The Top 10 VW Bus Interiors: You’ll Love These Vintages Vans

The humble VW Bus is a timeless legend. It was created as an affordable and nimble camper in the 1960s. Since then, it has been…

interior view of a custom VW bus showing the gray floors and the white cabinets and accents

The humble VW Bus is a timeless legend. It was created as an affordable and nimble camper in the 1960s. Since then, it has been used by families to go on holiday, hippies to travel to festivals, and surfers to get to the beach.

The huge popularity the model gained through the years has led to a staggering increase in price. A spotless 1967 VW Transporter is now worth over $100,000. It’s no surprise then, that many campers opt for renting these vintage minivans for the holidays and weekends.

A Volkswagen bus can somehow fit nine people plus luggage. Without the seats, it makes for a pretty cozy camper. Models with a pop-top roof really maximize the cab space.

In this article, we look at the best VW Bus interiors from all over the world, in no particular order. Even if you don’t plan to splurge on one of these iconic vans, you’ll love having a peek inside them.

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Stella Volkswagen Bus Interior

Tia and Jordan have restored a 1975 VW Kombi to travel around Australia with their pup. They called it Stella and it looks fantastic inside and out. If you love VW bus interiors, you’ll have to check this one out.

The couple built every piece of furniture they fitted inside the bus and decorated it all in a modern, bohemian style. The result is a stunning and practical VW camper they can take anywhere.

The VW bus interior features two benches that turn into a bed, and two cupboards, which act as a table. The campervan kitchen is hidden under a bench and slides completely out on the side of the vehicle. This solution works very well for Tia and Jordan, as they chase the summer year-round down under.

To generate electricity in their Volkswagen bus, they installed a solar panel on the roof, which is connected to a power system. We love the look of this cute Kombi.

You can see more pictures of Stella on the couple’s Instagram account.

Ala Lani Volkswagen Bus

interior of a VW bus with teal coloring and wood floors

Ala Lani is a 1979 Automatic Deluxe Westfalia Pop-Top VW Bus owned by Vintage Safari Wagons. It can sleep up to four adults, thanks to the pop-top. This is one of our favorite VW bus interiors. The van’s beautiful interior matches the bright light blue exterior color, making this bus extra special. Inside, there’s a small kitchen with cupboards underneath, a bench, and a swivel table.

The bench converts into a double bed in this Volkswagen bus interior. The gear on board includes an icebox, sink water tank, and propane stove. There are also plenty of storage areas around the vehicle. It’s a great camper to take on holiday.

You can look at more pictures on the van’s listing. Their fleet is based in Costa Mesa, CA.


camper van with table and two captain chairs and small kitchen for cooking, one of the cutest Volkswagen bus interiors

Eleanor is a 1983 VW Vanagon with a pop-top for hire on Outdoorsy in Denver, CO. Harrison, the owner, has kept the original VW bus interior well-maintained. Stepping inside Eleanor, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the 80s.

The bus features a bench, a table, hidden storage space, and camping chairs. The bench and table turn into a bed, while the kitchenette comes with a stove, sink, mini-fridge, and a Yeti cooler.

The driver’s and passenger’s seats in this Volkswagen swivel around to provide extra seating, while the pop-top bed allows you to leave the bench and table set up during the night. Another awesome one out of the VW bus interiors we could find.

Check out the full listing here.

Rell Sunn

Cara and Martynas use their 1979 VW Kombi to tour California and go surfing in their free time. Inside the van, there’s a bench, which turns into a double bed. Next to it, there’s a kitchenette with a sink, fridge, and two-burner stove.

In front of the bench, the guys installed a pedestal for a table they assemble as they need it. This little Volkswagen bus must catch everyone’s attention on the road and at the campground, thanks to its gorgeous bright red exterior.

Kimon Volkswagen Bus Interior

interior view of a custom VW bus showing the gray floors and the white cabinets and accents

Kimon is a younger 1990 VW Vanagon available for hire on Outdoorsy in Livermore, CA. Michel, the owner, has taken great care of the VW bus to maintain the original look inside. It’s a true classic and one of our favorite VW bus interiors.

Kimon’s VW bus interior features a kitchen with a sink, mini-fridge, and burner. The bench at the back of the van turns into a double bed. There’s a swivel table, which you can use to eat or work.

Read the full listing here.

Shaun and Lizzy’s VW California Ocean

Shaun and Lizzy tour the south coast of England in their spare time on their stunning 2021 T6.1 California Ocean, together with their dog Bentley. The couple bought the VW California brand new from the dealer.

This shiny new vehicle is a modern take on the classic VW bus. Inside, the front seats swivel to face the back of the van.

This VW bus interior is very similar to the original Volkswagen bus design – there’s a bench next to a kitchenette with a sink and fridge. The bench turns into either a double bed or a comfy couch, on which to watch Netflix or read.

When the bench is up, it creates a big storage space in the back of the van, where the guys keep Bentley.

At night, the couple opens the pop-top and sleeps up there. The pop-top is pretty high, so the guys have a lot of extra headroom as soon as they open it up.

Above the front seats, there’s a control panel, which allows you to manage all the onboard systems. You can even connect your smartphone to it to avoid getting up to touch the screen. There’s also a camping table attached to the sliding door.

Outside, the couple opted for a side awning, which is very handy in the rainy UK weather. What a dream Volkswagen bus. If only it was available in the States!


bed made and waiting in the back of a camper van Volkswagen bus

Murphy is a 1987 VW Vanagon available for rent on Outdoorsy in Morro Bay, CA. The company that owns it, VanCamp, has upgraded the bus with some extra comforts and added some insulation.

This VW bus interior has been modernized with hardwood floors, cedar paneling, a Yeti cooler, and a Bluetooth stereo. It features the usual bench, which turns into a bed.

You can access the storage underneath it from the back of this Volkswagen van by opening the hatch door. There isn’t a fixed kitchenette inside the camper, but VanCamp provides all the essential camping kitchen gear.

On the roof, there’s a side awning, which you can roll out to provide shade or shelter from the rain. These are VW Bus interiors we just love!

Find out more on the van’s listing.

VW Grand California 680

Before the pandemic hit, Shaun and Lizzy got to test out a pre-production model of the VW Grand California 680 on a 3,500-mile European tour with Bentley, their dog. The Grand California 680 is a much bigger vehicle than any other Volkswagen bus, now available for sale in Europe. As such, it provides a lot of extra headroom.

At the front of this VW bus interior, the driver and passenger seats swivel around to face a bench. Between the two, you can mount a table, although this makes the area a little cramped.

Behind the seating area, there is a small kitchen with lots of storage on the right-hand side and a small wet bathroom on the left-hand side. A pull-out fridge slides from underneath the kitchen by the sliding door. At the back of the van, there are a big double bed and various storage lockers.

At the rear of the vehicle, accessible via the back doors, there is a garage with a shower point, where you can store a decent amount of gear. On the side of the van, there’s a big awning.

Blu Max Classic VW

girl laying on the bed in her vw bus taking in the views of nature all around her

Blu Max is a 1978 Manual Shift Deluxe Westfalia Pop-Top Camper owned by Vintage Safari Wagons. Much of the interior of the bus has been re-built, but it follows the original floorplan. There are a kitchen with cupboards, a bench which turns into a bed, and storage.

The van sleeps up to four adults. The gear on board includes an icebox, sink, potable water tank, and propane camp stove.

Find out more about the rental here. The bus is located in Costa Mesa, CA.


Kendall and Glenn self-converted their 1982 VW T3 Westfalia, Vance, into a camper to live the van life in sunny Australia. They decided to refit the van after 10 months of full-time travel because the interior of the beauty had not been well-maintained by the previous owners.

The experience allowed them to figure out what modifications they needed to improve their comfort on the road.

The couple installed two benches facing each other, one of which turns into a bed. Next to them, there are cupboards with drawers, a sink, a mini-fridge, and a worktop. The bench behind the front seats hides a slide-out kitchenette, which holds a camping stove and kitchenware. The guys fitted various storage areas around the van.

The Volkswagen bus has a pop-top, which allows them to gain some extra headroom inside the van; even Glenn can stand up. They don’t use the pop-top as a bed, they simply leave their bed made in the back of the vehicle most days. In the front, the guys installed a storage box in between the seats.

The top of it is made with the same wood they used for the countertop of their cupboard, so it looks extra smart.


The VW bus is an iconic camper that’s super practical and never goes out of fashion. Some owners prefer to maintain the floorplan as close as possible to the original. Others choose to update the interior to look more modern.

Either solution suits the legendary camper. The new models are a fantastic, luxurious evolution of their humble ancestors.

If you’re thinking of buying a VW bus you’ll have to look for a used one, as the new vehicles are unfortunately not available in the US.

You’ll be able to find some great models from the 90s and 2000s on the market. These younger vans are more reliable and less high-maintenance.

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