Sprinter Camper Van Rental: Everything You Need to Know

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A Sprinter camper van rental is the perfect way to try the van life out.

Sprinter camper vans drive almost like a car, can handle steep hills and are roomy and sleek. They’re easy to maneuver and they’re short enough to access almost any tunnel or parking garage.

And, of course, they’re cool!

But buying a Sprinter van conversion can set you back anywhere between $30,000 and $150,000, depending on whether you buy new or used and professionally converted or DIY.

And even if you find a good DIY conversion, you’ll probably want to make it feel like home, so you might throw in a few upgrades. It’s a big investment, and what if you don’t enjoy the van life, even just on holiday? 

A Sprinter camper rental is a perfect way to experience the van life without making a huge financial commitment.

Whether you’re planning to live the van life long-term or you simply want a taste of the lifestyle on vacation, renting a Sprinter van camper is a great option.

Reasons to rent a Sprinter camper van

Interior of a Sprinter camper van rental with kitchen and table
Check out the plush interior of this Sprinter camper van rental, available on Outdoorsy.

Sprinter campers are van lifers’ rig of choice for many reasons. They’re comfortable enough for full-time living thanks to the sizable living space, decent headroom and bright windows.

With their highly customizable interior, you can choose between many campervan layouts for your camping adventure, based on your personal needs. 

Sprinter van rentals are also reliable – people drive them thousands of miles without encountering a problem. And if they break down, it’s very easy to find a mechanic familiar with their engines and replacement parts, as they’re such a popular vehicle.

Opting for a Sprinter camper van rental means you won’t have to deal with the hassle that comes with ownership – taxes, maintenance and storage costs.

If you’re not set on living in a Sprinter conversion full-time or you have a limited amount of days off per year to go camping, then a Sprinter RV rental is your best choice. 

By taking a Sprinter camper van rental for a spin, you’ll be able to test the living space, the comforts on board, the ease of setting up camp, as well as the vehicle’s maneuverability, efficiency and gas consumption.

If you rent a Sprinter RV through peer-to-peer rental company Outdoorsy, you’ll be able to meet the owners of the van you’re renting and ask them any questions you may have.

They’ll know exactly how much insurance and maintenance costs are, what to look out for when buying one, and more.

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Things to think about before you rent a Sprinter van

man and woman sitting by a fire in front of their Sprinter van rental

Before you click on that “Reserve” button, make sure you’re renting the right Sprinter RV for your epic road trip. Each camper has different needs, so it’s essential that you make sure the camper is equipped with everything you require.

Custom DIY Sprinter van camper conversion vs. actual Sprinter RV rental

First, pick between a DIY Sprinter van rental or a professional RV company, such as Winnebago and Airstream. Do you prefer a homey or a modern feel?

Consider the fact that you don’t know how good the owners are at DIY, so there is a small risk interior components may be flimsy on a DIY Sprinter van rental.

However, an actual Sprinter RV generally costs a lot more to rent.

Going to the bathroom in your Sprinter camper van rental

Can you go for a model without a bathroom? You could go to campgrounds most nights to use their showers and bring a portable toilet with you.

Or if you plan to camp near a beach, you could pick one with public bathrooms.

Choose carefully here – can you really put up with it or is it best to pay extra for the comfort of a Sprinter camper van rental with a bathroom?

Going off-grid in your Sprinter RV rental

If your trip involves spending some time off-grid and boondocking, you’ll need to check the Sprinter camper van rental’s gear very carefully.

You may want to rent a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van with a full kitchen, bathroom and big water tank. You’ll probably need some electricity, in which case solar panels and house batteries are a must.

If you need to charge your laptop you’ll want to check if the owners have installed an inverter.

Number of people in your Sprinter van rental

If you’re taking the kids or some friends with you, you’ll need a big enough Sprinter van to accommodate everyone. When choosing a Sprinter model, don’t just check at the number of beds available on the vehicle – look at the storage and living space too.

Will you be able to fit everyone’s luggage in the Sprinter RV rental? Can you imagine your family or group of friends moving about and sitting around inside at the same time?

You may spend your evenings indoors and it might rain some days, so make sure you’re comfortable with that idea.

4wd vs. 2wd Sprinter camper rentals

Make sure you plan your road trip in advance and check the terrain of the places you want to visit – will you need an off-road van? Is it steep?

A 4wd drive van rental will cost more, but it can get you to places no one else goes.

Storage in your Sprinter van rentals

No matter how minimalist you are, if you want to take bikes, surfboards, or a canoe on your van life vacation, you’ll need to check that the Sprinter RV rental has enough storage space.

Some vans have a slide-out storage area at the rear, others are kitted with bike or roof racks. Get in touch with the owner to find out if your gear will fit before you book.

The cost of renting a Sprinter camper van

There’s a Sprinter camper van rental for every budget. The cost typically goes between $70 and $350 per night, depending on the size, location and time of year. Some newer vans can cost up to $700 per night.

You can rent a Sprinter RV for a weekend, a week or a month. 

The easiest way to rent a Sprinter conversion is through Outdoorsy – just choose “Camper van rentals” from the menu, type in your city and add the filter keyword “Sprinter.” You’ll find dozens of great vans for rent in your area, and some are available for delivery within 60 miles of their base.

You’ll be renting mostly from Sprinter van owners, who know their van well and can help you settle in nicely.

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Check out these rad Sprinter camper van rentals for $40 off

Get inspired for your next van life vacation with these super cool Sprinter camper rentals. There’s a Sprinter for every kind of camper. Use the coupon code “wayward40” to get $40 off a rental!

Sparkles: 2014 Free Spirit Sprinter camper rental in San Francisco

Sprinter van rental with woman sitting at a picnic table with coffee
You can rent the Sparkles: 2014 Free Spirit Sprinter on Outdoorsy.

Price: $250 per night / $1,750 per week 
Location: San Francisco, CA
Sleeps: Two

If you want to glamp, rather than camp, the Sparkles Sprinter van camper rental fits the bill. It’s equipped with all sorts of luxuries – from a wet bath to a TV.

Inside, there is a dinette that turns into a double bed, a bathroom and a kitchen. The bathroom has flushable toilet, sink and shower. The kitchen features a sink, a stove, an oven and a big refrigerator.

There’s also a TV, an inverter, a generator, AC and a heater. Outside you’ll find a tow hitch and an awning.

Check out the full listing here.

Van Diesel 2o10 Sprinter van rental with motorcycle storage and tow hitch in San Francisco

van diesel sprinter camper van rental with surfboard
You can rent the Van Diesel Sprinter here.

Price: $125 per night / $1,001 per week 
Location: San Francisco, CA
Sleeps: Two

Looking for a van that will allow you to haul dirt bikes or trailers, with plenty of space to carry your adventure toys? Van Diesel is the Sprinter for you. 

Inside, there’s a kitchen with a sink and two-burner stove, a TV, a diesel heater, and a fold-out bed that sleeps two.

At the rear of the vehicle, you’ll find a D-ring and tie down mounts to secure a motorcycle or a couple of bikes. You can also use the space to store surfboards, SUPs, skis, or any other gear you may want to take with you.

There’s a solar shower mounted on the roof – just grab the hose and enjoy an outdoor wash with a great view. 

Find the full listing here.

Wesley 2017 Sprinter camper rental with a roof-top tent in San Francisco

sprinter van rental parked on the beach with a rooftop tent
You can rent this Wesley Mercedes Sprinter here.

Price: $160 per night / $980 per week 
Location: San Francisco, CA
Sleeps: Four

Wesley is an outdoorsy-looking automatic Sprinter  van rental with a roof top tent. It’s the ideal rental for a family, as the kids can sleep in the tent while the parents can lounge in a comfortable near queen-sized bed. 

This van comes equipped with a dinette and a kitchen with a tap, a cooker and a refrigerator. The dinette collapses to form a double bed. There is also a 15 gallon water tank and a grey water tank of the same capacity.

Check out the listing here.

2006 Dodge Sprinter camper van rental in Utah

dodge sprinter van rental parked on utah red dirt
Rent this Dodge Sprinter van here.

Price: $130 per night / $595 per week 
Location: Moab, UT
Sleeps: Two

Looking for a cult classic? This Dodge Sprinter camper van rental will be right up your street. This is a DIY conversion full of quirky little features.

There’s a full-size double bed, a dining table, a kitchen with a camping stove, a cooler and a sink. There’s lots of storage everywhere with plenty of cabinets and drawers.

If you’re planning to do a DIY custom conversion, this is the perfect van to try out the van life on – you’ll get to try out the full experience at a very affordable price.

Find the full listing here.

Vigos adventure Sprinter van rental in Los Angeles

Vigos Sprinter van on a dirt road near rocks
Rent this Vigos Sprinter van here.

Price: $175 per night / $1,204 per week 
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Sleeps: Five

Looking for a Sprinter that maximizes sleeping space over comfort, ideal for a big festival trip? The Vigos adventure van sleeps up to five people and seats up to eight.

While the kitchen only features a counter space, you’ll find a dinette, a refrigerator and portable toilet inside. The dinette turns into a big double bed that sleeps up to three and a MOAB elevator creates an extra double bed.

There’s a heated outdoor shower at the rear of the vehicle. Pack a three-man tent and you can take seven friends on a mega camping trip.

Look up the full listing here.

2019 Winnebago Sprinter 4×4 rental in Los Angeles

winnebago revel camper van rental in lone pine
Rent this Winnebago Revel camper here.

Price: $290 per night / $1,890 per week 
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Sleeps: Two

Dreaming of an epic wild camping adventure? This new 4×4 Winnebago Sprinter will take you anywhere in comfort.

Inside there’s a double bed, dinette, a kitchen and a wet bath. The kitchen features a sink, an induction stove and a refrigerator. The bed can be turned into a seating area.

The dinette is at the front of the vehicle; two of the four seats are the swiveling driver and passenger seats. In the bathroom there’s a flushing toilet, sink and shower.

Find the full listing here.

2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper rental in Oregon

woman cooking in a Sprinter van camper rental
Rent this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper here.

Price: $170 per night / $1,190 per week 
Location: Portland, OR
Sleeps: Three

This custom conversion blends a modern vehicle with a vintage feel. The wooden interior features a double bed, a kitchen with burner, sink and refrigerator, and plenty of storage space. There’s a portable toilet and an outdoor shower. 

The van comes equipped with a bike rack, a tow hitch, AC and a heater. There’s even a projector and screen to watch your favorite movies.

The best feature? The hammock that hangs across the slide door – the perfect spot to watch the world go by.

Check out the full listing here.

The Rabbit Hole, 2011 Sprinter RV rental in Denver

The Rabbit Hole Sprinter Camper Van with forest and mountain in background.
Rent the Rabbit Hole Sprinter camper here.

Price: $170 per night / $1,012 per week 
Location: Denver, CO
Sleeps: Two

Fan of a rustic feel? The Rabbit Hole will deliver. This Sprinter camper rental is a custom conversion made out of hard wood from the local breweries and beetle-kill pine.

The interior features a double bed, a kitchen with a cooker and sink, a portable toilet, and an outside shower. The refrigerator slides out from under the platform bed.

There are plenty of cupboards where you can store your clothes. In the winter, you can use the diesel heater to warm up the cabin.

There’s a huge storage area under the bed accessible from the rear of the van where you can store two bikes. A handy drop down shelf offers a place to prep your food outdoors.

Check out the full listing here.

Ready to book a rad Sprinter camper van rental?

Whether you just want to go camping in comfort for the summer holidays or you’d like to figure out if the van life is for you, renting a Sprinter RV is a great option. You’ll get to experience the comforts and living space of a Sprinter van for a week or two.

Remember to use the coupon code “wayward40” to get $40 off you rental. Check out Sprinter van rentals near you below!

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