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Boondocking is becoming a bigger and bigger thing as more full-time RVers decide to forgo the cost of a campground and camp for free.

Yes, free.

Boondocking isn’t a new concept of camping, but it is one that is gaining popularity from all different levels of campers. The point of boondocking is that you feel more in-tune and more as “one” with nature. Plus, who can say no to free camping, right?

When you’re boondocking, you’re off-grid, meaning that you aren’t hooked up to anything, at all.

No electricity, no water…you just find a place that you want to camp, and most importantly that you can camp at, and then you find a way to make it happen.

While anyone can technically use their RV or travel trailer to boondock, it can be a bit easier when you have the right equipment to help in those “off-the-grid” moments.

Here are 10 items to make sure you’re comfortable when doing a little free RV camping.

1. Generator for power when off-grid

Boondocking is a breeze when you have a generator to keep your RV systems powered up
Having a good generator is a must for being able to boondock effectively. While you may want to spend your time off-grid and away from the outside world, you still need to be able to have some form of power or electricity to function when dry camping.

2. Water container

A water container will ensure you have enough drinking water while free camping on public lands

Water is needed, no matter if you are boondocking or not, right? And while you may be able to stop and fill up here and there with water, with this water container you can fill up and have clean drinking water ready for wherever you park.


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3. Solar panels are a must when boondocking

Solar panels when boondocking with your RV are a must

Is it possible to be able to pull energy from the sun and use it for your electricity needs? Absolutely. With these solar panels, you can pull energy and rays from wherever you are parked.

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4. LED lighting to keep your free campsite lit

Boondocking means you're in the pitch black with no campground lights, so you might want to consider some long-lasting LED lighting

When you’re out and camping in the great outdoors, lighting is key. And with LED lights, your lights will shine bright and last longer than other traditional options.

5. Camp Stove

It's best to be prepared for anything when free RV camping on public lands, and this stove is good to have on hand

Don’t forget that when you are boondocking, there may be times with your resources are absolutely limited. You have to be prepared to be able to eat! And most importantly, you have to be prepared to be able to make your coffee as well. With this camp stove that runs on natural fuel, you’ll never have to worry about those thoughts again.

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6. Battery-Powered Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower will help you stay clean with boondocking
It’s easy to overlook the simple things that you may not realize you need when you’re doing some free RV camping, but showering is not something that you should overlook. This battery-powered outdoor shower is exactly the addition that you need for your boondocking journey.

7. Life straw in case of emergency when boondocking

Free camping doesn't come without risks and its good to have a life straw on hand for filtering water

While you may work hard to plan ahead, sometimes things can happen that are out of your control. The LifeStraw can be a lifesaver when this happens. If you happen to run out of water when boondocking, the LifeStraw is a great backup to have in case you HAVE to get some water from a source that may not be the cleanest. It’s a personal filter that you can keep and carry with you that helps to filter out over 99% of the bacteria that may be lurking.


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8. Fire starter for free RV camping

You won't have to rub two sticks together when using this fire starter when you're boondocking

It may be simple to get a fire started when camping in an area that is full of wood and other items that are easily burnable, but when boondocking? There may not be any wood or sticks around to use. Keeping a fire starter is always helpful when you are needing to cook over that warm campfire!

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9. Emergency blanket

Best to be prepared with an emergency blanket when you're camping for free
Being prepared for anything that could happen when boondocking is important. You never know when the weather or temperature will change drastically, so it’s important to have an emergency blanket packed up and ready for when you need it.

10. Cooler

You won't have much power for a fridge when boondocking, so a good cooler is a must

Traveling and boondocking doesn’t always mean that you’ll be able to have a cold storage option for your food. The easiest way around this? Have a cooler that you can pack and store the cold items that you plan to eat throughout the day.

While boondocking can present its own set of challenges, those challenges are worth it.

If the opportunity presents itself for you to boondock, give it a try!

Be prepared by packing properly and preparing with some of the items above. Once you give boondocking a try, you may never go back to conventional camping again.


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