9 Sprinter Van Conversion Layouts for Build Inspiration

411 shares So you’ve decided on a Mercedes Sprinter for your camper van adventures. Not to burst your bubble, but that was the easy part!…

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So you’ve decided on a Mercedes Sprinter for your camper van adventures. Not to burst your bubble, but that was the easy part! Whether you plan on doing the conversion yourself or hiring a conversion company, you’re going to want a floor plan that fits your needs.

That’s why we’ve found a selection of awesome van conversion layouts to help inspire you! We’ll also discuss the most important considerations for designing a camper van layout and look at a couple of resources that could help with the process.

Why Choose a Sprinter for Van Life?

Whichever side of the Ford Transit vs Sprinter or ProMaster vs Sprinter debate you fall on, there’s no doubt the Mercedes Sprinter is the most popular choice for van conversions.

Although Sprinters tend to be on the expensive side, they’ll hold their value more than other vans. We’re also talking about a van that’s ideal for converting, thanks to its large, boxy interior. Not only that, you’ll get great fuel economy from a Sprinter and the diesel engine should last for a long time.

Lastly, there’s a wide variety of Sprinter models to choose from. You can opt for a compact and maneuverable 144″ wheelbase van, or a huge 170″ extended wheelbase Sprinter. Plus, if off-grid adventure is what you’re after, there are rugged 4×4 options available.

9 Inspirational Sprinter Van Conversion Layouts

Haven by Outside Van

Haven by Outside Van
Photo: Haven by Outside Van

Built in a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170″, Haven by Outside Van is a stunning van conversion that’s actually fairly simple. We think this type of layout would be ideal for larger van life families, thanks to its generous amount of sleeping space.

The layout features a removable bench seat up front, next to a modest kitchen galley. There’s a fridge here, as well as a big sink, storage drawers, and an overhead microwave. In the rear of the van, there’s a three-panel raised bed with a three-panel sofa bed underneath. What’s really cool is that when the sofa bed is set up, there’s still plenty of storage space underneath.

This Sprinter van layout makes great use of foldaway tables by the sofa and front bench seating. Overall, the interior feels light and airy, with tons of living room and clever overhead storage space.

Black Beauty by Vanlife Customs

Black Beauty by Vanlife Customs
Photo: Black Beauty by Vanlife Customs

If you’re traveling with kids but still want a compact, maneuverable 4×4 Sprinter van, check out this awesome conversion layout by Vanlife Customs. Built on a 2019 mid-roof 4×4 Sprinter, the layout sleeps and seats four people in comfort.

There are two belted seats behind the driver and passenger seats, with a handy table in-between. Seeing as the front seats are swiveling, this provides a great dining area. Behind this, the kitchen occupies both sides of the van, with a sink and stove top on one side and a fridge on the other. As you’d expect, there’s tons of counter space and storage, too.

As far as sleeping arrangements go, there’s a convertible platform-style bed with gear storage underneath and a Queen bed in the pop-top.

Waiatt by Freedom Vans

Waiatt by Freedom Vans
Photo: Waiatt by Freedom Vans

If you’re thinking of a Sprinter 170″ 4×4 for your camper van conversion, you’ll likely be inspired by this awesome layout by Freedom Vans. Featuring a huge fixed bed platform at the rear, there’s still tons of living space in this well-designed layout.

We particularly love the seating area at the front of the van, consisting of two bench seats with storage space inside and a foldaway table. The kitchen is also really special — there’s a fridge and freezer on one side and a sink, stovetop, and ample counter space on the other.

The Waiatt layout includes masses of overhead storage in the upper cabinets, along with drawers and cupboards galore. Plus, the under-bed gear garage can be accessed from inside or from the back doors. One standout feature of this van life layout is the composting toilet that pulls out from under the kitchen galley and vents outside. Now that’s intelligent design!

Simple and Clean by Beartooth Vanworks

Simple and Clean by Beartooth Vanworks
Photo: Simple and Clean by Beartooth Vanworks

The name of this camper van layout by Beartooth Vanworks says it all. Designed for a Mercedes Sprinter 144″ van, this layout keeps things basic and straightforward.

That’s not to say you won’t be comfortable if you go for this kind of Sprinter van floor plan. Everything you need is here — there’s a huge platform bed that converts to a seating area, ample storage inside the van, and a simple kitchen galley.

This layout is ideal for those who need space for bikes, climbing equipment, or other gear, thanks to the huge garage under the bed. Plus, this uncluttered floor plan means keeping your van clean won’t be a headache!

The Palisade by Rossmönster Vans

the Palisade by Rossmönster Vans
Photo: the Palisade by Rossmönster Vans

Designed for a Mercedes Sprinter 144″ 4×4 van, the Palisade by Rossmönster Vans is another layout that’s been designed to provide maximum storage for the van life essentials.

In this rad layout, the kitchen galley is located toward the front of the van on the driver’s side. There’s a large sink, cooktop and fridge here, as well as plenty of counter space. As in many popular layouts, you’ll find a row of overhead storage compartments extending the entire length of the van.

Between the kitchen and the fixed bed platform there’s a neat seating area that includes two benches and a retractable dinner table. Best of all, there’s an enormous gear garage that’s big enough to fit your mountain bike, boots, and whatever else you bring along.

Atlas 170 by Sync Vans

Atlas 170 by Sync Vans
Photo: Atlas 170 by Sync Vans

The Atlas 170 by Sync Vans was designed for a 170″ high roof Sprinter van, and has to be one of the best camper van layouts we’ve seen. Combining simplicity and comfort, the guys at Sync Vans have created a conversion layout that’s elegant, intelligent, and functional.

This Sprinter van conversion layout features a fixed bed at the rear. However, it’s on sliders, so it can be moved back to create more space in the living area. Across from the side door, there’s a simple kitchen galley with loads of storage in easy-slide drawers. There’s also a compartment for a cassette toilet.

Directly behind the driver’s seat, there’s a fantastic bench seat with a retractable table. Best of all, this bench pulls out to create an extra sleeping area.

Sprinter 144 Van Layout by Flatline Van Company

sprinter 144 van conversion
Photo: Sprinter 144 Van Conversion

Here at the Wayward Home, we never miss an opportunity to recommend Flatline Van Company. These guys sell awesome accessories to help with your self build, including bed systems, storage cabinets, and roof racks.

If you’re in the design stage of your Sprinter van conversion, the FVC website has a page dedicated to simple camper van layout diagrams. You can browse a number of floor plans for the Sprinter 144″ van, each with a different configuration of fixed bed platform, kitchen galley, and overhead storage.

You can also see how installing side flares means you can save space by sleeping across the width of your van. Overall, if you want a visual aid for inspiration, definitely check these diagrams out!

Baloo by Mowgli Adventures

Baloo by Mowgli Adventures
Photo: Baloo by Mowgli Adventures

Mowgli Adventures is Angela and Graham, a British couple who converted a 4×4 Sprinter van with the aim of traveling the world. These guys put a lot of thought into their DIY Sprinter Van conversion and it definitely shows.

Instead of a permanent bed, there’s a foldout bed that doubles as a large bench seat. During the day, Angela and Graham can both work at the sturdy table, and there’s tons of storage for bedding under the bench.

Toward the rear of the van, there’s a kitchen galley with plenty of storage drawers, as well as a huge fridge located under a lifting countertop. Although the couple decided on an inside toilet, they saved space by installing two outdoor hot showers instead of an indoor wet bath.

Bernadette by @rambleandrevive

Just because you’re traveling with kids doesn’t mean you can’t design an Instagram-worthy Sprinter van conversion! Take Kyle and Tiff, for example, who travel full time with their young daughters. Their Sprinter van, Bernadette, has one of the most drool-worthy camper van layouts we’ve ever seen.

Thanks to some seriously intelligent design work, this layout includes cozy built-in bunk beds for the kids as well as a large fixed bed at the rear. Not only that, there’s a kitchen galley with miles of counter space running along the driver’s side.

A really cool design feature is the kitchen sink unit, which sits behind the bunk beds, next to the sliding door. What an efficient use of space!

Considerations for Your Sprinter Van Conversion Layout

Before you commit to your Sprinter van conversion layout, you’ll need to do a lot of thinking. That might seem obvious, but just remember it can be difficult to change aspects of your layout once you’ve completed your conversion.

Start by trying to identify your priorities for van life. Envision your day-to-day life as a van dweller and think about what’s going to be most important. For example, having a bathroom is an absolute necessity for some folks, while others are happy to do without.

Let’s look at a few questions to ask yourself as you’re planning your Sprinter van conversion layout.

How Much Storage Space Will You Need?

Having the right amount of storage space is integral to the success of your Sprinter van layout. Too little and you’ll have to make unnecessary sacrifices, too much and you will have wasted materials and interior living space.

Try to include sufficient storage space for clothes, books, food, camping chairs, and whatever else you’ll be bringing along. Oh, and don’t forget about shoes; creating smart footwear storage in a van is always a challenge!

If you plan on bringing things like bikes, kayaks, and skis, you’ll need plenty of storage room. That’s where a gear garage under a fixed bed can come in really handy. At the same time, remember that if you don’t have easy access to your toys, you’ll be less likely to want to get them out and have fun!

How Many People Will Live in the Van?

If you’ll be traveling solo or with a partner, designing your Sprinter van layout should be fairly straightforward. However, van life families will need to do a lot more planning.

If you’ll be on the road with kids in tow, don’t overlook things like extra storage space and room to play on rainy days. Not only that, you’ll need to design a layout that includes comfortable sleeping space for everyone, as well as extra seating for when you’re driving.

Do You Need a Bathroom?

Deciding on whether or not to install an indoor shower and bathroom in your camper van conversion can be tricky. You’ll really need to think about your comfort level with using public facilities. Plus, not everyone feels good about doing their business outside in the dead of night!

Don’t forget that installing a permanent bathroom in your Sprinter van will mean extra cost and losing quite a bit of living space inside. On the other hand, incorporating a cassette-style toilet into your Sprinter van layout is relatively easy; lots of people create toilet compartments in drawers or under a bench seat. As for rinsing off, consider an outdoor solar shower or an extendable faucet that doubles as a van life shower.

What Kind of Kitchen Do You Want?

Again, the design of your Sprinter van kitchen will really come down to personal preference. You’ll need to think about how much you’re really going to cook, how much counter space you’ll need, and whether or not you actually want to cook inside your van.

Some van dwellers can’t imagine life without an oven, microwave, and 12-volt refrigerator as part of their Sprinter van conversion. However, you might feel like a simple stovetop and a van life cooler will do the job nicely.

What About a Bed?

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep just can’t be overstated, which is why choosing the right kind of bed and camper van mattress is key. In fact, once you really get into the design of your Sprinter van layout, you’ll find that everything else hinges on the type of campervan bed you go for. There are a few bed design options, each with its own pros and cons:

  • Fixed bed. This is the most popular option. You’ll have a raised platform at the rear of the van, giving you valuable storage space underneath. The benefits include not having to set up your sleeping area each night and all that storage. However, a permanent bed takes up quite a bit of space.
  • Convertible bed. This type of bed is fantastic if you want to have a table and seating area during the day. There are loads of creative ways to design a convertible bed and you’ll end up with tons more living space. The downside is that you’ll need to put your bed together each night. Plus, a convertible bed usually means no gear garage in the van.
  • Murphy bed. Although it’s more difficult to design for a DIY Sprinter van conversion, a Murphy bed is an excellent choice. Comprising one or two platforms that can be raised against the van walls, a Murphy bed is easy to set up at night and gives you extra living space during the day.

In general, you should think about which type of bed will work best for you. For example, if you want a gear garage and you’re on the shorter side, consider a fixed bed where you can sleep across the van. Also, don’t forget you’ll need to get creative if you need sleeping space for kids. You might want to consider bunk beds, a mattress across the front seats, or even a pop top.

Will You Need a Workspace?

If you’re planning on living and working in your Sprinter van conversion, don’t underestimate the importance of a good workstation as part of your layout. When you’re in the planning stages, you might imagine you’ll just be able to make do with working anywhere.

However, once you’re on the road, you’ll find that having a good workstation and comfortable seating means you’ll be more productive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a workstation into your Sprinter van layout without it dominating your space. For example, it’s easy to install a swiveling or fold-down desk. Another option is to install a Murphy bed that doubles as a workspace when the bed is put away.

Layout Design Resources

If you’re planning on a DIY build, you’ll likely find yourself spending way too much time on van life forums and YouTube channels. Designing your own camper van layout can feel pretty intimidating, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With that in mind, we’ve found a couple of resources that might help relieve the pressure!

Freedom Vans Floor Plan

If you happen to have a Sprinter 170″ 4×4 cargo van at the ready, you may be interested in buying the Freedom Vans floor plan packet. Based on one of the conversion company’s most popular builds, the floor plan comes in pdf format and includes all the information you’ll need.

This includes dimensions, water and electrical schematics, parts lists, notes, and modification suggestions. Seeing as this is a tried-and-tested layout, it’ll take any guesswork out of your build process and have you on the road sooner!


If you’re full of ideas yet can’t decide on a camper van layout, Vanspace can help bring your designs to life. This awesome software tool allows you to quickly and easily design a floor plan.

You start by dragging and dropping components into a van template, then move things around and make tweaks until you’re happy. Best of all, you can take a 3D tour of the van once it’s finished! Vanspace includes hundreds of accurate van templates and pre-built components, making it easy to create a floor plan in just a few minutes.

Sprinter Van Build Resources & Ideas

Need help building out your Sprinter van? We’ve put together a list of courses and books to help you out!

  1. Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook

    If you’re thinking about buying a Sprinter for your DIY campervan conversion, this incredible book will provide an invaluable reference guide for every step of your buildout. Well worth the money, Greg Keith’s book is the ultimate Sprinter bible. You’ll learn not only how to select the best Sprinter year and model for your needs, but also how to tackle every aspect of the conversion.

    The Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook lays it all out with diagrams, tables, and pictures. Chapters are organized by different aspects of the conversion process, including cabinet building, designing electrical systems, and choosing the right solar setup.

    What’s really cool about Greg’s 378- age book is that it comes in ebook format, and is regularly updated for free!

    Buy the Conversion Sourcebook!
  2. Far Out Ride's Van Build Diagrams & Guides

    If you need help planning out the interior of your DIY campervan, you'll want to take a look at Far Out Ride's van build guides. The Builder's Package includes wiring, water, propane and floor plan diagrams & tutorials. You can also buy just what you need, with the wiring diagram and tutorial, water diagram and tutorial, propane diagram and floor plan and layout.

    Buy on FarOutRide.com
  3. Van Build: A Complete DIY guide

    If you’re determined to convert your van, but don’t know a table saw from a hacksaw, Ben and Georgia Raffis’ excellent book could be all you’ll need! The authors stress that they built their dream van having never touched many of the tools they ended up using, and that zero skills or experience shouldn’t stop you from embarking on a DIY van conversion.

    Van Build walks you through every step of how to build a campervan, including how to choose the right vehicle, designing the layout, and how to successfully plumb and wire your campervan.

    Thanks to Ben and Georgia’s exhaustive research, you should be able to save a lot of time, and the latest version of the book includes a ton of vanlife community feedback on gas systems, bed options, and other hot topics.

    Buy on Amazon.com
  4. Van Conversion Academy

    Kate and Ben of Two Wandering Soles have built TWO vans and put together an extensive course on building your own van. Here's some of what you'll get:

    • How to create a floor plan that fits your needs
    • Fan and window installation
    • Sound dampening, insulation and sub-floor
    • Electrical and solar
    • And so much more!

    We also like that you can buy individual components from Kate and Ben if you just need help with one part of your van build process.

    Build Your Own Van Now
  5. The Wanderful Van Build Guide

    Scott from The Wanderful has been living in his self-converted Sprinter for over 4 years. Since his first build, he’s helped many van lifers on their own conversion journeys. He’s packed everything he’s learned in his Van Build Guide. Here's what’s included in the book:

    • Full sketch drawings and wiring diagrams
    • 11 detailed build sections
    • Complete budget breakdown
    • Full material and components list 

    The guide addresses everything you need to decide when planning your very own DIY conversion.

    Buy on TheWanderful.com

We hope you’ve found this article interesting and inspiring! Feel free to leave any questions or ideas in the comments section below.

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