Sprinter Van Mattress: 8 Awesome Mattresses So You Sleep Well in Your Rig

Traveling in your Mercedes Sprinter Van can be a thrilling experience, providing the freedom to explore new destinations and the opportunity to experience life on…

Flarespace Sprinter Van Mattress

Traveling in your Mercedes Sprinter Van can be a thrilling experience, providing the freedom to explore new destinations and the opportunity to experience life on the road. However, a comfortable night’s sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful camper van trip.

Adequate sleep is essential for physical and mental health; without it, your travel experience can quickly become a nightmare.

You should invest in a quality mattress and bedding to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep when traveling in a Mercedes Sprinter. The Sprinter van mattress should provide adequate support and cushioning to promote a restful night’s sleep.

My partner and I are currently converting a Sprinter van, and I’ve made the bed a top priority, so I already did the research for you! I’ve gathered the best van mattresses on the market that will make your Sprinter van mattress feel just as comfortable as a bed in a regular home.

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What We’re Using for our Sprinter Van Mattress

Kristin's new sprinter van
Photo of Kristin’s new sprinter van

Since we also live on a sailboat, we went the unconventional route with our Sprinter van mattress. Since we love our sailboat’s foam, we went with the same company in our Sprinter van. Sailrite is known for making high-quality marine foam for boats, so we put this exact same foam in our camper van.

We like a pretty firm mattress, and we didn’t want to lose headroom with our bed design. For that reason, we went with 1″ of firm foam and 2″ of medium foam from Sailrite. This is an amazing combination; it never bottoms out and is incredibly comfortable.

Of course, 3″ of foam might not seem like enough to you, but to us, it’s Sprinter van mattress perfection. Keep in mind that Sailrite foam is not precut and doesn’t come in standard bed sizes. You’ll have to order slabs of foam and then cut them to fit your bed layout. We ordered the foam cutter from Sailrite as well and it did a beautiful job.

Campervan HQ Sprinter Van Mattresses

Based in Portland, OR, Campervan HQ has two luxurious mattress options for 144″ and 170″ wheel-based Mercedes Sprinter vans.

The Sprinter van mattresses are 5″ thick with a memory foam topper and are specially designed to be used with vans that have Flarespace flares installed. Their mattresses will perfectly fit the contours of your van’s contours and your body’s contours to maximize sleep comfort and space.

Made with a soy-based memory foam topper and including a zip-off organic cotton cover, the mattresses will fit both regular and extended-depth spaces.

Campervan HQ Van Mattresses offer free shipping within the lower 48. All mattresses are made to order, so be sure to plan for your order’s 3-4 week lead time!

RoamRest Sprinter Van Mattress

RoamRest is based in Clackamas, OR, and has various mattress options for Mercedes Sprinters. All mattress styles are low profile with high performance, measuring 5″ thick, and come in soft and medium-firm density.

Roam Rest ultimate Tri-fold Sprinter Mattress
Photo: @roamrest

The soft mattress has three layers of performance foam: a 1″ supportive base, a 2″ mid-layer of medium foam, and a 2″ top layer of soft conforming foam.

The medium-firm mattress has four layers: the same 2″ supportive base layer, 1″ of soft foam, 1″ of cool gel memory foam, and a final 1″ top layer of soft conforming foam.

Every RoamRest mattress type is designed with a versatile detachable zipper, low-slip nylon-coated side fabric, and soft polyester top fabric, all of which are easy to clean and abrasion and water-resistant.

The five mattress-type options available from Roam Rest are:

  • Ultimate Tri-Fold Van Mattress: If you don’t need a custom mattress, RoamRest’s Ultimate Tri-Fold fits nearly every Mercedes Sprinter bed platform. The tri-fold design is duel-hinged and detachable, making it incredibly versatile and stores conveniently when it’s not in use.
Sprinter Van mattress by Storyteller
Photo: @roamrest
  • Fully Custom Mattress: Suppose you’re looking for a perfect fit for your custom bed frame made with quality materials that are durable yet oh-so comfortable. In that case, RoamRest can design and deliver your dream custom mattress. Do note that custom mattresses will cost more than a mattress type pre-designed for a specific bed frame. RoamRest will provide a quote for your custom mattress type once they receive your request.

All mattresses are delivered via ground shipping free of charge in the USA.

Radius Outfitters Sprinter R-Cage Mattress

Radius Outfitters Sprinter R-Cage Mattress has two foam thickness options; an economy, 5.5″ firm foam, and a premium, 6″ medium firm foam. Both include a removable organic cotton cover.

Radius Outfitters Sprinter R-Cage Mattress

The mattresses come in two lengths to custom fit a sideways sleeper bed with Flarespace flares and a longways sleeper length.

The R-Cage mattress can fold up to your van wall when not in use due to a split design in the middle. The split is located in the middle lengthwise on the longways size and horizontally on the sideways size.

Starting at $550, the R-Cage Sprinter van mattress has a 3-4 week delivery lead time upon placing your order.

Flarespace Custom Mattress for Sprinter 144″

If you already have Flarespace flares added to your Mercedes Sprinter 144″, Flarespace‘s hinged Sprinter van mattress might be the easiest option.

Their 5″ thick memory foam mattress is made with soy-based product, meeting state and federal guidelines. Every memory foam mattress comes with an organic cotton cover.

Flarespace Sprinter Van Mattress

With a price tag of $950, this Sprinter mattress has a shipment lead time of 4-5 weeks.

Adventure Wagon Moab Sprinter Van Mattress

If you’re looking for a premium stowable van mattress for your Adventure Wagon, the Moab Mattress is for you! Ruggedly designed with a durable PVC canvas on the bottom, you can even throw this mattress out under the stars on a warm summer night.

Adventure Wagon Moab Sprinter Van Mattress

This custom mattress for Adventure Wagons is $1,100 and has a built-in cover to keep your mattress clean.

Foam Order Sprinter Mattress

If you’re looking for a thick memory foam mattress, Foam Order has been making custom mattresses for over 20 years.

sprinter campervan mattress

In addition to thick memory foam, they offer latex and traditional foam mattresses. They can contour to shapes and fit the dimensions of any bed. They also offer a wool or organic cotton cover as an add-on for your custom mattress.

Whether you have an extended depth flare or the longest bed length, Foam Order can make your custom mattress fit the bed in your vehicle.

Foam Order has so many custom mattress options that it’s hard to quote a price. They have an order builder on their website where you can enter the dimensions mattress type you need, and they will provide a quote.

Luno Front Cab Sprinter Van Mattress

Have you ever wished you had a spare bedroom in your van? The Luno Front Cab Air Mattress is the perfect solution! This inflatable mattress has two pieces; one that fits perfectly inside the space between the driver and passenger seats and a topper that lays on top of the seats, transforming your front cab area into a comfortable bed!

Luno Sprinter Van Front Cab Mattress

The Luno Air Mattress weighs only 13 pounds, and it packs into a compact storage bag, so you’ll always have your “spare bedroom” on hand.

Your Sprinter Van Mattress is Key to a Good Night’s Rest

Over the past years of traveling, I’ve learned that a comfortable night’s sleep is essential when sleeping in a camper van. Without adequate rest, you can quickly become fatigued and unable to enjoy your travel experience fully.

Will you choose a thick memory foam mattress, or do you need a custom-fit van mattress that sits perfectly inside your DIY bedframe? Whatever you choose, investing in a quality Mercedes Sprinter Van mattress and bedding can help ensure a restful night’s sleep and a successful trip, no matter how long or short.

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