Episode 29: The Van Life CEO: How to Turn Your Passion into Profit with Sierra Eberly

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Lots of people wonder how to make money while living the van life. Sierra Eberly did just that by ditching the corporate 9-5 life and creating her own business on the road called Boondock Consulting. Sierra is the first to admit this wasn’t an easy process, and she had to overcome fear to say goodbye to her steady paycheck and go out on her own.

In this podcast, Sierra gives tips and tricks for becoming a CEO from your campervan, and what she’s learned along the way.

I interviewed Sierra Eberly for this episode of The Wayward Home podcast, which is a rebroadcast from the Van Life Virtual Summit. You can still get an All Access Pass for the summit, which includes over 30 videos on so many aspects of van life, from solar and electrical, to how to make money on the road, to living out of a car instead of a van, etc.

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What We Cover in Episode 29 of The Wayward Home Podcast

  • How Gabe and Rocio started out in a huge RV, but then transitioned to a smaller Class B RV, basically a campervan
  • Why they chose a Class B RV rather than doing a DIY campervan build or going with an upfitter
  • Tips for dumping a black tank in an RV
  • Tips for first time boondockers
  • Water conservation tips when you are boondocking in a campervan
  • What it’s like cooking in such a small space
  • Planning and navigating van life with so many unknowns, including the weather
  • How to live van life with dogs
  • And more!

About Sierra Eberly

Sierra Eberly of Boondock Consulting working in her campervan

Sierra is a full-time nomad and has been traveling in her converted camper van with her dog, Snow, since 2020. She started her copywriting business, Boondock Consulting, in 2021 and is living her dream while working on the road and exploring less-traveled trails with the best running buddy ever. When not working or trail running, Sierra enjoys sharing charcuterie trays with Snow while watching sunsets and sipping wine.

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