Episode 50: Van Life with a Baby?? Tips & Advice from Two Wandering Soles

42 shares This week we’re joined by Katie and Ben Zweber, the adventurous duo behind the popular travel blog, Two Wandering Soles, as they share…

This week we’re joined by Katie and Ben Zweber, the adventurous duo behind the popular travel blog, Two Wandering Soles, as they share their incredible experiences of exploring the world with their baby, Juniper. From the comfort of their custom-built camper van, to backpacking and flying overseas as a family, they have aimed to make the world their baby’s playground.

We hear about how Katie and Ben customized their camper van for their growing family, what they did to help their daughter get comfortable on the road (and build their confidence traveling as new parents), and the ways their travel style is evolving with Juniper as she grows and develops her own interests.

As we learn from Katie and Ben, traveling with a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for adventure. With careful planning, a spirit of adventure, and a willingness to adapt, you can nurture a love for exploration in your child, create memories that will last a lifetime, and experience the world in a new light – through a child’s eyes.

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What We Discuss in Episode 50 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Katie and Ben Zweber, of the popular travel blog, Two Wandering Soles, talk about their experiences of traveling with their toddler, Juniper.
  • Changes Katie and Ben made to their campervan to accommodate their new addition, including a bench seat for driving that converts to Juniper’s sleeping area.
  • How Katie and Ben took small steps to gain the confidence to travel as new parents, and to help Juniper adjust to life on the road.
  • Katie and Ben share how their travel style has evolved with Juniper, and how traveling with a toddler helps them slow down and appreciate the little things more.
  • The resources that Katie and Ben have created to help other parents travel with their children.

About Katie and Ben Zweber:

After quitting their comfortable jobs in early 2014, newlyweds Katie and Ben Zweber set off to explore the world. From volunteering on a farm deep in the Andes mountains of Ecuador to teaching English in South Korea to hiking to Everest Base Camp, their first couple years of marriage were anything but ordinary.

Their journey eventually led them to building 3 campervans from scratch, and a blog – Two Wandering Soles – which has become both of their full-time careers. Today, Katie and Ben have a small team behind them and millions of annual readers looking for tips on everything from van builds to how to become a digital nomad to advice for planning a dream trip!

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