Sprinter Camper Van Rental: Everything You Need to Know

Sprinter vans are versatile, rugged and have lots of interior space. Plus, they’re fun to drive and easy to park. Check out these Sprinter camper van rental companies for your next road trip.

Sprinter camper van rental with woman sitting at a picnic table with coffee

If you’re ready for an outdoor adventure either as a solo, couple or family, then a Sprinter camper van rental is just what you need.

These hardy vans are perfect for people who want to get out camping while keeping the luxuries of home. Sprinter camper van rentals come in a lot of different styles, types and price points, and we want to help you pick the right one.

We’ll go over which companies to rent a Sprinter van from, what to look for in a Sprinter camper van rental, and how to get off-grid and overlanding in one of these awesome vans.

10 Companies Where You Can Rent a Sprinter Van

You can rent a Sprinter camper on a lot of different websites. It’s great that you have so many options of camper van rental companies because you can spend some time shopping around, looking for the right one for your needs. (and price point!)

TIP: If you’re having a hard time narrowing these sites down to Sprinter camper van rentals, you might have to go to the “More Filters” or “More” part of the search bar and add the keyword “Sprinter.” That way, sites like Outdoorsy and RVShare should populate with only Sprinter vans.


Location: Across the U.S.

Mileage: Varies by owner

Amenities: Varies by owner

Pet friendly: Varies by owner

Outdoorsy has quickly become the most popular camper rental website. This is a peer-to-peer rental company, and you’ll find a mix of DIY Sprinter vans and Sprinter van RVs by companies like Airstream, Pleasure Way, Winnebago and Storyteller Overland.

You simply choose the type of Sprinter camper you want to rent, set your location and dates, and you’re presented with some options. They host listings for both businesses and private owners. Some vans can be delivered to you, rather than picked up. 

Owners can make their listings pretty personal – they usually include a picture and some information about themselves. This helps you understand the type of people you’ll be renting from.

We also love that Outdoorsy comes with 24/7 roadside assistance and $1 million insurance protection. You’ll find campervan rentals all over the United States using this website, but you may not find a Sprinter in every single city.

Use the coupon code “waywardhome” for $50 off a campervan rental!


This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is available for hire on GoCamp
This Sprinter can be hired on GoCamp

Location: Across the U.S.

Mileage: Varies by owner

Amenities: Fully equipt

Pet friendly: Varies by owner

GoCamp is a peer-to-peer camper rental company. It started out in Portland (OR), but it now features rentals in over 50 cities across the United States. From GoCamp, you will be able to hire a wide variety of vans – from Westfalia to Contravans rigs.

Simply select the location, dates, number of seats and beds, and your preferred van builder. Builds sporting lots of different floor plans will appear, which you can inspect closely before booking. If you plan to go on a longer trip (over 10-14 days), call them up to ask if a discount is available.

Some rentals are available for a one-way trips, too, so you can cover more miles and places in one holiday. Prices go from $130 to $325 a night.

Each rental comes with $1 million liability coverage and up to $200,000 comp and collision coverage. The price of the insurance, which is mandatory to take out, is $39.5 a day for most rentals and $49.5 a day for premium vans. 24-hour roadside assistance can be purchased for $15 a day.

RV Share

white sprinter camper van parked outdoors
This Sprinter camper is available for rent via RVShare.

Location: Across the U.S.

Mileage: Varies by owner

Amenities: Varies by owner

Pet friendly: Varies by owner

RV Share is a platform that connects RV owners with campers who would rather rent than buy. It’s similar to Outdoorsy in that it’s a peer-to-peer rental service.

You’ll definitely want to click on the “More Filters” tab and add the keyword “Sprinter” to get the listings you are looking for. It’s super easy to search by city and date to look up vans in the area.

Some of the van owners will offer delivery, so check that box on the search tab to look for only deliverable Sprinter camper van rentals.

On RVShare, each renter is verified before being entered into the system. The listings are personal here, too.

RVShare offers 25/7 support, insurance and pet-friendly campervans.

Moterra Luxury Sprinter Van Rentals

Location: Jackson, WY, San Francisco, CA, Whitefish, MT, Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, NV, Seattle, WA and Portland, ME

Mileage: 100 miles per night and $.35 per mile thereafter

Amenities: Fully equipt

Pet friendly: Yes, with a $150 pet deposit

For a more luxurious Sprinter camper van rental experience in the Western states, you can browse Moterra Campervans. The rental company owns a number of Sprinters, which were converted professionally by Sportsmobile.

All their vans come with Bluetooth audio, cruise control, and touch-screen navigation. The vans are all 4WD and 19′ long, making them easy to take off-road or national parks.

Choose from a high roof van that sleeps two or a pop-top that sleeps four. The vans that sleep four are perfect for a family adventure in a luxury Sprinter van.

Vans come fully stocked for your outdoor adventure, with a kitchen, stove, porta-potty toilet, thermostat heater and solar electric system.

Cascade Adventure Vans

Location: Seattle, WA

Mileage: 150 miles per night included, $.55/mile per additional mile

Amenities: Fully equipt with optional add-ons

Pet friendly: Yes

If you’ve been dreaming of a Pacific Northwest Adventure, Cascare Adventure Vans will get you there. They have a fleet of fully equipt 2×4 Sprinter camper van rentals located in Seattle’s Interbay neighborhood, which is situated just north of downtown Seattle.

Less than 30 minutes from the SeaTac airport and only 15 minutes from cruise ship terminals, you can easily add a Northwest adventure on to your current vacation plans.

You can collect your rented van after 11:00 am on the initial day and it should be returned by 1 pm on the last day of your rental. Late returns will incur a minimum charge of $250.

Depending on the season, they have a 3 or 4-night minimum rental, with a per-night rate for every night thereafter.

You must be at least 25 years old to rent a sprinter camper from Cascade Adventure Vans, and you are required to purchase an additional insurance package that starts at $39.95 per day. All rentals come with 24/7 roadside assistance.

Warner Vans

sprinter van parked outdoors
Sprinter Van for Rent by Warner Vans

Location: West Valley City, Utah

Mileage: 200 miles per day, and $.35 per mile thereafter

Amenities: Call for details

Pet friendly: Call for details

Warner Vans has a diverse selection of Storyteller Overland Sprinter Vans available for rent.

They have weekly and monthly rates available along with the largest selection of Sprinter Van Rentals in Utah. Take a week to explore a few national parks, or a few months to discover all the state has to offer.

You must be 25 years old to rent a sprinter camper through Warner Vans, but if you are planning a lot of driving and renting the van for over a month, they are open to negotiating a monthly mileage allowance.

Sundog Sprinter Vans

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Mileage: Contact for details

Amenities: Fully stocked

Pet friendly: Contact for details

If you’ve been dreaming of an unconventional Alaskan adventure, Sundog Sprinter Vans can make those dreams come true.

Every fully equipped 4×4 Sprinter camper van rental has been built to withstand intense Alaskan weather conditions. The vans are insulated for winter use and even have studded snow tires when necessary.

The camper vans can seat and sleep up to four people, so you can bring your friends or the whole family. Their vans are stocked with everything you will need (sans food), but knowing that Alaska might be hard to plan for, the folks as Sundog Sprinter Vans can help curate any additional items you may need to make your adventure unforgettable.

Depending on the season they have a 3-5 day minimum rental period, and they provide a shuttle service to and from the airport when you pick up and drop off your camper van.


white sprinter van with rooftop tent by altCamp for rent
Everest Sprinter Van for Rent by altCamp

Location: Costa Mesa, CA and Westminister, CA

Mileage: 150 miles per day included, $.75 per mile thereafter

Amenities: Fully equipt

Pet friendly: Call for info

If you’re looking for luxury, altCamp is the top “glamper” van rental company in North America, providing guests with an exceptional outdoor experience while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Their fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters offers exceptional class and comfort while still being rugged enough to get off the grid. Luxurious Parachute bedding is provided with high-quality Williams-Sonoma cookware and cooking tools, and an Apple iPad loaded with a variety of entertainment options such as Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify.

Cabana Vans

white sprinter van parked near the Golden Gate in San Francisco with man coming out of the van
Photo Credit: @cabanavans

Location: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Minneapolis

Mileage: 175 free miles per day

Amenities: Fully equipt

Pet friendly: Yes, with a $100 pet deposit

Cabana Van’s campervan model is not the average Sprinter van rental experience. They offer “mobile hotels” and ensure you’re not just renting a campervan, you’re renting a complete, curated experience that you can’t find elsewhere.

Cabana specializes in offering a trip planning service that tailors itineraries to your preferences, featuring personalized campsite and route recommendations, as well as suggestions for recreational activities.

With a plethora of add-ons and in-van amenities, customizing your trip is easier than ever.

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals

Coachman Galleria luxury sprinter RV for rent
Coachman Galleria for rent via Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals

Location: 29 locations in 11 states, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and Washington State

Mileage: Varies based on length of rental

Amenities: Fully stocked

Pet friendly: Yes, with an additional pet deposit

If your budget can stretch further, you could have a Sprinter glamping experience in a camper from Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals. Their vehicles have panoramic windows, collision avoidance indicators, microwaves, heated seats, and more.

These camper rentals don’t come cheap, but you can rent them for up to two months. Renting from a luxury business means you get excellent logistical and technical advice from the staff.

However, there are requirements to rent a Sprinter van from this company. Roundtrip minimums range from 7-10 nights. Or, if you want to do a cross-country road trip, you must book at least 21 nights.

There are new Sprinter camper van rental sites popping up all the time. Keep an eye on Indie Campers and Campanada as they build their listings. 

Types of Sprinter vans available for rent

Winnebago Revel parked in a mountain area with people camping
This 2023 Winnebago Revel is Available for Rent on Outdoorsy.

The type of Sprinter van rental can impact the price of your rental by quite a bit. For a more realistic test, you’ll want to rent out a model that’s similar to what you have in mind for your van life adventures. Let’s look at the options you have. 

Sprinter RVs

These are RVs sold onto the market as ready-to-go campers. Companies like Winnebago, Airstream, Storyteller Overland and Pleasure Way buy a Sprinter and then convert it and sell it as an RV.

Rigs like these tend to be very solid and quite luxurious. They have everything you’d find in an RV, like a working kitchen, toilet (sometimes this is a portable toilet), shower, bed and sitting areas. Some of the more luxurious Sprinter RVs have televisions sets, air conditioners and heaters.

The floorplans are standardized, but you may get some inspiration for some clever ideas for add-ons, such as slide-out tables. 

RVs tend to be more expensive Sprinter rentals than DIY builds.

Custom Sprinter Van Builds

Custom builds are professional conversions produced by specialized companies. Generally, the owners buy the vehicle themselves and then hire a business to turn it into a camper.

Custom builds are as original as the company that produces them – you can find some real hidden gems.

When searching through custom builds, make sure they have the amenities you’re looking for, like an indoor kitchen, bathroom, etc. Some custom builds don’t have bathrooms and showers, so look closely.

DIY Sprinter Van Builds

These are DIY Sprinter conversions done by owners themselves. Unless they are incredibly luxurious, renting these types of vans tends to be a little cheaper.

When renting a DIY camper van build, make sure the build quality is good and safe. We’d recommend reading reviews before booking a DIY van.

As with custom builds, you’ll want to make sure the van has everything you want for your camping trip. Some won’t have heaters, air conditioners, solar systems, etc, so read specs carefully.

Sprinter camper van rental specs

Interior of a Sprinter van rental
Interior of a custom build Sprinter rental available on Outdoorsy.

Sprinter van rentals come in different sizes, which means some offer more headroom or extra length. Before you book your rental, it’s worth understanding how big each model is.

Wheelbase options

The wheelbase comes as:

  • 144-inch – 233.5 inches long, 
  • 170-inch – 274.3inches long, 
  • 170-inch extended – 290 inches long.

​​The 144-inch models sleep 2-3 people unless they are modified with double bunks, while the other ones sleep up to four.

The smaller vehicles are more nimble and easier to park in cities. Plus, the 144 wheelbase is easier to get into some national parks.

Roof height

The roof height can be:

  • Standard –  96.3 inches,
  • High roof – 107.5 inches.

The standard roof height vans can be more spacious if they have a pop-to. This allows for a bed to sit on top of the floorplan. The high roof ones offer more headroom, though.

Drive Train

Another thing to look for before you book your Sprinter van rental is the drivetrain. Do you want 2WD or 4WD? Do you plan on exploring back roads or taking your van to the beach? Are you renting for a snowy mountain adventure?

Typically, for roads and campgrounds, a 2WD is fine. If you want a true adventure van, look for 4WD.

Sprinter van rentals for families

Sprinter van camper rental with bunk bed system for families
This Sprinter van rental from Outdoorsy features a bunk bed system for families

If you plan to take the whole family camping, look for a longer Sprinter, one with bunk beds or one with a pop-top. Manufacturers, conversion companies, and DIYers are usually able to fit in a double bed and two single ones on these models. 

We’ve also seen two queen-sized bunk beds in a smaller Sprinter van rental.

When browsing listings, keep an eye out for family-friendly models. The Storyteller Overland RV and Roadtrek Agile can sleep 3 people, and other DIY or custom build models sleep 4 or more.

Many Sportsmobile Sprinter RV conversions with pop-tops can definitely sleep four.

Make sure to look for number of beds and seatbelts included when searching for the perfect Mercedes Benz sprinter rental.

Things to think about before you rent a Sprinter van

Before you click on that “Reserve” button, make sure you’re renting the right Sprinter RV for your epic road trip. Each camper has different needs, so it’s essential that you make sure the camper is equipped with everything you require.

Do you need a bathroom in your Sprinter camper van rental?

Some Sprinter van camper rentals have toilets and showers, while others don’t. And if the rental van does say “bathroom,” this might include a portable camping toilet, which means you’ll have to dump your waste in a public bathroom. Others might have a composting toilet, so make sure you’re okay with that.

Or, you could go for a Sprinter rental without a bathroom at all. You can easily use campground bathrooms, public bathrooms at state and national parks, or just go out a dig a hole while boondocking.

Choose carefully here – can you really put up with having no toilet or is it best to pay extra for the comfort of a Sprinter camper van rental with a bathroom?

Are you going off-grid in your Sprinter campervan rental?

open 4x4 sprinter van parked outdoors with chairs and tables outside
This 2023 4×4 Sprinter van rental is available on Outdoorsy

If your trip involves spending some time off-grid and boondocking, you’ll need to check the Sprinter campervan rental‘s gear very carefully.

You may want to rent a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van with a full kitchen, bathroom and big water tank. You’ll probably need some electricity, in which case solar panels and house batteries are a must.

If you need to charge your laptop you’ll want to check if the owners have installed an inverter.

Our favorite type of camping includes overlanding and boondocking, but that experience isn’t for everyone.

How many people are you taking in your Sprinter van rental?

If you’re taking the kids or some friends with you, you’ll need a big enough Sprinter van to accommodate everyone. When choosing a Sprinter model, don’t just check at the number of beds available on the vehicle – look at the storage and living space too.

Will you be able to fit everyone’s luggage in the Sprinter motorhome rental? Can you imagine your family or group of friends moving about and sitting around inside at the same time?

You may spend your evenings indoors and it might rain some days, so make sure you’re comfortable with that idea.

Storage in your Sprinter van rental

No matter how minimalist you are, if you want to take bikes, surfboards, or a canoe on your van life vacation, you’ll need to check that the Sprinter campervan rental has enough storage space.

Some vans have a slide-out storage area at the rear, others are kitted with bike or roof racksGet in touch with the owner to find out if your gear will fit before you book.

How much does a Sprinter camper van rental cost?

Large Sprinter RV rental parked on the beach
This Airstream Interstate Sprinter RV is listed on Outdoorsy

Renting a Mercedes Sprinter van won’t come cheap. On most websites we’ve browsed, these vans range in price from $150 to $400 per night, depending on the model and amenities.

Of course, renting during the off-peak season or shoulder season helps. Summer is going to be the most expensive month for renting a Sprinter.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay for gas, which can really add up on a roadtrip. Some campervan rental companies include unlimited mileage while others do not. Read the fine print closely before booking your camper van rental.

If the price of a Mercedes camper van seems prohibitive, you might want to look into a Ford Transit. Some newer models starting in 2020 come with AWD, and many include the same amenities as a Sprinter van rental.

Another choice for a large vehicle you can stand up in is a Dodge Ram Promaster.

Conclusion on renting a Sprinter van

Sprinter camper van rentals provide a unique opportunity for those looking to travel without requiring too much planning. The short wheel base vans are easy to take off-roading and boondocking, or you can book campgrounds ahead of time.

To ensure you choose the right vehicle for your lifestyle, it is essential to consider what type of trip you will be taking as well as how many people will be accompanying you on this journey.

One thing we love about these vans?

They are roomy, get decent fuel economy for such a big rig, are reliable and fun to take off-road (especially the 4×4 version).

We hope you find just the right Mercedes Sprinter RV rental for your road trip.

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