Rent this stealth camper for an amazing California road trip

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Myda and Yvonne of New York wanted to head to California for a vacation camping and rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park. Instead of flying their gear across the country, the two decided to rent a California campervan.

When searching online, they stumbled upon AIYRE Pacific Campervans, which rents out affordable Dodge Grand Caravan camper vans in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Their website was really easy to navigate and straightforward,” said Myda. “The vans looked clean and well-managed– other companies, through online and friend’s feedback, seemed like they had a lot of maintenance or miscommunication issues.”

So, the two flew out to the West Coast and picked up their Los Angeles campervan.

“We got a new van and everything in it had never been used,” said Myda. “It really did have everything we could possibly need for our trip.”

The two rented the California campervan for seven days, enjoying their explorations of Joshua Tree. They said the van was easy to drive and maneuver throughout the park.

Why renting a California campervan is a great way to see the state

The inside of an Aiyre Pacific campervan
Photo: Aiyre Pacific Campervan Rental

Renting a campervan in California is one of the best ways to see the Golden State. This way, you can avoid expensive hotels and RV rentals that break the bank.

The right California campervan rental is stealthy, gets great gas mileage, and is easy to park and maneuver. You’ll get all the joys of camping without the tedious setup and breakdown of a tent, sleeping bags and mats.

A campervan rental lets you have all the joys of camping without setting up and breaking down a tent every day.”

There are a lot of different campervan rental companies in San Francisco and Los Angeles to pick from, but many of them have bold colors or logos emblazoned on the side of the van. These vans basically announce they’re a rental.

If you’re looking for a stealthy campervan for a California road trip, you’ll want one that blends in with other vans. A stealth campervan works for both campgrounds and urban camping. Plus, you might feel safer in a van that doesn’t scream out: “tourist.”

Here’s more about a stealthy campervan rental company in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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AIYRE Pacific campervans

AIRYE Dodge Caravan camper in Yosemite

AIYRE Pacific campervan rentals started in Los Angeles with one simple question: What makes the perfect camper for a California road trip? RVs guzzle gas, aren’t environmentally-friendly and are hard to drive and park. Taking a road trip in a regular car leads to expensive hotels or grungy rest stops.

So, AIYRE came up with a solution: A Dodge Grand Caravan minivan camper that’s comfortable, stealthy, and perfect for a road trip.

“We picked this van because of its ‘stow-n-go’ seat system that folds into cavities in the floor,” said owner Mike Vardi. “This allows our setup to quickly swap from full bed to semi-folded with a second row of seats. This makes our campers suitable for young families with a small child or groups of up to four people. When more than two people travel, we supply a tent, air mattress and sleeping bags for free.”

Plus, Dodge Grand Caravans are common, easy to find service and parts – not that you are likely to need those as AIYRE’s cars are 2018 and 2019 models, still under warranty and well-maintained.

“We opted for the smaller size minivan rather than the larger vans as driving is much smoother and you get significantly more miles per gallon,” said Vardi. “Most people underestimate the amount of time spent driving if you want to cover California highlights in 1-2 weeks. Covering this distance in a quiet, smooth and efficient car, with strong AC and a great sound system makes a world of difference”.

A California road trip in a quiet, smooth and efficient car, with strong AC and a great sound system makes a world of difference”.

AIYRE Pacific California Campervan rentals worked hard on the cabin design to prioritize comfort and privacy. A set of window covers and a front curtain completely isolates the sleeper cabin and provides full privacy and light blocking. The bed features memory foam mattresses, mattress protector, sheet, warm comforter inside a duvet and large, thick pillows.

Best of all, with stealth camping in mind, this is the only camper van that does not require travelers to open a door in order to enter or exit the bed. There are 2 feet of space between the bed and the front seats that allow standing, getting dressed, and slipping into and out of the front seat without ever exiting the car.

What you’ll get with an AIYRE Pacific California campervan rental

Dodge caravan camper with hatch open on the beach
Photo: AIYRE Pacific Camper Van

AIYRE Pacific is a budget campervan rental company in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Prices range from $49-$109 per night depending on the season and length of time you’re renting.

You also get all sorts of free extras with these vans. Here’s what comes with these stealthy campervans:

  • A full-size bed with a comfortable mattress, fresh sheets, pillows and a comforter
  • Window covers and a front curtain for full privacy and darkness
  • A tent, airbed and sleeping bag for additional (3rd and 4th) passengers
  • Full kitchen packs that include a cooler, propane stove, pots, pans, cutlery, plates, cups and pretty much everything you’ll need to cook on the go
  • A shade canopy, two folding chairs and a folding table so you can set up camp where your car isn’t allowed, like on the beach
  • Camp shower and two towels.

Each Dodge Caravan minivan camper comes with 150 free miles per day (that’s 50% more than other companies), and unlimited miles packages are available.

AIYRE Pacific is unique in that it is fully committed to environmental and social sustainability – the company buys carbon offsets for every mile driven, and pays employees and contractors at all levels well above living wage rates.  The company is a member of Sustainable Travel International.

Book a van on AIYRE Pacific’s website.

California road trip ideas with your campervan rental

California campervan in Yosemite national park
Photo: AIYRE Pacific Campervan

California is a state made for road trips. From the iconic northern California coast road trip, to a drive through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, there’s no shortage of natural beauty.

Where to go with a San Francisco campervan rental

  • Yosemite National Park is one of the most stunning parks to visit in the United States, and is just a little over four hours from San Francisco. If you have some extra time, take a drive down to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, where you can wander amongst some of the biggest trees in the world. Both parks feature soaring granite rock formations, lush valleys and sweeping views.
  • Take your San Francisco campervan rental down Highway 1. This highway waves past Santa Cruz, Monterrey and Big Sur State Park. Make camping reservations at Big Sur and then keep on going, stopping at oceanfront campgrounds along the way. You’ll be rewarded with incredible ocean views during this California road trip.
  • Head north to the Redwoods State and National Parks about six hours from San Francisco. Here, you can hike along fern-lined trails and revel in the tallest trees. There are many campgrounds to choose from up in the redwoods state parks, including smaller county campgrounds.
  • Pick up your campervan rental in San Francisco and head up to Lassen Volcanic National Park. This national park is like a mini-Yosemite, with boiling mud pits, fumaroles and steaming vents. 

Where to go with a Los Angeles campervan rental

  • Hit the highway with your campervan rental and head over to Joshua Tree National Park. A favorite among rock climbers and nighttime photographers, Joshua Tree feels otherworldly. Camp amongst gigantic boulders and hike to see ancient mines.
  • During wildflower season, Anza Borrego State Park is a must-see. This park is just three hours south of Los Angeles, and is a beautiful desert destination.
  • Drive the four hours in your Los Angeles campervan rental over to Death Valley National Park, which is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Head up Highway 101 past beautiful beach town such as Ventura and Santa Barbara, and keep on going to see the beautiful Big Sur State Park.
A dodge caravan Los Angeles campervan rental in Joshua Tree
Photo: AIYRE Pacific Campervan

Conclusion on the best campervan for a California road trip

Renting a campervan in Los Angeles and San Francisco is a great way to take a California road trip.

You’ll be able to sleep in both cities and campground in a stealthy van like a Dodge Caravan minivan camper. 

AIYRE Pacific offers fully-equipped Dodge Caravan campers at an affordable rate so you can avoid expensive hotels and RV rentals.

Your trip will be covert, comfortable, and carbon neutral.  

See AIYRE Pacific’s vans now.

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