10 Awesome Honda Odyssey Camper Conversion Ideas

Want to turn your Honda Odyssey into a camper? Check out these DIY examples and minivan camper conversion kits for a tiny camping rig.

campervan conversion

The Honda Odyssey makes camper conversion for a fantastic minivan conversion. It’s nimbler than any average-sized van, stealthy, and roomy.

The Odyssey is very practical as a camper, but you don’t have to opt for permanent conversion. Just leave a row of seats in your garage and hit the road for a long weekend or road trip.

Beware though: Unlike other Honda models, the Odyssey doesn’t hold its value very well. You’re definitely better off buying second-hand.

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4 Cool Honda Odyssey DIY Conversions

The cheapest way to convert a Honda Odyssey into a camper is to do it yourself. You can choose the materials and gear you prefer and even add to the build as you go along. 

Plus, you don’t have to wait – you can get started anytime. You’ll need to develop some practical skills, but there are plenty of tutorials about van conversions online. 

Take a look at these rad DIY Honda Odyssey conversions we found and get inspired.

Sarah’s camper for full-time living

Australian university student Sarah decided to save on rent while studying. With the help of a friend, she converted her 2004 Honda Odyssey into a camper.

Her rig is minimalistic, with just enough gear to be comfortable. 

Inside, there’s a platform bed with lots of storage underneath, which is accessible from the back and the sides. Sarah cooks outside, using the worktop at the feet of the mattress.

Next to it, there are a couple of drawers, which she uses as a makeshift table.

The student doesn’t buy food that needs to be cooled and charges her electronics at university, so she didn’t install a power system. Sarah says she wanted to experience the van life to see if she could do it and to have some spare cash to go out and go traveling locally.

Her plan worked out perfectly.

Kyle and Madison’s pandemic DIY Honda Odessey Camper Conversion

Kyle and Madison are a married couple from Seattle, Washington, who decided to take some time off from their 9-5 jobs and travel.

The lovebirds have toured much of the US on their Honda Odyssey camper conversion, which they converted themselves in about one month during the first lockdown in 2020.

The minivan is perfect for stealth camping: you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a camper from the outside at all. The interior is all covered in rustic-looking wood panels, which give it a bohemian look. 

Inside, there’s a couch on the right-hand side some cupboards and a kitchen on the right-hand side. The couch turns into a bed in less than a minute.

The kitchen is right by one of the side sliding doors, so the van lifers built a fold-out work surface there. This allows them to cook outdoors.

Under the floor of the van, they have fitted some hidden extra space. There’s more of it behind the couch, too. Kyle and Madison installed running water and a power system, so they can go boondocking for some days at a time.

Kevin and Kanae’s Honda Odyssey Camper

In July 2021, Kevin and his wife Kanae turned their 2006 Honda Odyssey into a camper. Their interior is unique because it features an L-shaped sofa, which turns into a bed.

This allows them to sit with their legs raised on the couch at the same time, facing different directions. At the back of the couch, there are shelves where they store a lot of their camping gear. 

Behind the front passenger seat in the Honda Odessey camper, they fit a cooler – they don’t have a power system yet. At the back of the car, the couch lifts up to reveal a large storage area. 

This build is as unique as it is simple. Kevin says that it’s a work in progress, as the couple is new to converting vehicles into campers and they need to figure things out as they go along.

And that’s the perfect approach for newbies. 

Honda Odyssey EX van conversion

Life Is Awesome converted her 2010 Honda Odyssey EX into a camper in 2020 and used it to travel with her partner a lot.

Between the front seats in this Honda Odessey camper conversion, there’s a table with storage underneath. Behind the seats, there’s a backward-facing couch, which turns into a bed.

This is not your typical double bed, but an L-shaped bed, so the couch turns into two single beds, joined on one side.

Next to the couch, there’s a decent-sized fridge, which is run by two 200w solar panels via a power system. At the rear of the vehicle, there’s a big storage area under the floor.

On the right, there are various cabinets, some of which slide out at the back and turn into a kitchen.

On the roof, there’s a side awning, which is great for sitting out in the sun or rain.

6 Honda Odyssey Camper Conversion Kits

Not a fan of DIY work? We’re not all super practical and there’s no shame in that. If you’re not comfortable doing the conversion yourself, you can buy a conversion kit, which is designed specifically for the Honda Odyssey and is solidly built.

Going for this option might save you a lot of time and trial and error. 

Below we have listed a number of companies that offer Honda Odyssey camper conversion kits.


roadloft campervan conversion kit

Quebec-based company Roadloft offers a specific Honda Odyssey interior conversion kit. They have three different kits available, which suit Odyssey models manufactured between 2005 and 2020. So no matter which minivan you can get hold of, you can rest assured they have a kit available.

This Honda Odessey camper conversion kit is made of plywood and features a platform bed that can be turned into a couch, a table, a memory foam mattress, and storage that slides out at the rear of the car. Roadloft says the installation takes less than 5 minutes and only requires a flat screwdriver. 

The kit costs $4,500, which isn’t super cheap, but it’s a good deal. You just need to install it in your Odyssey, pack your stuff in it, and drive away.

You can then upgrade your camper on your own and add in batteries, a fridge, and maybe a sun awning.

Find out more about the kit on the Roadloft website. They deliver to the US within 30 days of receiving your order.

To get $100 off your Roadloft order, use the coupon code TWH100.

Freeway Honda Odessey Camper Kit

freeway camping kit conversion kit

Want more options? Freeway Camper Kit designed a number of conversion kits that suit various needs and budgets. They can be installed in different minivan models of similar sizes.

For a 2005 or newer Honda Odyssey, choose between:

  • Sleeping Giant
  • Malibu 2
  • Malibu 4
  • Nomad
  • Nanaïmo.

The Nanaïmo costs $1,250, while the Sleeping Giant is $5,900. So you can opt for a basic minivan camper conversion that turns your minivan into a bed, a full-on camper with a solar system and fridge included, and anything in between.  

Read up about the kits on the Freeway Camper Kit website. You can pick the kit up in one of the company’s warehouses in the US or Canada, or pay for delivery.


ququq conversion kit - flatbox

The most compact kit on the market is made by German company Ququq; it’s the Flatbox.

Their conversion kit for a Honda Odessey camper consists of a compact box, which opens up to reveal a fold-out bed and a kitchenette. You just have to install the box at the back of the minivan, so you can slide the camping stove out, together with the sink and water tank. 

When you’re ready to sleep, simply fold out the bed platform and attach it to the back lateral handles or the safety belt holders.

Done camping? Just pull the box out of the trunk and store it in your house.

Check the kit out on the Ququq website

Ququq doesn’t explicitly advertise their kits for Honda Odysseys, so make sure you take measurements of your vehicle before you order. If you’re interested in a Flatbox, RRE, a Nevada-based dealer, stock them.

InstaCamper Box

InstaCamper Boxes make conversion kits out of Coffeyville, Kansas. They offer two models: the Grand Teton and the Arches. The Grand Teton is a box with an extendible sleeping platform and four drawers for storage. The three drawers at the back of the van act as a kitchen. Because the bed can be put away, you can leave the passenger seats in place on your van, which is always handy.

The Arches features two benches and a small table, which turn into a bed. The kitchen is set up in the same spot, but it’s a little smaller.

You can find more information on the InstaCamper Boxes website. Use the coupon code WAYWARD50 to get $50 off a Riverleaf camper kit.

Mountain Pop Top

mountain pop top conversion kit

As the name suggests, Mountain Pop Top got popular thanks to their Honda Odyssey camper pop tops, which were extremely sought-after for years.

Unfortunately, due to high demand and the pandemic, the company had to pause production and installation. Hopefully, they will soon be available again.

Mountain Pop Top is based in Colorado and builds modular components that help you switch between a minivan and a camper quickly and easily.

They still produce and ship out a fold-out bed, a kitchen cabinet, and a storage cabinet. These units are sold separately, so you can upgrade your Honda Odyssey as and when you want.

The units are compatible with Honda Odyssey models from 2005 to 2017, although an adapted version will become available for vehicles manufactured between 2018 and 2020 soon. Prices go from $600 to $1,700 and include free shipping.

Find more details on the Mountain Pop Top website. Keep an eye on the site to see when the Honda Odyssey camper pop-top conversion becomes available.

Oasis Campervans – Professional Full Conversion

oasis campervans professional conversion kit

Want to go all out? You can opt for a full professional conversion. This allows you to choose a floor plan, book a conversion, drop your minivan off, and pick it back up once it’s completed.

You won’t have to worry about anything – a company will carry out the whole installation while you do your own thing.

Colorado-based Oasis Campervans specialize in minivan camper conversions. They convert generation 4 and 5 Honda Odysseys in 3 to 4 weeks. You can pick between The Classic ($10,750) and The Deluxe ($13,800) conversions. 

Both campers come with a kitchen, drawers, and a bed. The Deluxe has some extra features, such as a hardwood folding table, solar panels, and an awning. If you choose The Classic, you can add any gear to it – simply pay “a la carte.”

Head to the Oasis Campervans website to take a close look at the conversions. 

Honda Odyssey Camper Conversion Pros and Cons

Like any vehicle you plan to live out of, there are benefits and drawbacks to a Honda Odyssey.

Let’s look at them, so you’re aware of them before you start mentally designing your project.


  • There is plenty of storage space
  • It’s reliable and runs well for many years
  • Decent-sized windows
  • It’s a long vehicle, so even tall people (up to about 6ft) can sleep inside
  • It’s easy to fix and maintain
  • Parts can be found easily, as it’s very popular.


  • A row of seats needs to be removed, so it takes a while to set the camper up each time
  • The vehicle itself is quite expensive to buy
  • It doesn’t hold its value very well
  • No space for an internal shower or toilet
  • The fuel economy of older models isn’t outstanding.

Tips for Living Out of a Honda Odyssey Camper Conversion

Every vehicle has its own quirks, which you learn to love or live with. 

When it comes to this minivan, bear in mind that the floor isn’t perfectly flat. So if you want to build a bed (rather than using an inflatable mattress), you’ll need to account for it.

Take the time to measure everything and design a platform that will be level once you slide it in. Alternatively, you can cover the bottom of the minivan with flooring.

The third row of seats is super easy to stow away – it folds itself into a well at the back of the minivan. However, the second row needs to be removed and stored outside of the van.

This row is heavy and moving it around is fiddly. Plan ahead to fit this in your camping prepping schedule, so you won’t get stressed out.

Before you set off camping, switch off the power sliding doors and liftgate – they consume a lot of power. You can do this by pushing the buttons to the left of the steering wheel. This will allow you to conserve as much energy as possible.

campervan honda odyssey rental outdoorsy
This campervan is available for rent on Outdoorsy.

Have Fun Converting Your Honda Odyssey Into a Camper!

If you’re looking for a nimble, stealthy, and reliable minivan to go camping and road-tripping in, the Honda Odyssey is an excellent option. You will be able to find parts to fix it anywhere you get stuck in the US. 

Not sold on the Honda Odyssey just yet? There are plenty more vehicles of similar size out there that make for great campers. Consider a Nissan NV200, a Toyota Sienna, or a Dodge Grand Caravan.

We constantly add new posts about minivan, van, SUV, and car conversions to The Wayward Home. Have a browse to see all your options.

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