Best Camper Trailer Under $10,000: Our Top 9 Picks

Living the RV life is all about trimming waste and being as efficient as possible. So, it makes sense that your budget should be lean…

Braxton Bushwhacker travel trailer in desert

Living the RV life is all about trimming waste and being as efficient as possible. So, it makes sense that your budget should be lean as well.

If you’re looking for an affordable RV experience, camper trailers are an excellent option.

While you do need a tow vehicle, these small trailers are relatively cheap while not skimping on the amenities. Whether you’re a solo traveler or you’re heading out in a group, an affordable travel trailer can offer plenty of comforts. 

So, with that in mind, we’re looking at the best travel trailer under $10,000.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 unique camper trailers under $10,000 so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Let’s dive in!

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New vs. Used Affordable Camper Trailers

Before we get into our list, keep in mind that one of the best ways to find affordable travel trailers is to search for gently used models.

While you can find brand-new lightweight travel trailers for $10,000 or less, it’s much easier to buy an older version.

So, some affordable travel trailers featured on this list will not be the latest model, meaning you might see a higher listing price for a current version.

Nonetheless, the best camper trailer under $10,000 is always within reach if you know where to look. 

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Best Camper Trailers under $10,000

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Oregon Trailer Do-Drop

Oregon trail affordable travel trailer exterior
Photo Credit: Oregon Trail

Price Range: $6,500+
Dry Weight: 550 – 700 lbs
Length: 7 feet
Tow Vehicle: Car,Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Bed and Storage. Mini-kitchen optional

Starting us off is one of the most affordable camper trailers we’ve found. At under $7,000 for a standard model, you can save a bundle.

However, the low price does mean that you get only the basics. Unlike other small trailers with a toilet, kitchenette, and dining area, the Do-Drop is about as bare-bones as you can find.

While you can customize your rig to be a bit more accommodating, don’t expect too much. With such a small design, there’s only so much room for extras. 

That said, the Do-Drop is one of the lightest and most towable affordable travel trailers on the market. You don’t need a heavy-duty SUV or pickup truck to lug this best camper trailer under $10,000 from one campsite to another.

Most cars (those with a tow hitch adapter) can bring this RV with ease. Even the fully-loaded model is less than 1,000 pounds.

So, if you like the idea of getting away and you just need a comfortable place to sleep at night, the Do-Drop is the perfect small trailer with an affordable price tag. 

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Sunray 129 Travel Trailer

Sunray travel trailer exterior kitchen with wooden cabinets and black accessories
Photo Credit: Sunray

Price Range: $9,000+
Dry Weight: 1,840 lbs
Length: 19 feet
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Side kitchen, U-shaped dinette, two-person bed, built-in awning, A/C

If the Oregon Trailer Do-Drop is too minimalist for you, but you don’t want a full-size affordable camper trailer, this model from Sunray is an excellent step up.

As a lightweight travel trailer, it’s much smaller than some of the other rigs on this list, but it offers far more amenities than the Do-Drop. For example, you actually get a toilet with the Sunray 129 best travel trailer. 

When picking out the best camper trailer under $10,000, you’ll notice a lot of “teardrop” models like this one.

The compact design offers more versatility, particularly when finding a place to spend the night.

One problem that many RVers hate is backing a colossal trailer into a camping spot. With something like the Sunray 129, you can get in and out much more easily. 

Although we’re featuring the 129, Sunray offers a few different layouts. This model has a rear kitchenette, but you can get one with the kitchen on the side instead.

The door covering the fridge and cabinets also acts as an awning, making it even more practical. 

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Riverside Retro Travel Trailer 509

Riverside Retro small trailer exterior with white siding and blue accents
Photo Credit: Riverside RV

Price Range: $9,500+
Dry Weight: 1,050 lbs
Length: 13′ 8″
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Retro design, queen bed, kitchenette, 10,000 BTU air conditioner

When most people think of retro-style RV trailers, the brand that comes to mind is Airstream.

However, Riverside RV has a whole line of Retro teardrop trailers for those who want a taste of yesteryear while exploring the great outdoors. 

One of the signature elements of a Retro Travel Trailer is the checkerboard design on the floor. Once you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a 50’s-era diner, except there are no waitresses and no jukebox.

The 509 is the smallest (and cheapest) option, but you can upgrade to a bigger rig if you need more space.

Thanks to the 509’s compact size, it only includes a queen-size bed, some storage compartments, and a small kitchenette in the back. 

Overall, we recommend this as the best camper trailer under $10,000 if you’re heading out for the weekend.

The Retro 509 can park virtually anywhere for added convenience. We can definitely see this trailer propped up on a California beach, overlooking the ocean. 

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Jayco Jay Flight SLX

Jayco Jayflight lightweight travel trailer exterior
Photo Credit: Jayco

Price Range: $9,999+
Dry Weight: 2,405 lbs
Length: 16.5 feet
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Convertible sofa bed, dinette, tub/shower in the bathroom, 10′ awning

Jayco is well-known for making full-size travel trailers, but the company can make some ultra-light campers as well.

The Jay Flight SLX is much larger than the previous models we’ve shown, meaning that you get more room inside to move around.

That said, the SLX affordable camper trailer does not have a dedicated sleeping area, so you have to convert the sofa into a bed when it’s time to tuck in. 

Another point to consider is the SLX’s modest water capacity.

The freshwater tank is only 10 gallons, so you have to take quick showers if you want to maintain hot water. Otherwise, you can fill your tub most of the way before running out.

As with all affordable camper trailers, there is a trade-off between the price and amenities. As long as you don’t need the full luxuries of home, you can have many excellent adventures in a small trailer. 

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Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Keystone Springdale 1800BH

Keystone Springdale affordable camper trailer exterior
Photo Credit: Keystone

Price Range: $9,999+
Dry Weight: 3,394 lbs
Length: 21 feet
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Bunkhouse RV model, queen bed, pass-through storage, 10-foot awning

According to Keystone, the 1800BH is the best-selling floor plan of the Springdale series, and it’s easy to see why.

Since this is a bunkhouse model, you can sleep up to six people comfortably (provided that they don’t mind spooning). So, if you’re hitting the road with your family, the 1800BH affordable priced travel trailer is the perfect way to ensure that everyone has their own space. 

Although this camper trailer is pretty hefty, the hitch weight is only 485 pounds, so you don’t need a massive vehicle to bring it along.

We still recommend using a truck or SUV, but some full-size cars may be able to handle the load, assuming that they have a tow hitch installed. 

One other feature you’ll find in the 1800BH is pass-through storage.

We like the ability to put our stuff through these openings so that we don’t have to go in through the front door every time we need to load or unload the RV. 

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Braxton Creek Teardrop Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker from Braxton Creek parked in desert
Photo Credit: Braxton Creek

Price Range: $9,995+
Dry Weight: 1,300 lbs
Length: 13′, 2″
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Exterior kitchenette w/cooler, stabilizing rear jacks, vortex roof vent, Bluetooth stereo, roof rack

The Bushwhacker from Braxton Creek is only a bit bigger than the Retro 509 or Sunray 129, but it packs a punch.

You get quite a few amenities in such a small trailer, although there still isn’t a toilet, so plan accordingly.

Nonetheless, you get a bed, TV mount, Bluetooth stereo, kitchenette, and a roof-mounted gear rack.

Better still, the Bushwhacker works well in hot climates, thanks to its powerful A/C unit and roof fan. Don’t worry about getting too hot at night inside this trailer. 

Another helpful feature in this best travel trailer is the rear-mounted stabilizer. Small trailers like this can rock back and forth more easily because they only use a single axle.

So, with something like the Do-Drop, you could potentially destabilize the RV by shifting your weight the wrong way.

Fortunately, that’s not a problem with the Bushwhacker, thanks to its two extendable feet. No matter where you post up for the night, you’ll feel safe and secure. 

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro exterior with awning
Photo Credit: Forest River

Price Range: $9,995+
Dry Weight: 2,608 lbs
Length: 15′ 10″
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Convertible king-size bed, interior toilet, exterior storage, kitchenette, 10-foot awning, full-size fridge

Although the E15TB is the smallest model in the E-Pro series, it’s still bigger than some of the other affordable camper trailers on this list.

At 15 feet long and 2,600 pounds, this RV is practically a behemoth when put next to something like the Do-Drop.

Thankfully, this extra space doesn’t go to waste, as you get both a bathroom and a kitchenette.

Even better, you get a full-size refrigerator with a freezer. Since some of these small trailers have nothing but a cooler (if that), upgrading to such a big fridge can make a significant difference. 

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, the E15TB has a convertible king-sized bed. When you’re not tucked in, you can pull the center section up and use it as a dining area.

If you really need more room, you can upgrade to a larger E-Pro model with a slide-out compartment

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK

Forest River Rockwood interior with couch and TV
Photo Credit: Forest River

Price Range: $9,950+
Dry Weight: 1,763 lbs
Length: 12′ 3″
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: “Gaucho” convertible sofa bed, exterior kitchenette, exterior storage, TV swivel mount

Here we have another lightweight travel trailer from Forest River, but this model is even smaller than the E-Pro we looked at above.

When walking into this RV, you may think that it’s missing quite a few features. After all, it just seems to have a TV, overhead compartment, and a sofa.

However, the minimalism inside is thanks to the exterior kitchenette. Best of all, once you open up this section, you get a built-in awning to help keep the elements away from your stove and sink. 

Another point you’ll notice about the Geo Pro G12SRK is that it does not have a toilet. So, keep that in mind when comparing the best camper trailer under $10,000.

As we’ve seen, plenty of affordable trailers don’t have a bathroom, but that just means that they’re easier to maneuver and don’t require hookups for the night.

Overall, if you like boondocking, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of an RV like the Geo Pro. 

Best Affordable Camper Trailer: Gulf Stream RV Ameri-Lite Super Lite 16BHC

Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite Super Lite travel trailer exterior
Photo Credit: Gulf Stream

Price Range: $9,999+
Dry Weight: 2,612 lbs
Length: 18′, 10″
Tow Vehicle: Truck or SUV
Standard Features: Bunkhouse RV model, bathroom with tub, convertible dinette, under-counter refrigerator, kitchenette, closet, pass-through storage

Finishing off our list of the best camper trailer under $10,000 is this (relatively) massive model from Gulf Stream.

If you’re familiar with RV brands, you’ve likely heard of Gulf Stream before, as the company makes tons of high-quality rigs.

In this case, the Ameri-Lite Super Lite is one of the smallest trailers they offer, which is why it’s so affordable. 

However, when compared with other small trailers, this RV has tons of space and amenities.

First, it includes a full bathroom with a tub, meaning that you can keep yourself clean while traveling. Second, this is another bunkhouse model, making it ideal for families or groups of four.

If it’s just you and one other person, you can utilize the bunk space for extra storage as needed. The primary sleeping area is the convertible dinette, which turns into a queen-sized bed. 

Another point we like about the Ameri-Lite Super Lite is the interior design.

While we do appreciate a retro style, this RV is more modern and chic. You can see a blend of faux hardwood paneling and a vinyl tile backsplash behind the kitchenette.

Overall, for its size, you get a lot of bang for your buck. 

Conclusion On Best Camper Trailer Under $10,000

RVing is easy with the best camper trailer under $10,000. As you can see, affordable travel trailers can let you explore the world without spending a fortune.

Both weekend warriors and full-time RVers can find something on this list to fit their needs, so we’ll see you out on the road!

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