The 6 Best Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms We Could Find

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When it comes to the great outdoors, most enthusiasts strive to get as close to nature as possible. But when nature calls, we can all appreciate some more modern amenities. 

Pop up campers with bathrooms offer the perfect solution. Their small, portable profiles open up into surprisingly spacious trailers packed with more than you might imagine possible.

Picking a pop up camper with toilet and shower areas can turn what would be a few overnight trips into a few month-long adventures. 

Aliner pop up camper with bathroom  parked on the riverbank with campers preparing camp site.
Photo credit: Aliner

Travelers all over are catching on to this trend, and pop up campers with bathrooms are in greater demand than ever before.

The good news is, that means manufacturers are scrambling to claim the supply, offering a massive range of great options tailored to an equally massive range of needs. 

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The best pop up campers with bathrooms for sale

Rockwood Freedom pop up trailers with bathrooms

Rockwood Freedom pop up trailer with bathroom exterior view.
Photo credit: Forest River

Length: 16 – 27 feet

Rockwood introduced the Freedom line of pop up campers with bathrooms with the goal to offer quality trailers in a price range that allows almost anyone to consider a new adventure.

When we weighed the builds and the costs of these models, it was clear they deserved the first spot on our list. 

Stepping into just about any model in Rockwood’s Freedom line, you might have to remind yourself that you’re standing in a pop up camper. Designed to look and feel like a standard trailer, these pop up campers with bathrooms expand to create an incredible amount of room and foster a comfortable environment. 

The Freedom line offers two floor plans with wet baths, as well as one option with a designated space for a porta potty.

All floor plans include sleeping room for at least three travelers, making these ideal for couples or small families. 

Rockwood High Wall Series HW 277 and HW 298 Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms

Length: 27 – 29 feet

Rockwood has another, very similar line of pop up campers with bathrooms: their High Wall series, also known as hard-sided pop up campers.

These campers are a slight upgrade from the Freedom line, providing more privacy, upgraded appliances, additional counter space, and other amenities that you might only expect to find in a traditional, non-pop-up trailer. 

Both of the floor plans have rather generous wet bathrooms, as well as king-sized beds and spacious kitchens and living areas.

The difference between the two models of these pop up campers with bathrooms mostly lies in the main room. With one floor plan offering an impressive kitchen, and the other splitting space to create a more modest kitchen as well as a small living area with a sofa.

The option with a larger kitchen also includes a slide out outdoor kitchen. Making this unit an absolute dream for those planning to do a lot of cooking on the road. 

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Aliner pop up campers with bathrooms

Woman kayaks on a river with Aliner pop up camper on river bank in the background.
Photo credit: Aliner

Aliner is quickly making a name for itself as an innovator of pop up campers.

Priding themselves as being the original A-frame pop up camper, they take their reputation seriously, and they are passionate about creating campers for their customers that exceed expectations.

Not all of their models include a bathroom standard.

If you’re needing a pop up camper with toilet and shower, you should look either at their models that include a bathroom standard, like the LXE, or consider adding one onto a model with an optional bathroom, such as the Expedition or the Family. 

Regardless of which model you pick, A-liner include as a standard many features and amenities that other makers charge more to add-on. This list covers features like solar ports and high amperage converters, as well as skylights and fans.

More than just their models, A-liner has culminated a very ardent following, and the community of A-liner owners is vast.

This means that resources, troubleshooting, and general help or support will be plentiful when you purchase one of their units.

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Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW pop up trailer with bathroom

Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW pop up trailer with bathroom exterior view with pop outs open.
Photo credit: Forest River

Length: 20 feet

Forest River has a long history of being one of the biggest and best names in the RV industry. With that expertise comes a whole lot of peace of mind for their buyers.

Forest River models are known for being very hardy and reliable, two incredibly important characteristics for pop up campers with bathrooms.

The Flagstaff T21DMHW model is a great example of their craftsmanship. It might not be as showy or luxurious as other models, but it is built to last.

This pop up camper with a toilet only comes in one floor plan, which might limit its appeal. But if the floor plan fits with your needs, you might not need to look much further.

Featuring a very space efficient and minimal layout, this pop up trailer with a bathroom only has one flip up bed, so it’s really only suitable for solo travelers or couples.

But for small groups, this unit features everything you need, including a small kitchen, full wet bath, dinette, ample storage, and large picture windows. 

Jayco Jay Sport pop up campers with bathrooms

Jayco Jay Sport pop up trailer with bathroom exterior view with pop ups  open.
Photo credit: Jayco

Length: 8 – 12 feet

Most buyers gravitate toward pop up campers with bathrooms because of their tiny, drivable profile.

The Jayco Jay Sport line manages to fit everything standard in other pop up campers in an almost unbelievably small body.

At just 8 feet, the smallest of these units still manages to include two flip up beds, a dinette, kitchen, and several storage areas. Each of their four layouts boasts incredible utilization of the space.

Each layout also has the option to add a bathroom. One option is to include a full wet bath with a toilet and shower combo, the other option is to just add a porta potty.

As you’ll see in the details of this series, the optional add-ons are almost endless. While this definitely can end up racking the price up much higher than you’d expect, it also means you can get almost every detail and feature exactly as you need or like.

When you’re travelling with such a small footprint, space is absolutely essential, and wasting any space on an amenity that you don’t intend to use can be extremely frustrating.

When you can pick and choose exactly what you want (or don’t want) in your pop up camper, you can avoid this hassle and use all of your space efficiently. 

Coachman Clipper Classic

Coachman Clipper Classic exterior with pop ups open.
Photo credit: Coachman

Length: 21 feet

While being able to close down camp into an easily towed box is a huge benefit for some, it’s actually a downfall for others.

After a long day of driving, when you finally make it to camp, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour setting up your RV. Coachman introduced this series of pop up campers with bathrooms to relieve just that.

With aerodynamic profiles and a patented Glide n’ Lock bed system, these campers were designed to set up and take down effortlessly and fast. This can be an absolute lifesaver if you find yourself setting up camp in pouring rains or worse. 

Not only has Coachman made these campers a breeze to set up and take down, but they’ve designed almost every one of its functions around convenience, comfort, and ease of use.

If you’re like me and pack every day on the road with hikes, climbs, and other adventures, coming home to a comfortable and stress-free camper can make a world of difference.

The Clipper V-Trek unit includes one layout with a wet bath/shower combination. It also features king and queen sized insulated flip up bunks, a pop out dinette, a kitchen, a convertible couch, and ample storage.

That includes more than enough room for even a family of 5 or more, and it uses the bunks and pop out to truly make the most out of the small space. 

The types of bathrooms you’ll find in a pop up trailer with bathrooms


If you’re unfamiliar with wet camper bathrooms, and have only used standard, residential restrooms, you’re used to what are called dry bathrooms.

This means that the sink and shower are in separate areas from the toilet, keeping the toilet and other areas in the bathroom like shelves or cabinets, dry. 

These are the more comfortable type of bathroom, and are generally preferred in terms of use.

Unfortunately, having a separate shower, sink, and toilet takes up a lot of space. When it comes to campers, especially pop up trailers, space is everything.

For that reason, most buyers of pop up trailers with bathrooms forgo the luxury of a dry bath and opt for what’s known as a wet bath. 


Wet baths are more common in pop up campers with bathrooms.

In a wet bath, the entire restroom fits inside of the shower. That allows an entire full bath to fit in the footprint of a small shower cubicle. 

The downside is comfort and convenience. Showering with a toilet isn’t the most luxurious experience, and stepping into puddles to use the restroom after someone showers isn’t very fun. 

Also, you’ll need to make sure everything in the bathroom is waterproof. Since the entire bathroom gets wet with shower use, that means even toilet paper can’t be left in the open. Some campers have handy features to negate this difficulty, like watertight cabinets and enclosed toilet paper access. 

Most travellers try to limit shower use for a bunch of reasons, so if you don’t plan to use the shower very often, a wet bath might not be such a hassle. 

If you’re not sure if you’d like using a wet bath, try one out. Rent a pop up camper with a wet bathroom for the weekend and see how it goes. 


Some bathrooms in pop up trailers with a toilet, particularly dry baths, are fully enclosed. This means they are a separate room, like normal bathrooms indoors. Others use a simple curtain to partition the space.

When camping, privacy is already typically at a minimum, but some people just can’t do their business with only a curtain to rely on. This one really comes down to what you’re comfortable with. 

Portable Toilet

Porta-potties have a pretty bad rep, but when it comes to camping they can be a serious game changer.

If you really only need or want a toilet in your pop up camper, you might not see the need for a dedicated bathroom at all.

Porta potties can sit in a fixed position, behind a curtain or other partition. They can also be mobile, which gives you the ability to find a more natural setting to do nature’s bidding.

A cassette toilet is a portable toilet with a removable tank, which you can them dump out in public toilet.

This is a great option for buyers who just can’t stomach dedicating so much precious floor space to a room that will only be used a few minutes of the day.

Outdoor Shower

If a portable toilet suits your needs, but you’d love the ability to shower on the road, an outdoor shower could be ideal.

Typically affixed to the side of the camper, they can include pop out awnings and privacy curtains. This is a great solution if you don’t want to dedicate any indoor space to a bathroom.

Once you’ve decided what type of bathroom is right for you, it’s time to start looking at models. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pop up trailers with bathrooms.

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Conclusion on pop up trailers with bathrooms

Upgrading your camping gear to include a pop up camper with toilet and bathroom doesn’t just allow for more comfortable trips, but it can also mean the possibility of staying on the road for days, weeks, even months at a time without major inconvenience. 

Whether you’re traveling on your own, as a couple, or even with a growing family, there is a pop up camper with a bathroom that could be perfect for your great adventure. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you start to visualize what that could be. If you’ve still got any questions, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help.

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