30 Best Teardrop Camper Accessories [Practical and Fun!]

As far as travel trailers go, teardrop models hold a special place in traveler’s hearts. The simple yet elegant design of these little trailers offers…

escapod with teardrop camper accessories on the back

As far as travel trailers go, teardrop models hold a special place in traveler’s hearts. The simple yet elegant design of these little trailers offers a quaint, almost timeless quality, which is why they’re so popular.

However, to maximize your travel trailer’s abilities, you’ll need the best teardrop camper accessories. Since space is more limited in these campers, you have to be as strategic as possible.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best teardrop camper accessories that will give you the most bang for your buck. 

  1. WeBoost RV Signal Booster

    Those those RVers who like camping off-grid, an RV WeBoost Signal Booster is one of the best things they can have. A signal booster takes any amount of signal it can find and boosts it within the RV. We've used this ourselves in remote locations and have picked up enough signal to send texts, emails and browse online. Other RVers we've spoken with have been able to stream YouTube videos when outboondocking. This is one of those perfect gift ideas

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  2. Deluxe Teardrop Trailer Cover

    When your camper is not in use, you need to make sure it's protected from the elements. Over time, the fiberglass construction can become brittle as it gets exposed to harsh weather conditions. The easiest way to extend the life of your teardrop camper is with a cover. Just make sure that you buy one in the right size. 

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  3. Inflatable Awning

    While other travel trailers can have built-in awnings to provide shade and protection, teardrop trailers typically don't. Fortunately, you don't have to suffer, thanks to this inflatable version from TAB Accessories. Just blow it up and hook it to the side of your camper. Its spacious design is perfect for everyone and allows you to put chairs or a table underneath. 

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  4. Outdoor Rug

    Another way to prevent too many outdoor elements from getting tracked inside your teardrop camper is to lay down an extra-large outdoor mat. These mats provide a soft yet rugged layer so that you don't have to set up shop directly on dirt or grass. Depending on where your travels take you, this mat will help it feel more like home. Best of all, it's easy to keep clean, and it's reversible. One of the best teardrop trailer accessories out there!

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  5. Collapsible Bucket with Lid 

    Buckets are essential teardrop camper accessories because they allow you to haul water from one point to the next. However, since storage space is so limited inside your camper, a collapsible version is worth its weight in gold. Don't worry, they don't cost that much. You may want a couple of different sizes for specific needs. For example, one bucket for catching fish and another for drinking water. 

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  6. Leveling Ramps

    As you'll discover when you're out on the road, terrain conditions can vary wildly. While it would be nice if you could always park on a flat surface, that doesn't always work out. RV levelers allow you to correct any imbalances so that you can move around your teardrop camper without feeling like it will tip over. These levelers are made of durable plastic and stack on top of each other to save on storage space. 

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  7. Trailer Tongue Storage Box

    One problem with the best teardrop camper accessories is that they take up room inside your rig. This product, however, offers extra storage space and sits outside the camper for a double win. You can simply install this box on the tongue of your hitch, and it's perfect for all outdoor products. For example, you can keep your levelers and chocks in there for easy access. The box is also weatherproof and built to last. 

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  8. Wheel Dock

    Part of the appeal of camping in a tiny trailer is that you can disconnect your tow vehicle and use it independently. However, when doing so, your front wheel needs to stay in place, lest the trailer start moving on its own. A wheel dock like this one ensures that the front of your teardrop camper remains in one spot and won't start rolling off to the side. 

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  9. Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

    Nothing beats sitting next to a roaring fire while camping in the great outdoors. While you could go through the trouble of building a campfire, you can also take the easy route with a portable propane version like this one. Simply hook up your propane tank and spend hours regaling each other with scary stories about irate truckers and a blackwater tank that won't come clean. This is one of our favorite teardrop camper accessories.

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  10. Collapsible Camping Chair

    If you want to sit by the fire, you'll need a place to sit. Fortunately, you can find these uber-comfortable camping chairs for yourself and anyone else coming along for the ride. Best of all, these chairs are collapsible so that they're easier to store in your teardrop camper trailer when it's time to pack up. 

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  11. Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder

    Depending on the size of your teardrop camper, you may have a wet bath. If that is the case, you need to keep your toilet paper dry when taking a shower. This waterproof holder sticks to the wall easily and ensures that you won't waste TP while you're on the road.

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  12. Wheel Chocks

    While wheel levelers help adjust your camper to any inclines, wheel chocks keep your teardrop trailer in place. Without chocks, you could wind up shifting and rolling as you move about the camper, which is a recipe for disaster. These chocks with the front wheel dock can offer peace of mind, no matter where you're staying the night. Something to add to your essential teardrop trailer accessories list.

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  13. RV Wheel Covers

    Your teardrop camper wheels take a lot of abuse from the elements, meaning that they can wear down a lot faster than you might realize. Tire covers can help preserve these components so that they last as long as possible before you have to replace them. The covers are perfect for storing your camper for the season or long-term stays. 

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  14. Interior LED Lights

    While your teardrop camper has built-in lights, they may not provide sufficient illumination. If that is the case, you need something like this set of four LED lights. You will have to do some light electrical work to hook them up, but they offer complete versatility and customization of your interior space. We love this teardrop camper accessory.

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  15. Teardrop Trailer Bike Rack

    Bringing bicycles along for your adventure ensures that you can go virtually anywhere. However, storing your bikes inside the teardrop trailer is not feasible, so you'll have to use a bike rack. This piece installs to the trailer tongue, and it's tall enough to work with a storage box too. If you're into biking, this is one of the best teardrop camper accessories you'll buy.

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  16. Folding Bike

    If you don't want to install a bike rack (or can't), the next best option is to bring a folding bike. This product takes up a lot less space while still providing the same level of mobility. The Schwinn loop lightweight bike has 7 speeds, 20-inch wheels and folds into a neat little package for storing inside your teardrop camper trailer.

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  17. Alpicool Portable Refrigerator

    As far as teardrop camper accessories go, you can't go wrong with a portable fridge. This model plugs into a 12-volt adapter, meaning that it's both compact and versatile. With a 19-quart size, you can fit plenty of food and beverages inside to last a few days. You can connect it to solar panels or a solar generator for camping.

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  18. Heavy Duty Cooler

    While a portable refrigerator is the ultimate product for convenience, it can drain your batteries if you don't have the proper solar setup or portable power station. An excellent alternative is to buy a well-insulated and dependable cooler like this one as a teardrop camper accessory. Even though it doesn't have an air compressor, it can keep your food and drinks cold for hours and hours. If you use blocks of dry ice, it's almost the same as a full-service fridge. 

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  19. Pop Up Gazebo Screened Tent

    While a teardrop awning attaches to the side of your camper, a pop-up gazebo like this one gives you more flexibility. Now, you can create a covered space anywhere, which is perfect for wide-open spaces and campgrounds. This gazebo is ideal as a play or nap area since it's fully enclosed. One of those teardrop camper accessories you'll love.

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  20. Telescoping Ladder

    Part of RVing is maintaining your rig during your travels. If you need to reach the roof vent or patch the roof, you need a ladder to get up there. A telescoping ladder provides all the convenience without taking up so much room. This product is another perfect addition to your tongue storage box. 

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  21. Handheld Vacuum

    Keeping your teardrop camper clean is crucial to maintain sanity while out on the road. Since it's not feasible to bring a plug-in model, you can use a portable, battery-powered vacuum instead. 

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  22. Portable Air Compressor Kit

    Part of travel trailer maintenance means ensuring your tires stay well inflated at all times, which is why it's good to add an air compressor to your arsenal of teardrop trailer accessories. While you could use a portable 12-volt inflator, we prefer a full-on air compressor instead. Not only does it work much faster, but you can use it for other things like inflatable boats and toys.

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  23. Portable RV Surge Protector

    When plugging into an electrical outlet, you need to protect your teardrop trailer from potential surges. Unfortunately, shore power can be unreliable at some campsites, so you never know what to expect. A surge protector and EMS station can provide consistent, regulated power so that you don't wind up with a fried system. 

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  24. Coleman Gas Camping Stove

    Some smaller teardrop campers don't have much kitchen space, so you have to get creative. A propane camping stove allows you to cook outdoors so that you don't feel as cramped inside. Plus, when the weather is nice, you'll likely prefer to prepare meals outside anyway. 

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  25. Lap Sealant

    Getting back to practical teardrop camper accessories, a bottle of lap sealant can come in handy while you're on the road. This product helps you seal any cracks that may develop on the roof, such as around the vent. If a leak does occur, it could ruin the interior, so sealant can prevent expensive repair bills and headaches. 

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  26. Walkie Talkies

    Finally, if you need to communicate with your fellow travelers, cell phones won't do. Instead, short-range walkie-talkies allow you to stay in touch without having to rely on a weak cell signal when out and about in your teardrop trailer.

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  27. Luci String Lights

    These twinkling lights on an 18-foot string create a gentle ambiance and last up to 20 hours on a single charge. We use them both inside our campervan and outside. Some van lifers like to hang them from an awning to create a nice glow when sitting outside in the evening.

    The lights fold down to about 2 inches, perfect for a tiny space.

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  28. Step Rug

    Part of the fun of going out in your teardrop is exploring the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to bring the outdoors on the soles of your shoes. Step rugs wrap around the steps you use to get in and out of your trailer so that you can keep mud and other debris outside. Sometimes, the best teardrop camper accessories are the most practical. 

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  29. Flexible Solar Panels

    Even if you can park in a campsite with electrical hookups, solar panels offer more versatility and freedom while you're on the road. The more power you can get outside of the grid, the easier it is to live and travel on your own terms. Flexible solar panels allow you to roll them up when they're not in use to save space. They're also easier to post on the roof since they can curve with the teardrop design. A teardrop trailer must-have accessory.

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