Ford Transit Roof Rack Options for Your Campervan

The Ford Transit van has quickly become one of the more sought-after vehicles for campervan conversions. They are less expensive than a Mercedes Sprinter and…

ford transit roof racks

The Ford Transit van has quickly become one of the more sought-after vehicles for campervan conversions. They are less expensive than a Mercedes Sprinter and typically more reliable mechanically than a Dodge Promaster. 

Ford Transits can also be converted into a 4×4 van, and there’s even an all-wheel-drive model on the market. This makes it even more desirable to van lifers who want to explore more roads in the backcountry that might not otherwise be accessible with a 2-wheel drive vehicle. 

The roof on your Ford Transit is prime real estate that can be used in various ways. Roof racks often house solar panels and storage boxes and even serve as a rooftop deck for added living space. You can even carry kayaks on your Ford Transit roof with the right setup!

So how do you choose the right roof rack for your Ford Transit? We’ve got all the details to help guide you through the process.

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The Top 4 Ford Transit Roof Racks We Could Find

As the popularity of having an off-grid capable vehicle grows, more companies are starting to provide roof racks for their customers. We’ve gathered information on the most popular companies out there providing roof racks for Ford Transit vans.

1. Aluminess Ford Transit Aluminum Roof Racks

aluminess ford transit roof racks
Photo: Aluminess Ford Transit Roof Racks

Based in Santee, California, Aluminess specializes in producing equipment for DIY van, truck, and SUV conversions. They have been in business for over 12 years, and weld their own products in-house, so they have an impeccable reputation among van lifers.

Their aluminum roof rack is versatile, sleek, and lightweight. So much so that it fits almost any roof, even those with a pop-top.

Aluminess produces standard roof racks for these models:

  • Transit 130″ Low and Mid Roof Rack
  • Transit 148″ Low and Mid Roof Rack
  • Transit 148″ Regular Body High Roof Rack and Extended Body

The Ford Transit 130″ and 148″ Low Roof double loop racks come with either 3″ slats with a 2.5″ gap or with perforated flooring. A roof rack for bigger models is also available in touring style, which features a drop-down front. This comes in very handy for mounting light bars.

The slats have a 2.5″ gap where you can store your gear safely. The perforated aluminum allows you to use the roof rack as a roof deck to chill out on lawn chairs. Tying down gear is a little trickier on perforated aluminum flooring, but installing solar panels and other gear is easier.

Prices for the standard Ford Transit roof rack vary from $3,250 to $4,400. To proceed with the installation, you will need to mount roof tracks (not included in the price) and potentially reposition any items already on your roof.

Custom Roof Racks

The coolest thing about Aluminess is that they can also build custom Ford Transit roof racks to your very own specs. Choose a standard rack and adapt it to suit the roof of your van. For example, is your AC unit installed in an unusual place? Do you need a higher-profile rack? Simply get in touch with them to create the perfect roof rack design for your home on wheels. Prices for custom roof racks vary.

Aluminess also sells a wide range of accessories for your rack, such as an air dam, a solar panel kit, rear and side ladder, an awning, and more.

2. Backwoods DRIFTR Roof Rack

Backwoods Ford Transit (2015) DRIFTR Roof Rack
Photo: Backwoods Ford Transit (2015) DRIFTR Roof Rack

Backwoods Adventure Mods build off-roading products and accessories, such as bumpers, ladders, roof racks, and storage boxes out of Springdale, Arkansas. Their products are built with a mix of aluminum and steel to provide strength and save weight at the same time.

The DRIFTR Roof Rack for a Ford Transit is a modular, low-profile rack that is very customizable. Simply place the T-slotted aluminum crossbars in the right spot to make space for solar panels, cargo boxes, and more. You can safely walk on the rack, as it’s built to be very strong and durable.

If you need additional front or rear crossbars, just buy them separately. Installation is easy, quick, and the box contains all the mounting hardware you will need with detailed instructions.

The DRIFTR comes in 2 versions: one for the 148″ WB and one for the 148″ EXT WB. Both are compatible with High Roof Ford Transit built from 2015 onwards. The 148″ rack costs $1,900, while the 148″ EXT one comes at $2,150.

3. Flatline Van Co Roof Racks

Flatline Van Co Ford Transit Roof Racks
Photo: Flatline Van Co Roof Racks

Flatline Van Co (FVC) produces high-quality gear for DIYers and van outfitters alike. They build roof racks, bed systems, ladders, and more. FVC stocks two roof racks – the Low Pro Roof Rack and the Safari Rack.

Low Pro Roof Rack

The Low Pro Ford Transit Roof Rack is an aerodynamic, lower profile, adjustable rack, with the versatility to couple it with several accessories and gear. The six movable crossbars are 80/20-compatible and standard size, so bolting equipment like solar panels and light bars is easy. The rack is made of aluminum and stainless steel to be strong and lightweight.

The rack bolts directly to the Ford factory roof locations, so it’s easy to fit. Just get hold of some basic hand tools and follow the video instructions.

The Low Pro Roof Rack is available for a 148″ High Roof, 148″ Mid Roof, and 148″ High Roof Extended. The first two cost $1,695, while the last one is $1,995.

Safari Roof Deck

The Safari Ford Transit Rack is a roof deck ideal for van lifers who want to watch the sunset on their roof as well as store their adventure gear. It comes with built-in aluminum decking that’s L-track compatible. This allows for L-track stud mounting points, which means you can mount anything you like. The laser-cut decking can be cut through, so you can create your own hole for a fan or AC unit.

The Safari Rack is available for the 148″ High, Mid, and High Roof Extended Roof Ford Transit van models. Not all three are always in stock, though, and it costs $3,850.

Unlike other companies, FVC offers free delivery on all products in the lower 48. In-stock items are shipped out within two business days. If you aren’t confident mounting your rack or have the equipment to lift it on top of your Ford Transit van, FVC can recommend a local Certified Builder who can help you.

FVC also makes a front fairing to improve fuel economy and a fan trim.

4. Front Runner SLIMPRO Van Roof Rack Kit

Front Runner SLIMPRO Van Roof Rack Kit
Photo: Front Runner SLIMPRO Van Roof Rack Kit

Front Runner is an online store that sells upfitting gear for adventure rigs. They provide awnings, water tanks, roof racks, camping accessories, drawer systems, and more to extreme overland enthusiasts and casual campers alike.

Front Runner has been around since 2015 and has a 30-day warranty on all of its products. They fast shipping in the lower 48, so you don’t have to worry about lag times between your order date and shipping date.

The Front Runner SLIMPRO van rack kit is available for all three lengths that the Ford Transit comes in, with a regular price tag starting at around $1,105. Front Runner also has a variety of accessories that work seamlessly with the SLIMPRO roof rack.

Customizable Roof Rack

The roof rack has slats (rails) that can be moved any spacing, so you can position them to accommodate a fan, AC unit, or other roof accessories. A simple site navigation search will show you all of the compatible components provided by the company.

Everything you need to mount the rack is included. The roof rack is mounted with six feet that attach to the van’s factory mounting points. No modifications or drilling into your roof is required!

Flatline makes a great choice for the van lifer who wants a functional, customizable roof rack on a budget with an easy installation.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ford Transit Roof Rack

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on what Ford transit roof rack is right for you. When weighing your options, it might get overwhelming when choosing your rack. Here are a few things to help you compare racks for your Ford Transit van:

Roof Rack Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a Ford Transit van roof rack is an important factor to consider because it determines how much cargo you can carry. If you plan on carrying heavy items such as cargo boxes, kayaks, or want to have the ability to walk on the roof rack, then you’ll want to make sure that the roof rack has enough strength to support the weight.

VanDoIt roof rack style
Photo: VanDoIt

Roof Rack Style

You might not think much about the style of a roof rack, but no one wants an eyesore on their Ford Transit Van. The style of your roof rack may not only be for aesthetics but also for functionality.

Want to increase fuel efficiency? Consider a roof rack with a faring on the front to make your Ford Transit van more aerodynamic. Using your roof rack as a deck and star gazing? Low-level side rails may be helpful. Side rails will also give you some anchor points for strapping down other accessories.

Compatibility with Other Accessories

Do you want extra lights on the outside of your Ford Transit van? Maybe a ladder mounted permanently or even an awning?

Ford Transit vans make great adventure rigs, so having the ability to mount accessories based on your activities is a great perk.

It’s also very common (and almost a requirement) to have solar panels on your Ford Transit rack to help you stay off-grid longer. You’ll want to consider what type of solar panels you are installing on the roof rack and what hardware you will use for the install.

Which is the Best Roof Rack for Your Ford Transit Van?

ford transit Storyteller Overland van with a ford transit roof rack on top
Photo Courtesy: Storyteller Overland

Now that you have your options laid out and have decided what accessories you will use, you should be able to choose what Ford Transit roof rack is best for your needs. Whether you’re looking for an aerodynamic style, adding an awning, or wanting a company to custom install your rack, there’s an option for everyone.

Drop a comment below to let us know what rack you chose for your Ford Transit and what your deciding factors were. We also would love to hear about the accessories you chose!

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