12 best off-road campers to take you deep into nature

Do you want to be able to camp off-grid and boondock in the great outdoors with a little bit of luxury? An off-road small camper…

Turtleback Expedition off-roading in the mountains

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Do you want to be able to camp off-grid and boondock in the great outdoors with a little bit of luxury? An off-road small camper may be the right choice for you.

Off-road travel trailers are built tough to withstand rough terrain but also compact to make setup a breeze.

There are plenty of models and sizes of off-road camper trailers with a range of amenities.

The choices can be overwhelming, but it gives campers the chance to find the off-road travel trailer perfect for their adventures.

Different campers have different features for different terrains, so it is important to know what your plans are in advance.

The Best Off-Road Campers for Sale Right Now

Ready to jump in the off-road camper game? Here are our top picks for the best off-road camper trailers for sale.

Opus 4-Sleeper Off Road Camper

Pickup truck pulling bright blue Opus off road camper down a dirt road
Photo courtesy Opus Off-Road

The Opus off-road camper trailer was built to take you to distant mountain peaks and sparkling lakes with an upgraded, all-terrain chassis, heavy-duty tires and and independent coil suspension.

Stay off-grid up to four days and sleep six in this off road travel trailer, which features an inflatable decision with 8-foot ceilings and panoramic windows.

Cook outdoors with this off-road camper’s external slide-out kitchen, and enjoy storage, power and onboard water for your camping adventures.

Check out the Opus Off-Road.

Black Series HQ12 Off-Road Travel Trailer

The Black Series off road travel trailer features a rugged, compact design.
Photo courtesy Black Series

The Black Series HQ12 is one of 7 rugged off road travel trailers in this collection.

The HQ12 sleeps a family of four and features a robust suspension system and custom-designed trailing arms that allow each wheel to move independently over rough terrain.

This compact off-road camper has enough room to move around, with convertible beds, solar panels, a full kitchen and power to keep you comfortable off-grid.

Check out the HQ12 Black Series off-road camper

Morv Explore

Cost: $9,395 MSRP

Weight: 775 pounds

This off-road camper is made to follow you to the most remote areas. It comes with an aluminum lid, trailer rack, rooftop tent, 31″ A/T Tires, 2″ ball coupler, and Manley toolbox.

It also features a 3″ mattress, LED lighting, military tested independent torsion axle, trailer stabilizer, and patented tailgate design.

Available add-ons for off-road camper trailer include a rear hitch trailer stabilizer, lid tie-down kit, and a 3rd trailer rack uprights/ bar.

Check out the Morv Explore.

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Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth

Taxa Outdoors off road camper parked at a campsite
Photo: Taxa Outdoors

Cost: $22,276 retail price
Weight: 1,360 pounds

The Tiger Moth off road trailer was made to sleep two adults but has the option to add a rooftop tent for two more. The simple design is lightweight and rugged, making it a viable choice for different terrains.

Features include a full-size bed & couch, under bed storage, wireless brake controller, roof tracks, LED interior & exterior lights, freshwater tank, USB outlets, all-terrain tires (with 5-year manufacturer warranty) and more.

With all these features, this off road camper trailer leaves little to be desired. Available add-ons include the rooftop tent, birch plywood camp kitchen, mesh screen door, rear awning, and a portable 2-burner stove.

Read more about the Tiger Moth.

Topo Series Escapod Off Road Travel Trailer

Escapod Topo Series Off-road Camper parked on a hilly, snowy mountain
Photo: Courtesy Escapod

Cost: $16,500
Weight: 1,600 pounds

The Topo Series off-road camper is fully insulated for your comfort. The minimalist design makes it a great choice for more difficult terrains.

The base price of this off-road trailer includes rhino rack crossbars, rhino rack seven-foot awning, Goodyear Wrangler trail runner all-terrain tires, 3,000 lb. rated rear stabilizing jacks, weather-proof sealed undercarriage, and a stainless-steel countertop.

Available add-ons for this small off-road camper include solar power, two-burner stove, propane tank, water tank, water heater & shower, welded storage deck, electric brakes, and more.

The add-ons available enable you to fully customize your camper to ensure it is perfect for your trip.

See more at Escapod. 

Terra Trek Australia

TerraTrek Off Grid Camper parked in the desert with solar panels on the ground.
Photo: TerraTrek

Cost: $21,625

Weight: 810 kilograms- 980 kilograms (weight varies by model)

The Terra Trek Australia off-road camper trailer is designed to handle rough terrain and weather. It’s light & compact for easy maneuverability. The camper also boasts quick set up and clean up times for shorter trips.

Features include a fridge/ freezer, side access pantry, solar panel, mud terrain tires, slide out kitchen with pumped water, internal storage, outdoor twin burner cooker, and more. Some features are optional and will change the price of your camper.

See the Terra Trek here.

Airstream Basecamp X  Off Road Camper

Basecamp is Airstream's Small Off Road Travel Trailer
Photo: Airstream

Cost: $37,400
Weight: 2,585 pounds

The Basecamp X Airstream off-road camper was made for all terrains from snow to rough woods. It is small and sleek to make set up and clean up a breeze.

Features include a functioning kitchen, pull-out sofas, attachable tents, solar pre-wire kit, outdoor shower, bench storage, and more.

The Basecamp X also can be customized inside to suit your style preferences.

Learn more about the Basecamp X.

Boreas XT Off-Road Camper by Into the Wild Overland 

Boreas XT Alpine Lakes Off Road Camper parked by a beautiful lake in the mountains
Photo: Into the Wild Overland

Cost: $27,860
Weight: 1,950 pounds

The Boreas XT off-road camper trailer is made to be the perfect backcountry basecamp. It is specifically designed to handle sandy, muddy, rocky, and other rough terrains. The camper is envisioned to hold all the supplies you may need.

Exterior features include electric brakes, aluminum roof rack, fiberglass exterior, instant hot water shower, LED lights, rear stabilizer jacks, and more. The interior boasts PVC cabinetry, memory foam queen bed, full insulation, air furnace, and a USB power source.

The off road travel trailer also boasts a pull-out galley complete with a 2-burner propane stove, sink, electric refrigerator/ freezer, freshwater pump, and more.

Learn more about the Boreas XT.

Schutt XVenture XV2

XV-2 off-road camper trailer with rooftop tent extended parked in the desert
Photo: Schutt Industries

Cost: $10,895
Weight: 1,200 pounds

The XV1 off-road camper trailer is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, making it durable in extreme climates. Every trailer, even different models, is backed by a 10-year factory warranty. Each one is made in the USA and is designed with military engineering basics.

Features include a heavy-duty fold-down tailgate, max coupler hitch, large toolbox, LED lighting, and electric brakes. Add-ons available are the water system, propane system, water heater, lighting systems, and power upgrade.

Learn more about the XV2.

Turtleback Trailers Expedition Off Road Trailer

Turtleback Expedition off-road travel trailer on a bumpy dirt road in the mountains.
Photo: Courtesy of Turtleback Trailers

Cost: $26,995
Weight: 1,300 pounds

The expedition trailer is the largest off-road trailer Turtleback offers. It can accommodate up to 6 people, making it an option for families.

The water tank holds up to 48 gallons and the entire camper has 50+ cubic feet of storage. Features include a shower, stove, slide-out kitchen, steel fold-down tables, LED lighting, standard roof rack, electric, and more.

There are also inverters, solar systems, awnings, and tire upgrades available to add-on.

Learn more about the Expedition Trailer.

Colorado Basedrop Teardrop Camper

basecamp off road travel trailer parked outside near rocks and trees.
Photo courtesy Colorado Teardrops

Cost: $12,995
Weight: 1,000 pounds

The aluminum frame makes this off-road camper lightweight and durable. It is designed around a full-size queen mattress for your comfort.

This off-road travel trailer is so lightweight, it can be towed by cars with small engines. Every trailer comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Basedrop is a very bare bones camper with plenty of upgrades available. This includes LED lights, solar generator, solar panel, front cargo rack, water tank with a hand pump, hot water/ shower, small tent, memory foam mattress, propane tank, and more.

Learn more about the Basedrop.

Hickory Expedition Off Road Trailer

Jeep towing a Hickory Expedition off-road trailer
Photo courtesy Hickory Expedition

Cost: $11,999
Weight: 1,200 pounds

The Hickory off-road trailer was designed with convenience and durability in mind. It has an aluminum body for strength and tube fenders for maneuverability around trees and over rocks.

Every Hickory off-road camper trailer comes with an aluminum tongue box which can be modified to suit your specific needs. The base model includes off-road tires, a urethane coating, adjustable hitch, LED lighting, battery breakaway and safety chains, and four jacks.

The camper also has the option to add on a roof rack for added storage. Other add-ons include two different water packages, two different propane packages, solar package, portable solar package, shower package, power package, heat & AC package, and more.

Learn more about the Hickery Expedition trailer

Taxa Tiger Moth Wooly Bear

Taxa’s Wooly Bear off-road camper is everything you need in a backcountry basecamp.

This hardy high clearance trailer features a full-size outdoor kitchen, storage, a pull-out for your cooler and a platform to put a 2 or 3 person tent.

You can easily two this off-road travel trailer with any rig, including 4-cylinder vehicles.

The large cargo deck stores bicycles, boats or boards.

Learn more about the Taxa Wooly Bear.

Why Should You Get an Off-Road Camper – Detailed Buying Guide

Off-road camper trailers are customizable to suit your needs. They come in three main styles: slide on campers, camper trailers, and hybrid caravan/campers. This means owners have plenty of options based on their camping goals.

An off-road camper is also smaller than the standard RV or camper. This makes them easier to maneuver. They also are more compact to make set-up quicker and easier. If you are an avid camper, it may be time for you to ditch the tent and upgrade to an off-road camper.

Looking for a van instead of a camper trailer? Check out the best 4×4 adventure vans. 

Benefits of an Off-Road Camper Trailer

Off road camper trailer driving in the snow
Photo: Into the Wild Overland, the Boreax XT

Now, we’ll talk about the benefits of an off-road camper trailer for your next adventure.

Add-on options

Off-road travel trailers can be customized to suit an individual’s personal preferences. This allows someone to ensure their camper is exactly what they need for their trip. Often times add-ons include things such as showers, water tanks, kitchen appliances, etc. This helps elevate the comfort factor of the off-road camper.

Weather Resistance

As opposed to tents, off-road campers won’t leak on you in the middle of the night if it rains. The hard-shell exterior enables you to enjoy your trip in any type of weather. Many campers are also fully-insulated to protect you from extreme temperatures.

Large Storage Capacity

Instead of shoving all your supplies into the trunk of your car, off-road campers come with plenty of storage space. Often times, there are exterior storage spaces that can lock along with interior drawers and storage under furniture.

Off-road camper trailers are designed to maximize storage, so they get creative with their pop-outs, under storage, and cabinets.

Camping in Style

It’s no secret that camping in a tent can be rough. With an off-road camper trailer, you have a mattress, heat, indoor plumbing, a kitchen, and more depending on the model.

Off-road campers also give you more privacy and security, so you can feel confident when you leave camp or go to bed. Campers are meant to be homes on wheels so it is important you feel comfortable in yours.

Downsides of an Off-Road Camper

Expedition off-road camper parked in the mountains
Photo courtesy Turtleback Trailers. This is the Expedition trailer.

Now we’ll go over some of the downsides of an off-road camper that tows behind your vehicle. You might want to consider a pop-up truck camper if you don’t feel like towing a rig.

Hard to Maneuver

Off-road campers involve extra skill when driving; they require focus and patience. While it is not as difficult as most would think, the biggest problem is when a camper does not follow your tracks. This can lead to accidents or getting stuck on your terrain. Turns are also more difficult. It is easy to flip a camper if you take a turn too quickly or you hit something while turning.

Off-Road Campers Are Not Meant for Cities

Cities are crowded and have limited parking, making them not camper friendly. This is where detaching your camper is a viable option. If that is not an option, your best bet would be to parallel park. It can also be hard to maneuver an off-road camper around city street corners, especially if the streets are crowded.

The Price Tag

The off-road campers themselves can be expensive. Most off-road campers start at around $6,000 for the base model. They also prompt you to purchase more stuff that many campers may not budget for.

The add-ons, while beneficial, can also rack up the cost very quickly. Pay attention to upgrade fees as well for things such as tires and other amenities.

What to Consider Before Buying an Off-Road Camper

off road trailer going through the water
Photo: Philip Schubert / Shutterstock.com

Because off-road campers for sale can be pricey, it is important you choose the right one to have the best experience. Make sure you do the proper research so you don’t waste your money. Here are a few things you should consider before you purchase:

Where are you going?

Different off-road campers can handle different types of terrain. You also need to determine if you have trailer access where you are going.

If you don’t you may want to choose a slide on camper, or you will have to leave your trailer behind. Harsher terrain will also put more pressure on your vehicle and can cause damage.

It is important to match the weight distribution for your vehicle.

How Long Will You Be Gone?

Depending on the length of your trip, you will need more storage and access to gear. Certain off-road campers are also easier to set up and pack up than others which is another factor to consider.

Off-road camper trailers and caravan hybrids have more storage than slide-on campers.

Slide-on campers tend to be more minimalist.

How Many People are Going?

Slide on off-road campers are made for singles or couples. A camper trailer is better for families with children. Caravan/camper hybrids are great as well and also can provide a comfortable indoor environment for children.

What Activities are You Planning?

If you plan on exploring your surroundings, you may need to rely on your vehicle. If that is the case, an off-road camper that can detach from your vehicle may be the best option. Also, consider what you need to bring for said activities.

Many off-road campers have racks available as an add-on so you can bring bikes and other large equipment with you. For smaller equipment, pay attention to the storage space in the camper.

Conclusion on the best off-road campers for sale

While you may want to buy the first camper you see, it is important to stop and evaluate your needs. The camper you choose can make or break your trip.

Always do thorough research and be specific with what you’re looking for. There are plenty of options out there but not all of them are right for you.

It may be beneficial to speak with a dealer who can help evaluate which off-road camper suits your needs best.

Some off-road campers can also come with a hefty price tag, so pay attention to what the camper includes and what is actually an add on.

You should also take into account what you will have to buy to stock the camper; the cost adds up quickly and you don’t want to go into debt over your camper.

Camping should be an enjoyable experience; an off-road camper may be the key to taking your trips to the next level!

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