Van Life

Van Life

So you’re ready to start your van life adventure! Congrats! Van life is a liberating experience, full of freedom and adventure. I started out by living in a Toyota Prius in 2015, then a Chevy Astro van, and now a DIY Sprinter van. I hope to help you along in your van life journey.

What are you dreaming about?

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    Choose Your Campervan for Van Life!

    One of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting van life, whether full-time or as a weekend warrior, is which van to choose. We have many in-depth guides and ideas on the best vans for van life, whether you want a larger panel van, a minivan, an SUV or even a car. We started out van life living in an Astro Van, and now live in a DIY Sprinter!

    The Complete Van Life Prep Pack

    Stop dreaming and start planning your van life adventures. My handy Van Life Prep pack will get you closer to living the life you dream about. 

    • Detailed Downsizing Checklists
    • Choosing a Campervan Reference Guide and Worksheets
    • Van Life Essentials Checklists
    • 20+ Places to Sleep in a Campervan
    • Campervan Financing Options
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    Build Your Campervan

    Building a campervan for van life can be quite an undertaking. We’ve been building out our Sprinter van off and on for a couple of years now. You can see all my Sprinter Van Build posts here. I hope these resources help you plan out your perfect van build! If you need help, check out YouTube star Nate Murphy’s online course about building a van, where you’ll even get in-depth support on your electrical system.

    Learn to Build Your Own Van!

    Nate Murphy’s DIY Hero Course is Now Open!

    We love Nate Murphy’s easy-to-understand Van Build course.

    • The profitable van conversion method
    • 150+ detailed video tutorials
    • The theory and the practice
    • Expert help with your electrical system
    • Exclusive community