Episode 41: What is the Wingamm Oasi Mini Luxury RV? A Q&A with importer Tony Diamond

42 shares Have you heard of the Wingamm Oasi RVs yet? These tiny, luxury Italian-made RVs are taking YouTube in the U.S. by storm.  And…

Have you heard of the Wingamm Oasi RVs yet? These tiny, luxury Italian-made RVs are taking YouTube in the U.S. by storm.  And the best part? They are coming to the U.S.

In this episode of The Wayward Home podcast, we chat with Tony Diamond, the CEO of W Motorhome Sales North America, the company which is importing the Wingamm RVs into the U.S.

With their compact yet luxurious design, these Italian marvels have captivated European enthusiasts for over 45 years. Tony gives us a tour of these intriguing vehicles, sharing insights into their innovative design and the unique manufacturing process.

The finale of our chat revolves around Tony’s latest venture—a crowdfunding campaign aimed at introducing the Wingham RV to North America. Tony lays out the potential benefits for investors, while elaborating on the unique attributes of these RVs that make them a worthy investment. From a patented drop-down bed to impressive fuel economy, the Wingham RV seems to have it all.

Whether you’re a die-hard RV enthusiast or simply love creative design solutions, this episode is bound to grab your attention. Join us for this exciting journey into the realm of luxury RVs!

Get involved in the crowdfunding campaign here.


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What We Discuss in Episode 41 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

Wingamm Oasi Mini Luxury RV
  • Tony Diamond gives an overview of Wingamm RVs, a family-owned company based in Italy that makes ultra-compact luxury RVs. He talks about the construction of Wingamm RVs on the chassis of existing cargo vans, and the benefits of this kind of design.
  • Tony shares the story of how he discovered Wingamm RVs, why he decided he wanted to bring them to the US market, and what the process is like to import a vehicle from another country.
  • Tony explains what it’s like to own a Wingamm RV: how to get repairs and maintenance done in the US, what the power system is like, the bathroom design, gas mileage, costs, and more.
  • Tony talks about the crowdfunding program currently underway to bring Wingamm RVs to the US.
  • Expected delivery of Wingamm RVs to the US is in late summer.

About Tony Diamond

Tony Diamond is a Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of W Motorhome Sales North America. Tony spent most of his career in real estate, first as a real estate agent, next as an investor and real estate developer, and most recently as a transformative real estate entrepreneur. Tony has negotiated hundreds of leases and overseen the redevelopment of industrial, commercial, retail, and residential real estate. Tony has been profiled in numerous publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Los Angeles Times for an innovative financing solution to the high cost of rent in major cities implemented by his housing and hospitality company, StayTony.

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