Epic Shuttle Bus Conversions: 13 Campers You Need to See

Check out these incredible shuttle bus conversions

Interior of shuttle bus conversion with bed, cabinets, stove and couch

Shuttle bus conversions are becoming extremely popular among van lifers. Buses are easy to find and cheap to buy, so they offer the perfect budget-friendly vehicle for a DIY conversion.

The rectangular shape and good headroom of a shuttle bus provide great living space. Plus, there’s plenty of room for furniture.

It’s very easy to turn a bus into a mobile home. There are no awkward shapes to go around with the flooring or walls.

Whether you’re just daydreaming of quitting your job and starting to live the van life, or you’ve already bought a vehicle, these conversions will help you come up with a solid plan.

Here they are, in no particular order.

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1) Savannah And Drew’s Shuttle Bus RV Conversion

Interior of shuttle bus conversion with bed, cabinets, stove and couch
The interior of Savannah and Drew’s cozy shuttle bus conversion

Savannah and Drew have been living the van life for a number of years now. They’re music artists who live on the road full-time.

In 2020, with all their touring income gone because of the pandemic, they had to take a hard look at their finances.

This didn’t stop them from living their dream. They downsized from a hefty 1987 Ford Coachman to a nimbler Ford E-450.

They converted the new-to-them shuttle bus over five months and recorded the whole build on YouTube.

Their shuttle bus conversion looks stunning.

It features teal furniture and wood paneling throughout. There’s even a standard kitchen.

This shuttle bus RV conversion has an oven cooker, sink, and various chopping surfaces. The couple built a generous couch to relax on, next to a lovely stove to use on those cold winter nights.

At the back of the bus, there’s a platform bed with lots of storage and shelves around.

Savannah on bed in shuttle bus conversion, holding dog
Savannah and Mateo on the platform bed of the shuttle bus conversion

Thanks to the Ford E-450’s huge windows, the interior is super bright.

The cute curtains installed by the couple make it easy to create some privacy, though. The floor and roof are lined with gorgeous wood.

The whole conversion looks extra cozy and modern and is packed with awesome shuttle bus conversion ideas. It really shows off the guys’ exceptional DIY skills, as well as their great taste.

The total cost of the bus purchase and conversion was $30,000.

To find out more, head over to Savannah and Drew’s Instagram account – Our Way To Roam.

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2) Big Blue Bertha, The Shuttle Bus Conversion

Carley makes coffee at the counter in her shuttle bus conversion
Carley at the kitchen of her skoolie conversion

Carley loves big trucks and spending time outdoors. So much so, that she’s decided to convert a skoolie into an RV, all by herself.

Bertha is hefty and blue, as her nickname suggests.

The interior is a blend of rustic and modern details. Carley used different kinds and colors of wood to create a unique feel.

This shuttle bus conversion features a kitchen, a platform bed, a long couch, a table, a wet bath, and a full-size refrigerator.

Thanks to Bertha’s size, there’s plenty of storage space inside, which Carley filled with drawers, cabinets, and cupboards. This skoolie RV is super practical and the furniture she built is unique.

Interior of Big Blue Bertha shuttle bus conversion with bed, cabinets, fridge and couch visible
The interior of Bertha, a converted shuttle bus

Check out the Instagram account Big Blue Bertha the Bus, which Carley set up to document the conversion and her travels.

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3) Skyler and Ashley’s Shuttle Bus Conversion

Need shuttle bus conversion ideas to create a luxurious rig? Have a look at Skyler and Ashley’s shuttle bus conversion.

Their skoolie is simply magnificent. It looks like a professional build. The secret? They used pre-made, regular furniture.

If you’re in love with cabinets and surfaces you can buy in the stores and have the budget for it, get them.

It’s hard to beat the perfect finish of commercial fittings. As long as the furniture reflects your taste and personality, your bus will feel unique.

If you’re not confident with DIY, this approach pays off – there’s no risk of creating an ugly interior.

Inside this build, there’s a big kitchen, a platform bed, a couch, and a bath. On top of the platform bed, there’s an elevated single bed for the couple’s child.

The bed area closes off with a curtain to create privacy. White, gray, wood, and graphite are the dominant colors – and they work very well together.

Skyler and Ashley travel on their skoolie with their kid part-time. They’re based in Nebraska and enjoy getting out of the country every now and then while working online.

This is the perfect set-up for their family, as they need a permanent base, as well as a home-away-from-home.

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4) Brittany’s Self-Converted Shuttle Bus

Brittany sits at foldout table in bus conversion
Brittany at her fold-out kitchen table

Brittany decided to make her four-year dream of turning a bus into a home on wheels come true by herself. It took her months and many hours of research and hard work to complete the build.

Now she couldn’t be happier – she has a shuttle bus RV she can live and adventure on.

Brittany is based in Colorado and travels with her dog, so there are plenty of amazing places where she can go and camp.

The interior of her build is extra bright, thanks to the white furniture and roof. The wooden floor adds some coziness.

The vehicle is quite wide, so the living space is ample. Brittany built a modern kitchen, a bathroom, a fold-out table, and a platform bed.

In front of the kitchen, she placed some cushions, which she uses as a couch. She can easily rearrange them to make a bed if she has guests on board.

Interior of Brittany's bus conversion with stovetop, counter, sink, couch and partial view of bed
The interior of Brittany’s shuttle bus RV conversion

If you’d like to find out more, head over to Brittany’s Girl With A Bus Instagram account.

5) Brooke’s Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus Interior
Photo courtesy of Brooke Farewell

In spring 2020, during lockdown, Brooke decided to use the six-month back pay she was paid to make her dream come true – she bought a bus to convert it into a home.

She chose a 2003 Ford E450 shuttle bus, which she managed to buy for just $3,000. Her refit budget was just $3,000, so she initially installed the essentials.

Brooke fitted a platform bed with storage space below in the back, a foot pump-operated sink, a propane stove, and a desk area.

As the winter approached, she got help from a friend and managed to weld a DIY wood-burning stove! How cool is that?

Over time, Brooke upgraded her basic rig into a cozy cottage on wheels. The kitchen area is much bigger now and includes a front-opening fridge. There are also a comfy bench and lots of clever storage spaces dotted around the bus.

What makes this shuttle bus super cute though is the colorful boho soft furnishing.

Brooke says: “This beloved bus got me through the most challenging time of my life, and even though I had to return to city living and renting in 2022, I look forward to more conversions down the road!”

Want to learn more about Brooke? Check out her Instagram profile.

6) Ms. Simplicity The Shuttle Bus Conversion

Exterior view of Ms. Simplicity conversion
Brock and Anna in front of their shuttle bus RV conversion

Brock and Anna were new to the van life and weren’t experts at DIY, so they chose to convert their 2004 Ford E-450 as simply as they could. If you’re not super confident using tools, this build makes for great inspiration.

The couple’s conversion shows that there’s no need to buy expensive or trendy pieces to make a bus feel homely.

The interior of Ms Simplicity is functional and modern. There’s all you need to live life on the road – a platform bed, a kitchen, a couch, and a bathroom.

Everything is simple, but nothing about this conversion looks scruffy.

Brock and Anna tour Ms. Simplicity in the US, together with their two pooches and they couldn’t look happier.

You don’t need your dream conversion to set off – get out there and try the van life out. There’s always time to upgrade your gear.

Christmas on Mrs Simplicity The Bus

If you’d like to find out more, head over to the Mrs Simplicity The Bus Instagram account.

7) Connor And Kesley’s Shuttle Bus Conversion, Sunny

Exterior view of blue shuttle bus conversion
Connor and Kesley in front of Sunny, their shuttle bus conversion

After backpacking around the world together, Connor and Kesley had planned to get married in 2020. Then, Covid happened.

Instead of mourning their loss, they decided to buy a van and travel around the US.

The couple purchased Sunny in 2020 and quickly set to work to convert it into an RV.

They’re still refining their work, but they’re getting there. Their aim is to visit every national park on American soil with their dog Charlie. An ambitious but extra-fun plan.

Sunny features a platform double bed, a kitchen with a camping stove, a wet bath, and a camping table. They can easily use it inside or outside.

The interior is minimalistic but rustic, with plenty of wooden details. The couple will add to the build with time, but, as you can see, they can start adventuring in comfort now.

There’s no doubt that Sunny will take them on new, exciting adventures.

Bed view of Connor and Kesley's conversion
The bed on Connor and Kesley’s shuttle bus RV conversion

For more information, check out Find Your Something on Instagram.

8) Fiorella and Zach’s Shuttle Bus Conversion, Luna

shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of Growing Slow And Wild

Fiorella and Zach have been living the van life since 2018. The first home on wheels was a 2003 Ford E450 shuttle bus, which they converted from scratch.

They found it by chance, parked on the side of the road with a big “for sale” sign on it, during a road trip. How lucky is that?

The guys went overboard with the conversion – the interior looks like it belongs to an Ikea catalogue.

The unique green kitchen is huge – there’s lots of counter space, a double gas hob with an oven, and a full-size fridge-freezer.

In front of the kitchen, there’s a dinette with a square table and two benches. Behind the benches, the guys built a wet bath and a super-cool sliding barn door that looks pretty darn big.

Finally, in the back, there’s a big platform bed with storage underneath.

While the floor plan isn’t exactly unique, this skoolie conversion looks incredible thanks to the homely decorations.

Shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of Growing Slow And Wild

Like the look of their shuttle bus conversion? Fiorella and Zach have now converted a retired firetruck to explore the world off-road. You can find them on Instagram as Grow Slow And Wild and YouTube.

9) Ruta And Daniel’s Luxury Shuttle Bus RV

Shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of @mountaintimephotography

In 2021, Ruta and Daniel bought a 2013 Chevrolet 4500 Express to go on a long road trip.

They aren’t the typical van lifers though – they wanted to turn the vehicle into their dream tiny home on wheels before they set off on the adventure.

They spent a year and a half working on the conversion to make it perfect, using non-toxic materials. And man, it shows.

“Both Daniel and I work remotely, love to cook, and just hang out together, so we knew we would be spending a lot of time in it” – explains Ruta.

Shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of @mountaintimephotography

That’s why they installed an incredible standard kitchen, a big wood-burning stove, AC, and a huge snug. The bed is motorized and is out of the way, up on the ceiling, during the day.

Ruta and Daniel also built a spa-like bathroom and fitted a compostable toilet and a full-standing heated shower in it.

Shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of @mountaintimephotography

This is a dream shuttle bus conversion – every detail looks like it’s been professionally built and installed.

Want to find out more about Ruta and Daniel’s skoolie? Find them on Instagram as Shuttle Atlas.

10) Mike and Amy’s Shuttle Bus Conversion, Ronda

Shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of Mike and Amy

Mike and Amy converted a 2002 E-450 shuttle bus into an RV DIY with a little help from their families. The hard work paid off, as they have since been able to take her anywhere, including their favorite beach in Baja.

The couple wanted to travel but they didn’t want to leave their beloved dog, Gibson, home. So they decided to convert a shuttle bus and give him the best retirement possible.

Ronda’s floor plan features a platform bed in the back, a huge kitchen, a long couch, and a shower room.

Mike and Amy set their priorities straight away: they built Gibson’s bed under their bed, so the pack can sleep together at night.

They installed a professional coffee machine in the kitchen so they can enjoy their favorite blend every day. And they built a huge shower room with a big shower head and fancy tiles.

The whole interior looks modern and cozy with warm and bold colors. We love the wood slat ceiling.

shuttle bus conversion dog bed
Photo courtesy of Mike and Amy

Travels on Ronda haven’t always been smooth – they guys spent the first month of their big road trip broken down in various small towns before finally fixing the issues in Salt Lake City. Ronda’s been all good since.

Check out Mike and Amy’s Instagram account to find out more about Ronda and their travels.

11) Emily And Dave’s Old School Bus Conversion, Mavis

shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of Mavis Gets About

Emily and Dave are a couple of Brits who got fed up with working long days and spending very little time together.

One day, they calculated how much living in a house was costing them and realized they could live in an RV for much less. This would give them the freedom to change jobs. So they did it.

They bought Mavis in 2021, converted her, sold their house, and took to the road.

The interior of their home on wheels looks incredible. They chose a very bright and modern – but cozy – color scheme.

Emily and Dave built a decent-size kitchen with a two-burner stove, a big sink, a 12V full fridge-freezer, a grill, and an oven.

In front of the kitchen, there’s a big bathroom with a shower and a composting toilet. Behind the driver and passenger seats, there’s a bench where their two dogs sleep.

In the back, there’s a platform bed and a sitting area with two benches and a slide-out table. This is where the couple relaxes and eats their meals.

The coolest feature on Mavis? The pull-down blind they fitted between the bathroom and the benches – the guys use it as a projector screen and as a blackout curtain.

Do you like the look of Mavis? Check out more pictures on Emily and Dave’s Instagram account – Mavis Gets About.

12) Brad’s Ex-shuttle Bus Conversion

shuttle bus conversion
Photo courtesy of Nomad Brad

Brad lives on his Ford E450 shuttle bus RV conversion on his own, so his design for the interior is slightly different from usual. Brad lives a nomadic lifestyle on the road and works while traveling.

He kept the original exterior color – white. Inside, he opted for a desk space where he can work on his laptop, a bench couch, a kitchen, a propane stove, and a platform bed.

The desk is big enough to host a laptop, keyboard, and mouse.

At the back of the shuttle bus RV, there’s a platform bed with storage drawers underneath. There’s also a hidden toilet, but no shower.

shuttle bus RV

You can follow Brad’s adventures on his Instagram account.

13) Tree, the Tree House Bus

Rather than staying in the rat race, hoping to be able to afford their first home one day, Kae and Alex decided to make their dreams come true on a budget.

They bought an ex-shuttle bus – a 2007 Ford E450 – turned it into a tree house on wheels, and drove it to the Pacific Northwest – their favorite place on Earth. Their build is not only gorgeous, it’s unique. They used home furniture they bought at yard sales, like vintage dressers, and real fallen tree branches to create a wood inside the bus. Literally.

shuttle bus conversion
Photo credit: @treehousebus

Their build features a wood-burning stove, a platform bed with hydraulic hinges, a kitchen with a sink, fridge/freezer and a cooker, a composting toilet, and an outdoor shower. During the summer, their solar array provides all the energy they need. In the dark winter months of the PNW, the guys use a dual-fuel generator.

Kae is a full-time artist who runs her business – an Etsy shop called @NomadicNovelties – from the bus. She creates nature and mushroom-inspired jewelry. Alex is her all-round life partner and assistant. He picks up interesting jobs, like carpentry and camp hosting, along the way. They slowly travel around full-time with their pups, Kaya and Bubba, and carry along their old home – a trusty pickup truck they use as garage gear.

Shuttle bus conversion
Photo credit: @treehousebus

To see more pictures and videos of this incredible build, check out The Tree House Bus account on Instagram.

Conclusion On Shuttle Bus Conversion Campers

Ready to hit the road? A shuttle bus conversion is a great rig to take you on van life adventures.

Thanks to their rectangular shape, building the interior isn’t very challenging. Plus, you’ll have plenty of living space and headroom. Skoolies are great for long-term travels.

If you’re worried a shuttle bus may be too cumbersome for the trips you are planning, opt for a Sprinter or one of these tiny vans.

You’ll be able to sneak into narrower or smaller boondocking spots and you’ll feel more agile on the road.

Check out more awesome conversions:

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