22 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Van Lifers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d argue that the same is true for a meme, especially when it comes to expressing…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d argue that the same is true for a meme, especially when it comes to expressing the unique yet relatable things we experience on the road as van lifers. These memes, courtesy of @memesofvanlife, are bound to make you smile, laugh, and maybe even feel slightly defensive about your rig or life on the road. 

Remember, it’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes. Sit back and enjoy these 22 memes that perfectly sum up van lifers!

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1. DIY Van Vision vs. Reality

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Close enough… right? A DIY build never quite turns out as perfectly as you pictured, but that’s part of the fun. At least the build you create has added character (or that’s what we tell ourselves to feel better about all of the time and money we poured into it anyway)!

2. You are Cousin Eddie

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

I remember watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and laughing about the weirdness of Cousin Eddie and his RV. And then it hit me…

3. Weekenders vs. Full-timers

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

When it comes to van lifers, the stark contrast between weekenders versus full-timers is almost comical. One look at your neighbors and you can definitely tell who’s in it for the long haul versus a couple of nights.

4. Is This a Campsite?

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Technically no… but sometimes van lifers have to make do. Nothing like waking up to the beautiful sight of a Cracker Barrel, Walmart, or Rest Area parking lot!

5. RIP Coffee

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

If you’re a van lifer, it’s probably not the first time this has happened to you… or the last! At least by now, we’ve learned not to use glass coffee mugs.

6. I Can Hear You

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Hopefully, they’re complimenting your van and saying all good things. Whether good or bad, it’s awkward when they don’t know you’re inside hearing every single thing they say about your van!

7. Two Speeds of Van Life

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Why do we do this to ourselves as van lifers? Probably to get the driving over with and to have more time to squat in the BLM desert!

8. Van Life is Cruel & Unusual

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

And to think… we paid for a van to do this to ourselves willingly? Maybe we van lifers need to rethink our life decisions!

9. Vans with Interior Showers

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

A tale as old as time: “I could never live in a van without a shower…” Then pays extra for a shower, lives on the road, realizes there is not endless water and storage space in the van, and never uses the dang shower.

10. Vans with White Shiplap

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

You can’t argue with a classic. Why pick something else when your unique, custom van could look just like the one you saw on Instagram?

11. Van Life is Unicorns & Flowers

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Van life isn’t always unicorns frolicking in a field of flowers, but it is sometimes! And that 9% of the time makes the other 91% worth it… or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves as van lifers.

12. Good Day, Neighbor!

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Van lifers peek through the window shade just enough to see what’s going on. Hopefully, our campsite neighbors don’t catch us trying to scope them out! And if they do… “Guten Tag” is always a safe response.

13. Trash & Pee Jug

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

If it’s another van lifer who sees me with my trash and pee jug, at least they get it. Anyone else? I feel like I owe them some sort of explanation or apology… but they probably don’t want to come anywhere near me when they realize what I’m carrying!

14. Custom Conversion

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

“I have a custom Sprinter van conversion!” Let me get this straight. If it’s custom… why does it look exactly like every other Sprinter build?

15. The OG Van Lifers

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

If you were a van lifer before the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re an OG van life hipster. You’ll always hold an elite, coveted status the rest of us will never quite understand or be able to obtain.

16. Outdoor Lover

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Oh, the irony. But to be fair, what can you do outside once the sun goes down? You can look at the stars, play glow-in-the-dark frisbee, or have a campfire… okay, I guess there are quite a few options.

17. Van Life Kitchenettes

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Even Barbie’s Dream House had a bigger kitchen than most vans. At least she had four burners and an oven.

18. Van Lifer Venn Diagram

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

When you look at it this way… Who knew van lifers had so much in common with dogs, high schoolers, and gamers? I don’t know if this is something I’m proud to admit, though.

19. Trust Fund Babies

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Still looking for that trust fund! And I’ve yet to meet someone with a trust fund who willingly uses it to live in a van full-time.

20. The Rare & Exotic Level Campsite

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

As a van lifer, there is truly no better feeling than pulling into a perfectly level campsite. The only thing is when your partner disagrees about the spot being perfectly level… but that’s a meme for another time!

21. Asking a Van Lifer What They Want

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Oh… You mean you don’t want to hear the story of why I sold all of my possessions to live in a van? Then I’ll take a side of ketchup, please.

22. Van Life Math

Photo Credit: @memesofvanlife

Van life math is a simple formula they don’t teach in high school algebra. But when you live in a van… let’s just say you figure out the answer to the equation very quickly!

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  1. Wonderful! You have a great sense of humor. Still recalling April Fools!

  2. David Brombach says:

    This is so true and Funny!

    Thank you.

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