These Lavish Sleeper Cabs Will Make You Want to Become a Trucker

Being a trucker is a tough gig. You spend countless hours on the highway staring at seemingly endless stretches of asphalt, making quick stops to…

Being a trucker is a tough gig. You spend countless hours on the highway staring at seemingly endless stretches of asphalt, making quick stops to go to the toilet and take a rushed shower. You also often grab disturbed, cramped snoozes when your schedule lets you.

Thankfully, things are changing. Major truck companies, like Daimler Truck and Kenworth, are making their sleeper cabs larger and more comfortable. 

Luxury conversion companies, like ARI Legacy Sleepers and Powerhouse Coach, are turning bigger cabs and motor coaches into tiny homes with all the modern comforts. These include a kitchen area, comfy bed, private toilet, and much more. Some conversions even feature a jacuzzi and garage!

This is a much-welcome revolution for those who call the highway their office. Truckers can now travel, relax, and sleep in comfort. And they can drool over sleeper cab recreational conversions with us all.

Getting curious? Take a look inside some of the most luxurious sleeper cabs out there.

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There’s so Much Space You Can Work Out in the Cab

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

Have you ever seen a sleeper cab like this one by ARI Legacy Sleepers? It’s so spacious you could easily do a bodyweight workout or a gentle stretching session.

The kitchen area has a sink, induction stove, microwave oven, and full-size fridge/freezer. The counter space extends via a fold-up surface. At the back of the cab, there’s a large dinette area. The table lowers so you can open up a Murphy bed on top of it. This solution is great because you get to sleep on a real mattress rather than one made up of different cushions.

Finally, there’s a TV at the front of the cab, overhead cabinets throughout, and a full-size wardrobe. This beast could keep you on the road for months.

Imagine breaking down in Colorado in the middle of winter. Waiting for roadside assistance in this luxurious heated cab will be no trouble. You can make a warm meal from scratch, chill in the lounge, and watch TV.

Everything Looks Premium – From the Furniture to the Upholstery 

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

If you prefer a classic luxury RV look, this custom build by ARI Legacy Sleepers is for you. Thanks to the dark brown cabinet fronts, wooden laminate flooring, and leather-covered couch, it feels extra cozy and warm. Even the custom lamps and kitchen tiles look homely. 

A U-shaped dinette in the back turns into a spacious double bed. Next to it, on the left-hand side of the vehicle, is a full kitchen with a sink, hidden hob, full-size oven, large fridge/freezer, and lots of cupboards for storage. On board, there’s everything you need to cook and relax after a long day on the road.

You can’t see it in this picture, but this rig also features a practical wet bath where you can go to the toilet and shower privately.

Commercial Trucks Have a Practical Food-Prepping Area

Image Credit: Kenworth

On a modern standard commercial truck, like this one made by Kentworth, the driver can store a decent amount of fresh food in a sizeable front-opening fridge/freezer. The area above the refrigerator is empty, so they can use it to prep the food. The trucker can eat meals sitting in the passenger’s captain seat, which swivels to face the back of the cabin.

To warm meals, they can use an on-board microwave, which is located above the fridge. This might not sound like a very healthy option, but you can cook some lovely fresh meals out of a microwave if you travel with a good knife, a chopping board, and some basic crockery. 

You can make chili, pasta-based dishes, omelets, risotto, baked potatoes, and much more from scratch with the right recipes. In these modern spacious cabins, you can easily eat healthy on the road.

Some Cabs Even Have a Dishwasher

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

Most truckers and campers find washing the dishes on the road or at a campsite a pain. Yes, it’s nice to cook a nutritious meal from scratch—it’s worth it. But cooking fresh food produces so much washing up! And who’s used to doing it anymore? We all have dishwashers at home.

ARI Legacy Sleepers can fit a small dishwasher in their custom rigs. Once you’re done eating, simply pop the dirty dishes in the drawer and hit the road. While you drive, the dishwasher will get your plates, glasses, pots, and pans nice and clean, ready for your next meal. 

Sounds dreamy, right?

Custom Conversions Have a Big Living Room

Image Credit: Powerhouse Coach

You’d never be able to tell this Powerhouse Coach interior belongs to a sleeper cab. Everything is super bright and modern, and even the kitchen tiles are reminiscent of those you’d find in a luxury condo. 

The living room area is spacious and has a plush reclining leather-covered couch with drink holders. The kitchen features a large sink, standard fridge/freezer, microwave, induction cooktop, and standard-size oven.

Imagine stepping into this camper while you take a break to wait for the traffic to die down. Pop a pizza in the oven, turn on the TV, and forget you’re on the road.

Motor Coach Conversions Are Huge

Image Credit: Powerhouse Coach

This huge living room belongs to a custom recreational conversion by Powerhouse Coach. It features a four-seater recliner sofa, a dinette, a massive kitchen, a large desk, a huge TV, and a second couch. There’s even enough room to do some yoga in the middle of the cab!

The flooring is divided between carpet and wooden slats, giving the interior a homely vibe. The corniced windows, rustic interior decor, and wall art keep the illusion alive. 

The kitchen has everything you need to cook up a storm, including a sink, oven, microwave, fridge/freezer, cooker, and dishwasher. 

Can you see a double bed in the distance? There’s also a separate bedroom. This rig is residential, no doubt.

They Go on Forever

Image Credit: Powerhouse coach

This is a picture of a Powerhouse Coach motor coach conversion with a similar floor plan to the previous one, taken looking towards the driver’s seat. 

At the front is a couch in front of a big desk. There’s space for a laptop, printer, and much more on it. Next to the desk, there’s a huge TV on a recessed mount with drawers and cupboards underneath, which looks like it belongs to a house. The second, bigger couch is in front of the door and double-door fridge/freezer. 

As you can see, both the lounge and kitchen areas are huge. That’s because they are on slide-outs you can pull out to extend the interior space once you’re parked. That’s why it feels like motor coaches go on forever.

Some Commercial Trucks Have a Living Room

Image Credit: Kenworth

Truckers driving modern commercial trucks don’t have to sit in bed or at the truck stop when they feel like taking a break anymore. Some brands, like Kenworth, have taken inspiration from the campervan industry and included a couch that turns into a bed in their floor plans. 

This Kenworth cab features a wide rock-and-roll bed. During the day, the trucker can set it up as a nice, long couch to sit and chill out. The windows on both sides let natural light in, so the driver can check on the traffic situation. At night, with one swift movement, it turns into a comfortable double bed.

The couch also has seat belts, so you can transport three passengers in the back of the cab. 

Skip the Line at The Laundromat – Add a Washer-drier

Image Credit: Powerhouse Coach

Staying on the road for a long time? You don’t need to stop at a laundromat and wait for hours anymore. Add a washer-dryer to your custom recreational rig. 

The Powerhouse Coach options include a full-size washing machine and dryer—two separate units—or a combo washer/dryer.

This means you won’t need to take many clothes with you. Simply wash your favorite outfits every few days. 

If you don’t like the idea of having a washing machine on board, these luxury conversions have plenty of storage space for all your gear, including full-size wardrobes, overhead cabinets, and big chests of drawers. 

Bigger Cabs Have a Dry Bath

Image Credit: Powerhouse Coach

Picture this. Rather than using the truck stop bathrooms, park up whenever you need to–as long as it’s safe to park your truck there–and use your private, luxurious dry bath on board. 

There’s no need to leave your vehicle in the cold or heat. There are no foul smells or weird noises coming from the other cubicles. And there’s no rush doing your business because there’s a line outside. 

You can go to the toilet while reading your tablet, brush your teeth in your boxer shorts, and take a long, undisturbed shower. Heaven, right?

You Can Even Fit a Jacuzzi in a Custom Build!

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

Ok, this is an add-on for custom recreational sleeper cabs, be we couldn’t skip it – it’s mind-blowing. 

If you book a custom conversion with ARI Legacy Sleepers, they can fit a jacuzzi in your cab. How decadent is that?

Imagine soaking in the tub after a long day traveling on the highway to cross state borders to follow your schedule. Maybe you’re trying to reach a far destination during a short holiday. Or maybe you simply can’t live without a jacuzzi. It doesn’t matter–the headline here is: you can now fit a jacuzzi inside a sleeper cab!

Need to Carry a Vehicle? Add a Full-size Garage To Your Custom Build

Image Credit: Powerhouse Coach

Wish you could take a car or motorcycle with you on the road? No need to leave it behind. If you’re building your own custom recreational motor coach, you can add a garage option at the back or side of the vehicle. 

This is a popular option with both ARI Legacy Sleepers and Powerhouse Coach. Sleeper cabs aren’t exactly nimble, so carrying a smaller vehicle allows you to check out national parks and local eateries once you reach your destination.

This custom option can be modified to accommodate different vehicle sizes, from small dirt bikes to large Jeeps. You can add overhead cabinets, a personal door, a traveling car carriage, and more to the garage room. The sky is the limit if your budget allows for it.

Motor Coaches Have a Separate Bedroom

Image Credit: Powerhouse Coach

Can’t live without a separate bedroom? No one likes to smell dinner while they sleep, after all. This custom motor coach conversion by Powerhouse Coach features a separate double bedroom at the back of the vehicle. 

Inside it, there are a king-size bed, full-length mirror, wardrobe, small window, and overhead cabinets. In front of the bed is a big dressing table with storage built all around it.  

Just outside the bedroom, there are a sink, shower room, and separate toilet cubicle. You’ll think you’re staying in a hotel, not a truck

Commercial Trucks Often Have a Single Bed

Image Credit: Daimler Truck

But truckers on standard commercial trucks don’t have it so bad at all. Look at this picture of a single bed on a Daimler Truck, part of the Mercedes-Benz Group. 

This is a single bed located above the driving area. It looks like the bunk bed you’d find in an RV. It’s plush and cozy, with a thick, soft mattress to help keep back pain at bay or reduce it. By the pillow, there’s a light which you can use to read and relax.

Next to the bed, there’s a thick curtain that creates a bedroom. This curtain leaves most of the light outside, which is pretty handy for truckers who have to drive through the night to avoid hitting traffic. 

Some Feature a Double Bed, Though

Image Credit: Kenworth

On some Kenworth trucks, there’s a double bed at the back of the cab. There are windows on both sides of the bed, offering great airflow during the summer. The lower walls by the bedroom area are upholstered in a diamond tuft style, which gives the whole cabin a luxurious look. 

Above the double bed, there’s a large storage shelf. To secure heavy and large items, like toolboxes, there’s thick trim all around it. You can also store clothes, a phone, and a tablet in it—it’s easy to grab them while sitting up in bed. Small LED lighting is also on the ceiling and higher walls, providing great lighting options.

Not bad at all!

But Let’s Keep Dreaming With These Luxury Custom Conversions

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

This one is by ARI Legacy Sleepers and looks extra modern. 

As you walk through the door, you see a long leather couch with a Murphy bed on top. On either side of the door are two white kitchen countertops. On the right are a sink, induction cooktop, and oven. On the left, there’s a generous chopping area. Above it is a big TV you can watch from the couch or bed. 

While you can’t stand in front of much of the kitchen area when the bed is down, you can still get in and out of the cab. Not sure why you’d need to, though, since there’s a wet bath nearby.

They Can Be Built in Many Floor Plans and Color Schemes 

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

Do you prefer a bright interior? Then this ARI Luxury Sleepers conversion is right up your street. All the furniture is white, while the recessed parts are black, and the floors are dark wood laminate, offering a strikingly modern contrast. The intricate pattern on the upholstery looks super cool, too. 

In this luxury sleeper cab conversion, a dinette turns into a double bed, a compact kitchen with a microwave and full-size fridge, and a wet bath. 

To maximize the space inside this cab, ARI Luxury Sleepers built overhead cabinets throughout.

This Rig is for People Who Love to Cook

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

This custom interior by ARI Luxury Sleepers looks like it belongs to a luxury RV, not a sleeper cab. The wooden furniture, laminate flooring, and leather upholstery make it stand out.

The floor plan prioritizes the kitchen area, which extends from the front to the back of the cab. This has a large sink, induction cooktop, microwave oven, and single-door front-opening fridge/freezer. There’s a big window right by the counter space, so you can look outside or get some fresh air in the cab while cooking.

In front of the kitchen area, there’s a small dinette that seats two. The table lowers so a double Murphy bed can fit over the lunge area. Behind it, in front of the fridge/freezer, there’s a wet bath. This conversion also has plenty of storage space all around the cab—under the counter space, above the kitchen, and in the dinette.

The Color Schemes Aren’t Ordinary or Boring

Image Credit: ARI Legacy Sleepers

Want to add a personal touch to your sleeper cab custom conversion? You totally can. Check out this amazing one by ARI Luxury Sleepers. The contrast between the white furniture, blue tiles, and dark leather upholstery makes this interior stand out. 

Just look at the size of the fridge/freezer. It’s standard – it wouldn’t look out of place in a home kitchen. There’s also lots of counter space to prep food and chop veg, which is handy.

The sink area also serves as a washroom where you can get ready in front of a mirror and brush your teeth. By the refrigerator is a big couch which turns into a double bed.

While there isn’t a lot of storage below the countertop, ARI fits overhead cabinets throughout the cabin. 

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