17 Unstoppable Vehicles to Outlive the Apocalypse

11 shares Whether you dream of traveling to the end of the world or you’re planning for it, you’ll need to travel in a rugged,…

Whether you dream of traveling to the end of the world or you’re planning for it, you’ll need to travel in a rugged, go-anywhere camper van that can stay off-grid for long periods. Who knows when you’ll have access to gas, water, and electricity?

We’ve rounded up the ultimate apocalypse-proof fleet of RVs.

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1) U4023 Unimog TenereX

Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Worried about keeping unwelcome visitors (zombies, for example) out? You’ll want to get yourself the U4023 Unimog TenereX. It’s one of the most robust all-terrain expedition vehicles out there. The TenereX frame is heavy-duty and the OM 934 LA diesel engine, coupled with the EAS automated gearbox, can take you anywhere. 

2) Earthcruiser 2024 GMC EV Hummer Camper

Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

If you want to go electric, the GMC EV Hummer Camper by Earthcruiser is the obvious choice. It comes with a pop-up roof with a double bed, an indoor/outdoor shower, a flat-pack toilet, a kitchenette with a sink and induction cooktop, and a bench with a table. 

If you can’t find an EV charging point after the end of the world, you can always upgrade the 605-watt solar system.

3) Grit Overland Go Terra

Photo Credit: Grit Overland

The Go Terra is built on a Ford Transit AWD and comes with a full kitchen, a gear storage, a stow-away bench seat, a fold-up bed, AC, and a heater. It’s smaller than a Unimog but has plenty of comforts.

The double bed in the rear folds up and down on the side of the van, so you have access to the storage space under it during the day. There’s also a second bed in the front, which rolls out of the front seats – it’s great for a kid.

4) Storyteller Overland HILT

Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland

The Storyteller Overland HILT is built on the RAM 5500 chassis. It has a U-shaped dinette, a full kitchen, a spacious wet bath, and a bed loft.

What sets the HILT apart are the 360-degree full spectrum trail lights, the 20,000 lb. winch for self-recovery, the active hydraulic smart suspension system, and the Zero Torsion Subframe system. If you get in trouble in the wild, you’ll make it out alive with an HILT.

5) The Patton by Wolf Rigs Hummer Camper 

Photo Credit: Wolf Rigs

The Patton is another great option for an apocalypse scenario. It’s a military-issued HMMWV converted into a camper, so you can’t get much sturdier than that.

Conversion company Wolf Rigs fits a spacious kitchen on both sides of the truck bed, a full-size shower, a sleeping space over the cab, and an L-shaped couch in the HMMWV. Not bad!

6) Earthroamer SX

earthroamer expedition vehicle
Photo Credit: Earthroamer

The Earthroamer SX is built on a Chevrolet 6500 4WD chassis. While it’s super robust and off-road ready, it also comes with lots of luxuries. The lounge has 270-degree windows; the kitchen would fit in well in a luxury apartment; and the dry bath looks like a spa. If it’s safe to venture outside, you can enjoy a meal al fresco with the pull-out gas BBQ.

7) EarthCruiser Explorer XPR440

Photo Credit: Mercedes Benz

If you need to keep a low profile for a while, consider the XPR440. It’s EarthCruiser Australia’s motorhome version of the Unimog U 430. It holds 227 gallons of water,  211 gallons of fuel and has two fridge/freezers. It even has a washing machine on board and includes a chainsaw and an axe. Whatever you need to do to survive out there, the XPR440’s got you covered.

8) Sportsmobile 4×4 Camper Van

Photo Credit: Sportsmobile

The Sportsmobile 4×4 Camper Van is based on the Ford Cutaway. The camper shell is made of fiberglass and reinforced with steel. Talk about rugged! It’s a small-ish van, but it comes with a pop top, which gives you extra living space and a decent size double bed.

This van comes with AC and either a propane furnace or a diesel air heater. The drawback is that there’s no toilet inside. But if the world ends, who’s going to see you do your business outdoors?

9) Storyteller Overland Beast Mode

Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland

This rugged 4×4 Sprinter van can take you anywhere and allow you to stay off-grid for long periods of time. The impressive solar system is so powerful that you can run the AC all night. The van also includes a diesel heater and a water heating system for the winter. 

On the Beast Mode, you’ll also find a Murphy-style bed, a cassette toilet, a concealed shower pan, a lounge which converts into a bed, and a spacious galley.

10) Earthcruiser EXP 4×4 Motorhome

Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

Got kids? If you can give up some comforts, the Earthcruisewr EXP is the most spacious 4×4 RV out there. It can sleep up to four adults and a child. Because there aren’t many amenities on board, there’s lots of space to move around in during the day.

The Earthcruiser EXP comes with a convertible dinette set, a sky bed, a cassette toilet, and solar panels. 

11) Earthroamer LTi

Photo Credit: Earthroamer

The Earthroamer LTi is built on a Ford F-550 chassis and comes with a carbon fiber body and 43in military tires on beadlock wheels. Just like the Earthroamer SX, it’s fitted with plenty of luxurious features, like the plush king-size bed and the huge kitchen. If you’ve got to venture into the wilderness to find cover, you might as well do it in style.

12) Winnebago Revel

Photo Credit: Winnebago

The Revel is a 4×4 Class B RV built on a 144″ Sprinter chassis that comes with a wet bath, a water heater, and a diesel heater. It also features a full kitchen with a sink, an induction cooktop and a fridge. Behind the front seats, there’s a bench with seatbelts and a swivel table. The comfy double bed is on a power lift system, so you can easily access the storage area under it. 

The Revel has a 3.0 liter, 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and a 7G-Tronic automatic transmission, so it can effortlessly cruise challenging mountain terrain.

13) Earthcruiser Expedition

Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

Based on the 7-ton Iveco Daily chassis, the Earthcruiser Expedition is an adventure vehicle with a towing capacity of 3.5 tons. It’s equipped with a 26 gal water tank, which you can upgrade to 105 gal. The standard 23-gallons fuel tank can also be upgraded to 105-gallons. 

On board, you’ll find a kitchen, an indoor and outdoor shower, a slide-out indoor toilet, a freshwater drinking fountain, and an upright fridge freezer.

14) Global Expedition Vehicles UXV 4×4 Motorhome

Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

The Global Expedition Vehicles UXV is a conversion of the RAM Promaster 5500 chassis. It’s a Class C rig with a cab-over king-size bed, a dinette table, a wet or dry bath, a dual-burner stove, exterior storage, and a rear awning. It’s a compact rig, which helps if you’re trying to lie low for a while.

15) Jayco Terrain

Photo Credit: Jayco

The Jayco Terrain is an off-road-ready camper van with a wet bath, full kitchen with pantry, and front swivel seats. It comes with a 5,000-lb rear hitch receiver with a 7-pin connector and an air compressor. The interior is sleek, so you’ll feel at home anywhere.

16) Outside Van’s Custom 4×4 Camper Van

Photo Credit: Outside Van

This is a custom rig, meaning you get to decide what gear you install on it. Outside Van can fit a galley with sink and overhead cabinets, a 3-panel bed, bunk beds, roof racks, roof mounts, and more. If you want to build a unique survival vehicle, a custom van is the way to go.

17) Earthcruiser Terranova

Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

The Earthcruiser Terranova is a truck camper that’s compatible with a one-ton truck chassis from brands like Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. The shell has molded fiberglass walls with a full inch of insulation for durability. The interior is compact but cleverly designed. If you already own a 4×4 truck, the Terranova is a great solution.

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