The 15 Top Luxury Campervans for Glamorous Travel

Looking to add a little luxury to your van life dreams? Roughing it doesn’t have to be part of the lexicon. Check out these stunning luxury campervans.

earthroamer sx, a luxury campervan parked outdoors

Dreaming of making your van life experience more luxurious without having to drive a giant motorhome around? You’re in the right place.

Being able to move freely across the country and stop in remote, wild places is priceless. No one wants to rely on campgrounds these days. Yet creature comforts can vastly improve van living. Imagine having continuous hot running water in the shower, a permanent sleeping area, or cabin dividers… Pretty sweet, huh?

In this article, we take a look at the best camper vans for luxury travel currently available in the US.

Whether you’re here to find your next camper or you just like to day dream, we’ve got you covered.

1) Thor Motor Coach Tranquillity

  • Starting price: $173,460
  • Length: 19’7″
  • Van model: Ford Transit AWD 148-in Wheelbase
  • Sleeping arrangement: one double bed
  • Bathroom: cassette toilet and shower
  • Luxury details: permanent sleeping area, cable-ready and satellite-ready TV, electronic station, air conditioning, shower, heating system, microwave oven, up to 5,500 watts (or 400 amp-hours) of power.

The Tranquillity campervan by Thor Motor Coach is a short and agile camper van which can take you anywhere, thanks to the all-wheel drive.

While this van is on the smaller end of the spectrum, you’ll find plenty of comforts inside.

The kitchen has a fridge, convection microwave oven, stainless-steel sink with a cover, dual-burner gas cooktop, thick countertops and a fold-out table to use outside. There’s also a living room area where you can chill out, relax, and eat at meals. The bathroom is enclosed, so you can do your business or shower in privacy. Not bad, huh?

The Tranquillity comes in two different floor plans: the 19LT and the 19PT. One features a rear sleeping area that’s permanently set up, while the other has a fold-out sleeping area at the back, so the lounge area is a lot bigger.

2) Outside Van Approach

  • Starting price: $276,000
  • Length: 22’8″
  • Van model: Mercedes Sprinter 170 AWD chassis
  • Sleeping arrangement: Bench system turns into a sleeping area + removable suspended double bed
  • Bathroom: hidden water box with toilet and shower
  • Luxury details: 360° parking camera, safari style roof rack, rear mini step, roll-down cabin divider, microwave oven, heater, AC, 12.2 kWh (1030Ah lithium-ion batteries).

Every single detail feels premium on board the Outside Van Approach 170 camper van. It’s an off-grid ready camper with 17″ wheels and all terrain tires on a 4×4 chassis, so you can take it on any adventure. The roll-down cabin divider really sets it apart from other models, as it allows you to create “rooms” inside your van.

This is one of the few vans which comes a dinette and a living room. The front seats swivel to allow four people to eat at the table. At the back there are two sleeping platforms; one is suspended in the air, while the other is a bench system that turns into a sleep area. There’s also a hidden water box with toilet and shower. Simply set up the black curtain when you need a shower.

Outside Van are also launching Syncline, a camper van built on the Mercedes Sprinter 144, in 2024. You can sign up to get notified once the van is available via email.

3) Storyteller Overland Beast MODE

  • Starting price: $224,408
  • Length: 21′
  • Van model: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 Wheelbase, High Roof, AWD chassis
  • Sleeping arrangement: fold-out couch turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: toilet and concealed shower
  • Luxury details: cabin AC, exterior shower, hot water, heating, dimmable lights, microwave, garage cargo area, sheep’s wool insulation.

Do you love a vintage vibe when it comes to interiors? Then look no further than the Storyteller Overland Beast MODE camper van. This AWD camper van features a dinette at the front, a sleeping platform, a decent-size galley, a toilet, and a fold-out couch.

Think of a cool, unusual feature. The Beast Mode has it. Awning extension, onboard air compressor, cargo carrier, removable cabinetry, garage area, … if we gave you the whole list we’d be here all day!

The Storyteller Overland Beast MODE is also available as 4×4 for $218,620.

Want to geek out on all the features of the Storyteller Overland Beast MODE?

4) Roadtrek Pivot Slumber

Interior of the Roadtrek Pivot with the table and sink
Photo Credit: Roadtrek
  • Starting price: from $194,586
  • Length: 20’9″
  • Van model: RAM ProMaster 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: king-size sleeping area and pop-top roof
  • Bathroom: large dry bath
  • Luxury details: king-size bed, pop top roof, large dining table, service panel access, coach monitoring system, power awning, AC, power step, 600 AMP Lithium Battery System, furnace, smart TV.

The Roadtrek Pivot Slumber is a camper van with a sleek exterior look. The Duo Space bathroom has a pivoting wall that creates a shower room and keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. We love this clever idea!

The dining table hides a swivel extension, so you can make it bigger at meal times or when you need to work on the go. Handy.


5) Thor Motor Coach Sequence

Interior of the Thor with couch and table
Photo Credit: Thor
  • Starting price: from $140,560
  • Length: 21’1″
  • Van model: RAM Promaster 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: couch turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: King size bed, wi-fi, satellite-ready TV, large side windows, lithium-ion power management system, 7-inch touchscreen dash radio, back up monitor, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, air conditioning.

The Thor Motor Coach Sequence is a luxury camper van for couples who prefer a spacious interior to a big bathroom.

The kitchen’s got all the essentials, while the dinette is super cozy. The bathroom is compact, but big enough to have a nice warm shower after a day spent adventuring. At the back of the van you’ll find the king size sleeping area, which needs to be assembled at night.

The Sequence comes equipped with a bike rack and patio awning. If you like, you can add a pop-top SkyBunk to add a separate bedroom to the floor plan.

6) Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Interior of the Pleasure Way
Photo Credit: Pleasure Way
  • Starting price: from $191,685
  • Length: 22’9″
  • Van model: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: couch turns into sleeping area + inflatable mattress for the cabin
  • Bathroom: wet bath with vanity
  • Luxury details: full-size 3-way 2-door fridge, cable-ready TV, full-size wardrobe, power awning, large galley dimmable lighting, AC, power awning, roof fan with rain sensor, water heater, LP BBQ connect.

The Pleasure-Way Plateau TS looks like a luxurious modern boat inside, thanks to the big windows, white cushions and cream (Champagne) furniture.

Don’t worry – the upholstery also comes in flint, a better color for van lifers who regularly get muddy.

The guys at Pleasure-Way made sure to use every inch of space inside, while keeping the furniture as big as they could. Great, innovative design.

The full kitchen is super long, the wardrobe is huge and the lounge is extra comfy. If you travel as a couple, this camper van definitely offers a glamorous camping experience.

7) Airstream Interstate 24GT

Interior of the Airstream Interstate
Photo Credit: Airstream
  • Starting price: from $233,700
  • Length: 24′
  • Van model: Mercedes Sprinter 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: dinette turns into sleeping area + inflatable bed for cabin
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: big bathroom, AC and heating, tankless water heater, rear and side-view cameras, two HDTV’s, premium air ride suspension, drawer microwave, two 100 Ah deep cycle lithium batteries.

The Airstream Interstate 24GT is an elegant camper van with lots of windows and a huge lounge where to chill out. It’s perfect for people who love to cook from scratch, thanks to the extra long kitchen. If you enjoy having a guest over every now and then, transform the cockpit into a guest bedroom with the inflatable bed, which comes as standard from Airstream.

We love the idea of having continuous hot water in the Airstream Interstate 24GT shower with the tankless water heater. That’s true luxury in our book. If you like, you can upgrade the vehicle to four-wheel drive.

Like the look of it?

8) Coach House RV Arriva

  • Starting price: pricing available on request
  • Length: 22’9″
  • Van model: Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter
  • Sleeping arrangement: bench system turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: dry bath
  • Luxury details: two HD TVs, 6-cubic-foot three-way refrigerator-freezer, king size bed, microwave.

The Coach House RV Arriva is a luxurious Class B motorhome best suited to couples – only two people can sit at the table inside it.

What makes this camper van stand out is the huge dry bath at the rear of the van. It takes up the full width of the vehicle and features a separate shower cubicle – that’s unheard of on a van!

Having a “proper bathroom” is well worth not being able to have guests for dinner inside. Just invite people over when the weather is good – simple.

9) Winnebago Revel

  • Starting price: from $210,292
  • Length: 19’7″
  • Van model: 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Sleeping arrangement: one double bed
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: one 320-amp hour LiFePO4 batter, heating, power lift bed, refrigerator accessible from inside or outside, water heater, AC, furnace.

The Winnebago Revel is an agile camper van with a practical interior and plenty of storage for your adventure gear. The dinette seating is designed to be comfortable when camping and when driving on rough terrain. The power lift bed is super useful, as it turns the back of the vehicle into a garage with lots of storage space.

Being light and equipped with a 3-liter turbo diesel engine, you can take it up steeper tracks, through mud and snow or on sand.

10) Coachmen RV Nova

  • Starting price: pricing available on request
  • Length: 20’11”
  • Van model: RAM Promaster 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: couches turn into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: fibreglass shower, furnace, AC, induction cooktop, wi-fi, Li3 Lithium Battery System, HDTV.

The Coachmen RV Nova camper van comes with Sumo Spring front and rear suspension for an enhanced off road performance.

While it’s rugged and ready to take on any terrain, it offers all the comforts you need with a luxurious finish inside. You’ll find a wet bath, a decent-size galley, two removable tables, swivel front seats, and a big lounge.

Sound good?

11) Grech RV Turismo-ion

interior of grech RV turismo-ion luxury campervan
Photo: Interior of Grech RV Turismo-ion
  • Starting price: from $218,900
  • Length: 19′
  • Van model: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500
  • Sleeping arrangement: couch turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: power sofa bed, leather seating area, porcelain toilet, accent lighting throughout, European hardwood veneers, induction cooktop, hot water, heating, soft touch walls, power window shades, lithium battery system.

The Grech RV Turismo-ion camper van packs a lot of luxuries in only 19 feet. It features a big sofa bed, a wet bath and a luxurious-looking kitchen.

We haven’t seen a porcelain toilet and power window shades on any other van that’s on the market.

When it comes to choosing a luxury camper van, it’s all in the little details. There are so many out there by now. Well done Grech RV.

12) Entegra Coach Ethos

interior of entegra coach ethos luxury campervan
Photo: Interior of Entegra Coach Ethos
  • Starting price: pricing available on request
  • Length: 21’1″
  • Van model: RAM ProMaster 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: couch turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: 48V 210-amp/hour smart lithium battery, induction cooktop, water heater, heating, AC, wi-fi, outside shower, microwave, HDTV.

The Entegra Coach Ethos is a modern, luxurious camper van featuring a big couch which turns into a sleeping area, a wet bath and a dining area. The guys at Entegra Coach chose to design a smaller kitchen to allow for a bigger sleeping area – excellent decision!

If you like, you can add a pop top roof to the Ethos to create a second bedroom.

13) EarthRoamer SX

  • Starting price: from $1,100,000
  • Length: 34′
  • Van model: four-wheel drive Chevrolet 6500
  • Sleeping arrangement: sleeps up to six people depending on floor plan
  • Bathroom: dry bath and walk-in shower
  • Luxury details: California King bed,120gal fresh water storage, walk-in shower, big lounge area with TV, induction cooktop, extra long granite countertop, mounted coffee or espresso maker optional washer-dryer.

This is not technically a van, we know. But we couldn’t not include the EarthRoamer SX. If you dream of the ultimate luxury experience in the wilderness, you’ve gotta take a look at it. It’s got 350 horsepower and 6.6L turbo diesel V8! Did we mention it comes with 43″ Military Grade Goodyear Tires?

Inside, it looks like a hotel. The platform bed has wooden steps going up to it. The shower looks like it’s come out of a spa. The living room is spacious and comfortable. Can you even imagine how cushy van life would be with a washer-dryer?

While the interior is to die for, the EarthRoamer SX is designed to provide a fantastic outdoor camping experience, too. It features an electric awning, LED lighting all around and an outdoor kitchen.

14) Jayco 2024 Swift

interior of a luxury campervan called jayco 2024 swift
Photo: Interior of Jayco 2024 Swift
  • Starting price: from $163,800
  • Length: 21’1″
  • Van model: RAM ProMaster 3500
  • Sleeping arrangement: couch turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: wet bath
  • Luxury details: water filtration system, outside shower, winterization drain system, heated holding tanks, cable-ready TV, AC, heater, induction cooktop, solid-surface kitchen, king size bed.

The Jayco 2024 Swift camper van packs a lot of comfort in a small space. The floor plan features a kitchen, a wet bath, and a couch or benches, which turn into a sleeping area. This is king size, which is pretty awesome for a vehicle with such a small footprint.

We like the extra details like the winterization drain system and the heated holding tanks. They surely make van life easier!

15) Ford Transit Trail (upcoming)

interior of a luxury campervan called ford transit trail with a woman holding a cup of coffee
Photo: Interior of Ford Transit Trail
  • Starting price: from $65,975 for the van
  • Length: 22′
  • Van model: AWD Ford Transit
  • Sleeping arrangement: couch turns into sleeping area
  • Bathroom: depends on floor plan
  • Luxury details: 6’5″ headroom, Alexa integration, wi-fi, plenty of cargo space, 360 degree camera, cross traffic alert, Blind Spot information system.

The Ford Transit Trail is a brand-new camper van that’s landing in America at some point this year (2023). Some dealers already promote it, although you can’t buy one just yet, as it’s a brand new vehicle.

Because this van has been built to be a camper van, it already features USB ports, built-in Alexa, wi-fi and more. All windows and hatches are factory installed, which means they’re as solid as they can be.

The cool thing about the Transit Trail is that you can customize it as you like by working with a modifier from the Ford network.

Custom Luxury Camper Vans

Don’t forget that you can also opt for the ultimate luxury: a fully custom built camper van. Rather than finding a floor plan that suits your needs, you can design your very own!

It can take a little longer than buying a standard model but it will be uniquely tailored to you and your adventures. What’s more luxurious than that?

Here’s a list of companies which do full custom conversions:

Final Thoughts On Luxury Camper Vans

If you have the budget to go all out and buy a luxury camper van, go for it!

These impressive campers feature high end kitchens, AC, heating, water heaters, multiple TVs and much more.

There’s no shame in taking the comforts of home with you while you’re on a road trip or boondocking in wild places. Ultimately, you just want to stay on the road for as long as you can.

And if you’re insure, why not rent a more luxurious vehicle before you pull the trigger?

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