5 Amazing Campervan Rentals in Europe for Your Overseas Adventure

We absolutely loved renting a campervan in Europe for our trip to Italy. Here are our top picks for rental companies to try!

We had a great time exploring Europe in a campervan rental in the fall of 2023. We used Roadsurfer as our campervan rental company, which comped us a van for 11-nights from Milan, Italy. We drove the van up into the Italian Alps known as the Dolomites, and really enjoyed our camper. In fact, we loved Roadsurfer so much that we booked two more trips on our own dime, one to visit the Cinque Terra, and the other a Roadsurfer Rally from Switzerland to Germany.

We found that it was VERY easy to find campsites, and that campgrounds were not only affordable, but fancy. Some of them even offered spas and saunas! And a couple had fine dining restaurants. It was a camping experience unlike any other you can find in the United States.

If you’re also inspired to rent a campervan in Europe, we researched these five companies and think any of them would be a great bet for your overseas trip.

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1. Roadsurfer: Our Top Pick

Roadsurfery rally family finca
Our Roadsurfer van in the Swiss Alps


  • Modern Fleet: Roadsurfer offers a range of up- to-date, well-maintained vehicles, including Volkswagen, Fiat Ducati, Man, and Sprinter models
  • Unlimited Mileage: Unlike some companies, Roadsurfer offers free unlimited mileage, making it ideal for long-haul journeys.
  • Transparency: Fees and charges are usually stated clearly, reducing the chances of hidden costs.
  • 24/7 Support: They offer round-the-clock customer service, a boon for travelers who may encounter issues at any time of the day.


  • Limited Availability: Due to its popularity, especially during peak season, finding the exact model you want may be challenging.
  • No One-Way Rentals: If your heart is set on a one-way campervan trip, Roadsurfer isn’t the right company for you. The only way to achieve a one-way rental is with a Roadsurfer Rally.
  • Kitchen Box is Lacking: We wished the kitchen box had larger pots and pans, and sometimes, the pots and pans were dirty. We also didn’t care for the French Press as it was too messy for a campervan

Roadsurfer is a Germany-based campervan rental company that has been gaining popularity for its well-equipped, modern fleet. Known for a variety of van types, Roadsurfer offers everything from compact campers to fully- integrated motorhomes. With a strong presence in Europe, including Italy, Roadsurfer aims to provide an all-inclusive, comfortable camping experience.

We used Roadsurfer three different times for our campervan rentals in Europe. For the first time, we took the Cozy Cottage to the Dolomites. The second time we did a Roadsurfer Rally on a one-way trip through Switzerland (one- ways ONLY offered for the Roadsurfer Rally), and our third rental was a Cozy Cottage we took to the Ligurian coast, including Cinque Terre.

We loved the rigs, found them to be generally clean, and Roadsurfer and its customer service team were all really easy to deal with. I highly recommend this company and we plan to use them as our next European campervan rental company.

2. Indie Campers: Largest Fleet in Europe

A campervan parked in the snow in Europe
Photo Credit: Indie Campers


  • Wide Selection: From budget-friendly small minivans to larger campers that sleep five, Indie Campers has something for everyone.
  • Availability: With multiple locations across Europe, it’s easier to find an available van. Many locations are open on weekends, unlike other camper rental companies
  • Flexible Policies: Indie Campers often offers more flexible cancellation policies compared to other companies. For example, if you cancel 17 days before your trip, you can get 100% back. Roadsurfer, in contrast, requires 60 days notice
  • Unique Rental Options: From a daily rate to a monthly rate, Indie makes it easy to rent a van for the designated time period you’re looking for
  • Tons of Add-Ons: Whether you’re looking fora surfboard, wetsuit, folding bikes or bike rack, Indie campers has LOTS you can add onto your reservation for a fee
  • One-Way Options: Indie Campers does charge a one-way fee, but if you don’t mind paying that fee, one-way options are available to you all over Europe


  • Lots of Added Fees: With Indie campers, the daily rate might look cheap but they’ll get you on the extras. Everything from your bedding, to chemical tabs, to a cleaning service, to exterior tables and chairs costs something extra.
  • Only 100 Kilometers Per Day Included: Unlike Roadsurfer, Indie Campers doesn’t offer unlimited mileage. If you’re planning a longer road trip, you’ll have to pay for additional miles
  • Negative Reviews: I found a substantial number of negative reviews online about Indie campers, but haven’t tried one myself

Indie Campers has made a name for itself as one of the go-to campervan rental companies across Europe. With a fleet of over 7,000 campervans and motorhomes and 70 locations, they offer an impressive variety of options tailored to different travel needs and budgets. This company has TONS of locations all over Europe, and also in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Unfortunately, Indie gets very mixed reviews online when it comes to van cleanliness and customer service, but I haven’t tried them yet myself.

Indie also contracts with private hosts and companies to get even more people into camper rentals in Europe.

Van Life Italia: The Ultimate Guide to a Campervan Trip in Italy

I just took a campervan trip to Europe, and this guide has my top tips on a campervan rental trip in Italy. These tips can be applied to anywhere in the continent.

  • How to Choose a Camper
  • How to Deal with Water Tanks
  • How to Find Campsites in Europe
  • Getting Data Overseas
  • And Much More!

3. Motorhome Republic: Most Varied Selection

people sitting between campervans in Europe
Photo Credit: Motorhome Republic
  • Nighly Average: Depends a great deal as this is an aggregator of various companies
  • Types of Rigs: Pop Up Minivans, Panel Vans, Semi-Integrated and Fully-Integrated Campers.


  • Wide Selection: Access to over 200 suppliers, giving you lots of choices in terms of vehicle type, pricing and location.There’s anything from pop-up minivans to large Class-A RVish looking rigs.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Easy-to-navigate website with multiple filters to refine your search.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear display of all costs, including add-ons and fees, so there are no surprises.
  • Multiple Locations: Ability to pick up and drop off at various points, making itinerary planning more flexible.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 customer service availability to assist with any issues or queries.
  • Great Reviews: There are really good reviews for Motorhome Republic, and I know several people who have used the platform


  • Third-Party Booking: Since they’re a booking platform, any issues with the actual vehicle must be resolved with the supplier, not Motorhome Republic. Also, sometimes you can’t book a rig instantly and have to wait for confirmation from the supplier.
  • Variable Quality: The condition of the vehicles can vary depending on the supplier.
  • Additional Fees: Charges can rack up with add-ons, insurance, and other optional items.
  • Harder to Book Last Minute: Since this is a third- party booking software, it can be hard to book something last minute. Indie Campers, by contrast, allows you to book one day out, while Roadsurfer requires two days.

Motorhome Republic stands as a prominent name in the campervan rental landscape, not just in Italy, but globally. Established in 2005, this Auckland, New Zealand-based company serves as a comprehensive search and booking platform for motorhomes and campervans.

With access to over 200 suppliers in 45 countries, Motorhome Republic offers unparalleled variety and flexibility. They provide a one-stop-shop experience, aggregating multiple rental options from various companies to suit different travel styles and budgets. However, you won’t find Roadsurfer or Indie campers as part of their search engine.

From basic two-berth models for couples to elaborate six-berth RVs for families or groups, you’re likely to find a vehicle that aligns with your travel goals. This is the most varied platform we’ve found, and it’s easy to use.

4. Freeway Camper: No Hidden Fees

Photo Credit: Freeway Camper


  • No Service Fee: This is the only campervan rental company we’ve found with no service fee
  • No Mileage Restrictions: Unlimited kilometers included
  • Wide range of vehicles: You’ll find anything from minivans with pop-ups to larger Class C and Class A RVs, depending on the location
  • Affordable rentals: There aren’t as many extra fees as some companies, and starting price points are cheap
  • Availability: Stations are always open for drop-offs and pick-ups during peak season


  • No one-way rentals: Everything must be picked up and returned at the same station
  • Website: The booking experience is a little clunky compared to other sites
  • Limited supply: You might not find the size camper you want in the city you’re interested in
  • Limited Off-Season Hours: Some stations might be closed four days per week, so you’ll have to plan accordingly and research station hours/days.

Freeway Camper, launched in Munich in March 2020, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality campers and RVs with a customer-first approach. They’ve expanded to 50 stations across Germany, Poland, and Italy, though it’s worth noting that only five of these stations are in Italy. Catering to a variety of preferences, they offer everything from a minivan- style rig with a roof tent for lightweight travel, to diverse van options for the van life aficionados, to fully integrated RVs for those seeking maximum comfort.

We saw several of their campervans when we were traveling in Italy. This company is newer than the others and doesn’t have as sophisticated of a website and a much smaller fleet of vehicles.

5. Anywhere Campers: Best One-Way Camper Rentals

Photo Credit: Anywhere Campers


  • One-Way Rentals: This company does not have set depots, so you can choose where you pick up and drop off your camper
  • Everything Included: You’ll find everything you need for your trip, such as a kitchen box, bedding, outdoor grill, outdoor table and four camping chairs
  • Bikes are Included: This is the only rental company we’ve found that includes bikes with the rental
  • Great Customer Service: They team will get back to you in a timely manner with answers to your questions and quote requests
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service: Anywhere Campers picks you up and brings you to your camper


  • Requires More Planning: You can’t expect to get a last-minute camper with Anywhere Campers, since they have to drive the camper to the pick-up location
  • Harder to Book Online: You must submit a quote request; prices aren’t readily available on the website

Anywhere Campers started small in 2013 with just 2 motorhomes and 4 dedicated staff members. Fast forward to today, and they’ve expanded to a fleet of over 50 motorhomes, serving customers not only in Europe but also partnering with businesses in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Anywhere Campers is known for its one-way rentals which include pick-up and drop-off where you choose, and everything you need is included, such as a kitchen box and bedding.

This company is unique in that they don’t have specific depots, and include LOTS with your rental, including mountain bikes!

Van Life Italia: The Ultimate Guide to a Campervan Trip in Italy

I just took a campervan trip to Europe, and this guide has my top tips on a campervan rental trip in Italy. These tips can be applied to anywhere in the continent.

  • How to Choose a Camper
  • How to Deal with Water Tanks
  • How to Find Campsites in Europe
  • Getting Data Overseas
  • And Much More!

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