12 Jaw-Dropping EarthRoamer Interiors that Redefine Luxury Travel

Check out the stunning interiors of EarthRoamer’s luxury overland vehicles.

earthroamer driving down the road

Luxury overland vehicle manufacturer EarthRoamer has a knack for creating practical yet swanky interior floor plans that make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel. 

Their go-anywhere expedition rigs combine outstanding off-road capabilities, luxury amenities, and advanced technology and systems designed to take you on extreme adventures. EarthRoamer currently produces the SX (on a Chevrolet 6500 4WD chassis) and the LTi (on a Ford F-550 chassis). They both have a carbon fiber body and 43in military tires on beadlock wheels.

Take a look at some EarthRoamer interiors that will make you want to go overlanding.

1. An Executive Living Room

leather couches, a table, and floor lighting in an earthroamer interior
Photo credit: Earthroamer

This has to be the most luxurious dinette we’ve ever seen on an RV. Imagine having your morning cup of Joe sitting at the table of the SX in the depths of winter while taking in the views of snowy mountain tops and forests from the 270-degree windows. 

If it’s foggy, you can always watch the news on the drop-down satellite TV.

2. A Modern Kitchen

One of the earthroamer interiors with a luxury kitchen and bed system
Photo credit: Earthroamer.

The kitchen on the LTi is out of this world. It features a granite countertop, a touch faucet, a two-burner induction cooktop, a tall refrigerator/freezer, a convection microwave, a wall-mounted coffee maker, and a deep stainless sink. Hidden away, you’ll find a vast 94 gal fresh water tank.

3. A Spa-like Shower Room

toilet and shower in an earthroamer
Photo credit: Earthroamer.

We don’t know know how they did it, but the guys at EarthRoamer fit a luxurious and spacious shower stall in the SX. It even has a ceiling mount and a separate sprayer.

The whole bathroom looks like a spa. Imagine stepping into this stunning shower after spending a cold day outdoors. The water is heated, of course. What a dream.

4. Luxury in Every Detail

Earthroamer interior with bed, seating area and kitchen
Photo credit: Earthroamer

The designers at EarthRoamer think about every little detail. Look at the LED lighting in the furniture and roof, for example. You can choose between several options for the finish of the interiors, and they all look incredible. This is our favorite color scheme for the LTi.

5. A Huge Fridge/freezer

A huge fridge and freezer inside an Earthroamer rig
Photo credit: Earthroamer.

Fridge space is always precious (and never seems enough) on camper vans and small RVs, but you wouldn’t need to worry about having enough cold beers for your buddies on an EarthRoamer. The LTi has a tall, front-opening fridge freezer that can probably store enough cold food for a week.

6. A Plump King Size Bed

a king size bed inside an Earthroamer
Photo credit: Earthroamer

You can’t have a luxury camper van without a king-size bed, of course. The dimensions of the bed of the LTi are pretty impressive, but take a look at the huge stargazing hatch above it and the flat TV on the side wall. You’ll feel like you’re camping out of a modern hotel.

7. The EarthRoamer BackYard

Man grilling behind an Earthroamer
Photo credit: Earthroamer

OK, this feature is not part of the interior, but it’s super clever. At the rear of all EarthRoamer vehicles, you can use a pull-out gas BBQ to cook outdoors. There are also LED lighting and an electric awning all around the camper, so you can hang out anywhere. 

8. A Practical Dinette

dinette and table inside an earthroamer
Photo credit: Earthroamer.

The dining area of the LTi is compact but comfortable, which is a great compromise. If you take an overland vehicle off-grid, you’d want to spend as much time in nature. But the weather happens. The huge window by the dinette helps you enjoy the views even on rainy and snowy days.

9. An Entertainment–rich Living Room

the living area of an earthroamer
Photo credit: Canva

The long couch in front of the dinette on the LTi is super comfy and spacious. It’s the perfect place to listen to music, watch TV and read. If you add a 3G/4G WiFi router to your options, you’ll be able to access wireless internet.

10. Full Size Wardrobes

The closet area inside an Earthroamer RV

The SX floor plan includes a full-size wardrobe and lots of storage. Take a look at these beauties. Can you imagine how much adventure gear you could fit in them? 

11. Modern Appliances

Modern and luxurious appliances
Photo credit: Earthroamer.

On the SX, you can enjoy a standard three-burner induction cooktop. But you can go all out and add a washer/dryer, an additional fridge/freezer drawer, or a wine fridge as options. With this setup and the standard 120 gal water tank, you could stay off-grid for as long as you like.

12. A Powerful Electrical System

electrical system under staircase
Photo Credit: Earthroamer.

The electrical panel is neatly hidden away under a step on the SX. The 1,600-watt solar system located on the roof and the massive 18,000-watt lithium battery ensure you can generate enough power to stay off-grid for weeks. Oh, and there’s no noisy generator on board.

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