The Dyrt App Review: The Best Camping App?

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I stopped in Mammoth in my truck camper last fall looking for information on local hot springs. A helpful gentleman at the local gear shop I stopped into told me about The Dyrt Camping app and how he used it to find dispersed campsites on his recent cross-country road trip.

In this Dyrt App review below, I’ll highlight the features, benefits, and functions of this unique camping app. 

We’ll also talk about The Dyrt Pro Membership, which gives you access to offline maps, layers for finding dispersed campsites and a trip planner.

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The Dyrt Camping App Review: What is The Dyrt?

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PC The Dyrt

Let’s start with a brief description before we jump into the Dyrt app review. The Dyrt camping app is a search engine for campsites. On the Dyrt’s website, the goal is clearly to be “the go-to resource for campers”.

Here are a few quick facts about The Dyrt camping app:

  • The largest campground database – over 44,000 public and private campgrounds
  • The most campground reviews – Over 1 million campgrounds, reviews and tips from campers across the U.S.
  • The #1 ranked app for “camping” in the Ios and Google Play app stores
  • Over 1.5 million website visitors per month
  • A new user joins The Dyrt every 26 seconds

You will also be able to see pictures of sites taken by real people and read their honest reviews. Plus, users are encouraged to write reviews that include critical information for other campers.

With The Dyrt app camping app, you can find recent updates of conditions and campsite accessibility. This helps you make real-time decisions on campsites while you are on the road. 

This makes The Dyrt Camping app like the Yelp of camping apps – pretty cool, right?

They also have a Dyrt Pro Membership (click here for a FREE 90-day trial!) that gives you access to a trip planning feature, the ability to download maps for offline use, and much more!  

If you own or manage a campground, there’s also a place for you on The Dyrt App. You can claim an existing campground or even add a new one if it isn’t currently listed. In this way, the number of campsites on the Dyrt camping app is still expanding. 

We’ll get into our Dyrt app review next, but here are a few quick facts:

The Dyrt App Review: Free Features 

So that’s a very brief overview, but we need to dive into the features of The Dyrt app more deeply in this The Dyrt app review. These are the features that come with the free version of the app

(However, The Dyrt Pro membership offers even more cool features – click here for a FREE 90-Day Trial!)

Campsite Search Engine

Campsite Search Engine in The Dyrt App Review
PC The Dyrt

The main feature of both the free and pro versions of The Dyrt camping app is the campsite search engine feature. Like most modern search engines, it allows you to input a variety of filters to narrow down your choices. 

This includes site type (i.e. tent, RV, dispersed, etc.), access (i.e. drive-in versus hike-in), features (fires allowed, pets allowed, drinking water, showers, etc.), maximum vehicle length, price, review rating, and more. 

It will also allow you to sort campsites according to rating, name, price, distance, and several other criteria. Plus, there’s a map search function that can be viewed in either standard or satellite version to help you locate campsites that are near other natural areas or amenities that you are interested in. 

In our The Dyrt camping app review, we find this a really key feature that I’ve used often to find campsites.

Community Forums

The community forums on the Dyrt camping app go deep! Campers are there talking about all sorts of topics from tips for leaving your dog at a campsite in national parks to dutch oven cooking tips

The forums are organized for different types of campers, which makes it easier to connect with folks like you! And it allows you to get advice from people that are working with similar camping setups such as your own. 

Some examples of their forum subheadings include state-by-state, RV, travel trailers, tent/car camping, van life, guides and rangers, campground owners and managers, and a general discussion forum. 

The Dyrt Magazine

The Dyrt magazine is a digital publication with a wealth of knowledge for all campers. Some of its more popular sections include gear reviews, local tips and tricks, and lifestyle hacks for everything from full-time RVers to vanlifers.

All in all, it’s a great resource to share and stay up-to-date with the latest tips and tricks for camping and road-tripping. 

The Dyrt Pro Review: Extra [Awesome!] Features

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PC The Dyrt

If you sign up for the Dyrt Pro Membership upgrade on the app, you will have access to all of the features of the free version, plus several extras. A one-year Dyrt Pro Membership is priced at $35.99, a real steal considering all the cool perks you get.

Here’s how you can sign up for a free 90-day trial for this summer!

In this part of our The Dyrt App review we’ll talk about the features you’ll get with The Dyrt Pro Membership.

Trip Planner

The Dyrt Pro Review: Trip Planner Feature
PC The Dyrt

Instead of searching for campsites on-the-go, the trip planner feature in The Dyrt Pro Membership allows you to preset your route and filter campsites for your camping style and driving preferences.

It can also bring some spontaneity into your road trips by completely building an itinerary based on your vehicle type, destination, and preferred type of campsite. 

In our The Dyrt Pro review, we give a big thumbs up to the trip planner. If you know you want to travel from one destination to another, but you don’t necessarily have a plan for the nights in between, the trip planner is perfect for building out your road trip itinerary.

The planner also uses the app’s collection of more than 1 million reviews to select the absolute best campsites along your route. 

Some of the other perks of this trip planner feature include the ability to estimate fuel costs and plan gas stops, the option to show only big rig-friendly gas stations along your route (if traveling in a larger RV), and the functionality to export your route to Google Maps for easier navigation.  

Here’s how you can sign up for a free 90-day trial of The Dyrt Pro Membership for this summer!

Map Layers

The Dyrt Pro Map Layers is a perk in our The Dyrt Pro Review
PC The Dyrt

Pro users also have access to map overlays that show boundaries of important wilderness management areas. The Dyrt Pro Membership currently includes three map layers for wilderness areas managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service. 

For those that are searching for dispersed camping, these map overlays can be particularly useful. They allow you to ensure that you are in accordance with the proper land management regulations wherever you are camping. 

In our The Dyrt Pro review, we are definitely a big fan of this feature.

Offline Maps

Have you been thinking about how The Dyrt Pro Membership would be useful if you didn’t have cell service? When I first downloaded it, I was! And as a lover of a good road atlas and a proper waterproof map that I can unfold on my truck’s tailgate, I was pleased to find that the Pro version of The Dyrt camping app allows you to download content for offline access. 

This includes saved trips, campsite lists, and downloaded maps of the areas you are about to visit. So, with a little advanced planning, The Dyrt app will remain useful to you once you are off-grid and beating the other remote campers to that hard-to-reach (but always well worth it) campsite. 

Downloadable maps are a key feature of our The Dyrt Pro review.

Sign up for a free 90-day trial of The Dyrt Pro Membership!

Pro Discounts

The Dyrt’s Pro members also get access to discounts at more than 1,000 campgrounds nationwide. Plus, you can save up to 30% on gear and camping accessories from select outdoor brands once you’ve joined The Dyrt Pro Membership. 

The Dyrt App Review: How To Use The Dyrt To Find Free Campsites

The Dyrt Pro Review: Screenshot of finding free campsites
PC The Dyrt

For our The Dyrt app review, we love that we can easily use the app to find free campsites.

When you login to The Dyrt camping app, it will immediately locate your current location (if you allow location services for the app). From there, you can either search for campsites nearby or enter a location if you are traveling. 

Whichever route you choose, you should find a small button labeled ‘Filters’ at the bottom of your screen. Click on that to bring up your options. Scroll down until you find the section labeled ‘Price’ and then click on the Free option. 

That will filter your results for only free campsites in your area. Just be sure to read through some of the reviews to confirm that these sites are, indeed, free. Some may require a ‘parking fee’ instead of a camping fee.   

Here’s how you can sign up for a free 90-day trial of The Dyrt Pro Membership for this summer!

Perks of Using The Dyrt Camping App

Why would you join this app over just using Google to search for campsites? I’ll explain in our The Dyrt Camping app review.

Win Prizes For Leaving Reviews

The Dyrt App Review Camping Contests_Prizes
PC The Dyrt

One of the biggest perks of joining The Dyrt camping app is the ability to earn points by leaving reviews on The Dyrt app. This perk is available to users of both the free and Pro versions of the app. As you gain points, you can enter contests to win gift cards and camping gear. 

Many of their prizes come from top outdoor gear brands like Sierra Designs, Kelty, Outdoor Tech, Point6, and others. Plus, the Dyrt app review contests change every month. So if you don’t like their current prize offerings, you can wait to post your reviews until next month when you’re more stoked on the prizes!

Give The Dyrt Pro Membership a try with a 90-Day Free Trial.

Enjoy Discounts on Campsites

Some of the Dyrt app review contests also give you an opportunity to win discounted stays at more exclusive campsites. So even if you love dispersed camping and most of your reviews are for that kind of site, you might be rewarded with a discounted stay at a more posh campground.

That way, you can enjoy the occasional opportunity to treat yourself for a weekend. 

Get Help From Fellow Campers

The Dyrt’s comprehensive forums really are a great resource for getting answers to camping-specific questions that you can’t find anywhere else online. As more and more people are finding the benefits of the nomadic lifestyle, the value of these forums is only going to increase. 

The Dyrt App Review: Pros and Cons

I’ve used the free version of The Dyrt camping app for a little over six months now and have explored a handful of campsites using the app. So the Dyrt app review I’ve put together wouldn’t be complete without a quick list of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve experienced with this camping app so far. 

Pro: Plenty of Search Engine Filters

I’ve used search engines in the past that were definitely not user-friendly. I love how easy the Dyrt Pro camping app is to use and how quickly I can filter for the exact type of campsite I’m looking for.

It has all of the obvious filters you would use to narrow down your choices so that you don’t drive all the way to a campsite before realizing it doesn’t actually offer dispersed camping. 

Give The Dyrt Pro Membership a try with a 90-Day Free Trial.

Pro: Easy to Find User Review Dates

I like that it is easy to find the dates at the bottom of each user review. Personally, it helps me to identify the most up-to-date information about the campsite I’m interested in. 

This is definitely a plus in our The Dyrt Camping app review.

Pro: Incentive to Leave Reviews

The Dyrt App Review Explorer Contests_Banner
PC The Dyrt

It’s clear that The Dyrt camping app is still growing, even though it already offers an abundance of useful information. I love that they have incentivized users to leave reviews that are actually helpful.

Plus, it sort of turns your camping trips into a game by awarding you points for thorough review information and encouraging you to take plenty of pictures and videos when you visit a new campsite. 

Give The Dyrt Pro Membership a try with a 90-Day Free Trial.

Pro: The Opportunity To Build Community

Another cool part of using The Dyrt app is that you can often find reviews from real people that just visited a campsite you are interested in a few days before your arrival. For full-time RVers and van lifers, this provides an opportunity to build a road-friendly community when it can otherwise be difficult to do so. 

As someone who grew up in a small town and highly values community, the lack of community can be one of the hardest parts of traveling. But I can see tremendous opportunity within this app to build a network of travelers, RVers, and campers with a shared passion for camping and road trip travel. 

Con: Fact-Checking Is Important

The only con that I’ve found with The Dyrt camping app so far is that some sites seem to be listed as offering dispersed camping when they are clearly a more developed campground. From my experience, I have had better luck using the ‘Price’ filter when searching for free campsites than by checking the dispersed camping option in the ‘Site Type’ filter. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought dispersed camping was synonymous with free camping. I’m happy to read your comment if I’m wrong on this point.

But I have found that a little more digging has sometimes revealed the information I’ve found on the app to be less than 100% accurate. 

Give The Dyrt Pro Membership a try with a 90-Day Free Trial.

Campsites I Found On The Dyrt App

In our The Dyrt Pro Camping App review, I thought it fitting to show you a few of the campsites I’ve found using this app.

As you can see, The Dyrt has really helped me find free, beautiful dispersed campsites. Considering The Dyrt Pro Membership costs the same as a couple nights of a campground, it’s definitely worth signing up for a 90-day free trial!

Amistad National Recreation Area PC Tucker Ballister
Spur 406 Campground in Amistad National Recreation Area PC Tucker Ballister

Hot Creek Hatchery PC Tucker Ballister
Crab Cooker Hot Springs near Mammoth Lakes, CA PC Tucker Ballister

Mahogany Flat Campground PC Tucker Ballister
Mahogany Flat Campground in Death Valley National Park PC Tucker Ballister

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Alabama Hills Recreation Area PC Tucker Ballister
Alabama Hills Recreation Area near Lone Pine, CA PC Tucker Ballister

Sierra Vista Outside of Las Cruces, NM PC Tucker Ballister
Sierra Vista Outside of Las Cruces, NM PC Tucker Ballister

The Dyrt App Review: Conclusion

The Dyrt camping app seems to me that it’s still expanding. As more and more campers use it, the quality of the reviews and the number of campsites online will only increase.

As of now, however, I have still found it to be highly useful for locating dispersed camping areas while on the road (assuming I have service!).  However, if you upgrade to The Dyrt Pro Membership, you’ll be able to find free camping even with no service.

I hope you have enjoyed the Dyrt app review I put together for you here and I’d love to hear if you have any experience with using the app yourself. Drop a comment below if you’ve used it and let me know where it took you!

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