getting a Sprinter Camper Van for Sale

Are you ready to find the right Sprinter van for you? Don’t rush the search process – the right Sprinter van for sale is out there, somewhere, waiting for you. You just need to look carefully.

Go look at as many vans as you can before you make an offer so that you can familiarize yourself with the pricing-condition balance and you get an eye for the defects. Best of luck!

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    Great postng. My wife 59, and me, 77 are healthy seniors and checking out the Sprinter to basically travel in for a great adventure. I am overwhelmed by all the choices. We love the outdoors and felxible as to what to consider. I think a very good used one for around 100k with a shower would be interesting. Any thoughts? We live on a small farmette north of Dallas. It would be fun to do a blog on senior travels. I have lived and worked in Europe, and all aroound the US including Puget Sound area. We try to be as organic as possible. So now you have a little idea about us. We’re getting ready to sell it all and hit the road and Europe. Camper vns in Europe are fantastic as you probably know. I’m Norwegian by birth and my wife Deb is Italian.

    Thanks, Robert

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