Episode 33: Campervan Insurance Demystified: Our Top Tips & Tricks

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Are you struggling with how to insure your DIY campervan? I’ve been through the process myself and have learned quite a bit about the options available for insuring a campervan, especially for DIY builds.

So far, I’ve insured TWO vans with different insurance companies.

In this podcast episode, we’ll talk about all the ins and outs of campervan insurance, what types of records you need to keep, and why it can be so hard to insure a DIY Rig. I also speak with Austin Green of Roamly, which is my new favorite campervan insurance company which I use for my DIY Sprinter van.

This interview was first recorded for the Van Life Virtual Summit, by The Wayward Home and Project Van Life.

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What We Cover in Episode 33 of The Wayward Home Podcast

  • Why DIY vans are difficult to insure, including unknowns for insurance companies and lack of liability insurance.
  • When you should use auto insurance for a DIY van that has not been extensively modified, and pairing it with a personal articles plan.
  • RV insurance options for custom builds or class B camper vans, including the requirement to register as an RV and the benefits of full-time RV insurance
  • The requirements for insuring a DIY campervan and my experience with State Farm and Roamly insurance companies
  • Why I chose Roamly Insurance for my DIY campervan
  • Tips on keeping detailed records of build expenses and choosing insurance companies, including Roamly, Progressive, State Farm, Foremost, and Good Sam.
  • The three main components required to ensure a self-built camper van with Roamly, and the importance of having a build-out sheet for DIY builds

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