10 Unique Nissan Frontier Camper Shells for Truck Adventures

24 shares Calling all Nissan Frontier owners! Are you looking to enclose the storage space in your truck’s bed? Or maybe you’re ready to build…

Calling all Nissan Frontier owners! Are you looking to enclose the storage space in your truck’s bed? Or maybe you’re ready to build out a camper shell for your next overnight adventure? Either way, we’ve got you covered with this collection of Nissan Frontier camper shells. 

There are plenty of camper shells out there. But you don’t want to be one of those folks trying to Macgyver an ill-fitting shell onto your truck’s bed rails. Find a truck cap that fits the way it should so you know it’ll actually keep you and your belongings protected from the elements. 

In this guide, we’ll offer the best Nissan Frontier camper shells we can find at various price points.

Camper Shells for Your Nissan Frontier Truck Bed

Here are some of the best Nissan Frontier camper shells we found:

LEER Camper Shells for a Nissan Frontier

LEER Camper shell on truck in front of train
Photo: LEER Camper shell on truck in front of train

Fits: Custom Design

LEER is one of the most trusted names in the truck cap industry and they offer five camper shell models that fit the 2023 Nissan Frontier. Their website makes it easy to enter your vehicle’s specific information to find truck caps that fit your truck. 

You’ll need: 

  • Vehicle Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Style
  • Bed Length

The five models that fit the 2023 Frontier are the 100XR, 100XL, and 100S cab-high camper shells and the 100SCC and DCC commercial truck caps. Let’s provide a little more info on each: 

LEER 100XR Camper Shell

The 100XR is defined by its frameless rear access door and 50/50 sliding side windows. This cab-high camper shell also boasts dark-tinted glass, one-piece fiberglass base rails, a flip lock rear door handle, and Axalta automotive paint finish. 

It is installed using J-bolt clamps and features a 12-volt fuse box for the interior LED 12-volt dome light and the recessed LED third brake light. Gas door props keep it open while you’re loading and unloading and an insulated roof traps heat when camping on cooler nights. 

Some of the coolest optional upgrades for this camper shell include remote keyless entry, multiple Thule roof rack systems, and multiple Bedslide roll-out cargo drawer selections.

LEER 100XL Camper Shell

The 100XL truck cap boasts many of the same features as the XR but with a few important differences. First, a twist handle lock with a flip-up weather cover delivers added security for the belongings stored in your truck bed

From the side, the frameless, recessed side windows with rear-opening twist-out vents provide ventilation, security, and a sleek exterior design. Beyond that, this camper shell boasts the same skirted rails, installation clamps, automotive-style rotary latches, and custom design you’ll get with the 100XR.

LEER 100S Camper Shell

The 100S camper shell is LEER’s premier cab-high model for those seeking cargo security and privacy. It’s characterized by smooth, solid sides without the vented windows you’ll find on the models above. 

It still has a recessed, frameless glass rear door with dark-tinted glass and double T-handle locks. It also boasts an automotive glass front window, one-piece fiberglass base rails, an insulated roof, and gas door props. 

LEER 100SCC Commercial Camper Shell

The 100SCC is a cab-high camper shell with a reinforced design to handle heavy-duty use. It also delivers superior cargo security with smooth sides and a solid panel rear door with stainless steel T-drop handles. 

It boasts a one-piece construction with a wraparound fiberglass rail, a front picture window, and a built-in LED brake light. You’ll also have codable locks on that rear panel door to keep your tools and equipment as secure as it gets. 

The 100SCC comes with a no-drill installation kit that includes J-bolt installation clamps and an installation bulb seal. Some of its coolest optional upgrades include flush side access doors, cargo hooks, a 12-volt power block, and five unique toolbox configurations. 

LEER DCC Commercial Camper Shell

The DCC commercial camper shell is the ideal choice for contractors. It’s designed for extra durability with TIG-welded roof construction, heavy-duty aluminum base rails, a solid front wall, and commercial structural reinforcement. 

The rear door is a solid, half-lift design with gas props and stainless steel drop T-handles with BOLT lock. You’ll also get access to the interior with double full-length side doors that feature the same T-handles and locking system. 

There are lots of optional upgrades to make this the perfect camper shell for your commercial business needs. Some of our favorites include a TIG-welded aluminum ladder rack, toolbox and toolbox dividers, interior dent-resistant metal skin, and multiple interior lighting solutions.

Softopper Camper Shells for a Nissan Frontier

Truck with Softopper camper shell towing storage trailer.
Photo: Truck with Softopper camper shell towing storage trailer.

Fits: 1997-2023 Nissan Frontier

The Softopper for the Nissan Frontier is one of the more affordable camper shell options out there. But it’s still durable enough to withstand four-season use, meaning you won’t need to remove it when the snow starts to fall. 

The canopy is manufactured using two-ply laminated PVC-coated sailcloth fabric. That fabric is treated with a waterproof and UV stabilization that makes it resistant to fading and decreases the chances of rot or mildew development. 

It’s one of the most accessible truck camper shells to install and you can do it by yourself – something that’s impossible with most of the other models on our list. It weighs between 18 and 30 pounds, depending on the options you choose, and there’s no need to drill into your truck bed to install it. 

However, it can also be easily removed when you want to – another outstanding benefit over hard-sided camper shells. The Softopper unzips, unsnaps, and folds up quickly, making it easy to remove and store in your garage without it taking up a substantial amount of storage space. 

When it’s installed, you’ll retain easy access to your truck bed with its roll-up canopy side panels and rear window. You’ll also retain visibility through the truck bed with the Softopper’s clear vinyl windows. 

The frame itself is made with anti-rust aluminum and all the parts are individually replaceable. This makes it one of the easiest camper shells to repair on your own at a fraction of the cost that comes with fixing a hard-sided truck cap. 

A.R.E. Camper Shells for a Nissan Frontier

Man drinking water leaning against Nissan Frontier with camper shell
Photo: Man drinking water leaning against Nissan Frontier with camper shell

Fits: Custom Design

A.R.E. is another of the leading manufacturers of camper shells, tonneau covers, and other truck bed accessories. They offer 10 unique camper shells for the Nissan Frontier, but all feature some common quality because they’re all built in ISO-certified facilities and all hardware is 500 salt spray rated to OEM specifications. 

The structure is comprised of a low-filled resin fiberglass, a polyester resin fiberglass laminate, and a clear coat exterior using automotive-grade paint. A reinforced roof also provides more load capacity for roof-mounted accessories. 

Features vary from model to model, but some of the most common features include a heavy-duty rear door with a single T-lock, dark-tinted side windows, a front picture window, and a fabric headliner. 

Specifications also vary from model to model, with base weights ranging from as low as 62 pounds up to 195 pounds. They have a clear size chart on their website to help you identify the maximum height from the base rail and the minimum rear door clearance for your setup. 

Some of the coolest optional upgrades on A.R.E. camper shells include a 12-volt power strip, an interior clothing rod, LED Dome and/or Prop Lights, pet screen protectors, and multiple roof rack/fishing rod holder options.

Snugtop Camper Shells for a Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier with camper shell off-roading
Photo: Nissan Frontier with camper shell off-roading

Fits: 2005-2018 and 2022-2023 Nissan Frontier (excludes 2019-2021 models)

Snugtop has a total of seven truck bed camper shells, but only three of them are compatible with various years of the Nissan Frontier: the Hi-Liner, the Sport Hi-Liner, and the Cab-Hi. 

Let’s start with a quick compatibility chart for all three: 

Hi-LinerSport Hi-LinerCab-Hi
2007-2018 Crew Cab 6.5’ Bed2022-2023 Double Cab 4.8’ Bed2022-2023 Double Cab 4.8’ Bed
2005-2018 King Cab 6.5’ Bed2022-2023 Extended Cab 6’ Bed2022-2023 Extended Cab 6’ Bed
2005-2018 Crew Cab 5.5’ Bed2022-2023 Double Cab 6’ Bed2022-2023 Double Cab 6’ Bed
2007-2018 Crew Cab 6.5’ Bed
2005-2018 King Cab 6.5’ Bed
2005-2018 Crew Cab 5.5’ Bed

All three camper shells share a variety of features, such as one-piece construction, tinted glass, a fiberglass cloth overlay in high-stress areas for additional support, OEM matching colors to the factory finish of your truck, a fixed front window, and a lifetime warranty on paint and structure. 

Now, more info on these three camper shells: 

Snugtop Sport Hi-Liner

The Sport Hi-Liner is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a little extra headroom for sleeping in your camper shell. It also boasts a sloping roof for increased cargo space and an all-glass tailgate for easy rear access. 

The sliding side windows are framed with aluminum, allowing you to open the space for ventilation. With the optional pet screens on the inside of the windows, you can also use your truck bed for your furry companions and leave the windows open without worrying about them escaping. 

This truck cap can also be equipped with multiple roof rack options for added cargo-carrying capacity. Other optional upgrades include a sliding front window, a Pro-Lock tailgate lock with remote control operation, and Bedslide roll-out cargo drawers.

Snugtop Hi-Liner

The main difference between the Sport Hi-Liner and the Hi-Liner is the rear window. Instead of the all-glass window on the Sport, the standard Hi-Liner boasts an aluminum-framed rear window with a glass insert and an inside handle with locking rods. 

The Hi-Liner also offers the optional upgrade to SnugRug interior carpet for more natural protection. It also installs with a hidden mounting system that uses J-hooks to eliminate the need for drilling into your truck bed walls. 

Snugtop Cab-Hi

The Cab-Hi is Snugtop’s original truck bed camper shell. The traditional design is probably something you’ve seen on countless trucks over the years, but sometimes the classic look doesn’t go out of style. 

It boasts the same fuel-saving aerodynamic styling, a built-in LED brake light, a wraparound fiberglass rail, a ½-inch honeycomb roof reinforcement, and a double-bulb rubber seal that protects your truck bed from damage. 

The optional additions for this Snugtop truck cap include pet screens, SnugRug interior shell headliner, front and side window upgrades, and three Bedslide roll-out cargo drawer options.

Which Nissan Frontier camper shell is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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