9 Rooftop Tents Campers Swear By

0 shares You’re seriously missing out if you’ve never been rooftop tent camping before. While it might not seem different, sleeping in a rooftop tent…

You’re seriously missing out if you’ve never been rooftop tent camping before. While it might not seem different, sleeping in a rooftop tent has advantages over traditional ground tent camping.

Rooftop tents offer a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. They’re usually quicker and easier to set up when you arrive at your campsite, and airflow is usually much better than on the ground. Rooftop tents are generally more comfortable and durable, too! 

In today’s article, we’ll show you 9 rooftop tents campers swear by so you can find a reliable rooftop tent and start your rooftop camping adventure.

1. Naturnest Andromeda

Photo Credit: Naturnest

Let’s kickstart this list with the Naturnest Andromeda. This rooftop tent is one of the most affordable Naturnest rooftop tents on the market. It’s available in khaki and features a spacious foam mattress that can sleep three people, durable black aluminum alloy telescopic ladders, and a simple design perfect for beginners.

This rooftop tent is also equipped with neat features that improve its durability. The main body of the tent is made of an anti-mildew and antibacterial plaid Oxford cloth, which is waterproof and UV-resistant.

Most campers love this rooftop tent for its simplicity. Some also love it for its removable outer cover, which allows campers to open the skylight and roll up the entire upper cover for better views.

2. Autohome Maggiolina Airlander Rooftop Tent

Photo Credit: Autohome

Many campers in the r/Camping Reddit community swear by Autohome and their fiberglass rooftop tents. In particular, one camper loves the Maggiolina Airlander Rooftop Tent, which, in his words, comes with “none of the downsides and annoyances of traditional tents.”

This rooftop tent is easy to set up and take down. You’ll have it set up within five minutes of arriving at your campsite, and it only takes five minutes to take it down and pack away. 

Available in three sizes, the Maggiolina’s precision-crafted fiberglass shell guarantees a quality structure that’s compact, durable, and well-insulated, unlike most plastic rooftop tents. Depending on your model selection, this tent can accommodate two adults or two adults and two children.

3. Smittybilt XL Overlander Rooftop Tent

Photo Credit: Smittybilt

The Smittybilt XL Overlander Rooftop Tent is perfect for off-road camping. According to various campers on Reddit, it’s also one of the best rooftop tents you can buy if you have a Jeep.

Jeeps have the uncanny ability to travel virtually anywhere, so it only makes sense to have a strong and durable rooftop tent that does the same. The Smittybilt, which takes seconds to fold out to its full height, has a foolproof design and many neat features.

It’s made from 600D waterproof rip-stop polyester, has a durable anodized aluminum frame, and comes with a high-density foam mattress big enough to sleep four campers. Other neat features include a telescopic aluminum ladder, UV-resistant straps, LED strip lighting, and mosquito nets.

4. Alu-Cab Gen 3-R Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

Photo Credit: Alucab

Next, we have the Gen 3-R Hard Shell Rooftop Tent from Alu-Cab. This tent is a solid choice if you’re looking for a reliable rooftop tent with a durable design, a wide range of features, and enough space for two people.

This rooftop tent features an updated design that increases rigidity and includes various accessories. The tent’s main draw is its hard shell design, which one Redditor believes is crucial because it makes the tent much easier to set up and pack down and improves durability. 

The hard shell structure also allows campers to carry additional gear, such as kayaks, solar panels, mountain bikes, and a camping table. Other notable Gen 3-R features include a 70mm foam mattress, side rain covers, a telescopic ladder, and a raised air vent to reduce condensation.

5. iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini

Photo Credit: iKamper

The best thing about the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini is that it can be fitted to the roof of virtually any car. Two people can comfortably sleep inside this rooftop tent with a sleeping footprint of 83” x 51” and a 9-zone, 2.25″ thick, insulated polyfoam mattress.

Despite featuring a hardshell cover, the iKamper only weighs 125 lbs, making it an incredibly lightweight option. This could be important if you only have a small car. 

Suitable for all four seasons, this rooftop tent also features a 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that blocks out light, a sky view window perfect for stargazing, a durable aluminum paneled floor, and a waterproof polyester rainfly.

Despite all the perks, many campers love this rooftop tent because of the map design on the inside of the canvas.

6. Thule Tepui Foothill

Photo Credit: Thule

When discussing the Thule Tepui Foothill on Reddit, most rooftop campers praised its spacious sleeping space, compact design, and panoramic windows.

However, some campers also noted that this rooftop tent could be more convenient for a two-person tent. Another Redditor noted his displeasure because the ladder couldn’t be packed away in the tent. 

Aside from that, though, this rooftop tent is adored by many campers. In our opinion, the Thule Tepui Foothills’ best feature is how compact it is when folded. 

When folded, the tent’s low profile allows other gear, including kayaks and boats, to be stored on the roof. Inside, the Foothills tent features a high-density foam mattress, four internal pockets to hold books, gadgets, and other items, dual skylights, and a water and UV-resistant canopy.

7. TentBox Classic

Photo Credit: Tent Box

The next rooftop tent we have for you is an OG in the rooftop tent space. Its name, Classic, is apt because this TentBox tent nails the concept. Everything about it is perfect–from the quick and easy gas-assisted setup and durable ABS hard shell to including a soft mattress and side pockets to store belongings.

This tent is easily attached to a vehicle via roof bars. Its durable canvas is resistant to weather and scratches, and the aluminum frame ensures the tent stands firm, even in strong winds. 

Like many campers, we love how the thick mattress covers the entire floor space and how the tent features two entry points. Small things like this enhance overall pleasure and make camping much more enjoyable.

8. Latitude Pioneer

Photo Credit: Latitude Tents

The penultimate rooftop tent on our list is the Latitude Pioneer. A handful of campers were lucky enough to spot the Latitude Pioneer at an outdoor show, and they quickly fell in love with it. 

The most affordable rooftop tent in Latitude’s collection, this tent fits most vehicles as long as it has roof bars fitted. Once installed, you can easily set up this rooftop tent in mere minutes by folding it out and popping it up.

The tent has a telescopic ladder, a shoebag, and Velcro access cables outside. The Pioneer’s interior has a 2.4” high-density foam mattress suitable for up to three campers. 

One camper loved the Pioneer’s ideal placement of doors, windows, and skylights to offer the best views.

9. Roofnest Meadowlark

Photo Credit: Roofnest

Finally, we have the Roofnest Meadowlark, another relatively affordable rooftop tent much loved by campers for its compact and lightweight design. This small yet spacious rooftop tent was built for minimalism. 

It’s not ideal for longer road trips and camping adventures, but it’s perfect for quick trips in smaller cars and solo travelers, although it does have enough space for two campers. The Meadowlark’s lightweight 90-lb design and universal mounting kit make it easy to maneuver and set up. 

This compact rooftop tent features two storage pockets, interior LED lights, an inner privacy canopy, and a cozy 2.5” Foam Mattress. If you purchase the Roofnest Meadowlark, you can also expect a 7.5″ Ladder to be included.

There you have it, nine excellent rooftop tents campers swear by. As you can see from our list, there are many wonderful options on the market. Now that you have this list at your fingertips, it’s only a matter of narrowing down the options and deciding which rooftop tent is best for your needs and requirements!

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