10 Rad Toy Haulers for Action-Packed Outdoor Fun

4 shares Toy Haulers are unique RVs or travel trailers featuring a large rear garage and loading ramp. They offer more living space than typical…

Toy Haulers are unique RVs or travel trailers featuring a large rear garage and loading ramp. They offer more living space than typical RVs and have a cargo bay area as an additional bonus.

The added space they provide makes them perfect for outdoor adventure because they allow you to enjoy life on the road with plenty of storage space for furniture, ATVs, and dirt bikes. In today’s article, we’ll highlight and review 10 of the best toy hauler models on the market. 

Let’s get started!

1. Keystone Montana High Country

Photo Credit: Keystone

The Keystone Montana High Country 383TH is an excellent toy hauler for full-time living. This beast can sleep up to eight people and features a four-season living package.

This package includes 12-volt heating pads on the holding tanks, in-floor heating ducts, reflective insulation on the slide floors, and heating across the storage compartments and underbelly. This Keystone Montana fifth-wheel model also has a 12-gallon quick-recovery water heater that runs off electricity and gas.

Other neat features include a central vacuum cleaner, vinyl flooring, a 35,000 BTU furnace, and air conditioning. Meanwhile, the 8’4” garage is big enough for an office space or studio.

2. Imperial Outdoors XploreRV XR22 

Photo Credit: Imperial Outdoors

The Imperial Outdoors XploreRV XR22 is the perfect off-road toy hauler. Weighing 5,200 lbs, it weighs less than half of the High Country 383TH while offering plenty of space and a four-season package.

This Imperial Outdoors model has enough insulation to handle temperatures as low as -40°F (4.4°C), and the hydraulic adjustment system allows it to be lifted to provide an impressive 20 inches of ground clearance, improving its ability to tackle rougher terrain. 

This toy hauler also has a roof-mounted solar system, a 60-inch ramp door that can handle weights up to 1,000 lbs, a full kitchen, and a two-inch receiver hitch to accommodate additional outdoor accessories and toys.

3. Rockwood Geo Pro G19TH 

Photo Credit: Forest River

Fitted with a flip-up sofa, exterior storage, a 12’ awning, a collapsible bench table, and a swivel TV, the Rockwood Geo Pro G19TH is a compact, lightweight toy hauler that feels more like an RV. It’s an excellent option if you’ve never owned a toy hauler.

Weighing just 3,407 lbs, this toy hauler features a fantastic design that balances the garage space with the rest of the interior. Instead of having a separate area, the garage contains your sitting, eating, and sleeping quarters. As a result, you don’t feel like you’re towing a toy hauler.

The integrated garage does mean you’ll have to keep your toys outside at night, but the hauler is large enough to transport three dirt bikes or two ATVs.

4. Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222

Photo Credit: Jayco

Like the Rockwood Geo Pro G19TH, the Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222 is a lightweight toy hauler that’s easier to tow. This model separates the sleeping quarters and the garage more than other toy haulers. 

The garage space has a nice feature: a convertible queen sofa bed for use when traveling with more than two people. This toy hauler’s garage space measures eight feet wide by eight and a half feet long. You can effortlessly store your ATVs and dirtbikes and still have extra room.

Other notable features inside this toy hauler include flip-up bar tops, a built-in queen bed, stools, an 18’ awning, and a spring-assisted ramp.

5. KZ RV Escape E20 Hatch

KZ RV Escape Small Camping Trailer with a Bathroom
Photo Credit: KZ RV

The Escape E20 Hatch from KZ RV is another excellent off-road option. It’s over 23 feet long, can sleep up to four people, and has a cargo-carrying capacity of 930 lbs. 

The Escape E20 Hatch is also extremely light, weighing just 3,470 lbs, yet incredibly durable. This toy hauler’s durability is summed up well by the 3/8″ walkable roof. 

Rare amongst toy haulers in its category, the Escape E20 Hatch features a full, automotive-style front window. Other neat features include a king bed, a full bathroom, a kitchen, and built-in sewer hose storage.

6. Forest River Nitro XLR 405

Photo Credit: Forest River

The next toy hauler on our list is the Forest River Nitro XLR 405, which features an 11-foot garage space. Easily one of the most attractive toy haulers on this list, the Nitro XLR 405 is best suited to full-time van lifers. 

One of the best features of this toy hauler is the 20-foot awning, which offers impressive levels of indoor and outdoor comfort. This awning is much bigger than the awnings on similar models, so it provides much more sun protection and shade.

Another useful exterior feature is the dual split 30-gallon propane tanks, which makes refilling one tank easy while your rig pulls propane from the other. 

In the garage, you’ll find a retractable panoramic screen that provides indoor and outdoor living without exposing your interior to the elements.

7. Winnebago Spyder S23FB 

Photo Credit: Winnebago

If you want all the usual amenities a standard travel trailer offers, plus a spacious garage to store your toys, the Winnebago Spyder S23FB is ideal. This 30-foot toy hauler weighs a whopping 7,300 lbs and has a garage that’s 14 feet long and 8 feet wide. 

Since this toy hauler is a Winnebago, we already know it’s built with comfort and practicality in mind, too! We love how it has an enclosed bedroom, so you can keep all your toys in the trailer overnight. 

Another neat touch is that the back ramp can be converted into a patio, giving you more relaxing space. Amenities included in this toy hauler include a queen bed, flip-up sofa beds, a swivel seat, and an entertainment center.

8. InTech Flyer XLT 

Photo Credit: InTech

Van lifers searching for the ultimate lightweight toy hauler should consider the InTech Flyer XLT. Weighing as little as 1,450 lbs, this 13-foot trailer is easy to tow. Despite being a lightweight option, this model still has much to offer.

The garage space is perfect for solo travelers and is large enough to carry one ATV or 

dirtbike. It also comes with a front tongue storage box and a built-in bike rack to maximize its capabilities. 

InTech has also designed the Flyer XLT with a higher clearance to cope with rough roads. This toy hauler includes a pull-out kitchen, a Bluetooth stereo, and a tip-out bed.

9. Heartland Fuel 352

Photo Credit: Heartland RVs

The penultimate toy hauler on our list is the Heartland Fuel 352. It weighs 12,815 lbs, measures 40 feet long, and has a 13-foot-long garage space. Equipped with a solar package, this toy hauler is an excellent choice if you love boondocking. 

This toy hauler also has a hydraulic leveling system with six contact points, which provides a more stable setup and ensures a more comfortable and hassle-free boondocking experience. 

Better yet, the garage space converts easily from a storage area to a sleeping area, and the heating and cooling system includes a 35,000-BTU central furnace and a 15,000-BTU air conditioning unit. What’s not to like about this rig?

10. Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries (NOBO) 

Photo Credit: Forest River

Our final toy hauler is the Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries. It’s one of the most compact models on the market right now, and it’s designed for off-road camping. 

This toy hauler has enough cargo space for two dirt bikes or smaller motorcycles. The storage space can also be converted into a queen bed. This stylish toy hauler also features an outdoor kitchen with a 12V/110 Dometic refrigerator, two burner cooktops, and LED lighting. 

Some appealing upgrades to this toy hauler include a NOBO Nest rooftop tent, a Rhino-Rack J-cradle kayak holder, and a Batwing 270-degree awning.

That concludes our list of the best toy haulers for outdoor adventure. In this article, we’ve covered lightweight toy haulers perfect for off-road driving, large haulers suitable for full-time living, and everything else. All you have to do now is decide which toy haulers best suit your needs and requirements.

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