Episode 38: Van Life, No Strings Attached: How to Live in a Van Without Owning One

42 shares Ever wondered how to live the van life without actually owning a van? Join us as we chat with digital nomad and full-time…

Ever wondered how to live the van life without actually owning a van? Join us as we chat with digital nomad and full-time traveler Jonny Mellon, who’s found the perfect solution! Jonny shares his inspiring journey from converting a van in Australia to traveling the world using Travellers AutoBarn, a user-friendly rental service offering comfortable and well-equipped vans for a truly memorable van life experience.

In this fascinating conversation, we discuss the differences between owning and renting vans, optimizing the van life experience for those who prefer to rent, and Jonny’s adventures in Australia and the US. Gain valuable tips on how to make the most of your van rental, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from Jonny Mellon how to enjoy the freedom of van life without the commitment of ownership.

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What We Discuss in Episode 38 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Jonny talks about his experience with vanlife in Australia, how he converted his own van, and how he got into the vanlife community
  • Jonny describes the amenities and features of the vans he rented from Travellers Auto Barn, including a seating area that transforms into a double bed, a fridge and freezer that runs on solar, and a heated blanket.
  • Jonny talks about his four-week vanlife adventure in the USA, including his stops in San Francisco, Yosemite Valley, Vegas, Zion, and Sedona.
  •  Tips for traveling slow and appreciating the smaller moments during overland travel, plus, how some countries are better set up for van life than others.
  • Why he chose to rent from Travellers Auto Barn, citing word-of-mouth recommendations and competitive rates. He also highlights the benefit of unlimited miles.
  • Jonny’s nomadic lifestyle, including staying in Airbnbs, hotels, and collaborating with resorts, and the possibility of owning another van in the future.
  • Tips for renting vans, including looking for unlimited miles, booking in the off-season, and planning ahead for campsites.

About Jonny Melon

Jonny Melon is a professional travel photographer and blogger from Australia. Since starting his creative business in 2017, he’s been continuously traveling around the world full-time and has visited more than 60 countries. With an outgoing personality and his passion for travel and photography, Jonny strives to inspire others to get outdoors and explore this wonderful earth too!

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