Nissan NV200 Camper: 15 DIY and Custom Build Ideas

The Nissan NV200 camper has become one of the best vans to live in over the last few years. It’s reliable, nifty, and budget-friendly. A…

Man sitting in front of Nissan NV200 camper

The Nissan NV200 camper has become one of the best vans to live in over the last few years. It’s reliable, nifty, and budget-friendly. A new vehicle costs $23,000-$26,000, while a decent used one can go for about $15,000. 

The NV200 camper comes with a 2.0 liter engine and can do 26 miles per gallon on the highway, which makes it a great long-distance vehicle. While the low-key exterior means it’s perfect for stealth camping.

If you want to use an NV200 as a camper, you have three options: a professional conversion, a DIY build, or a conversion kit. Let’s look at each option.

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Nissan NV200 Camper Custom Builds

To get that perfect finish for your NV200 camper, you should consider hiring a conversion company. They take away all the hassle of finding, ordering, buying, and installing the gear. 

A professional build is the most relaxed way to convert a van. However, bear in mind that the waiting list can be pretty long, especially at peak times. You usually need to book various months in advance, so don’t make any road trip plans just yet.

Recon Campers

Los-Angeles-based company Recon Campers create professional Nissan NV200 camper conversions. They aim to turn every NV200 into “an off-grid weekend adventure-mobile”.

Interior of a Recon Campers custom Nissan NV200 camper van conversion
Photo courtesy Recon Campers

You can choose between two models – the Envy, or the Weekender. The Envy comes with a ton of gear and it’s ideal for any digital nomads who want to live full-time on the road. The Weekender is for campers who want to go away on their holidays and weekends. 

All NV200 camper conversions include a pop-top roof, a bench that turns into a bed, a kitchenette, cabinets, and an awning.

Thanks to Recon Campers’ impressive pop-top, the interior has up to 7ft of standing headroom. This is fundamental for anyone considering living in a NV2000 RV full-time.

Find out more on the Recon Campers website. Their packages start from $21,500.

Contravans NV200 camper conversions

Contravans are a Colorado-based camper conversion company. They convert the Ram Pro Master City, Ford Transit Connect LWB, and Nissan NV200 vans into RVs. 

Man sitting behind a Nissan NV200 camper with back doors open showing bed
Photo courtesy Contravans

Contravans offer four main options for your Nissan NV200 camper: bench seat, storage drawers, single bed, and three-piece bed. Once you settle on a plan, you can add any options to it. 

All models include slide-out storage drawers and a kitchenette. Some have a permanent single or double bed, while others have a dinette that turns into a bed at night. 

For more information, head over to the Contravans website. Their conversions start from $8,500.

GTRV Custom Nissan NV200 Camper

Rear door of NV200 camper opened to show a bed and portable toilet
Photo courtesy GTRV

California-based camper conversion company GTRV create custom full, mid and mini size van builds. 

Their Nissan NV200 camper looks modern and practical. It features a kitchenette with a permanent sink and cooker, a bench that turns into a bed, cabinets, and a pop-top. 

Check out all the details on the GTRV website. Their prices start from $8,500 for a pop-top only install.

Caravan Outfitter’s NV200 Camper

The two back doors of the NV200 camper opened up to see the bed and storage boxes inside
The Nissan Free Bird camper features storage boxes and a convertible bed that doubles as a sitting area

Caravan Outfitter, a van conversion company based in Seattle, specializes in building Nissan NV200 campers. Their model features a dinette, which turns into a full-size double bed, storage, and a slide-out kitchenette at the back of the van.

Their conversion can be uninstalled in three minutes to leave you with a cargo vehicle, should you need it.

Head over to the Caravan Outfitter website to get the full details. Their conversion package starts from $39,500.

NV200 Camper Conversion Kits

Are you looking for more flexibility with your build, while achieving that professional finish look? A conversion kit may be a good option for you and will cost a fraction of the price of a full build. 

VanLab Nissan NV200 conversion kits

Located in Simi Valley, California, VanLab manufactures modern-looking and functional conversion kits made of Baltic Birch plywood.

Photo courtesy of VanLab

These awesome Nissan NV200 campervan conversion kits by VanLab are delivered to your door in Ikea-style flat packaging, which are easy and quick to assemble. Along with the package, they send you a step-by-step fitting manual. All you need to fit yours is a screwdriver. If, however, you’d like to get it installed, you can book pick up and installation at the VanLab Simi Valley HQ. This will cost you an extra $850 and takes about 2-3 weeks from the date of the order.

Their Small package fits a Nissan NV200 perfectly. It features a kitchen with a flip-out table and two benches, which turn into a bed. The integrated wiring loom includes 2 double USB chargers, a fuse board, circuit breakers, lighting, fuses and switches wiring.

Ququq Box

SUV camper parked by the water with the hatch open showing the QuQuQ camper kit

Ququq Box is a compact and robust module that turns a van into a camper. It comes in three sizes and can be removed in minutes. It’s essentially a box, which folds out to become an all-in-one bed and kitchenette. 

Check out the kits on the Ququq Box website. Prices start from €2,190. The company is based in Germany, but can ship the kit all over Europe.

InstaCamper Boxes

InstaCamper Boxes make practical and easy-to-install conversion kits for minivans. They produce two models; one which features a sleeping platform and a rear kitchen, and one which consists of a dinette which turns into a bed. The first one can be installed without losing the passenger seats, which is a big advantage if you use your Nissan NV200 as a car.

You can find more information on the InstaCamper Boxes website. Use the coupon code WAYWARD50 to get $50 off a Riverleaf camper kit.

Freeway Camper Kit 

Freeway camper kit for a Nissan NV200 camper

Americans can order a Freeway Camper Kit and either get it delivered at home, or pick it up from one of their warehouses. Their Camper Kit is made of a kitchenette accessible from the rear of the van and a foldable bed. The bed can be folded away, so you can use a camping table inside the van.

You’ll find more details on the Freeway Camper Kit website.


VanPackers are based in Canada but ship their conversion kits to the USA. Their Compact Cargo Van Conversion Kit is ideal for turning the NV200 into a camper. It features a platform bed, which can be lifted up to reveal the storage underneath. At the back of the vehicle, you’ll be able to use big slide-out tables as a kitchen. The kit really makes the most out of the space available.

Installation takes less than five minutes and doesn’t involve any drilling.

Want to know more? Check out the VanPackers website.

Nestbox by Egoe

Nestbox is perfect for an NV200 camper

Egoe is another European company which produces camper conversion kits. Their modules come in various sizes, so they can fit an SUV, an estate car, or a van. The Nest is a box that contains a kitchenette and hosts a folding frame on top. These kits look super smart and elegant.

Find out more about the kits on the Egoe website. They cost from  €2,900. The company is based in the Czech Republic, but they can ship all over the world.

5 Awesome DIY Nissan NV200 campers

You don’t necessarily need to hire a conversion company to turn your Nissan NV200 into a camper. If you don’t have a big budget, or you’d prefer to completely customize your build, you can choose the DIY route. Each piece of furniture will be custom designed by you and you’ll be able to pick every bit of kit. 

Plus, you’ll learn so much about the vehicle and the equipment you install – you’ll be able to fix almost anything yourself.

1) Lauren and Steven’s NV200 camper

Woman staring out the back hatch of her NV200 camper
Lauren enjoying the view from her NV200 camper. Photo:

Lauren and Steven decided to tour the USA and drive to Alaska in a van. They wanted to experience a real adventure. So all they did was build a platform bed. 

The van was just a bedroom to the couple – they went to cafes to work, gas stations to cook in a microwave, and showered at gyms. They did carry a gas stove, though.

Intrigued? We’ve published a whole article about their build and their trip.

2) Pip and Jo’s Nissan NV200 camper

Interior of a DIY Nissan NV200 camper
Photo: @welcometopipandjos

With the help of Bumble Campers, Pip and Jo converted their Nissan NV200 into a camper to go on adventures around the UK. The modern, bright, and cozy interior makes this build super cute. 

The interior of this NV200 camper is lined with plywood, which creates a homey feel. Inside, there’s a couch that turns into a bed, and a kitchenette with storage. It’s simple, yet practical. The couple connects a tent to the vehicle to create extra space. 

Have a look at their Instagram account.

3) Just Us Wandering’s Dory

Annabelle and James converted their Nissan NV200 into a cute little camper. Inside the NV200 camper, on the right hand side, there’s a long worktop and lots of storage cabinets. They can use the worktop to cook on. 

On the other side of the vehicle, there’s an L-shaped bench, which turns into a bed and holds more storage underneath. Annabelle and James also installed a leisure battery, so they can charge their electronics on the road. At night, they use a projector to watch Netflix and YouTube in bed.

Finally, there’s an awning attached to one of the roof rack bars, which provides shade and shelter from the rain. This DIY conversion packs a lot of gear into the nifty NV200 and it was completed on a small budget. 

Check out Annabelle and James’ YouTube Channel:

And follow them on Instagram:

4) Bunny’s no-build NV200 camper

Bunny went in the opposite direction and created a no-build conversion for her van. There’s no screws, no nails, or cut wood inside. She wanted to figure out exactly how she’d use her van before converting it permanently.

Inside, there’s a single bed, which is simply a cot with a foam mattress on top. This also serves as a couch. Under the cot, there’s lots of storage boxes, where she keeps her gear and portable toilet. Bunny even managed to find a foldable table that fits in the van, so she can cook or work inside or outside.

This is possibly the cheapest and fastest way to make the NV200 into a stealth camper for full-time living.

5) Ryan and Mel’s NV200

Ryan and Mel self-built a stealth Nissan NV200 camper to tour around the UK. They managed to build something that looks professionally converted, thanks to the sleek metal surfaces. 

Inside, there’s a kitchenette with a cooker, refrigerator, and sink. The seats convert into a double bed at night. All around the bed, there’s cupboards and shelves for storage. There’s also a portable toilet and a leisure battery hidden in some lockers.

Ryan even installed a diesel heater, so the couple can go camping in the winter, too. 

Conclusion on Nissan NV200 campers

A Nissan NV200 can become an excellent camper to live the van life. It’s affordable, agile, and functional. However you decide to convert it, you’ll be guaranteed to get yourself a bargain, capable rig.

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