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There’s something amazing about being able to take off in your RV and go and see the world. Having the freedom to wake up to a new view every morning is exhilarating, so if you’re planning on taking your RV (or whatever vehicle you’re choosing to use), then you might want to look at some of these upgrades to make your ride a little comfier.

Live the van life to the full with these RV upgrades.

Add some organization to your RV

RV upgrades to make your home on wheels even nicer

Space is something you don’t have much of when traveling in an RV. But luckily, with a few organization hacks and RV upgrades, you’ll be able to fit much more into a small space.

For example, using a magnetic board on the inside of your cupboards and magnetized spice containers will add some organization to your kitchen.

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Another idea would be to use shoe holders in your RV. Not only are they a great way to store shoes, but they are also useful for holding utensils, cleaning bottles, makeup, hairdryers and much more.

Towel rails in your bathroom will allow you keep everything in place without the worry of stuff being tossed around while you’re driving.

Add some shade as an RV upgrade

RV upgrades to make your home on wheels even nicer

One thing that can be a pain when waking up in an RV is the beaming sunlight coming in and blinding everyone.

Consider installing solar shades to your RV so that you can protect yourself from glaring sunlight.

If you don’t want to live in a constantly dark RV then there are even transparent shades that will protect you without blocking out any light. Check out http://northsolarscreen.com/outdoor-shades/ for more information.

Alternatively, you could pick up total blackout shades for your RV so you’ll get even better sleep.

Multi-use furniture can help optimize space in an RV

As mentioned earlier, space is something that’s limited in your RV. Luckily there are geniuses out there who have created multi-use furniture that does not only what it says on the tin, but it looks great too.

Imagine having a dinner table that once it’s been used for the day can convert into a plush couch? Multi-use furniture is definitely something to consider especially if you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time traveling in your RV.

As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can upgrade your RV, and there’s still tons more ideas that you could take on.

Ultimately, your RV needs to be comfortable enough to live in for however long you’re traveling for (or even permanently if you choose). Try these ideas today and see how much more pleasurable your RV experiences are!


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