9 Incredibly Cute A-Frame Campers

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A-frame campers must be the cutest pop-up campers out there. Their charming design, based on the style that became popular in the early ’70s, recalls an old school camping tent.

And that’s essentially what pop up A-frame campers are – a tent with solid walls on wheels; although, the modern models offer more comforts than the originals, such as toilets and RV air conditioners. 

You can just imagine sitting inside one of these beauties sipping a steaming cup of coffee, wrapped up in a soft blanket, gazing at a lush pine forest outside the window. It’s the definition of cozy!

The best A-frame campers aren’t just cute though – they’re extremely practical and quick to set up.

The best A-Frame campers for sale

Ready for some pop-up A-Frame camper inspiration? We’ve selected the cutest and best A-Frame campers on the market for you. 

1) Aliner Expedition A Frame Camper- From $27,695

Two people sitting in front of an Aliner expedition A-frame camper
Aliner Expedition a frame camper

Weight: 1,850lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Toilet, kitchenette with burner and sink, refrigerator, storage under bed and benches, dining table and 11gal freshwater tank.

Aliner a-frame campers are a classic – they’re the original pop up A-Frame campers, first designed in the 70s in Oregon. The company now makes some of the coolest models on the market.

The Expedition is one of their biggest A-frame campers and it features their signature extra pop-ups – panels with a hardtop and mesh sides that open on the sides of the trailer, creating more headroom.

Aliner A frame camper interior with permanent bed

This particular A Frame pop up camper has 30% more storage space than the classic, taller counters, taller beds and a flush mount Euro style sink and stove.

With all these extra features, the Expedition still comes in at under 2,000 pounds, making it an awesome lightweight small camper.

This A-frame camper features a toilet, sleeping room for three people, a dining area and a kitchenette with a double burner, sink and a 3 cubic ft refrigerator.

The interior layout comes in four options: one with a sofa bed plus dinette, one with a double bed plus dinette and one with twin beds plus dinette. The fourth and brand new option features a kitchen toward the front of the pop-up camper.

This model can be adapted to the needs of families or even groups of friends going camping together. 

The Expedition a frame camper comes with an outdoor shower, a sliding window, an 11-gallon freshwater tank, a fan, a microwave and three electrical outlets. Among the options are air conditioning, an external grill, a bike rack, a hot water heater, a furnace and more.

This is a beast of an A-Frame camper with a bathroom and one of our favorite picks.

Find out more about Aliner campers.

2) Aliner Titanium 12 – From $26,995

The Aliner Titanium A-frame camper
The Aliner Titanium A-frame camper

Weight: 1,670lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Kitchenette with burner and sink, refrigerator, storage under bed and benches, dining table and 15” off-road wheels.

The Titanium 12 is a spacious Aliner a-frame camper with all the essentials – it comes with a double bed, a dining area that turns into a single bed and a kitchenette with a double burner cooker and a 1.9 cubic ft refrigerator.

A liner Titanium a frame pop up camper floor plan

The best part? It comes with 15” off-road wheels and a protective black diamond plate, so you can take this off-road trailer deep into the wilderness.

If this isn’t enough, you can opt for some add-ons, such as AC, a water heater, a stereo or an outdoor grill. The Titanium 12 will get you boondocking in no time. Aliner also has a smaller model called Titanium 10, which is 10 feet long, rather than 12.

One thing we love about the Aliner brand of A liner campers is that it only takes one person about 30 seconds to pop up the camper and get it ready for business.

Read more about the Aliner Titanium 12.

3) 2015 Jay Series Sport Hardwall A Frame camper – Price Varies

2015 Jay Series Sport Hardwall A-Frame pop up Camper
Jayco’s A Line Camper has been discontinued by the company, but you can still find it used.

Weight: 2,095lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Double bed, dining area that turns into single bed, kitchenette with three-burner stove, refrigerator and sink, external storage box and ample storage.

Can you tow something a little heavier? Then you may want to consider the 2015 Jay Series Sport a frame camper. It comes in 8 different interior layouts.

My favorite is the 12HSB because it features a big external storage unit mounted on the front of the trailer. This is ideal to store camping chairs, a portable outdoor BBQ and more. 

Jayco J Series a frame camper interior
The cozy interior of Jayco’s A frame pop up camper

The 12HSB A-frame pop up camper comes with a double bed, a dining area with a huge table that turns into a big single bed and a good kitchenette.

Some of the other Jay Series Sport models, such as the 12B or the 12BM, come with a bathroom, so it’s worth checking them out too.

This a frame camper only takes 30 seconds to set up, which is a big win after a long day of driving.

Find out more about the Jay Series campers. Keep in mind that Jayco discontinued this line of campers, but you can find them used through sites like RV Trader or dealerships.

4) Rockwood Hard Side A Frame Campers by Forest River – From $20,308

Rockwood A-frame camper by Forest River
Rockwood A-frame camper by Forest River

Weight: 2,670lbs
Sleeps: Two adults and one kid
Features: Toilet, twin beds, dining area that turns into single bed, kitchenette with a three-burner stove, refrigerator and sink, external storage box and ample storage.

The Rockwood A-Frame campers by Forest River are some of the biggest on the market. If you’re looking for an A-Frame trailer that has all the comforts of a motorhome, including decent standing headroom, these might be right up your street.  

Interior of a Rockwood a frame camper

The A213HW a frame camper with a bathroom features twin beds that can turn into a king-size bed if joined, a kitchenette with a three-burner stove, refrigerator and sink, a decent size dining area and a toilet.

The toilet is in a cabinet – you open it up and sit on it Without walls around you. You may want to kick your significant other out when you need a number two.

There are ample windows that let in lots of natural light during the day.

Read more on Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up Campers.

5) Flagstaff Hard Side A Frame Campers by Forest River – From $19,222

Forest River Flagstaff A-frame camper
Forest River Flagstaff A-frame camper

Weight: 2,700lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Wet bath, electric roof, double bed, small dining area that turns into kid’s bed, kitchenette with a three-burner stove, refrigerator and sink, microwave and external storage box.

Forest River also makes the Flagstaff models – A-Frame campers with solid fiberglass high walls and luxurious interiors.

The T21DMHW has to be the most luxurious model for couples who love boondocking.

Flagstaff a frame pop up camper interior with table and counter

It features a good-sized heated double bed, a small dinette where you can eat facing each other, a kitchen with a three burner stove and sink, a refrigerator, a wet bath and a big storage box at the front of the vehicle.

The wet bath needs setting up, as the walls collapse when the vehicle is in tow. The extra pop up walls on the sides are made of solid panels, rather than mesh.

As it’s quite a tall rig, the roof is electric – you push a button and it’s up in a minute. What more could you need? 

Find out more about the Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers.

Not sure what type of pop up camper to get? Check this out: Is a hard sided camper better than a tent camper?

6) The XL-1920 By Chalet – From $24,788

Weight: 1,995lbs
Sleeps: Up to four adults
Features: 8ft headroom, bunk beds, wet bath, electric roof, dining area that turns into a double bed, kitchen with three burner stove and double sink and refrigerator. 

There couldn’t be a more fitting name for a company making A-Frame campers: Chalet! Even the name is cute. The XL-1920 is ideal for a family, as it features two bunk beds and a dining area that turns into a double bed.

The impressive 8ft headroom in this A frame camper will allow the tallest people to stand up inside, while the electric roof will make setting up camp super easy and quick. 

The XL models come with a variety of options, including an external BBQ, outside shower, a water heater, a solar panel, AC and more. 

Read more on the XL A-Frame campers by Chalet.

7) Coachmen Clipper C12RBSTHW A Frame Camper – From $9,900


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Weight: 3,757lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Flip-up double bed, kitchen with double burner, sink, microwave and refrigerator, dinette area that turns into bed and external storage box.

The Coachmen Clipper C12RBSTHW a frame camper is a great budget alternative to the Forest River and Chalet models.

It’s rather heavy, so you’ll need a vehicle that can tow close to 4,000lbs. However, the interior features beautiful wood and surfaces you won’t find in many A-Frame campers.

While the Clipper A-frame pop up camper doesn’t have any extra pop-ups, it still allows plenty of natural light in, thanks to the roof windows.

Inside you’ll find a double bed that flips up to reveal storage, a kitchen with double burner, sink, microwave and refrigerator, a dinette table and sofas that can be converted into a bed, and a big external storage box.

A 27-gallon water tank is situated under the flooring and you can add the option of a 20,000BTU furnace for winter camping.

Find out more about the Clipper A-Frame camper.

8) Aliner Classic A Frame camper – From $17,290

Aliner classic A-frame camper
Aliner classic A-frame camper

Weight: 1,590lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Outside shower, kitchen with double burner, sink, microwave and refrigerator, and dinette area that turns into a single bed.

If you’re looking for a minimal A-Frame pop up camper that is super light and compact, the Aliner Classic might be just what you’re looking for. It’s also the only model we know of that comes in three different colors: white, blue and red.

You can choose between a floor plan with a sofa bed or a rear double bed – either layout will sleep three adults.

A liner classic pop up camper floor plan

The standard package in this A frame camper comes with a fan, LED lighting inside and outside, a 3 cubic feet refrigerator, outside shower, an 11-gallon freshwater tank, three slider windows and more.

You can also choose between some fantastic options, like the outside grill, air con, a furnace and a hot water heater. Just pack your portable toilet and go camping!

Read up more about the Aliner Classic.

9) Coachmen Viking V12RBST – From $9,900

Weight: 3,635lbs
Sleeps: Up to three adults
Features: Flip-up double bed, kitchen with double burner, sink, microwave and refrigerator, dinette area that turns into bed, external storage box.

The Coachmen Viking V12RBST is another lovely budget a frame camper that can easily get you off-grid. You can find a 2015 used one for $7,595. The Viking is a slightly smaller and lighter version than the Clipper C12RBSTHW.

The interior is essentially the same with a flip-up double bed, kitchenette double burner, sink and refrigerator, dinette area that turns into a single bed, microwave cabinet and a big external storage box. It comes with a 27 gallon water tank, too.

So, what exacty is an A-frame camper?

An A-frame camper is a pop-up camper made of lightweight hard walls.

Open, it looks like a mini chalet or tent on wheels. All the walls fold down onto a super-compact trailer that doesn’t create much windage and can be stored easily. The shape and low weight make it a great vehicle to tow.

When you’ve picked the perfect camping spot, just pop up, lock all the walls in place and step inside your a-frame camper! It only takes a couple of minutes and can be done by a single person.

The A-frame shape offers a decent amount of headroom for stepping inside the vehicle. 

The first A-frame pop up campers, from the ’70s, were truly a tent on wheels with just a double mattress inside. These days, companies produce models with all sorts of comforts – from kitchenettes and showers to microwaves and furnaces.

Why get the best A-frame camper?

Because it can be towed and stored easily! It has a decent amount of storage inside. It’s easier to set up than a tent and it offers the protection of air-tight hard walls.

Some trailers come with off-road capabilities, which makes them the perfect minimalist adventure RV for an active couple.

Positives of the best A-Frame campers

Now that you know why you may want to buy one, it’s time to take a good look at the positives and negatives of the best A-frame campers. Every camping vehicle is a compromise based on your priorities and pop-up campers are no exception – they have good and bad points.

Let’s first look at the benefits of owning an A-Frame camper.


Thanks to the light, pop-up walls, A-Frame campers are usually quite light. This makes them easy to maneuver, push and tow. Most classic models weigh around or under 2,000lbs, which means you can tow them with a variety of vehicles.


The pop-up walls also allow an A-Frame camper to become a compact trailer that doesn’t create much windage when in tow. The lightness also makes it easy to store during the week.

Just park it in your driveway or inside your garage – it’ll be ready to go on your next adventure at the weekend. 

A frame campers are easy and quick to set up

You may think setting up an A-frame pop up camper is quite a task, but it’s super easy and quick – it only takes a minute or two. You open up the roof on the a-frame camper, lift it and lock it in place, then you do the same for the other two walls.

It’s much easier than setting up a tent because there’s no guessing or trying to remember what goes where. You just unclip the walls, put them up and lock them in place – done. It’s not going to be overwhelming even at the end of a long, tiring drive. 

Hard walls offer protection

Most A-Frame campers feature hard panels all around, rather than fabric or mesh ones. This is a great advantage for camping in rainy areas or in the colder seasons – the walls will protect you from the rain, snow and wind. They also make your RV feel extra cozy.

Great for boondocking 

If you keep a low energy consumption rig, an A-Frame trailer can be great for boondocking. Just get a gas bottle, store some water in the tank and park anywhere flat with an awesome view.

People Boondocking in their A-frame camper near a river
Photo courtesy Aliner Campers

You can stand up at the entrance of A frame campers

Not many tents or small trailers offer standing headroom, but an A-Frame camper can! Unless you’re very tall (over 6ft), you’ll be able to stand at the highest point in any camper, which makes a world of difference when you’re stuck inside because of rain or snow.

If you have a decent budget, there are some new models that come with 8ft headroom!

New models have a bathroom and/or shower

Yes, you read that right. There are now A-Frame campers with bathrooms that have cassette toilets and even wet baths on the market. If this was one of the pain points that stopped you from buying one before, then you may want to take a look at the new, super cool models available now.

Rent a camper before you buy (coupon included!)

One great way to test out a camper is to rent before you buy. Use the coupon code wayward40 to get $40 off any rental with Outdoorsy! 

Check out these cool towable campers:


Negatives of an A-Frame camper

I know, you’re already picturing yourself sipping that nice cup of coffee, but wait – there are some negatives too. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of owning an A-Frame camper trailer.

Towing with a smaller car? Check out our article on the 9 best small campers under 3,000 pounds.

Not much living space

While new models currently on the market offer decent comforts, the living space inside an A-Frame camper is still limited. In most models, you can only stand under the tallest bit of the roof, so you’ll have to sit and lie down a lot.

This may be an advantage though – you’re more likely to spend time outdoors taking in your surroundings and maybe even sit in front of a campfire roasting marshmallows. Isn’t that why we go camping? To hang out outdoors?

Possible leaks

If you use your A-Frame camper trailer a lot, the walls’ seals will become thinner and thinner because you’ll be moving them a lot. Eventually, you will start to see leaks allowing water to drip directly… onto your bed – not my favourite way to wake up!

Thankfully, it’s easy to prevent leaks. Just keep an eye on them and add sealant to the bits that look too thin. 

Not suitable for stealth camping

To be able to sleep inside an A-Frame trailer, you will need to set it up – there’s no way around it. This means it’ll be evident when it’s in use and so you won’t be able to stealth camp in it.

If you buy one, you will need to use it in campgrounds, approved wild camping spots and anywhere dry camping is allowed. 

Small beds

Generally, most A-Frame pop-up campers come with smaller beds. This is because there’s limited space inside the trailer. If you’re over 6ft tall, you may need a bigger vehicle to go camping, as you won’t fit in the beds.

However, if you’re planning on camping on your own, or you and your other half don’t mind sleeping in separate beds, you could try sleeping diagonally across the bigger bed. If your budget stretches a little, new models now on the market have better sized beds.

Not ideal for long trips

Even a modern A-Frame camper with a wet bath can get a little suffocating after a while. No matter the size, these RVs aren’t built for long trips that last more than a few weeks – they aren’t rugged enough and are just too small.

For extended camping, you might want to consider a travel trailer, fifth wheel, campervan, or motorhome.

A frame campers Q&A:

How much does an A-Frame camper typically cost?

A new model out of the factory with a standard package usually costs between $11,000 to $27,000. However, if you choose an unsold older model, dealers usually give you a discount. A used A-Frame trailer costs anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on condition and age.

How much does an A-Frame camper weigh?

A-Frame pop-up campers can weigh as little as 700lbs and up to 3,800lbs. The bigger and more equipped models are usually heavier than 1,500lbs.

Why go for an A-Frame camper versus a soft pop-up camper?

Hard walls. If you choose a model with solid panels all around (no mesh or vinyl), then an A-Frame camper will allow you to camp all year round, while a soft pop-up camper won’t.
The insulation of A-Frame trailers is far better, as they become air-tight when they’re set up. You can also install air con and a furnace, which will allow you to camp anywhere, any time.

Can a car pull an A-Frame camper?

It depends on your car’s towing capabilities and the trailer’s weight. If you choose a light trailer and your car has a good size engine, you may be able to tow it.

Can you live in an A-Frame camper?

A-Frame campers are rather small and need setting up every time you stop to set up camp. Even the bigger, taller models where you can stand up and move around the cabin can be quite cramped for full-time living, so I wouldn’t recommend it.
For full-time camping, you’d be better off with a travel trailer, fifth wheel, campervan, or motorhome.

Do A-Frame trailers have bathrooms?

Most models don’t come with a bathroom, however, there are now a number of bigger trailers on the market that have a toilet cabinet or even a wet bath. If you’re looking for one, check out manufacturers such as Aliner, Forest River, Jayco, and Chalet.

Is a bathroom a must have? We get it, check out these perfect pop up campers with bathrooms.

Conclusion on the best A-frame campers

Couple enjoys great outdoors in their A-frame camper

Ready to shop for an A-Frame camper? It’s a cute, reliable, cozy camping RV to take out on weekends and holidays for singles, couples and small families.

You can choose between minimal models that aren’t over complicated to maintain or prepare for the weekend and more comfortable models with all the options you need, like a wet bath or air conditioning.

Whatever your camping style or budget, there’s an A-Frame camper trailer out there for you.

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