Episode 35: My Top Two Apps for Scouting The Best Campsites

181 shares Navigating the sea of camping apps to find the best campsite can be a frustrating endeavor. I use just TWO APPS regularly to…

Navigating the sea of camping apps to find the best campsite can be a frustrating endeavor. I use just TWO APPS regularly to find campsites while traveling around in my Sprinter van during the summer months.

We spend time both camping in paid campgrounds and boondocking (dispersed camping). We boondock 80% of the time, but also like to mix things up and stay in campgrounds, mostly for the convenience and amenities like hot showers, weater and garbage.

Here are my two favorite apps I use on the regular to find campsites:

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What We Cover in Episode 35 of The Wayward Home Podcast

Here’s what we discuss in this episode!

  • I talk about both the free and pro versions of the Dyrt Camping app, and how I uses it to find paid campgrounds and filter by amenities.
  • The benefits of using dispersed maps to find legal and free campsites, including the ability to filter by cell phone signal and see reviews and photos.
  • The new features of the Dyrt Pro app, including the ability to create a Dyrt alert for sold-out campgrounds, discounts on bookings, and the ability to create a road trip map.
  • How I use the iOverlander app for finding free campsites, how it is crowdsourced and works offline, but why you might not want to go to exact locations in the app
  • How to use Google Maps satellite view to find dispersed camping sites and avoid spending too much time driving around.

Grab Your Boondocking 101 Guide and Tracker!

Want to learn HOW to find free campsites in your campervan or RV? I created a Boondocking 101 Guide, plus a Boondocking Logbook and Tracker you can use on your camping adventures.

Here’s some of what you’ll get in these downloadable and fillable PDFs:

  • Detailed “how to” guide about boondocking, from finding water, going to the bathroom, showering and more
  • Methods I use to find boondocking sites, such using apps like iOverlander, Motor Vehicle Use Maps and Google Maps 
  • A complete Boondocking Checklist with the equipment I recommend 
  • Boondocking Journal: Track your favorite spots by GPS coordinates and amenities so you won’t forget where you’ve been!
  • RV Dump Tracker: Keep tabs on your tanks with our handy RV dump tracker
  • Gas Mileage Tracker: How are you doing with gas? Track how much you’re spending and driving
  • Equipment Lists: Keep track of your equipment and your wish lists
  • Grocery Lists: An easy way to keep track of all your boondocking groceries

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