The Best 8 Smallest RVs With Washers and Dryers

18 shares Generally speaking, there are two types of RVers. First, you have the weekend warriors, who take time off to adventure in their motorhomes…

Generally speaking, there are two types of RVers. First, you have the weekend warriors, who take time off to adventure in their motorhomes or travel trailers. Second, you have full-time RVers, who live inside their rigs for large chunks at a time, or all year-round.

As you can imagine, both RVer types have unique and specific needs. For example, while weekend warriors may not require luxury amenities, full-timers often need all the creature comforts of home. One example is a washer and dryer combo inside the RV.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to look at the top seven smallest RVs with washers and dryers. That said, most of these rigs are simply “prepped” for a washer and dryer. Prepping means that the hookups are there, but the machinery isn’t. Usually, you have to buy your own, but some RV manufacturers can include washers and dryers as an upgrade.

Why Get one of the Smallest RVs With Washers and Dryers?

We’ll get into the pros and cons later on, but the primary purpose of having a washer and dryer in your RV is convenience. Since full-time RVers are on the road all the time, they need to be able to wash and dry their clothes regularly. Also, while many RV lots have laundry facilities, they’re not always reliable and can get expensive.

Top 7 Smallest RVs With Washer and Dryers

One quick note before we dive into these RVs. Since washers and dryers are technically a “luxury” item, you won’t find them (or their hookups) on small RVs. So, don’t expect to see a camper van or short Class C rig with these machines. As a result, even though we’re looking at the “smallest” RVs with washers and dryers they’re still pretty massive. We’ve ranked each model by length, starting with the longest.

Keystone Montana High Country 295RL

Keystone Montana RV, one of the best smallest RVs with washers and dryers
Photo courtesy Keystone
  • Length: 34′
  • Type: Fifth Wheel
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 49/88/87 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Prep

As a rule, fifth-wheel RV trailers have the most amenities. So, it’s not surprising to find rigs with washer and dryer hookups installed. Although this particular model doesn’t come with the machinery, it’s pretty easy to find units that will fit. At 34 feet long, you get a lot of stuff packed into this space. Plus, the freshwater tank is pretty massive (49 gallons), and you have more than enough gray water storage space to run multiple loads.

A big reason why this fifth-wheel trailer feels so spacious and accommodating is that it comes with three slide-outs. One slide-out is in the master bedroom, ensuring that you can walk around the king-sized bed with ease. Both sides have a CPAP machine shelf, and you get direct access to the bathroom.

The kitchen and entertainment center are also a treat, thanks to the built-in island in the center. Theater power seating comes standard, and you get a big-screen TV and fireplace to look at. Basically, the Mountain High Country Trailer is the lap of luxury.

Forest River Heritage Glen 286RL

Forest River 5th wheel, one of the best smallest RVs with washers and dryers
photo courtesy Forest River
  • Length: 33′ 11″
  • Type: Fifth Wheel
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 32/60/57 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Prep

Once again, fifth-wheel RVs are the top of the line for amenities and accommodations. Although the Heritage Glen is slightly smaller than the Montana High Country, it doesn’t feel like it at all. Both the master bedroom and kitchen/entertainment area are massive, so you have plenty of room to spread out.

The washer and dryer hookups are in the master closet, which is wide enough to hold both clothes and the machines. Also, since the king-sized bed is on a slide-out portion, you get some extra room to move around and access the washer/dryer combo.

One unique feature we love about this RV is the walk-in shower with a skylight. Usually, RV showers are cramped, so it’s nice to know that you have room to move around while getting yourself clean. As with the Montana RV, the master bedroom has bathroom access for added convenience.

Finally, when it’s time to unwind (perhaps while your clothes are washing), you can sit back in one of the swivel chairs or the tri-fold sofa bed in the back.

Highland Ridge LT275RLS

Highland Ridge travel trailer with a washer and a dryer
Photo: Highland Ridge
  • Length: 33′ 11″
  • Type: Travel Trailer
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 29/58/51 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Prep

Although fifth-wheel trailers are the most luxurious option for RVers, they can be kind of a hassle since you need to tow them with a pickup truck. So, if you want similar amenities but more flexibility with your tow vehicle, you might prefer something like the LT275RLS from Highland Ridge. Since this travel trailer is the same length as the Forest River Heritage, it feels just as roomy.

We like this RV because you don’t have to sacrifice much closet space to house your washer and dryer. This unit has three separate closets – one on either side of the bed and another next to the bathroom. So, both you and your partner can store clothes and keep them clean while you’re on the road.

Washer and dryer hookups are not the only connections you can find on this rig. The Highland Ridge also comes with an exterior sprayer hose, spray port, grill hookup, and an outdoor kitchenette. So, when the weather is nice, you can spend more of your time outside enjoying nature instead of being cooped up in your RV. However, with so many accommodations, it won’t feel like you’re stuck inside.

Coachmen Pursuit 31TS

Coachman Pursuit smallest Class A RV with washer and dryer
Photo courtesy Coachman
  • Length: 33′
  • Type: Class A
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 38/38/50 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Prep

As we start looking at the best smallest RVs with washers and dryers you’ll notice that you have to start making tough decisions about your washer and dryer combo. For example, inside the Coachmen Pursuit, you get only two wardrobes, one of which has machine hookups. So, if you’re bringing a lot of outfits, you may need to get creative with how you store them.

Fortunately, there is lots of overhead storage space, so you can utilize it as necessary. One way to trim some bulk is to use a vacuum seal system to take the air out of your clothes before putting them away.

As a Class A rig, the Pursuit still has many amenities, including a king-size bed, an enclosed master bedroom, and a theater sofa. In this case, we like that the RV separates the shower from the toilet. This setup allows two people to use the bathroom at the same time for maximum convenience. Plus, with a 50-gallon freshwater tank, you can theoretically run a load, take a shower, and use the toilet simultaneously.

Another unique feature of the Pursuit is the exterior LED big-screen TV. It’s nice to pop open a couple of camping chairs, fill a cooler with the beverages of your choice, and watch your favorite movie outdoors. Just make sure the sun isn’t shining on the screen.

SportTrek Touring STT293VRK

Sporttrek Touring smallest RV with washer and dryer
Photo: SportTrek
  • Length: 32′ 11″
  • Type: Travel Trailer
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 32/64/51 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Prep

When comparing RVs with washers and dryers, you have to also consider how the other amenities fit in with your travel lifestyle. The SportTrek Touring Travel Trailer packs a lot into a relatively small space (compared to other models on this list). It’s fully functional both inside and out, thanks to the addition of an outdoor kitchenette, a power awning, and a storage rack for your toys (i.e., bikes, kayaks, and more).

As with the Highland Ridge, this RV comes with three individual closets. One has a hookup for a washer and dryer, while the other two offer independent clothing storage options for you and your partner. Best of all, there’s a window seat between them so that you get even more space for rest and relaxation. Not only that, but the master bedroom has its own fireplace, so you can snuggle up with your significant other and fall asleep to the crackling flames.

Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Coachman Class C RV
Photo: Coachman
  • Length: 31′ 10″
  • Type: Class C
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 31/32/50 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Optional Inclusion

As we’ve seen, most RVs don’t actually come with a washer and dryer installed. Instead, you have to buy units that will fit into the space. While plenty of RV manufacturers sell these machines for your travels, it’s often easier to just include them in the purchase price.

So, when buying the Coachmen Leprechaun, you can save yourself the hassle and have Coachmen install your washer and dryer “off the rack.” This way, your rig is ready to go as soon as you drive it off the lot, which is perfect for RVers who need to hit the road ASAP.

The Leprechaun is also notable because it’s the only Class C motorhome on this list. As we mentioned, washers and dryers don’t work well in small rigs, so it’s hard to find them in this style of RV. However, since the Leprechaun isn’t even our smallest model, it makes sense that it has room for these machines.

Besides the washer and dryer, this motorhome has all the usual refinements, including a master bedroom, optional recliners (or a sofa bed), and a full-service kitchenette.

Thor Quantum KW29

Thor Quantum RV with a washer and dryer
Photo: Thor
  • Length: 31′
  • Type: Class A
  • Black/Gray/Fresh Water: 34/37/40 gal
  • Washer/Dryer Included or Prep: Prep

Our final RV with a washer/dryer combo is the Quantum KW29 from Thor Motorcoaches. At 31 feet, it’s the shortest rig we’ve seen with these hookups, but you’re not missing out on any other amenities. First of all, you still get a walk-in closet on top of your washer/dryer unit, and the motorhome comes with a king-size bed.

The master bedroom also has its own bathroom, although there isn’t a second one in the living area, so everyone will have to come into the bedroom to use the toilet or shower. To prevent any unwanted privacy issues, Thor offers a privacy screen so that people can use the bathroom without disturbing you.

Other features we like on this rig include an exterior TV, a jack-knife sofa that converts to a bed, a cabover bunk for extra sleeping space, and a flip-up countertop.

Pros and Cons of Having a Washer and Dryer in Your RV

Now that we’ve seen the top smallest RV with a washer and dryer, let’s dive into some of the advantages and disadvantages. As we mentioned, full-time RVers often need a washer/dryer combo more than vacationers, but it depends on your specific situation.

Pro: Fewer Stops for Laundry

Convenience is the primary benefit of having a washer and dryer in your RV. This way, you can spend a week or more out in the wilderness and still have clean clothes. Usually, to get laundry access, you have to stay at an RV park, so having your own machines gives you a lot more flexibility.

Con: Cleaning and Maintenance

As with everything else you bring on board, you have to care for your washer and dryer. That means running a cleaning solution through both machines regularly. You may also have to worry about mold, particularly if you’re planning on storing your RV for a couple of months or more.

Pro: Cost-Effective

Even if you have access to laundry facilities wherever you go, they can get pretty expensive over time. The costs of water, laundry soap, and electricity are far less, considering that you need these hookups anyway. Overall, if you’re traveling on a budget, having a washer and dryer is an excellent way to stay financially solvent.

Con: Use More Water and Storage Space

Another reason why small RVs don’t come with washers and dryers is that they use too much electricity and water. For example, if you had a camper van with these machines, you might use up half your freshwater tank with a single load.

Secondly, these hookups are often in a wardrobe, so you have to decide between a washer and dryer or a place to store clothing. If you’re traveling with kids or other people, this lack of space might be an issue.

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