10 Best Teardrop Trailers For Escaping Into the Great Outdoors

Calling all minimalist adventurers! This guide spotlights the best teardrop trailers, ideal for new RVers, solo explorers, and couples seeking a cozy escape without the bulk.

polydrop teardrop camper parked on the desert

The best teardrop trailers are perfect for new RVers, solo travelers, and couples who don’t need much space or extra frills. Teardrop trailers are easy to tow and store, and they also come in a variety of styles, from luxury to off-road.

Most teardrop camper interiors have a bed, storage, and an entertainment system. With most teardrops, you’ll cook outside using the rear galley. Want a teardrop trailer with a bathroom? No problem! We’ll also give you some options.

With this guide, we hope you find the best teardrop trailer for your camping adventures.

The Best Teardrop Campers For Sale

Thanks to their boom in popularity, many manufacturers are increasing their production of teardrop trailers. That gives you plenty to choose from at various price points with these adorable small campers.

Here are our very favorite teardrop campers for sale.

Want to know what to take on your camping trip? Check out these 30 must-have teardrop camper accessories!

1) NuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Trailer

The TAB best teardrop trailer parked in the forest at sunset
Photo courtesy TAB Teardrop Trailers

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 3 (Boondock, Black Canyon, and Classic)
  • Length: 18’3”
  • Dry Weight: 2,877 to 2,940 pounds
  • Interior Height: 79”
  • Exterior Height: 8’9” to 8’11”

The TAB 400 is one of the newest luxury teardrop trailers made by NuCamp. It’s also one of the largest teardrop campers on the market. This is the best teardrop trailer for families, couples, or a solo traveler seeking an extensive getaway in the great outdoors.

Inside this teardrop camper with a bathroom, you’ll find a seating area that transforms into a queen-size sleeping area, a wet bath, a large kitchen, and a dinette that folds into another sleeping area.

You can choose between three different floorplans for the TAB400: the TAB with a 2-way fridge, a 3-way fridge, or the TAB solo.

Make this camper trailer off-road with the Boondock Package, which gives you 15″ sport rims, aggressive off-road tires, a heavy-duty pitched axle, and a solar setup. You’ll also have the option to add a second air conditioning unit, extra cabinetry, or a bathroom. 

2) Escapod TOPO2 Voyager Off-Road Teardrop Travel Trailer

Escapod teardrop trailer parked on snowy ground
Photo courtesy Escapod

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 13’6”
  • Dry Weight: 1,920 pounds
  • Interior Height: 44”
  • Exterior Height: 80.5”

The Escapod TOPO2 is one of the best teardrop trailer models for traversing technical terrain. It’s ideal for exploring the wildest, most remote places for boondocking. The layout is the standard teardrop trailer style, wrapped in a very cool exterior.

This tiny camper comes with off-road suspension and a durable frame of powder-coated USA steel. The insulated exterior walls and roof are lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

You’ll enjoy cooking at the rear galley, which is constructed with waterproof HDPE, a stainless steel countertop, and LED lighting. Doors on both sides make it great for couples who don’t want to climb over each other to get in and out. 

Indoors, sleep deeply on a comfortable queen-size memory foam mattress and gaze at the stars out a window right above your head. There’s plenty of storage space inside, plus warm recessed LED lighting and dual USB chargers.

This is one of the best teardrop trailers for towing with your Jeep camper and going on rugged adventures.

3) Oregon Trail’R FronTear Teardrop Trailer

The FrontTear classic teardrop trailer
Photo: Oregon Trailer

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 11’6”
  • Dry Weight: 1,100 to 1,500 pounds
  • Interior Height: 48”
  • Exterior Height: 64”

Minimalist campers will love the Oregon FronTear. This is one of the best teardrop trailers made to order, which means you won’t find them on a dealership lot unless they’ve been traded in.

The Oregon FronTear small camper offers a modern look with vintage touches, such as a comfortable double bed and clever storage solutions. Standout features include an outdoor kitchen, doors on both sides, overhead cabinets, and a side table.

Choose between options such as standard or custom cabinetry, curtains, custom doors, vent fans, a second side table, a TV, and more. These teardrop trailers are the way to go if you want a lot of say in your camper build.

4) Polydrop P17A1 All Electric Teardrop Trailer

Polydrop's best teardrop trailer has a unique shape that looks like it's from outer space
Photo courtesy PolyDrop

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 13’1”
  • Dry Weight: 1,200 to 1,600 pounds
  • Interior Height: 42”
  • Exterior Height: 64”
  • Features: heater with thermostat, outdoor kitchenette

Inspired by the design of spaceships, the all-electric Polydrop P17A1 tiny trailer is a sleek, ultra-lightweight trailer that can go anywhere. This trailer has hydraulic disc brakes and Timbren axle-less independent suspension for easier towing.

The 100-watt solar system is standard because this ultralight teardrop camper trailer is meant to be taken off-grid for boondocking.

The wing doors make it look like the Ferrari of teardrop trailers. However, the interior cabin is rather minimalistic and simple. The interior wall is made of durable structural FRP (fiberglass) with 8.7” thick insulation and it’s finished with faux leather trim, giving an elegant feel.

Most of the luxury gadgets, like the heater with a thermostat, roof ventilation, and solar charger, are hidden from view. Use a simple control panel to trigger your recessed LED lighting. Cook at a simple rear galley with drawers, storage cabinets, and an optional Dometic fridge.

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5) Vistabule Teardrop Trailer

Bright red vistabule teardrop trailer with hatches and doors open
Photo: Vistabule Teardrop Trailer

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 14’
  • Dry Weight: 1,300 to 1,700 pounds
  • Interior Height: 43”
  • Exterior Height: 67”

If you’re looking for a lightweight camper with innovative features that eliminate the typically claustrophobic teardrop interior, the custom Vistabule luxury teardrop trailer is for you.

A large front window makes it impossible to miss the beauty of the world around you. The pass-through opening with a sliding screen between the rear galley and the cabin allows you to pass food to the people at the interior table or coffee to someone lying in bed.

Inside, bed mode lets you fall asleep gazing at the stars through the huge front window. You can also easily transform the bed into a sofa to lounge comfortably at the table.

These unique features, like four windows and two portholes, under-bed storage, and a collapsible sofa table, spice up the standard teardrop trailer, making the Vistabule small trailer stand out.

6) Little Guy Max Teardrop Camper

The Little Guy Max best teardrop trailer with a table set up next to it
Photo: Little Guy Mas Teardrop Camper

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 21’
  • Dry Weight: 3,060 to 3,140 pounds
  • Interior Height: 6’7”
  • Exterior Height: 9’7” to 9’9”

The Little Guy Max is one of the best teardrop trailers for tall campers. It features all the comforts of a small motorhome and is designed to make your camping experience luxurious.

The interior is so spacious you could live inside this luxury teardrop camper when it’s cold.

With the abundant headroom, anyone can stand inside while cooking or moving around. However, the Little Guy Max’s heavier weight means you’ll need a more powerful tow vehicle, like an SUV or small pickup truck.

With this teardrop trailer, you don’t have to rely on an outdoor kitchen. It has a fully-kitted interior galley with a microwave, a two-burner stove, a sink with a sprayer and faucet, a removable cutting board, and a floor-to-ceiling pantry.

There’s a separate dinette area for eating, lounging, or working and a queen-size bed. The wet bath, furnace, water heater, air conditioning, TV, and entertainment system allow you to camp in modern comfort.

If you want one of the best teardrop trailers for full-time living, we highly recommend this one.

7) Hütte Hut Tear Drop Camper

The Hutte Hut teardrop camper trailer is made of wood and is gorgeous
Photo: Hutte Hut

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 14’
  • Dry Weight: 900 pounds
  • Interior Height: 51”
  • Exterior Height: 72”

The Hütte Hut camper is one of the best teardrop trailer models, and it’s so unique that we had to include it. The epoxy-bonded, screwless, all-wood assembly makes it look like no other trailer. Each piece of wood looks stunning, and the high-quality construction is evident in every detail.

The Hütte Hut teardrop camper trailer opens completely on one side through two huge doors, offering wonderful views of your surroundings from the bed. It accommodates two people comfortably and can fit up to three.

The interior is very basic, with just a mattress and a few storage shelves. These teardrop campers are made to order in Santa Barbara, California. 

8) Pika by Timberleaf Teardrop Campers

The bright yellow Pika Teardrop Camper in the desert
Photo: Pika Teardrop Camper

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 3 (Standard, All-Road, and Off-Road)
  • Length: 12’
  • Dry Weight: Starting at 1,025 pounds
  • Interior Height: 48”
  • Exterior Height: 66”

If you need simplicity, off-road durability, a lower price tag, and a stylish exterior, the Timberleaf Pika is the best teardrop trailer for you.

This little trailer meets the basic needs of minimalist campers. It has a double bed, netted storage, an outdoor kitchen, a large skylight, and plenty of windows and doors. You can also add an awning to create an outdoor living space.

Its light weight makes it easy to maneuver and tow, while the off-road tires and a Timbren trail climbing suspension option allow you to take the Pika anywhere. To customize your perfect tiny trailer, you can choose between the Standard Package, All-Road Package, and Off-Road Package.

The outdoor galley with a slider for an electric cooler is super simple. You’ll need your own cooking gear and accessories, which lowers this teardrop camper’s overall price.

9) Vintage Overland Teardrop Trailers

Vintage Overland teardrop camper being pulled by an old Land Rover in the desert
Photo: Vintage Overland Teardrop Camper

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 3
  • Length: 12’ to 
  • Dry Weight: 600 to 900 pounds
  • Interior Height: 4’
  • Exterior Height: 6’

Vintage Overland teardrop trailers come in three models: the Tuco, the Great Escape, and the T.E. Lawrence (listed from lightest to heaviest). They are all so light that they can be towed by almost any car.

Danish lines inspire their super-stylish design and mimic the best classic teardrop trailers. The small size of the Vintage Overlander trailers requires a minimalistic camping approach – there is no galley or bathroom.

However, shelving and cupboards in the rear of this best teardrop trailer make adding your camping cooking tools easy. The double bed with a vent and fan above gives you a secure, comfortable place to rest at night.

These beautiful teardrop trailers are built to provide a bedroom in the wilderness. You can enjoy cooking over a campfire, sitting out under the stars, and sleeping in comfort. Each small trailer is handcrafted and made to order.

10) Winnebago Minnie Drop Teardrop Camper

Winnebago Minnie Drop teardrop trailer
“Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted.”

Trailer Specs

  • Floorplans: 5
  • Length: 21’ to 25’2”
  • Dry Weight: 2,800 to 4,200 pounds
  • Interior Height: 6’5”
  • Exterior Height: 9’9” to 10’
  • Features: 

The Winnebago Minnie Drop has the classic teardrop lines we love with a larger interior living space. Along with the Little Guy Max, this is easily one of the best teardrop campers for full-time living.

Depending on the model, you get a fully-kitted indoor galley, a dry bathroom with a shower, a queen bed, a table, sofas, and a 31 to 43-gallon freshwater tank. What’s truly amazing is the dry bath with the shower separate from the toilet.

If your feet or legs are dirty from outdoor adventures, spray them off using the outdoor shower hose, an added feature in newer models. The interior of this teardrop camper offers a dinette, a large sleeping space, and plenty of storage.

Which of the Best Teardrop Trailer is Your Favorite?

If you want to upgrade from tent or minivan camping and like to travel light, teardrop trailers are a great and affordable choice.

You’ll gain extra comforts, but you will still feel like you’re camping “properly,” old school: feeling close to nature, roasting marshmallows on the campfire, and kicking back with a beer in your hand.

However, if you plan on living on the road full-time, consider something bigger – a travel trailer, fifth wheel, Class A or C motorhome, or campervan. These offer more comfort and roomier indoor living spaces.

Want a bathroom? Check out our article on the top camping trailers with bathrooms.

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