Top 5 Travel Trailers With Slide Outs for Sale

110 shares When it comes to RVing, size matters. While it would be nice to have a full-size Class A rig to take across the…

When it comes to RVing, size matters. While it would be nice to have a full-size Class A rig to take across the country, it’s not always feasible. Not only are those RVs massive, but they can be quite costly.

Fortunately, there is a way to travel compactly without having to sacrifice so much living space – in travel trailers with slide outs. While a toy hauler may be too cozy for your needs, having a slide-out makes traveling so much more comfortable. 

So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best small travel trailers with slide outs.

Each of these rigs allows you to ride in style without losing the creature comforts of home. Let’s see what they have to offer. 

Top Travel Trailers With Slide Outs

1. Sportsmen Classic 151RB Travel Trailer

Sportsmen Classic small travel trailer with slide out
  • Length: 17′, 11″
  • Width: 84″
  • Accommodations: Kitchenette, Sofa, Sink, 4 cu. ft Refrigerator, TV, Full-Size Bed

At just 17 feet, this is the smallest travel trailer with slide outs on this list. Fortunately, despite its size, it still offers sufficient room to relax.

While the RP-190 gives you space to cook, the Sportsmen gives you a spot to sit back on the sofa. So, if you prefer to watch TV and crack open a beer, this is an excellent small camper with slide out for you.

Since this small travel trailer doesn’t come with a shower, it is not ideal for long stays (unless you have access to a shower on-site). However, if you are planning on doing some boondocking or weekend getaways, you can get a lot of mileage from this model. 

Overall, what makes this small travel trailer with slide outs shine is its simplicity and minimalism. Rather than trying to stuff too many accommodations into a smaller space, Sportsmen has opted to give you a personal den of rest and respite.

Take a nap on the full-size bed, chill on the couch, and make some popcorn while you watch a movie. The perfect accessory for a weekend warrior. 

2. 2019 Jayco 17BH Hummingbird

Jayco Hummingbird small travel trailer with slide out
  • Length: 19′, 10″
  • Width: 97″
  • Accommodations: Bunk Beds, Dry Bath w/Shower, U-Shaped Dinette, Dual-Range Stove

Typically, travel trailers with slide outs are designed for one or two people. However, with the 17BH in tow, you can bring the kids along as well.

Even though this small travel trailer is shorter than other models we’ve seen, it does a lot with such limited space. Not only does it have bunk beds, but it comes with a shower, dual-range stove, microwave, mini-fridge, and plenty of storage.

The kitchenette is located inside the slide-out section, meaning that you can move through this lightweight travel trailer relatively easily even when it’s compressed. 

As you’ll notice, we’re looking at the 2019 model. While Hummingbird does have a newer version, it doesn’t come with a slide-out. Instead, that model has the kitchenette accessible from the outside, rather than sliding out to make more room. 

Over the years, Hummingbird has upgraded the style and decor of the 17BH travel trailer with a slide out. While previous years looked and felt a bit like a retro-styled RV, later versions give you an extra touch of class.

You get faux hardwood paneling, a muted, earthy color palette, and plenty of modern amenities. Even though it might feel cramped inside with four people, you’ll still feel like royalty. 

Learn more about the Jayco Hummingbird.

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3. R-Pod RP-190

  • Length: 20′, 4″
  • Width: 96″
  • Accommodations: Shower, Hanging Closet, Queen Bed, U-Shaped Dinette, Full-Size Refrigerator, Entertainment Center

Whenever comparing travel trailers with slide outs, what matters most is the economy of space. Because you don’t have much room to move around, every inch has to be functional. Such is the case with this small travel trailer with a slide out from Forest River. 

The layout of this travel trailer is clean and efficient, and its slide-out capability only makes it more appealing. The kitchenette and sink can move outward, giving you a wider path from the bedroom to the bathroom to the dinette. 

Interior of R Pod small travel trailer with slide out

Best of all, you can still get from one end to the other without sliding everything out. This feature allows you to park in narrow spots and have much more versatility when scoping out campgrounds and parking lots.

Also, if you plan on bouncing around a lot until you reach your final destination, it is nice to be able to use the camper without having to slide the kitchen in and out every time. 

As you come into this small travel trailer with slide outs, you’re greeted by a mounted TV and entertainment center.

The kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator and a hanging closet and drawers next to the bed. Every space that is not being used for accommodations offers storage, including under the bed, under the dinette cushions, and along the walls with mesh cargo nets.

Overall, you can do a lot in such a small space

Finally, the slide-out operates both mechanically and automatically. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing power and getting stuck with an extra-wide travel trailer

Learn more about the R Pod.

4. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Lace is one of the best small travel trailers with slide out
  • Length: 20′, 5″
  • Width: 84.5″
  • Accommodations: U-Shaped Dinette, Dry Bathroom w/Shower, Kitchenette, Queen Mattress, Double-Door Refrigerator, Mounted TV, Stainless Steel Cooking Range

When comparing different small travel trailers with slide-outs, it’s interesting to see how different manufacturers take advantage of the extra space.

In this case, Lance uses the slide to give you room to eat inside the u-shaped dinette. Unfortunately, when the side is closed, it can be tight and hard to move around, but once it’s open, you have more than enough room to stretch your legs. 

This is one of the nicest travel trailers with slide outs we’ve seen, making you feel like you’re always living in a chic, modern home.

The interior design is casual yet classy, complete with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and faux wood paneling along the walls. Even the dinette table is made to look like polished marble – nothing but the best for you and your travel companion (if applicable). 

As with the RP-190 camper with slide out, this unit maximizes every inch of space. Also, since it comes with a shower head, you can camp for days easily without needing to pack up and head to civilization. 

Learn more about the Lance Travel Trailer.

5. PaloMini

  • Length: 21′, 8″
  • Width: 84″
  • Accommodations: Kitchenette, Dry Bath w/Shower, Queen Bed, Full Closet

Although this small travel trailer with a slide out is relatively big, it doesn’t come with as many features as others we’ve seen. Instead, you just have more room to stretch and relax, making it an ideal choice for single travelers or couples.

You don’t need a fifth wheel to experience modern conveniences – a PaloMini will do just fine. 

Part of the reason this travel trailer feels spacious inside is that it uses a compact dinette designed for two people. Plus, the kitchenette is on the slide-out, giving you even more room to cook and prepare meals.

Storage is also in abundance, so you can bring everything you want, including the kitchen sink! (Because it’s built-in). 

Overall, this small travel trailer with slide outs is perfect for those who like to RV regularly and don’t want to mess around with too many bells and whistles.

You have everything you need and nothing you don’t, and you can use the camper while the slide is engaged or not, giving it even more flexibility.

Learn more about the Palo Mini. 

6. KZ E191BHK Escape

Escape small camper with slide out open
  • Length: 22′, 1″
  • Width: 90″
  • Accommodations: Bunk Beds, Queen Bed, Dry Bath w/Shower, Exterior Fridge and Griddle, Interior Full-Size Fridge, Kitchenette, Dinette Table, Pass-Through Storage

If you thought the Hummingbird was special because it sleeps four, you will be blown away by the accommodations offered in the Escape.

Since this small travel trailer with a slide-out comes with a bunk bed and a queen-sized mattress, it can sleep up to five comfortably. So, if you have friends or little ones to bring along, they can all fit with ease. 

Another feature of the E191BHK is the exterior kitchenette. If you just want to grab a drink or cook something simple, you can just flip the storage cupboard and access a mini-fridge and griddle.

Since the Escape small travel trailer with a slide out comes with a built-in awning, you don’t even have to worry about the elements. 

Best of all, the exterior features are in addition to the regular-sized kitchenette and fridge inside the camper. Overall, you can bring enough snacks and food for everyone, making this an ideal choice for weekend getaways or long-term camping. 

The slide-out on this travel trailer is used for the dinette. Even better, you can still move around comfortably when the slide is in, making this camper even more versatile. Finally, the E191BHK comes with modern styling and decor, giving it a chic yet homey vibe. 

Learn more about the Escape.

7. Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S

Rockwood small travel trailer with slide out interior with kitchen and couches
  • Length: 22′, 4″
  • Width: 96″
  • Accommodations: U-Shaped Dinette, Sofa w/Murphy Bed, Bathroom w/Enclosed Shower, Kitchenette, Pass-Through Storage

Although this camper is called the Mini Lite, it is one of the largest and most accommodating small travel trailers with slide outs on our list. At over 22 feet long, this camper fits a lot into a relatively small space.

Also, because it is only designed to sleep two or three people, it has much more room to use the various appliances and fixtures. 

First of all, the shower has a glass enclosure, making it one of the fanciest small travel trailers with slide outs we’ve seen. Second, the kitchenette sink is perpendicular to the wall, helping to distinguish between each section.

To help expand the living area, the 2104S comes with a murphy bed so that you can lounge and relax when you’re not sleeping. 

One feature that is popping up on modern RVs is pass-through storage.

Models like the Mini Lite enable you to pass items through the outside without having to come all the way into the RV. Since there are openings on both sides, they are even more versatile and can allow for better airflow when camping in hot weather. 

As far as the slide-out goes, it holds the U-shaped dinette. However, the Mini Lite comes in a few different configurations, so you can choose to have your sofa/bed combo in the slide instead.

With that option, it is much easier to move through the RV when the slide is in. Plus, since it holds the sofa, you can still lay down and rest without having to engage the slide. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of the best small campers with slide-out!

Their roomy interiors will make you feel like you’re in a much bigger RV.

Learn more about the Rockwood Mini Lite.

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