Episode 59: Is Baja Safe? Tips & Advice for Touring Baja in a Campervan with Brooke Alexander

Are you curious about traveling to Baja in your campervan? Are you worried about safety issues and what to bring? We cover all of this in Episode 59 of The Wayward Home Podcast.

Have you wanted to travel to Baja in your campervan but are unsure how safe it is? What documents do you need? How easy is it to find campsites?

We take a deep dive with van lifer Brooke Alexander, who drove Baja in her campervan last winter and is planning another trip this year.

We navigate through the nitty-gritty, like border crossings, military checkpoints, and Mexico’s indispensable FMM card. Brooke talks about finding campsites, essential gear, and why she recommends bringing your own toilet!

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What We Discuss in Episode 59 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Brooke Alexander shares her experiences traveling Baja California in Mexico in her campervan, starting with the border crossing process and how to obtain your FMM card, or tourist visa.
  • Kristin and Brooke discuss food options in Mexico and the must-have specialty items that are hard to find in Mexico.
  • Brooke gives her tips for navigating the most remote areas of Baja where there is no cell signal
  • Brooke addresses the concern of safety traveling in Baja as a solo female.
  • We learn about the various camping options available in Baja, from free public beach camping to cheap RV parks in towns, as well as bathroom availability and tips for RVers.
  • Finally, we go over options for auto insurance in Mexico, a requirement for entering the country.

About Brooke Alexander:

Brooke Alexander has been traveling full time in her Ram Promaster since 2020 with her dog Totopo. Brooke is also a writer for The Wayward Home. Read more about her here.

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