Episode 46: Eurovanning 101: What RV Travel in Europe is Really Like with Kathryn Bird

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a nomad abroad, traversing the beautiful landscapes of Europe in a van? That’s precisely the life…

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a nomad abroad, traversing the beautiful landscapes of Europe in a van? That’s precisely the life Kathryn Bird from wanderingbird.com leads.

In our enlightening conversation, she reveals her experiences on the road, contrasting the realities of van life and RVing in Europe versus the US. The chat also includes a peek into how passive income from travel blogs fuels our passion for this unique lifestyle.

In one of the most thrilling parts of our conversation, Kathryn recounts her journey across four European countries in a single day. She introduces the concept of ‘aires’ – designated town center car parks perfect for overnight stays and local exploration. We delve into the amenities these spaces offer and compare RV and van life policies between the US and Europe.

The conversation also goes through the importance of attempting the local language, the simplicity of driving on European roads, and the best RV size for your travel style and destinations.

As we wrap up our chat, Kathryn provides helpful tips for those planning to embark on an adventure in Europe. We discuss the challenges involved in navigating large vehicles through Europe’s bustling cities, what you need to know about accessing data  on the road, and all the must-visit places. 

This episode is brimming with practical advice, captivating anecdotes, and unbridled enthusiasm for van life and RVing in Europe.

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What We Discuss in Episode 46 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Our guest, Kathryn Bird, talks about how she quit her job as an air traffic control and got her start in nomadic travel.
  • Kathryn goes into depth about the cultural differences between van life in Europe vs. the US (and the difference between mainland Europe and the UK).
  • We hear about all the different forms of camping available in Europe: aires, campgrounds, boondocking, and stealth camping. Kathryn also talks about apps available in Europe to help you find camp spots, such as Park 4 Night, Camp Contact, and Search 4 Sites (only in the UK and Ireland, but includes pubs!) 
  • Kathryn goes over some of the logistics of nomadic travel in Europe, such as languages, mobile data, electrical conversions, and more.
  • Finally, Kathryn highlights some of her favorite road trip destinations in Europe, such as the Dolomites in Northern Italy, Norway, Iceland, and the Black Forest in Germany.

About Kathryn Bird:

Kathryn Bird has never done things the ‘normal’ way. She joined the Navy to navigate helicopters at 18, moved onto a sailboat at 21 and then became an air traffic controller for one of the busiest airspaces in the world. But quitting her career in order to live, work and travel in a motorhome shocked everyone, including herself!

Yet several years later, she still loves the freedom this lifestyle offers, even as a solo female van-lifer. She now runs one of the world’s largest motorhoming and van life websites and is passionate about helping other motor-homers gain the knowledge and confidence to have their own adventures, whether it’s a weekend away or a 3-month tour of Europe.

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