20 SUV Camper Ideas [DIY, SUV Conversion Kits & SUV Tents]

An SUV camper has a lot of advantages, including AWD or 4WD and hybrid models. Here are camper conversion ideas to get out sleeping in your SUV in no time.

Van parked by the water with the hatch open showing the QuQuQ camper kit

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An SUV camper is a great way to get out and start camping without the hassle of throwing up a tent.

An SUV camper can be whatever you want it to be: a mattress thrown in the back, a sleeping platform with storage underneath, an SUV camper conversion kit or a rooftop or SUV tent.

SUVs are great for camping as they are often AWD or 4WD, the perfect rig for exploring bumpy dirt roads or driving on sand and snow. Plus, many SUV models are now hybrids, which will save you money on gas.

If you already have an SUV sitting in your driveway or garage, right now might be time to create your very own SUV camper conversion.

However involved you want to get in turning your SUV into a camper, we have suggestions and tips to help you get outdoors in no time.

The DIY SUV Camper Conversion: Cheapest Option

The most affordable way to create an SUV RV for SUV camping is to do it yourself.

You’ll probably end up spending only a few hundred bucks on your SUV camper conversion if you do all the work yourself. Plus, an SUV can be converted into a comfortable camper in just a couple of days.

Check out the bed platform and storage in the RAV 4 SUV below:

The back of an SUV showing a sleeping platform and storage beneath
Photo: Instagram/RVYourSUV

Here are a few easy steps to remember when doing a DIY SUV camper conversion:

  • Take out or fold down the middle seats
  • Build a bed platform out of plywood or wooden beams. A platform bed will give you storage space underneath
  • Buy a memory foam mattress or air mattress to put on top of your new bed platform
  • Find window coverings to make your SUV camper private

Those four steps are all you need to create a bed and storage space in your SUV. Here’s more you can do with an SUV camper conversion and what you might want to have inside your SUV:

  • If you want to power anything like a portable refrigerator or roof vent fan, buy a house battery and connect it to your alternator via a battery isolator relay. This means your car’s alternator will charge your house battery when the car is running. If you do this set-up, you will need to run your SUV every day to keep that battery charged.
  • You might want to bring along a solar shower
  • Also, think about bringing a folding camp table, a camping stove, and a couple of chairs for an outdoor kitchen and relaxation area

A few examples of DIY SUV Camper conversions:

Honda Element SUV Camper Conversion

Honda Element SUV camper with woman lying on a platform bed
Photo: Instagram/NoSummitNoParty

This Honda Element Camper is built out to maximize a small space. We love the single bed, the storage, and the back hatch. The hatch in this “down” position is the perfect spot to create your campervan kitchen.

Emily Mannisto built this SUV camper conversion, and said her memory foam mattress folds away when not in use. She also suggests having a big multi-gallon jug for water (we recommend this collapsible jug), window blockers for privacy and curtains that go over the front seats.

This is a super simple DIY SUV camper that anyone can build.

Honda CRV SUV Camper

Tiny CRV SUV camper with bed platform and storage
Photo: Instagram/arimorrone

Here’s an example of a simple Honda CRV SUV camper conversion with a platform bed and storage beneath for SUV camping! As you can see, an SUV camper doesn’t have to be fancy.

Just a cozy, comfortable bed and some storage are the most important parts.

We also love the twinkle lights on the roof, which gives this SUV camper conversion a really homey feel.

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Subaru Forester Camper

Subaru Forester camper with bed and outdoor table with computer equipment
Photo: Instagram/WildMoonRise

If you think a Subaru Forester is too small for SUV camping, think again! Subarus can be converted into super comfy, off-grid camper.

I just love how she set out a table and chairs to create a mobile, outdoor “office.”

Jeep Grand Cherokee Camper

Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV camper with back hatch popped with bed and storage

Jennifer Vegvari lives in this 1989 Jeep Grand Cherokee camper. It has a simple bed platform with pull-out plastic bins.

If you’re interested in a Jeep camper, check our in-depth article: Jeep Camper: A Rugged Off-Grid Rig

4- Runner SUV Camper

4 Runner SUV Camper with bed and outdoor table with camping equipment
Photo: YouTube.com/SirWilliamAdams

A Toyota 4-Runner camper is a great SUV for off-road boondocking and adventures. Sir William chose this red 4-Runner for dependability and its off-road performance.

He told The Wayward Home his favorite components are his bed platform and his 12-volt refrigerator.

ARB Portable Fridge Freezer
This ARB fridge is rugged and hardy, a favorite amongst overlanders

Nissan 2003 X-Trail T30 SUV Camper

Nissan SUV camper conversion with platform bed and colorful sheets

Photo: Instagram/Shona.X.Sunshine

A Nissan is another rig you can easily turn into an SUV Camper.

This one has a plywood platform with a cotton rug and foam mattress. The van’s owner, Shona, did a lot to make her SUV cozy.

The drawers were repurposed from a kitchen fit out frame. She also has panels to cover the windows secured by Velcro dots. Also, she has mesh covers for the back windows so they can be open at night to let a breeze through.

A small ring light clip – one that’s made for selfies – creates light in the interior of the SUV camper at night.

SUV Camper Conversion Kits for Sale

If you want to turn your SUV into a camper with zero work, you can invest in an SUV camper conversion kit.

With one of these, you’ll get a modular set-up for SUV camping that includes things like a bed, kitchen, storage, etc.

Bounty Hunter Compact SUV Sleeping Platform Kit (Freeway Campers)

The Freeway Campers SUV camper conversion kit includes a bed platform and storage
Photo: Freeway Campers

If you don’t feel like investing the time and energy to construct your own sleeping platform in an SUV camper conversion, you can order this one from Freeway Campers.

Choose between a variety of wood finishes or no finish at all on this completed bed platform, made out of Baltic birch. You can also add on a 4″ memory foam mattress.

This SUV camper sleeping platform conversion kit features adjustable legs to create a bed of any level. It’s super easy to put together with zero tools. Take it out when you’re ready to transform your SUV back into a daily driver.

Kit includes a huge sliding work table in the back with a collapsible 9.5”(24 cm) x 13.5”(34 cm) container that can be used as a sink.

The entire SUV bed platform kit is 80 pounds.

Learn more about the compact SUV camper conversion kit.

Honda Elment SUV Camper Conversion Kit (Freeway Campers)

Rear view of a Honda Element SUV camper with a bed platform and mattress
Photo: Freeway Camper Kit

The Honda Element SUV camper conversion kit is also an awesome offering by Freeway Campers.

This interlocking kit, made from Baltic birch panels, was made to fit Honda Elements from the years 2003-2011 but isn’t limited to that particular vehicle. You can easily slide this kit into other flat-bottomed vehicles like the Dodge Grand Caravan.

This incredible SUV camper conversion kit can be installed with zero tools and is easy to store if you want to remove it from your Element. Just order it online and Freeway Camper Kit sends it straight to your address!

You can choose between several styles of kits and can add a mattress, mattress cover, and 37-quart portable fridge for a few hundred more bucks.

Learn more about the Element camping kit here.

Home On Wheels Furniture Kit (Camp N Car)

Photo: Simpler Ways

Looking for something functional you can customize yourself? This DIY kit by Camp N Car is a little different. It fits SUVs, truck, minivans, and more.

It features a bunk, which can extend to become a double bed, and an L-shaped piece of furniture for storage at the rear. Under the bunk, there are deep drawers which open towards the furniture. The furniture comprises eight shelves and half of these can be accessed from the back of your vehicle.

You can opt for two different bed heights: 9.5″ and 17″, depending on how much headroom you want to retain. The bed comes in three measures: 5ft, 5.5ft, and 6ft, so it can fit multiple vehicle lengths. You can also decide whether to have a single bunk or one which slides out to create a double bed. Based on which options you go for, the weight varies between 80 and 110 pounds.

The kit comes with everything you need to assemble it and can be built and installed in just two hours.

Find out more about the kit and order it on the Simpler Ways website.

Trunk Bunk (Camp N Car)

Photo: Camp N Car

Do you like the look of the Home On Wheels Furniture Kit but prefer to travel light and sleep more comfortably? They also make a bunk-only kit. This is a modular sleeping platform which slides to become a double bed, which allows you to use the whole width of your vehicle. There are no drawers under the bed, but you can still store your gear underneath.

This kit is very minimalistic and is easy to remove when you need the back seats of your vehicle.

Find out more about the Trunk Bunk and order it on the Simpler Ways website.

The QuQuQ module turns your SUV into a camper in 5 minutes

SUV camper parked by the water with the hatch open showing the QuQuQ camper kit
Photo: QuQuQ

This modular system by QuQuQ can turn your SUV into a camper in just a few minutes. The QuQuQ comes in a box, which unfolds at the pull of a handle to create a bed. Parts of the box pull out so you can access your portable refrigerator and camping stove.

The bed in this SUV camping kit is made from three pieces of 10cm thick cold foam and uses an aluminum framework.

The kitchen in this SUV conversion kit comes with a 2-burner stove, 20-liters of drinking water, a sink, table and a storage area.

This is the simplest solution we could find for an SUV camper conversion.

Learn more about the QuQuQ kits here.

Universal Aluminium Car Camper Bed Platform (Compass Camper)

Photo: Compass Camper

Want a lightweight, cheap ($699), and super-fast-to-assemble kit? Look no further than this aluminium conversion kit by Compass Camper. It’s as simple as it gets – a low platform bed made out of aluminium with open storage underneath. This is lined with foam, so you don’t need to place a high mattress on top of it. Installation doesn’t require any drilling or screwing either – simply attach the frame to your vehicle’s tie downs to keep it in place.

This kit is compatible with the Subaru Outback 2009-2022, the Subaru Forester 2008-2022, the Toyota Rav4 2013-2022, and the Toyota Runner 4th and 5th gen.

Assembly only takes a staggering 20 minutes! You can quickly build it and install it first thing in the morning and be wild camping somewhere rad on the same night.

Want to know more? Head to the Simpler Ways website, where you can read up about the kit and order it.

Nestbox Camper by Egoe

Nestbox SUV camper kit with bed and outdoor kitchen
Photo: Egoe

Another really cool SUV camper kit we have our eye on is the Nestbox Camper by Egoe. This European company is beginning to debut its products in the U.S. at various expos and camper van shows.

The Nestbox Camper is one of Egoe’s smallest offerings, built for SUVs and offers a bed platform, outdoor kitchen, storage space and cooler.

These elegant SUV camper conversion kits create a perfect little camper for two, and we love that the cooking module is removable if you prefer cooking at a picnic table.

An electric pump makes getting water and doing dishes a breeze.

There aren’t any Nestbox dealers yet in the U.S., but you can order one from the company directly.

Learn more about Egoe’s camper kits.

Sleep’In Kit (VanPackers)

Photo: VanPackers

The Sleep’In Kit is a functional sleeping platform with storage underneath and a slide-out kitchen area at the back. One of the bed panels can be detached and used as an outdoor table – super clever.

The Sleep’In Kit comes with a retractable sink, a custom storage bag, an exterior leg support, and a 14″ table leg. Extras include a 2″ mattress, a cooler, a 2-burner camping stove, and custom-made curtains. The camper features a strap system, which allows you to fix the frame to the trunk of your car, so you won’t need to permanently attach it to it.

The kit is compatible with a number of vehicles, such as the Ford Escape S, the Hyunday Santa Fe, and more. You’ll need to look at the table on the Vanpackers site to check compatibility. If you’re note sure it will fit your car, you can always email the guys and ask.

Interested? Find out more on the VanPackers website.

SUV Camping Tent: Rooftop and Hatchback

If you don’t like the idea of building a bed platform or taking out the seats in your SUV, you might want to consider an SUV camping tent.

There are two different types of SUV camping tents: Rooftop and Hatchback.

This is a really simple option that lets you keep your SUV as a daily driver and also use it for camping.

iCamper SkyCamp SUV Camping Tent

Rooftop tent on top of an SUV Camper

Sleeps: 4
Weight: 155 lbs

The Skycamp 2X rooftop tent is a more expensive option for an SUV camper but comes with some added features and luxuries.

The biggest draw is the 60-second setup time, which means you can crawl up for a nap right after you park your SUV.

The aerodynamic design of this rooftop tent, huge 4-person interior, and inclusion of creature comforts like a thick memory foam mattress make this rooftop tent feel more like an oasis.

We also love the hard shell locks, the breathable, poly-cotton canvas, and aerodynamic lightweight design.

If the price tag doesn’t scare you too much, the iKamper Skycamp is an awesome option for SUV camping.

Roofnest Sparrow XL

Sleeps: 2-3
Weight: 145 lbs

The Roofnest Sparrow XL Rooftop Tent for SUV camping is a reimagining of the Roofnest Eagle, with 4″ more of headroom, three larger doors and windows and windows with ladder mouts on three sides.

This hard-shell rooftop tent goes straight up and down, which allows for a flatter profile when closed. This means a more aerodynamic drive, better fuel efficiency, and easier handling in transit.

It also comes with a 3” foam mattress, easily accessible overhead netting, and removable shoe pockets to help keep the mud and sand out of your bed. You’ll also find space to mount solar panels.

You’ll enjoy the anti-condensation mat in the Rooftop Sparrow to keep moisture out of your mattress and bedding.

Roofnest Sparrow Eye Tent

The Roofnest Sparrow Eye tent has a huge window for viewing the stars

Sleeps: 2
Weight: 130 lbs

The Sparrow Eye Roofnest SUV camper tent is very similar to her XL cousin, just at a smaller scale. This SUV tent includes many of the conveniences of the XL, like the 3” mattress, detachable shoe pockets, and anti-condensation mat.

This amazing little tent is Roofnest’s easiest to use.

It opens from the side and you’ll see an incredible view of the sky from the top window. This rooftop tent tent comes with stainless steel gas struts, an impermeable ABS-fiberglass top and waterproof canvas walls so you’ll stay warm and dry even in the worst weather.

The only real difference between the Sparrow Eye SUV tent and the XL are the size and weight, so if you don’t need the extra sleeping space or elbow room, this model is the perfect option.

Napier Family-Tents Sportz SUV Tent

A hatchback tent like this Napier family SUV tent for SUV camping is a great way to expand your sleeping and storage space.

This roomy 10×10′ tent offers 7 feet of headroom, simple one-person set up and a carrying bag.

The vehicle sleeve included with this SUV camping tent connects you to the interior of your SUV. You can either store gear there, like your clothes bags, or you can sleep right inside the back of the SUV.

What’s cool about using an SUV camping tent like the Napier family SUV tent is you have access to your vehicle’s USB chargers for simple electronics charging.

Napier Sportz Cove 61500 Mid to Full Sizbute SUV Tent

Sleeps: 2
Weight: 7 lbs

If you don’t need the big tent that comes with the Napier Family SUV tent we mentioned above, you might like this awning with a bug screen.

This Napier Sportz Cove tent is perfect for sleeping in the back of your SUV camper with the back hatch open. That way, you’ll get amazing airflow and protection from bugs without feeling like you’re trapped inside a closed vehicle.

You can also enjoy this SUV camping tent as an awning. It provides 2′ of overhang for shade. Just plop your camping chairs down and enjoy sitting outside even during the hottest hours.

The Napier Sportz Cove tent also comes with a storm flap for privacy and protection from the elements during inclement weather.

The Roadie Overnight SUV Camping Tent

Sleeps: 2-3
Weight: 1 lbs

If you want to easily create an SUV camper, you may want to look at this Roadie Overnight SUV tent.

This is a very simple concept that works to give you cross ventilation when camping inside your SUV.

All you do is stretch this tent around the perimeter using the built-in elastic band (no tools required). Your SUV tent will be set up within minutes, creating a safe, ventilated, and bug-free space for camping.

The Roadie SUV camping tent is a universal fit for SUVs like the 4Runner, Caravan, CR-V, Element, Escape, Expedition, Forester, Highlander, Grand Cherokee, Outback, Honda Pilot, Rav 4, Sequoia, Suburban, Tahoe, Town and Country, Wrangler, Xterras, etc.

Beds for your camping in your SUV

There are lots of choices when it comes to putting a bed in your SUV. You can have a camping mattress with a mix of air and foam, and air mattress, a memory foam mattress or even a futon.

Here are some top-ranked choices to look at!

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm Sleeping Pad
  • 2.5 in. thickness and baffled internal structure provide stability and support
  • R-value of 6.9
  • Low-bulk materials create an ultra-compact design 

This Thermarest mattress gets great reviews from people who sleep in vehicles. The mattress is insanely warm, great for cold weather camping, and has a tapered end, making it easier to store gear.

The mattress is a combination of air and foam, and is soft and packable.

Luno Life Car & SUV Camping Air Mattress
  • Inflates in just a few minutes
  • Sleeps two people
  • 4" high inflated

Luno Life has air mattresses that fit into 1,800 types of vehicles, and your SUV is most likely on this list! This air mattress for SUV camping inflates quickly and is super comfortable for up to two people. If you’re a solo camper, just inflate one side of the air mattress, and use the rest of your vehicle for gear.

Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress
  • 6" thick memory foam mat
  • Includes removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover with anti-slip bottom
  • 3 pounds

Memory foam is really big amongst people who sleep in cars, SUVs and vans. This plush material is supportive and super comfortable. A tri-fold in the mattress makes it easier to store. Make sure you measure your SUV’s dimensions before buying. However, it is possible to cut memory foam with an electric turkey carving knife, we’ve done it!

Exped MegaMat Duo 10
  • 3.9" thick
  • Self-inflating, use the included mini pump for adjustment
  • features Bluesign-certified insulation that keep you toasty in temperatures down to -54 degrees F

This comfortable double-bed gets high marks in car camping Facebook groups. It’s thick, luxurious and can sleep up to two people. One guy who uses this bed puts a blanket over the top and has slept in cold temperatures, and the mat held up well.

The MegaMat camping bed for a Prius weighs 7.5 pounds when deflated and is 11″x22″ when fully packed.

The Best SUV For Camping

Honda Camper SUV camper conversion overlooking the ocean with bikes on back
Honda Elements are a popular choice for SUV campers

A lot of people who own SUVs probably don’t know how easily they can be turned into an SUV camper conversion. There are all sorts of roomy vehicles on the market that are perfect for sleeping and storing camping gear.

Here are our top picks for the best SUVs for camping:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Element
  • Kia Sportage or Soul
  • Subaru Outback or Forrester
  • Ford Explorer or Expedition
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • GMC Acadia
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota 4-Runner

Why an SUV camper?

There are many reasons to choose an SUV camper conversion over a campervan or other type of rig. Here are a few reasons we came up with!

It’s stealthy

If you’re going to be using your SUV campers in cities or neighborhoods, it’s a good idea to be ultra-stealth. Nobody will even think someone is sleeping in the back of an SUV, especially if you buy blackout curtains and don’t flash your phone around after dark.

Good for off-roading

There aren’t many picks for 4×4 or AWD campervans, but its easy to get this type of SUV.

Use your SUV camper to explore bumpy, dirt roads, sandy beaches, or snowy mountain passes.

They can also be a daily driver

An SUV camper is easy to park, drive and store, making it a major plus over other types of vehicles. Some campervans are too tall to fit in parking garages or even your own garage.

With an SUV camper conversion, you can easily remove camper components like a bed platform when not in use.


With so many used SUVs on the market, you’re bound to find an affordable vehicle to turn into a camper.

Hybrid models

Unlike campervans, you can easily find a hybrid SUV to turn into a camper. This saves you a lot of money on gas, especially if you’re doing long road trips in your SUV.

Some hybrid SUVs for camper conversions at are the Toyota Highlander, Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, Suburu Crosstrek and Ford Explorer.

Conclusion on SUV camper conversions

If you already own an SUV, it may make more sense to turn your SUV into a camper rather than purchasing a new campervan.

You can build out an SUV camper conversion in a matter of days and it won’t break the bank. Some people even do SUV conversions for a few hundred dollars!

A DIY SUV conversion is one way to go, or you can purchase an SUV camper conversion kit if you’re not feeling handy.

The downside of SUV campers is they are not as big as a van, so there isn’t hang out space, headroom, or space for a kitchen or toilet.

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  5. Kristen, Loved your piece on mini-van and SUV (&crossover) mini-campers. Minor nit….the Sienna WAS the only AWD (..not 4WD..) minivan…the new 2020 Chrysler Pacifica has an AWD option, I believe. My own solo adventure mini-camper story and lessons….I had a couple sequential beater DIY full sized van campers, but upon arrival of grandkids and local extended family aging and needing more of me driving them around, I prioritized a combo of people-hauling (6+ in 3-pt seatbelts) and decided a riggable solo-camper could work well for my current situation (my bride isn’t into ‘rough’ car camping). So for me, a 3-row fold-flat SUV/crossover worked (AWD, tow 5k lbs due horses/boats). I found a ‘run-wet’ and cosmetically-challenged Volvo XC-90 for cheap and fixed up with tri-fold 4inch mattress, box ‘backpacker’ kitchen (that I can also use on a horse or motorcycle), and window-bug-sock natural ventilation. Future upgrades rear-slide-out kitchen and 2nd battery/small roof vent. Converts in minutes between people-hauler (7 adults in reasonable comfort), cargo (7 ft cargo bed) and solo-camper (2nd row 40% seat for laptop/reading/simple-cooking in rain; 60% side for floor-bed; more extensive cooking out the rear hatch). Popup mini-tent for toilet & sunshower) in rural camping. In the future, towing and AWD will be less important and more interior camping comfort more important, so future replacement will likely be a minivan (Odyssey, Sienna or Pacifica), with interior full kitchen (with rear slideout as fair weather, standing, rural camping option) and interior ’emergency’ toilet access. With solo 60% width bed on floor, I retain more internal moving about, and quicker conversion between modes (people-hauler, cargo, or camper). I tremendously value good ventilation in a mini-camper (or any camper). I get 4 season sleeping (if not winter camping comfort….) with a trucker’s DC mattress heater on a garage-charged old motorcycle battery…the future upgrade is to have a larger battery on alternator charge. Them’s my mini-camper lessons; others’ mileage may vary!

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